The Onatah 'Pantheon'

The Onatah pantheon contains only two Deities.

The Great Father Sky and the Earth Mother.

However, they do not worship these deities directly, but instead through a host of 'totems'. Each totem displays different aspects of the deities and forms a closer bond with mortals. Every mortal has a specific totem, but only a few are so close to their totem as to have spells. All spirits and the deities are true neutral, their aspects and powers can be used for good or evil.

Spirit Aspect
Ant Dedication, Industry
Antelope Agility, Grace, Speed
Armadillo Protection, Defense
Baboon Hunter, Strength
Badger Unpredictability, Wrath, Courage
Bat Night, Guardian
Bear Power, Strength
Beaver Building
Boar Aggression, Sturdiness
Buffalo Provision, Life, the Tribe
Cat Stealth, Hunting
Cobra Venom, Hidden Strength
Coyote Trickery, Pranks, Cunning, Teaching
Deer Gentleness, Kindness, Love
Dog Courage, Loyalty
Dolphin Sea
Eagle Sky, Connection to the Divine, Messengers, Nobility
Firedrake Fire spirit, Hunter, Unpredictable
Fox Cunning, Intelligence, Provider
Frog Transformation, Water
Goose Travelers
Hawk Messenger, Observer
Horse Adventure, Freedom, Stamina
Hyena Hunter, Opportunistic
Ibis Honor
Lion Hunter, Nobility, Power
Mammoth Divine spirit, Life giver, Strength
Mouse Timid, Sensitive, Sneaky
Ocelot Adaptability, Charm
Otter Curiosity, Laughter, Mischief
Owl Patience, Truth, Wisdom
Pheasant Attraction, Confidence, Flamboyance
Platypus Duality, Wisdom
Quail Beauty, Free-spirit
Rabbit Alertness, Nurturing
Raccoon Cunning, Hunter, Resourceful, Trickster
Raven Teacher, Trickster, Wisdom
Salmon Determination, Instinct, Persistence
Shark Aggression, Hunter, Kinship to the sea, Survival
Skunk Conspicuous, Intense, Wary
Snake Shrewdness, Transformation
Spider Creative, Spinner of fate
Swan Balance, Grace, Innocence
Turtle Creative, Self-contained
Weasel Adaptability, Agility, Hunter
Whale Cleanser, Provider, Wisdom
Wolf Freedom, Guidance, Loyalty, Perseverance
Wolverine Courage, Hunter, Tenacious

Note: This is not a complete list. If you want to add something that better suits your character, feel free.

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