Session 24

Chris has connected.
Chris: Initiative: Vhid, Evil, Cross, Good NPCs, Flint, Mar'Solla, Bin, Ashling
Travis has connected.
Tanya has connected.
Lan has connected.
Chris: who we waiting on?
Chris: Cross?
Travis: Thats four so i can start whenever you guys want
DM: yeah, but I be done waiting. Assume you all have a potion of cure moderate wounds in your belt pouch
Chris: ok. Mar'solla isn't here either it seems.
Travis: another one if we already have one?
Travis: Isn't she in AIM chat?
DM: another
Chris: Initiative: Vhid, Evil, Cross, Good NPCs, Flint, Mar'Solla, Bin, Ashling
Chris: so, Bin is up.
Bin: ((KK i need to think of something
Bin: ))**

  • Bin pulls out a bottle from his belt pouch and starts to drink the liquid..
  • Travis rolls: 2d8+3 => 10 + 3 = 13

Bin: (Cure Moderate Wounds)
DM: ((k))
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: Initiative: Ashling is up. On deck: Vhid

  • Tanya begins to cast a spell…

Tanya: (whoops)

  • Ashling begins to cast a spell…

Ashling: (( done ))
Flint: Initiative: Vhid is up. On deck: Evil
Flint: Guys! Spread out!
Zoriada: yes, flee little duckies!
Flint: (she's silenced, heh)
DM: ((I know. I figure at least someone may make an effort to read lips ))
Bin: ((What check would that be?))
DM: ((Sense Motive, I'd think?))

  • Vhid loads up two arrows, one after the other, and fires. « 1d20+10 ⇒ 14 + 10 = 24 » « 1d8+4 ⇒ 1 + 4 = 5 » and « 1d20+10 ⇒ 1 + 10 = 11 » « 1d8+4 ⇒ 6 + 4 = 10 »

DM: « 1d4 ⇒ 4 »
DM: ((no fumble))
Vhid: ((no…?))

  • Zoriada flinches as an arrow strikes her and makes a rude hand gesture

Vhid: ((that's 4?))
Vhid: ((done))
Flint: Initiative: Evil Bitch is up. On deck: CrossNPC's
DM: ((skeletal boar gets an AoO))
Flint: (she's not here)

  • Rayner staggers to his feet and gets an arrow ready

DM: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 13 + 4 = 17 »
DM: « 1d6 ⇒ 6 »
DM: okay

  • Byrun smolders

DM: ((done))

  • Astral Construct bounds off in Zoriada's direction, dropping on all fours to gain speed.

Astral Construct: (making a charge attack)
Astral Construct: Slam: « 1d20+10+X ⇒ 13 + 10 + 2 = 25 »
Damage: « 1d6+10+X ⇒ 3 + 10 + 0 = 13 »
DM: ((charge attack?))
Astral Construct: (double move and attack, yes)
DM: ((it's going to take an AoO then))
Astral Construct: (it's got a straight line)
Astral Construct: (from whom?)
DM: ((you don't think she'd flee to an empty room with no backup, do you?))
Bin: ((Yup, you have to move at least 10 feet though.. and your flat footed until the start of your next turn))
Astral Construct: (ok)

  • Cultist swings at Astral Construct « 1d20+4 ⇒ 3 + 4 = 7 » for « 1d6+2 ⇒ 2 + 2 = 4 »

Astral Construct: (miss… does the charge hit?)
DM: yes
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +1 manifester level, although there is a 5% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 5 PP.
Low is bad: « 1d100 ⇒ 25 »

  • Flint begins shaping a mass of solidified ectoplasm that has appeared before him. He appears to be shaping it into a creature…

Psi Power: Astral Construct (PP Varies, Metacreativity (Creation)): Flint creates a temporary astral construct to do his bidding.
Flint: (creating a 2nd construct nearby, and done)
Flint: (Mar'Solla up next)
Bin: ((Where is the Silenced Zone..))
Bin: ((Or was it a target only silence?))
Flint: ((it was an area silence, I can redraw it…))
Bin: ((Thanks))
Bin: ((She is still doing her maptools thingy
Flint: (skip her then?)
DM: ((since she has no line to Zoriada, I'll assume she heals someone))
DM: ((Byrun is now stablized))
DM: ((done))
Flint: Initiative: Bin is up. on deck, Vhid

  • Bin runs after the *itch with spite in his eyes…

Bin: ((Sorry mouse slipped))

  • Bin casts Mage's Armour

Bin: ((Done))
Flint: Initiative: Vhid is up. on deck, Evil

  • Vhid follows closely behind.

Vhid: ((done))
Ashling: (did I just get Skipped?)
Flint: Initiative: Evil is up. on deck, NPCs
Flint: oh crap
Flint: sorry Ashi. go
Flint: Ash, then Evil, then NPCs
Ashling: a bear appears (here goes…)
Ashling: and starts running…
Ashling: Rayner, are you all right?
Rayner: yeah, go, kick her ass
Ashling: Watch our back, there was an assassin.
Rayner: done. go
Ashling: And take Una. (passes him the mink)
Ashling: (done)

  • Rayner accept the mink

Flint: Initiative: Evil is up. on deck, NPCs
Zoriada: Come into my parlor little ones!
Flint: Be right there!

