The Vasant Pantheon
Diety Alignment Portfolio Gender Status
Brahma NG Creation, Life Male Greater
Shiva N Destruction, Entropy Male Greater
Vishnu LG Protection, Preservation Male Greater
Devi NG Creation, Women Female Intermediate
Durga N War, Power, Strength Female Intermediate
Ganesh NG Achievement, Art, Science, Intellect, Crafts Male Intermediate
Indra LN Rulership, Nobility Male Intermediate
Kali CN Dance, Darkness, Violence, Death, Redemption, Rebirth Female Intermediate
Lakshmi NG Fertility, Love, Beauty, Good Fortune Female Intermediate
Ravana LE Evil, Devils Male Intermediate
Shakti NG Healing Female Intermediate
Varnuna N Oceans Male Intermediate
Yama LN Justice, Law Male Intermediate
Agni N Fire Male Lesser
Amman NE Disease Male Lesser
Ayyappan LG Equality, Learning Male Lesser
Kalki NG Time, Eternity, Purification Female Lesser
Kubera N Wealth Male Lesser
Narada NG Knowledge, Wisdom, Sages, Water Male Lesser
Sita LG Virtue, Womanliness Female Lesser
Surapadman CE Demons, Torment, Evil Male Lesser
Surya LG Sun, Light Male Lesser
Vayu N Wind, weather Male Lesser
Kamadeva NG Love Male Demigod
Kottravai CE Bloodlust, Terror Male Demigod
Nirriti CE Death Male Demigod
Soma CN Wine Male Demigod
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