Household Servants


Narayan is a native of Shieldmeet, from the Vasant district. He is on the slow side, and doesn't quite understand what a butler's duties are. However, he is a nice man and does know how to take care of books.


Lilja is the wife of Frithrik. She is the cook, and she and Aben came to an understanding in which she pretty much runs everything and he lets her. She can cook Basiran food and has picked up some Sclavini recipes. In addition, she has some skills at beer and wine-making.


Frithrik is Lilja's husband and the caretaker of the estate. He'd enjoy his job a lot more if it wasn't for the ghosts. He is a stonemason by trade, but can fix just about anything.


Maksim is seventeen years old and the son of Kae. His father has trained him both with horses and with weapons, and Maksim was eager for adventure until his most recent one. He is more cautious now.


Leonti's mother died when he was 2. His father was a soldier adn took Leonti along, teaching him the often rough life of a soldier. When he was 10, his father was offered a job in Shieldmeet, but took sick on the ship over and died shortly after arriving. The orphanage took in the boy that had recently found himself alone in a strange city where most didn't even speak his language. Mistress Anya has done her best to civilize his rough manner and give him a proper education.



Originally from letizia in amareth, and younger brother of Aletha. Lived in Righnach for years, where he picked up the Isibael language. Was a spy of the now deceased Vin the Bard who was protecting Aletha from being used by a certain Lord Adamo as leverage against him. Though he and Aletha were once very close their relationship seems to be suffering some strain recently.


Byrun is an old friend of Kae's. They fought goblins together years ago, and ran into each other again in Shieldmeet. Byrun is originally from amareth, but spent most of his life in falkor.


Cianan has worked for Byrun before, usually whenever he needs a bit of coin to bet. He is originally from righnach, but has been in Shieldmeet for the last six years. He considers himself a native of Shieldmeet.


Jilik was crafted 10 years ago. His numerical designation is 4798-B. He worked as a guard for the first five years of his life, then came to the conclusion that guarding a warehouse was, well, boring. He joined a group of traders as a guard, but after the traders got a little more wealthy they weren't inclined to take risks anymore, and he found himself once again guarding a warehouse. It wasn't so much the guarding of a warehouse, but the fact that he was guarding a warehouse containing absolutely nothing of value. So he courteously informed his employer that he was quitting. That left him with trying to figure out how to pay for the necessities, and he eventually found his way to the arena.


Sunan's father fled Tatsuo years ago rather than commit Seppeku as honor demanded. He took his Sunan with him, though Sunan would have preferred to stay. He is ashamed of his father's actions, but since the man his father owed the honor debt too died without heirs, he has no way to remove the disgrace. He continued to hone the skills he had learned at the monastery, though his early exit from his training has caused him to be more specialized than he would prefer. Though he lacks the variety of the monks of his homeland, he makes up for it in being very good at what he does. Sunan's nickname at the arena was 'ShadowHawk'.


The arena of Shieldmeet? Battling the greatest warriors from across the world? Who wouldn't want that life? Well, those who get a closer look. Bah, staged matches, no real chance of death, and if you want to fight the real warriors, you have to have a sponsor that orders you to throw half your matches. No thanks. Time to go find a real fight.


Virote was part of a nobleman's entourage when the nobleman and most of the entourage died. Ordinarily, that would involve Virote killing himself out of shame. However, the nobleman did not fall prey to violence, but rather to bad clams. He couldn't go back to tatsuo due to the noble's enemies, so he decided to stay in Shieldmeet. He took a job for Byrun, and has worked for him ever since.

Tavern Servants


Jinan is originally from nanon, but has lived in Shieldmeet for 6 years. He was originally a city guard, but left the guard due to a 'misunderstanding' between himself and a superior officer regarding the superior officer's daughter.


Gervasi has lived in Shieldmeet since he was three. His parents died when he was six, and he lived with his uncle for another year before his uncle dumped him at the orphanage and left on a merchant ship. Gervasi didn't mind much, as the orphanage had a garden he could work in and he liked helping in the kitchens.


Daciana's father was sclavini, but her mother was tatsuo. Her childhood was happy until her parents and brother were killed when their house burned down, leaving her alone and destitute at age 11. She is determined to make a good life for herself, perhaps even buy a tavern of her own one day.


Katja's mother was a prostitute and Katja more or less ran the streets until her mother was murdered when she was eight. The orphanage taught her to read and take care of herself, and Katja was an eager student. She is also accounted a fine singer and shows some talent at a battered guitar she 'found somewhere'.


Her parents died when she was very young, and the only home she remembers is the orphanage. She is the oldest of the group, to old for the orphanage, but Mistress Anya didn't have the heart to kick her out. She is a good cook and used to serving tables at the orphanage. Though not stupid, she is a bit on the slow side and happiest when she can just do what she is told.

Assorted Ghosts



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