  • Heavily armed cultist 2 attacks the construct « 1d20+6 ⇒ 1 + 6 = 7 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 4 + 2 = 6 »
  • Heavily armed cultist attacks with a longsword « 1d20+6 ⇒ 20 + 6 = 26 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 3 + 2 = 5 »
  • Heavily armed cultist attacks with a longsword « 1d20+6 ⇒ 2 + 6 = 8 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 3 + 2 = 5 »

Flint: (20's a hit, but it's a construct, so…)

  • Heavily armed cultist 4 attacks with a longsword « 1d20+6 ⇒ 10 + 6 = 16 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 2 + 2 = 4 »
  • Heavily armed cultist 5 attacks with a longsword « 1d20+6 ⇒ 7 + 6 = 13 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 8 + 2 = 10 »

DM: done
Flint: (the rest miss. he's tough!)
Flint: Initiative: NPCs is up. on deck, Flint
Bin: ((What about the 1?))

  • Byrun staggers to his feet, still looking kind of messed up
  • Rayner nocks an arrow and guards your backs

DM: done

  • Astral Construct 1 pops into existence. This one looks like it has a hard shell, like a turtle.
  • Astral Construct 1 prompty charges headfirst into the enemy ranks.

Astral Construct 1: (@ Heavy Cultist 5):
Astral Construct 1: Slam: « 1d20+10+X ⇒ 15 + 10 + 2 = 27 »
Damage: « 1d6+10+X ⇒ 5 + 10 + 0 = 15 »

  • Heavily armed cultist 5 grunts under the bloow
  • Astral Construct stands on its hind legs, swinging 2 heavy fists at heavies 2 and un-numbered

Astral Construct: Slam: « 1d20+10+X ⇒ 6 + 10 + 0 = 16 »
Damage: « 1d6+10+X ⇒ 4 + 10 + 0 = 14 »
Astral Construct: Slam: « 1d20+10+X ⇒ 6 + 10 + 0 = 16 »
Damage: « 1d6+10+X ⇒ 4 + 10 + 0 = 14 »

  • Flint grins wickedly, his arms shaking as he starts creating yet another construct.

DM: Both grunt
Flint: (starts summoning a 3rd, and done)
Flint: Initiative: Mar'solla is up. on deck, Bin
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +1 manifester level, although there is a 5% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 5 PP.
Low is bad: « 1d100 ⇒ 89 »
Flint: (sorry, now I'm done_)
Bin: ((Still not here…))

  • Mar'Solla heals Byrun some more

Flint: Initiative: Bin is up. on deck, Ashling

  • Bin moves up, Static electricity builds around him and a lighting bolt surges forth from him for 120 feet…

DM: ((Flint, your construct is about to take some damage)
Flint: (k)
Turtle-like Astral Construct: Ref Save: « 1d20+3+X ⇒ 13 + 3 + 0 = 16 »

  • Travis rolls: 6d6 => 21

Bin: (Reflex save of 20)
Heavily armed cultist 4: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 7 + 3 = 10 »
Heavily armed cultist 5: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 10 + 3 = 13 »
Cultist 16: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »

  • Cultist 16 dies
  • Heavily armed cultist 4 gets owies
  • Heavily armed cultist 5 dies

Bin: ((The bitch gets hit too

  • Zoriada laughs

Zoriada: sorry dear, you'll have to do better than that.
Bin: ((Using a action point to recall the spell..))
Bin: ((Done))

  • cultists start screaming and running, with one female voice rising up 'oh gods, they killed Jyrana!'

Zoriada: Oh, you killed a little girl. Feel better?
Flint: The price of interference.
Flint: Initiative: Ashling is up. on deck, Vhid
Zoriada: except, she's not one of mine, just a child looking for adventure
Bin: ((Why didn't Zoriada get hit by my spell…))
Ashling: (rawr)
DM: ((she did. It did nothing to her))
Ashling: (done)
Flint: (she may have protections. roll spellcraft and maybe the GM will tell you)

  • Travis rolls: 1d20+16 Spellcraft => 12 + 16 = 28

Flint: Initiative: Vhid is up. on deck, Evil
Vhid: ((done))
Flint: Initiative: Evil is up. on deck, NPCs

  • cultists begin fleeing
  • Zoriada vanishes from sight
  • Travis rolls: 1d20+16 Spellcraft => 16 + 16 = 32

Bin: ((To see if it was a spell..))
DM: done
Flint: Initiative: NPC is up. on deck, Flint
Bin: She is still there… Be cautious guys!
DM: Those who can see the room - It looks positively sumptous in here. Velvet wall hangings, plush carpets, gold trimmed furniture, and a full bar in the corner. There is even a small stage that looks like something many bards would kill for. There are two tunnels, one on each side, and the ceiling in the room is a good 30' high
Flint: (are NPC's done?)
DM: (yes)

  • Winged Astral Construct pops into existence. It takes flight, heading into the room.
  • Gorilla-like Astral Construct and the turle-like one fan, out trying to find their prey.

Gorilla-like Astral Construct: (need more light, I can't see where they moved to)

  • Flint inches forward, drinking a potion as he does so: « 2d8+3 ⇒ 10 + 3 = 13 »
  • Flint peeks aroudn the corner

Flint: (done)
DM: ((gimme sec))
Flint: Initiative: Bin is up. on deck, Ashling
Bin: ((What about Mar?))
Flint: (skipped her)
Bin: ((Kk))

  • Travis rolls: 1d20 Listen => 6

Bin: ((Lol…))
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: Initiative: Ashling is up. on deck, Vhid
Ashling: bear starts sniffing around for the bad lady (has scent)
Ashling: Rayner, move up a bit will you? (waves to him)
Ashling: (looking up a spell…)
Ashling: cast detect magic
Ashling: (done)
Flint: Initiative: Vhid is up. on deck, Evil
Vhid: ((done))
Flint: Initiative: Evil is up. on deck, NPCs
DM: evil is done
Flint: Initiative: NPC's are up. on deck, Flint
DM: NPCs are done

  • Flint moves up the hallway.

