The Khepri Pantheon
Diety Rank Alignment Portfolio
Isis 1-Greater NG Fertility, Magic, Marriage, Healing, Knowledge
Osiris 1-Greater LG Harvest, Nature, Underworld
re-Horakhty 1-Greater LG Nobility, Sun, Supreme, Vengeance
Set 1-Greater CE Darkness, Evil, Night, Desert Storms, Drought
Nephthys 2-Intermediate CG Death, Grief
Ptah 2-Intermediate LN Crafts, Knowledge, Secrets, Travel
Thoth 2-Intermediate N Knowledge, Wisdom, Learning, Medicine, Astronomy, Moon
Anubis 3-Lesser LN Judgment, Death
Bast 3-Lesser CG Cats, Vengeance
Bes 3-Lesser CN Luck, Music, Protection
Chnum 3-Lesser N Fertility, Agriculture, Domestic Animal
Hathor 3-Lesser NG Love, Music, Dance, Moon, Fate, Motherhood
Apep 4-Demigod NE Evil, Fire, Serpents
Baal 4-Demigod CE Destruction, Sacrifice, Evil, Slaughter
Heget 4-Demigod LG Childbirth, Fertility
Imhotep 4-Demigod NG Crafts, Medicine
Ma'at 4-Demigod LN Truth, Balance, Justice, Order
Meretseger 4-Demigod LN Protection of Tombs, Curses, Poison
Sekhmet 4-Demigod N Destruction, War, Disease, Healing
Selket 4-Demigod N Scorpions, Magic, Protection
Sobek 4-Demigod LE Water, River hazards, Crocodiles, Wetlands
Tefnut 4-Demigod N Rain, Clouds, Weather



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