Flint: (2 of his constructs will stand at the exits
Flint: (the flyer will fly around and try to find Zoriada)
DM: The constructs will note that the cultists are tripping over each other trying to flee
Flint: Zoriada! Come out! It is over.
Flint: Surrender and we will spare your life.
Flint: (done)
Flint: Initiative: Bin is up. on deck, Ashling

  • Travis rolls: 1d20 Listen => 12

Bin: ((walks into the room..))

  • Bin walks into the room..

Bin: (Done)
Flint: Initiative: Ashling is up. on deck, Vhid
Ashling: bear sniffs around some more…
Ashling: (in this general area)
Ashling: (peek around corner and look for magicky things other than on Flint and Vhid)
DM: there is actually a lot of lingering magic in the area
Ashling: (( done ))
Flint: Initiative: Vhid is up. on deck, Evil
Vhid: listen « 1d20+2 ⇒ 15 + 2 = 17 »
Vhid: ((done))
Flint: Initiative: Evil is up. on deck, NPCs
DM: ((crickets))
DM: ((done))
Flint: NPCs..
DM: done
DM: ((can leave initiative, if you wish))

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+12+mod Listen Check => 12 + 12 + 0 = 24
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+10+mod Spot Check => 4 + 10 + 0 = 14

Flint: (ok)
Flint: Damn. I think she buggered off.
DM: There are several white rugs in the room, but as you take a closer look, the gold is polished brass, and the velvet is a bit worn. Style, but not a lot of substance
Flint: Okay folks, everything in this room is evidence. Let's see what we've got.

  • Flint nods to his constructs, which fade from existence.
  • Flint waves his comrades in.
  • Ashling suggests to Rayner that he watch this T junction.
  • Rayner agrees
  • Bin remains vigilant

Flint: Let's fan out, and check it out.
Ashling: Those white spots in the carpet are magical. I'd avoid them.
DM: THere is the corpse of a young woman, dressed in a now rather scorched middle-class outfit, apparently from Amareth. Her face still bears the marks of surprise
Flint: Wrong place at the wrong time. (looking at the corpse grimly)
DM: The body of the cultist also lays there, devoid of life. He has a longsword and studded leather armor
Bin: That would have been my bad… I just took count of us then shot down the hallway
Flint: I don't know what they thought thry were getting into, exactly…
Flint: Should they really be that surprised?
Bin: ((Spellcraft on the white rugs))

  • Travis rolls: 1d20+17 Spellcraft => 13 + 17 = 30

Flint: Ashling, anything else of interest in here? Something we can bring back to Aben maybe?
Ashling: Something behind that curtain too. (points at curtain at back of the room)

  • Flint lifts his gun in that direction, proceeds lowly towards it.

Flint: slowly*
Bin: ((-5 if Necro or Illusion, +2 if Evoc))
DM: There are some bookshelves of tomes, gameboards, a full bar, some musical instruments by the stage, very comfy looking chairs, lots of throw rugs, ornate brass mugs studded with glass gems
Bin: Yeah guys dont step on the rugs…

  • Flint motions to Vhid "cover me." … and goes to throw back the curtain

DM: Behind the curtain there seems to be an image of another room, kind of watery looking. There is a man sitting at a desk in that room, scribbling away.

  • Flint gasps
  • Flint shuts the curtain quickly.
  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+10 Spellcraft => 6 + 10 = 16
  • Travis rolls: 1d20+17 Spellcraft => 17 + 17 = 34

Ashling: ((gah))
Flint: Holy crap, did you see that! (whispering)

  • Vhid looks at Flint, amazed.

Vhid: Aye! What yeh think?
Flint: Portal, maybe?
Byrun: I volunteer to not go through
Bin: Should i take a look?
Bin: ((take**))
Flint: Go ahead, Bin. Careful.
DM: Behind the curtain, the man writing suddenly stops and looks up
Bin: ((See my spellcraft check before..))
DM: got detect magic on?
Bin: ((Sure… why not..)
Flint: Bringing down the server.
Flint: So, please head for the xits.
Flint: exits*
Travis has disconnected.
Tanya has disconnected.
You have disconnected.

Chris has connected.
DM: ooh, better light sources
Chris: and health bars!

  • Byrun fires a crossbow 24 for 1
  • Rayner fires a shortbow 19 for 4 damage + 10 sneak attack if applicable

DM: (and doesn't show the dice modifiers)
Chris: it does when you mouse over
Chris: interesting
DM: ((yeah, but this takes up a lot less space))
Lan has connected.
Vhid: 14 8 and 12 11
Vhid: 28 7 and 30 9
Vhid: 17 8 and 11 10
Vhid: ooh cool
Tanya has connected.
Flint: testing..
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (6 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals 38 damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
Flint: Psi Power: Id Insinuation (6 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): confuses as the spell, up to 3 targets within 15 feet of each other, Will DC 18 negates.

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+10+mod Spot Check => 2 + 10 + 0 = 12
  • Flint fires his musket! (Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot)

Attack Roll: 16
Damage: 10
Tanya: hey, it doesn't show what dice you are rolling
Flint: mouse over it
Tanya: annoying
Flint: you probably have the option to disable it somewhere..
Vhid: too many windows
Tanya: not that I can find
MarSolla has connected.
Vhid: yeah i dont think there is one
Flint: you can close most of them
Vhid: i know
Vhid: i did
MarSolla: ((Whattt, what changed?))
DM: lol
Flint: I am just using Chat, Map, and Impersonate
DM: yay!
Flint: and you can dock them on the sides
Flint: it's actually not bad once you set it up
DM: switch to 'sewer of doom' map when you are comfortable-ish with the interface
Vhid: eep
Tanya: the room looks smaller…
Travis has connected.
Flint: definitely is..
Travis: Hai!
Flint: but maybe it's irellevant
MarSolla: ((So fighting is over, Z got away, and… who's dead?))
Flint: no players died, thank goodness
Flint: (( I believe two of our NPC guards fell ))
Tanya: (( ok, c'mon new token… ))
Flint: ((nope, ? ))
Tanya: (( dammitall ))
Vhid: ((do i have to drag my token in every new map?))
Flint: yep
DM: ((put your new token on the wiki, then we can drag it over to view it properly
Flint: (so save often!)
DM: ((and we can at least see it ))
DM: ((everyone here that was here before?)
Flint: ((Flint has a health bar now!!)
Flint: (You can enable it in your token options)
Flint: (ut oh, almost dead)
DM: ((I'll keep that up for your NPC allies))
Bin: Do the Initiative?
Flint: (depends, what are we gonna do? charge in?)
MarSolla: (What happened to the boar and the half-giant skelly- dead?)
Bin: ((I think dm has to do that..))
Bin: ((Nothing just stood there))
Flint: (yeah, your skellies didn't take any further damage.)
DM: Okay, so, you guys are exploring the room and found teh aw3s0m3 portal
Bin: ((Ha ha ha knew it))
Bin: ((Sorry trying not to gather, still crazy invisa lady on the loose))
Flint: Ok. We need to decide right now… are we going in or not?
Tanya: (( still a "?" ))
Flint: (I see you now)
Bin: I am… I am going to find out whats happeneing!
Vhid: I'm right behind yeh!
MarSolla: "In for a copper, in for a platinum…"
Ashling: Are you mad?
Flint: Ok, get ready everyone.
Flint: On 3.
Bin: 2..
Flint: 1….
Bin: Go!

  • Flint throws open the curtain
  • Flint and lets the other in whiel he holds it.
  • Bin waits back so the spell caster doesn't get blasted

Bin: ((Ash don't forget your bear))
Ashling: (( bear vanished long ago ))
Bin: ((Oh okies
Bin: ))**

  • Byrun shrugs and goes through the portal

Flint: ((send skellies first, then Vhid, then Byrun)
Flint: (then me & Bin)
MarSolla: (What spells have I used?)
Bin: ((Nothing we just skipped you))
Flint: (you healed byrun)
Flint: (but I don't know what spell)
Bin: ((Oh yeah huh))
Flint: (oh, Mar'solla should go with the skellies)
Flint: (then Vhid/Byrun/me/Bin)
Flint: (and Ashling/Rayner if they want t o die too )
Ashling: (um, no thanks)
Flint: (see you on the other side then)
Bin: ((come on whats DnD with out some fun!))
Flint: (you don't know Ash, she is very conservative)

  • MarSolla removes Aldous from the pag, and gives him a large jolt of negative energy.

Rayner: this may be a chance to track this thing to it's source.
Ashling: (( she actually has common sense ))
Bin: ((Ha ha ha go wisdom score of 12!))
MarSolla: 2d8+6
MarSolla: 14
Rayner: Besides, it's not like Aletha can't tell them were we went
Flint: ((well, I'm going … just let us know if we have to load a map or wherever)
DM: ((nope, I just drew it on this map

  • Rayner come on, Ashling

Rayner: come on, Ashling
Bin: ((13 sorry))

  • Flint points his gun at Scribe.

Flint: Keep your hands on the desk.

  • MarSolla gestures to the man standing in the north passage, yelling to her skeletons. "Surrond him! Kill him if he attacks!"
  • Scribe falls to his knees, hands up, still screaming

Flint: Quiet!

  • Scribe shuts up

Flint: You won't be harmed if you cooperate.
Ashling: Give me back Una.
Flint: There was a woman in a white robe, did she come through here. Answer me!
Flint: Intimidate: 31
Scribe: yes, yes, she went that way.

  • Scribe points to the path behind him

Flint: (north or east?)
Bin: ((Nort))h
Flint: (sorry)

  • Flint gestures to the group.

Flint: Go.
Bin: ((Thats awesome!))

  • Flint attempts to pull Scribe out of the way.

Flint: (to the west)
Flint: Lie down on the ground.

  • Scribe obeys

Flint: Mar'solla, send them in. *nods north*
MarSolla: "I got a better idea…" Mar'Solla removes a strange looking sack from her bag. "Two, wrap your arms around him, and kill him if he tries to escape. Step into the bag, sir."
DM: Rayner and Ashling come diving through the portal
Flint: But, can he breathe in there?
Ashling: She's back in that room we left.
Flint: Crap! How do you know?
MarSolla: "Truth be told, I don't rightly know. Let's find out, together." Mar'Solla says, snarling.
Rayner: why do you think we came through so fast
Bin: Figured….
Flint: Um, this guy says differently *points to Scribe*
Flint: are you LYING to me?!!! *to Scribe*
Flint: Intimidate: 31
Scribe: the woman in a white robe went that way

  • Scribe points desperately

MarSolla: "What did the woman look like? Describe her to us."
Ashling: Wasn't she invisible?

  • Scribe describes a woman that does somewhat resemble Zoriada, except he claims she is either Amareth or Sclavini, he isn't sure which
  • Bin steps away from the enterance to the portal and toward a wall…
  • MarSolla looks around, seeing if there's a portal behind them.

Flint: okay. *to Scribe* where are we.
Flint: what is this place.
DM: there is a portal behind you, but it is grayer than on the other side. Through it, vaguely, you can see Zoriada waving at you, a grin on her face
Scribe: You are in the masoleum of the No-daka family
Flint: Huh. Is that in Shieldmeet? (looks at party members)

  • MarSolla throws a stone at the portal, if she can find one, and a copper coin if she can't.

DM: The coin bounces off the portal
Scribe: It is one way.

  • MarSolla retrieves her coin, scowling at Zoriada.

Scribe: Sheildmeet is far away. You are in Thuan.

  • Vhid moves back a bit.
  • Flint takes a deep breath.
  • Zoriada blows Mar'Solla a kiss

MarSolla: "Witch is a clever one, she is. Two steps ahead of us."
Ashling: Lovely. And Aben is virtually unprotected. This was a great idea.
Rayner: Where is the return portal?
Flint: Yeah. But it doesn't explain the woman this guy saw.
Scribe: At the master's house.
Flint: Take us there.

  • MarSolla glares at Zoriada, rubbing her burnt arm. Then she attempts a warm smile, and beckons to Zoriada.

Sorina: What is this ruckus, I told you to be….oh. It's you.
Bin: ((Spellcraft check on the portal now…))

  • Travis rolls: 1d20+17 Spellcraft => 14 + 17 = 31
  • Zoriada waves farewell, and shuts the curtain

MarSolla: "She's going to make veal out of Aben and everyone left at his house… and there's not a thing we can do, we can't get back in time…"
Flint: Calm down.
Flint: She's without her troops, for the moment.
Flint: We'll figure this out.
Sorina: Funny, usually she sends zombies. This time, she may have actually done some good
MarSolla: "What? Show yerself, miss!"
Sorina: Relax, Kato, they won't hurt you.

  • Scribe relaxes
  • MarSolla motions to her skeletons to back off. She raises an eyebrow. "Oh, aye? And how can you be sure of that?"

Sorina: go fetch us some tea
Sorina: because unlike Zoriada, you are not monsters
Flint: So you know Zoriada.

  • Scribe skirts the skeletons and starts heading out of the room

Sorina: I've had the displeasure, yes.

  • Sorina also happens to be wearing a white robe, a kimono, to be precise.

Flint: You have us at a disadvantage, I suppose. We were chasing her down and we … took a wrong turn, it appears.

  • Vhid motions to Sorina. "How yeh be knowin' that evil witch?"

Sorina: Actually, you may have taken the most right turn you could have
Flint: If I understand your servant, we are far from Shieldmeet now?
Sorina: She has killed many, including some I cared about
Sorina: yes. You are in Tatsuo. But do not worry, I can have you home in a few days.

  • Flint looks worried

Flint: (sense motive?)
MarSolla: "How, exactly?"
DM: ((go ahead))

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+8+mod Sense Motive => 7 + 8 + 0 = 15
  • Travis rolls to you: 1d20+4 Sense Motive => 20 + 4 = 24

Sorina: The other portal. Unfortunately, it is malfunctioning, and only works every few days. Three days left to go, then it will function for an hour.

  • Vhid looks uneasy.

DM: ((as near as you can tell, she is being truthful))
Flint: Excuse me. My name is J. Flintwhistle, and these are my companions… (introduces people)
Sorina: If you must get home sooner, I can send word to a wizard I know. He can teleport, and can be here in a day and a half.
Sorina: I am Sorina.
Sorina: You met Kato. It will be hours before his hands stop shaking long enough to make a decent cup of tea
Flint: I am sorry, but we thought he was with Zoriada. Why do you have a portal connecting your mauselum with a cult hideout in Shieldmeet? This is rather incriminating…
Sorina: Yes. It is. That area was not always a cult hideout though.
Sorina: A year ago, it was the base of some of our people. Zoriada slew them. It amused her to keep the portal, and send in the occasional zombie.
Flint: She can animate the dead?
Sorina: Undead Kato can handle. The living, well, you he has few abilities against.
Sorina: Oh, yes. That is how she usually deals with those that want to leave her little club. They get to become zombies.

  • MarSolla shudders.
  • Flint looks to Mar'Solla.

Sorina: but I talk too much, some of you are wounded. Come, let me get you to the healer.
MarSolla: "She'll not make a deader out of me."
Sorina: please, follow me.

  • Flint reluctantly follows.

Flint: (but keeping an eye out for trouble stil)

  • Bin follows, staying a bit back from everyone else

Flint: (adrenaline's still pumping a bit from earlier)
Bin: ((Can we get a camera fix?))
Bin: ((Ty))

  • MarSolla ushers all her minions back into her bag of holding.

Flint: Can you tell us more about your background with Zoriada?

  • Manauia bows low, and inquires which of you would like healing
  • Flint politely declines.
  • Bin waves her off

Sorina: Her cult was once active here. I was part of a group that was hunting the cult. We were doing well, until Zoriada came to power and slaughtered most of us. The rest of us retreated here.

  • MarSolla enthusiastically proffers her burns to be treated.
  • Manauia casts a spell 23
  • Travis rolls: 1d20+17 Spellcraft => 5 + 17 = 22

Flint: How did you know we weren't part of the cult?
Flint: We could be anyone/
Sorina: I still have contacts in the city. You work with Aben.

  • Flint looks surprised.

Flint: Yes, he is our sponsor.
Flint: That is why we need to return to him, and quickly. He's in danger without us in town.
Sorina: I will send for the wizard then, as quickly as possible. Please, wait here, make yourselves comfortable.
MarSolla: "What manner o'contacts, exactly? Could you get a message sent him through magic? T'warn him to go into hiding?"

  • Flint looks back to the group.
  • Sorina halts at Mar'Solla's question

Sorina: I can get a couple scrolls that may help, if any of you can cast them?
Vhid: (to flint) We need be gettin' back! an fast!
Bin: I can look at them if you would please bring them…
Sorina: I will return in a moment
Flint: I know Vhid, but if she is who she says she is, perhaps we will…
Manauia: Does anyone else need healing? Or tea?

  • Manauia begins making a pot of tea

MarSolla: "This woman is the salt of th' bloody earth…"
Bin: Tea would be nice…
MarSolla: "If only ever stranger I met were half so courteous."
Flint: We got very lucky, I think…
DM: This room has about four chairs, and a low table surrounded by pillows

  • Flint takes a seat.
  • Vhid pulls out his flask and tags a swig of water.

DM: There are paintings on the walls, peaceful scenes of waterfalls and birds in flight.

  • Bin takes a seat by the table with the pillows

MarSolla: "I think Ill go apologise to that Kato feller. Must've given him quite a scare."

  • Manauia pours tea, and inquires if anyone would like food.
  • Flint eyes Manauia up and down, looking for any clues that she might be under duress
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+8+mod Sense Motive => 1 + 8 + 0 = 9
  • Scribe squeaks a bit
  • Manauia seems serene and calm
  • Vhid inquires about the available eats.

MarSolla: ((Or I would, if my token hadn't disappeared ))
Manauia: The cook was making lamb and some vegetables, or there is fish.
MarSolla: "Ahh! Um, hello. I was just lookin' for ye."
Byrun: Lamb sounds lovely, thank you
Vhid: I'll be havin' some lamb mea, if yeh would be so kind.
Vhid: ((meat*))

  • Manauia rings a bell in an intricate pattern
  • Flint wanders over to Rayner

Flint: What you think? (quietly)
Scribe: yes, yes.
Rayner: I always look gift horses in the mouth, personally
MarSolla: "Im sorry about, uh… having my creatures manhandle you back there. We thought we were comin' through into hostile territory, so tae speak."
MarSolla: "I had no idea you were an enemy of the cult, and had I know, I woulda… well… Im sorry, is all."

  • MarSolla shifts from foot to foot awkwardly.
  • Bin plays with his tea but does not drink…

Scribe: It is alright, we were both startled.

  • Vhid 's stomach lets out a loud rumble.
  • MarSolla smiles. "Ah, good. Im glad yer not the type to bear a grudge o'er it."

DM: After a few minutes, two girls bring trays of food. The meat is cut into bite-sized pieces, with strange aromas, and the vegetables are cooked with herbs and spices. There is also a large bowl of rice. The eating utensils are bowls made of thin, painted blue porcelin, the stuff that costs a fortune in Shieldmeet, and laquered chopsticks.
MarSolla: "I best be getting back, me mam always taught me to never miss a feel, especially if it's offered free."
Flint: I wonder if ole' Quickblades will be jealous when he hears where we've been…
MarSolla: ((*meal))
Scribe: eat, eat, our cook is very good

  • Sorina returns as the serving girls leave, and smiles when she sees the food.

Sorina: I hope you enjoy, our cook is very good.

  • Sorina offers Bin two scrolls.
  • Flint your hospitality is gnome-like, Sorina, thank you.

Sorina: I sent a message to the wizard, stressing it was urgent, but he has not responded yet.
Flint: Your hospitality is gnome-like, Sorina, thank you.
Sorina: a high complement, I thank you.

  • Sorina sits and joins you for the meal
  • Flint eats.
  • Bin accpets the two scrolls and places them both on the table

MarSolla: "You're very kind, miss Sorina. I havenae been outside yet- where exactly is this? City? Village? Out in the middle o' nowhere?"

  • Vhid scarfs down as much as he can stomach, as polite as dwarfly possible.
  • Bin casts read magic
  • Bin reads the first scroll
  • Flint snickers at Vhid, good-naturedly
  • Bin after finished he procedes to read the second

Bin: ((after he finishes**))
Flint: We need to contact Aben.

  • MarSolla frowns at the plain-looking fare, but grins after she takes a bite and realises how carefully flavoured it is.

Sorina: we are just outside the city of Zsou-Mhio, in Thuan. Not one of the larger cities, but we make do. The reason we are here, exactly, instead of in the city itself is there is less chance of innocents being hurt if Zoriada decides to invade.
MarSolla: "Damn shame we can't be getting back before her ambush, could set up one for her…"
MarSolla: "How many of you are there, Miss Sorina?"
Bin: Here are two scrolls of sending, we can send him with both a max of 50 words…

  • Manauia keeps everyone's tea filled

Flint: I think we can do it in one ….how about this. *clears throat*
Sorina: Here, there are about twenty of us, plus another dozen constructs. Altogether, there are about three hundred of us.
MarSolla: "Most of you warrior-types? And what manner 'o constructs?"
Flint: "Aben, we chased Zoriada, many cultists fled, went through portal to Tatsuo. Will return tomorrow or next day. Hide. Zoriada may ambush."
Flint: that's …. 22?
Sorina: many are warriors. Manauia and myself are not. Some of us are magi or healers.
Flint: (Thuan*)
Bin: I would say that would work, how about everyone else? Should i send it?

  • Flint shrugs, looks for suggestions…

Ashling: Send it now.
Sorina: Zoriada is a necromancer who likes fire and acid
Flint: We noticed.
Flint: About the fire, I mean.
Flint: And acid, actually. Poor Kae..
MarSolla: "Tell him we'll be up to three days, if this mage won't work, for whatever reason. And make it clear that she is gonna be coming for him."
Sorina: She also has a dozen elite warriors, trained in the Tatsuo style though none are Tatsuo themselves
Flint: I believe that we felled oneo f them today. The others ran.
Vhid: Make sure to tell him to inform the guard!

  • Bin casts the spell "sending" using the scroll then tells Aben what Flint said before

Flint: (with edits from Marsolla/Vhid, but it's minor)
Flint: (word-wise)
MarSolla: (Yeah, he'll get the point anyway)
Bin: ((Still only uses one scroll))
DM: ((GM wants exact words ))
Bin: ((alright less than 26 now))
Flint: "Aben, we chased Zoriada, many cultists fled, went through portal to Tatsuo. Will return tomorrow or up to 3 days. Hide. Zoriada may ambush you."
Bin: ((That one))
DM: ((okay))
Bin: (( (: ))
Sorina: Will Aben contact you in return?
Flint: I don't know if he has the means..
Bin: The spell should let him immediatly
Sorina: Do you wish to wait for the wizard then, or travel to the other portal?
MarSolla: "Where does this wizard live, and who are you to him that he'd help? And where is the other portal?"
Flint: We should probably head for the portal. If the wizard gets here beforehand, all the btter.
Bin: ((Does he send a reply?))
Sorina: The other portal is in Zyai, a day's journey north. I get horses and a wagon ready for you immediately
DM: ((he may reply, but it could take him a while))
Bin: ((ok just wondering))
MarSolla: "Id rather split th' difference and travel to meet your wizard, if it's all the same to you."
Bin: That would be the smartest approch actually…
Sorina: He is to the northeast. For half the journey, the road will be headed in the same direction. He can find me, at least, he always does.
Bin: ((With correct spelling))
MarSolla: "Oh? How's that?"

  • Sorina taps a ring she wears

Flint: Thank you Sorina. We appreciate the help… It's good to know someone else is aware of the threat…

  • MarSolla peers over and inspects the ring.

Sorina: I can send people with you, if you like
MarSolla: "What does it do, exactly?"
Flint: I think a partnership may be in order, Sorina.
DM: The ring is etched with Tatsuo letters, and is set with a sapphire
Sorina: He can find it anywhere, or, in a pinch, teleport the wearer to him.
Sorina: I believe so as well.
Sorina: I may make the journey to Shieldmeet soon.
Ashling: Where are you from, Sorina?
Flint: I'm sure Aben would be happy to hear your story
Sorina: I am from Amareth, though I spent much of my childhood in Sclavini.
Ashling: Oh? What part of Sclavini?
Sorina: Jarvi and Bohdan, to be precise
Sorina: I've been here the better part of four years now, and it feels much like home.
MarSolla: "What is yer organisation, exactly? Before it preoccupied itself hunting Zoriana and the cult o' the void?"
Sorina: We have been hunting the cult of the void a long time. Our warriors are trained in the methods of fighting the undead. You might call us a monastery of sorts.
Sorina: Do you need to rest before setting off?
Flint: I think it would be wise.
MarSolla: ((How much healing did I get))
Flint: We've sent the message, there is not much more we can do in the short term.
Sorina: The rooms in the house above are more comfortable than anything we have up here
DM: ((23 hp))
Flint: We just have to hope Aben is as resourceful as ever, in the next day or so.
MarSolla: "Eh, I don't think we have time tae waste. Id rather set off right now. But if Im outvoted… today has been a gruelling day."
Flint: Like I said mar'solla, we got the message to him. We should rest.
Flint: But, I'm willing to put it to vote..
Ashling: (( time of day? ))
Bin: ((Yeah thats kinda important))
DM: (noon?)
Flint: (rest and leave at night?)
Ashling: It's early. We can get several hours of travel in today yet.
Flint: That's true.
Bin: I say we travel during the day…

  • Flint mumbles something about no comfy bed tonight, but nods

Vhid: I be itchin' to get back. I vote we head out.
Bin: Alright i guess it is decided, we are heading out… Is there any supplies that any of us ned?
MarSolla: "I say we force march ourselves and get back as soon as possible. We were so close! And they'll be scattered to the four winds by the time we get back on their trail, at this rate."
Sorina: A wagon, or just horses then?
Bin: ((need**))
Flint: Whatever you can manage.

  • Sorina offers a third piece of parchment, obviously a map
  • Sorina stands and bows.

Sorina: give me a few minutes. Finish your meal, I can see what supplies I can provide. Food and water for the journey, of course.
MarSolla: "Just horses, please, ma'am. We'll ride faster. I cannae thank you enough for th' kindness you're showing us."
Flint: Sorina said that the portal isn't even active yet. No use sprinting there if it's off when we get there.
Rayner: maybe we could find a way of activating it
Flint: How does it work, Sorina?
MarSolla: "I say we don't bother with the portal, just meet this wizard as soon as we can."
Manauia: The portal works much the way the one you came through did. Except it is only active at certain times. When it is not working, you cannot see through it
DM: Sorina will arrange horses for each of you. There are no ponies available for Mar'Solla or Flint, but she found two saddles meant for children. Servants provide saddlebags with some food, and a couple waterskins. Another saddlebag contains some blankets, in case you do not make it by nightfall.
Flint: (is she coming with?)
DM: ((she will tell you she cannot leave, as she is involved in some delicate local politics. She will offer to provide an escort for you, if you prefer))
Flint: (maybe a scout or osmeone who knows the terrain would be nice)
Flint: (and the locals)
Ashling: how are we to know this wizard then?
Flint: (maybe the scout would know? if we are given one)
DM: You'll be able to leave within half an hour either way. She'll send a young man with you called Mengyao, and comment that he is the wizard's nephew. He wears a ring similar to Sorina's.
DM: Mengyao will ride ahead of the party, obviously keeping an eye on the terrain.
DM: You guys can now talk without anyone listening in.
DM: ((that you know of, muahahahahahahahaha)
Vhid: ((eek))
MarSolla: (…Paranoia isn't healthy : /)
Bin: ((I like cheese))
Flint: (paranoia is a staple of this DM ;0 )
DM: ((It's not paranoia when I really am out to get you. And your little gnome too))
Bin: ((lol))

  • Flint chit-chats with Mengyao, about innocuous things like the weather, is it really true that monks from this region can walk on water, etc.

Vhid: ((insert evil cackle here?))
Rayner: okay, I hate to sound paranoid, but wasn't that a little too, um…convienent?

  • Bin plays his flute on our way…

Ashling: One moment…

  • Ashling casts a spell on all of us back here.

Ashling: (whispering) We can't be easily overheard this way. (she cast Message)
MarSolla: "Can't we just have caught a break, eh?"
Flint: Message-speak: Yeah, it does Rayner.
Rayner: well, maybe. But like I said, I'm paranoid
Ashling: (whispering) Sorina is an assassin. I suggest we don't trust too much.
MarSolla: "Ah! Very clever. Yes, this'll work."
DM: ((I'll assume message speak unless said otherwise))
Flint: It is odd, but try as I might, she does seem sincere. I'm going with my lamb-filled gut on this one..
Rayner: How do you know she is an assassin?
MarSolla: "What? How do you know that, then?"
Ashling: Lord Sebrindir.
Flint: Who's that?
Rayner: wait…huh?
Ashling: Not to mention Kazi.

  • Vhid seems content with our current situation, full belly in mind.

Rayner: wait….Sorina…as in Kazi's cousin?
Ashling: Unless there are numerous women named Sorina of her description she is Kazi's cousin.
Ashling: And she killed her little brother.
Rayner: okay, maybe I'm not paranoid. Maybe the gods really do hate us.
Flint: Okay, but maybe there's more to it?
Rayner: well…I hate to now switch sides, but….how sure are we of Kazi? She did kind of run off on us.
Flint: Hey! I trust Kazi.
Rayner: And her dad did kind of torture Jerath.
Flint: I think things are very gray here.
Flint: Assassins fighting necromancers…

  • Bin continues to play his flute

Flint: Which side do you take?
Flint: The best we can do is make do
Ashling: Assuming she even spoke the truth.
Rayner: me? I take my side, and trust about three folks in this entire world.

  • Rayner glances sideways at Ashling when he says this

Ashling: If we make it back to Shieldmeet, I will ask the Dragon Knights what they know of Sorina's monastery.
MarSolla: "Watch yer tongue, there. Some of us have faith."

  • Travis rolls: 1d20+12 Perform => 10 + 12 = 22

MarSolla: "Still… you have a point… I vote we snoop around a little first. See if we can find any bodies buried, or shrines to evil gods, or a journal sayin' 'Today I sent a both of fool do-gooders to their doom'. "
Rayner: So, think we should travel to this wizard or this portal, or think we should head for the nearest town and fend for ourselves?
Flint: We risk leaving Aben behind indefinitely.
Ashling: We also risk being teleported into a trap.
Rayner: We risk getting killed by a wizard or teleported to the fifth level of hell
Flint: Why don't we check out this portal? See what we can learn.
MarSolla: "O' course, it's possible she's lying to us, but don't mean us any harm."
Byrun: I vote portal. We can see through it, and know what we are getting into
Byrun: If what you say is true, I am not letting that wizard cast on me. I'll go home by boat if I need to.
MarSolla: "Maybe this order of hers is one of asassins, but maybe she DOES have a grudge against Zoriana."
Byrun: I like Aben, but getting dead ain't gonna help him.
Flint: It's true. She may be no good, but she appears to not like Zoriada.
Flint: It would be a waste for her to kill us off
MarSolla: "You're being a mite hasty, there. This wizard is our best chance of getting back, quick and sound."
Ashling: I wonder why her scribe would work in that room if they are enemies of Zoriada.
MarSolla: "Maybe she was telling the truth, like, about bein' kicked out of her old base."
Flint: because he has power over undead, like she said
Flint: to repel the zombies.
Ashling: That seems to be taking it for granted that is all she'll send.
MarSolla: "She made out like he was on guard against the zombies she put through… that might be worth looking into… that room must have some evidence o' that"
MarSolla: "Dead flesh amoungst the dust, a rotting peice o' scalp or fingernail somewhere…"
Ashling: You suggesting we go back?
Flint: Whoa! Guys! I just got something

  • Flint holds his hand to his head.

MarSolla: "Im suggesting we have a snoop around while they make up the horses, aye?"
DM: ((horses already made up, you are already underway))
Flint: Aben … attacked … he's okay …
DM: ((bout half an hour has passed on the trail))
MarSolla: ((Oh… damn, forget I said that))
Flint: he's going to send for us, his own way.
Byrun: He can do that?
Rayner: Well, that solves that problem
Flint: Apparently. He said find a safe spot. 2 hours.
Rayner: define 'safe'

  • Flint shrugs

Flint: let's camp.
DM: and….that's a wrap folks
DM: you have two hours of downtime, though you may have to find something to do about Mengyao
Ashling: I was going to say travel a bit farther first
Ashling: then claim tiredness
Flint: (hehe, sure)
Vhid: ((good idea))
MarSolla: ((Might as well travel for those hours in case this doesn't work… nicely spotted, by the way, ashling))
DM: okay, that works. We'll pick up from there next week then. You can do journal entries and heal up if you'd like
Ashling: I can doa survival check to look for a good camp as we go
Flint: (and level, if we get enough?)
DM: sure
DM: unless you go pick a fight two seconds into next session
Flint: (i'm fairly close, gotta dbl check)

  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+8 Survival => 4 + 8 = 12

Ashling: ack
Flint: (that's not terrible actually)
DM: you'll be able to find a nice spot, shady, by a creek
Lan has disconnected.

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