Session 25

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DM: Sorry all, I married a doofus who cannot tell time
MarSolla: No worries, I only just managed to get this to work anyway
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DM: Vhid's player can't make it tonight
DM: When we last left our heroes, they were about to be eaten by a grue
Flint: (( but we were flanking it! ))
MarSolla: ((You guys are such nerds, I love it))
DM: Except Chris. He's a geek
Tanya: our guide seems to be a big "?"
Joseph: hey DM, can you make sure I did that token correctly, a few things seemed odd but it could be my imagination
Flint: (( either Mengyao is the riddler or his pic isn't loading ))
DM: Actually, the big question mark is the trees I think
MarSolla: (Can someone remove that damn boar? I can't do it for some reason)
Tanya: ok, not so big a "?"
DM: nope
DM: ((Mar'solla, try now))
DM: ((So…we can start from the convo stuff on the RP boards….and….gooooo)
Flint: (( did we stop at a camp spot? ))
Tanya: (( looks that way… ))
DM: that is what is drawn on the map now.
DM: ((Mengyao is catching a couple fish, and a small campfire is going))

  • Flint dismounts and finds a place to kick back for a while.

MarSolla: "So." Marsolla murmurs. "Anyone else entertaining the idea that the message the gnome got back were a fake?"
Rayner: Personally, I'm entertaining a lot of ideas. Few good
Joseph: "I think I already brought up that possibility, but if I didn't… I am now."
Cross: "I think I already brought up that possibility, but if I didn't… I am now." *fixed*
Flint: Mar'solla, you might want to put your … erm, underfed friends away.
MarSolla: "Why d'you say that? I find 'em good company."
Rayner: Cross, are you sure you want to risk heading towards your wife now? I mean, with our young friend over there following us?

  • Rayner jerks his head toward Mengyao

Flint: Our companion might get the wrong idea.

  • MarSolla beams up at the totally immobile and expressionless half-giant.

MarSolla: "Or the right one. To the hells with him, anyway."
Flint: We need to talk when you get back to Shieldmeet, I think…
DM: ((at this point, you'll have about twenty or so minutes on Aben's two-hour deadline))

  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+8 Knowledge Arcana => 4 + 8 = 12
  • Flint watches Mengyao carefully as he relaxes.
  • Mengyao brings a couple fish over to the fire and smiles at the party

Mengyao: please, help yourselves
Ashling: Well, as far as Aben contacting Flint, if it was the spell Bin used from the scroll, it is the caster that sends the message. And Aben has said he has no magical abilities.
MarSolla: ((Mmf, can't delete them again))
Flint: I'm telling you, it sounded like Aben.
Ashling: ((that was in Message talk, btw))
Flint: (reply in message-speak)
MarSolla: "What did the message say, exactly? Did he reference anything you'd said?"
Flint: I can't remember it word for word, sheesh! I'm not in the scribe's guild!
Mengyao: ((try again))
Flint: It said he was indeed attacked, though, so that's a reference
Cross: "Whether it sounds like him or not, there are plenty of magics to mask one's voice. At this point we would be wise to be paranoid about all things."
Ashling: We'll see soon enough, I suppose.
Flint: But mask a voice over send-speak? I dunno how this works. *sighs angrily*

  • MarSolla murmurs something to the two long-dead hobgoblin soldiers, instructing them to go and stand watch and report back to her if they see a humanoid approaching, or if she blows a whistle.

Cross: "And right now I'm paranoid about leaving my wife in possible danger here while I run back to Shieldmeet…"
Flint: Stop being paranoid then. It's not good for you.
Flint: Just be vigilant. If something goes down, we'll handle it…
Ashling: Don't be angry Flint, I am just saying that it is odd. Some other spell must have been used.
Rayner: If they don't know about your wife, they will if you lead them right to her.
Flint: I'm just a little frustrated, is all. Don't like not knowing who are friends are.
Cross: "I'm sorry if I don't have your level of faith in our abilities. I like to be cautious and prevent things from going 'down' in the first place"
Flint: (out loud) Thank you, Mengyao! It's been quite a long day for us…

  • Flint smiles.
  • Mengyao makes tea

Flint: (out loud) I apologize for the, um, unusual choice of pets of my companion (motions towards skeletons).
Mengyao: I see many strange things about. At least they are not the kind that try to eat people
Flint: What other things have you seen?
Mengyao: Someone made zombies and sent them after villagers.
Flint: that's horrible! who would do that?
Mengyao: We do not know.
Flint: surely a group such as yours would have a good chance to weed them out…
MarSolla: "Oh, aye? What kind of zombies? What were they about? Just attacking people?"
Mengyao: eating people
Mengyao: we killed the zombies, but their master must have fled
Flint: I'm no expert, but the zombies I've seen don't have much interest in eating … Mar'Solla? Could they be something else?
MarSolla: "Hmm. Had we the time, Id love tae track that feller down. He's obviously in posession of knowledge an' magic that would be put to better use in my hands."
Mengyao: it wasn't that kind (gestures at skeletons) they had meat on their bones. Beyond that, I do not know the differences
MarSolla: "Hmm? Oh, well, undead are innately savage, want to consume life. Even mine do: they're just under orders not to savage anything, 'less I say they can."

  • Flint lights his pipe and looks into the fire thoughtfully.

MarSolla: "If they weren't in my direct control, they'd be a threat, to be sure. You wouldn't let an untrained pack of dogs run around gettin' at your sheep, would ye? Same thing, really."

  • MarSolla warms her hands on the fire.

Flint: So your father is a wizard, Mengyao? Has he looked into the matter?

  • Ashling sees to the horses, unsaddling them, etc.

Mengyao: Yes, but most undead seem to be made by those who seek the gods, not by wizards
Ashling: (( assuming horses are over here… ))
Flint: (( they're zombie horses now ))
Cross: (out loud) "Well I best be going. My home isn't far from here and the family is probably woried about me being gone so long. I'd like to see them before I depart again." *Cross turns to leave along the road* "If I don't make it back in time to leave jsut go without me, I have my own ways to get back."
Cross: (going to try and catch Ashling before she unsaddles my horse)
Flint: What?! Cross, are you sure that's wise?
Mengyao: Where are you going?
Cross: "Nope, but I'm doing it anyway whether you come or not."

  • Flint looks disappointed.

MarSolla: "Eh? Why are we splitting up? How will you get back, if not with us? We'll be leagues away from you."
Flint: Far from me to tell you what to do, but we may need your help here, Cross.
Cross: "I have a house near here, actually surprised me that we were sent so close to there."
Rayner: letting him go alone is probably not a good thing. Idiot is going to get himself captured and probably spill his guts.
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  • MarSolla quietly murmurs agreement.

Travis: ((Sorry im late))
Cross: "Do as you like, my wife makes a killer meal…" *and murmers somthing something about death if she doesn't get help with the dishes*
MarSolla: "What's he playing at, playing hooky to go see his family… surely what ye're doing is a higher calling then… ehh. No stopping him, I suppose."
Flint: (to Rayner) well, should we send someone with him?
Mengyao: Where are you heading? I can help you find the faster path. Roads are dangerous of late
Rayner: We should definitely all stick together.
Rayner: I mean, if Aben can find us here, why can't he find us at Cross's place?
Flint: hmm… I suppose that's true…
Cross: "It's not far, thanks for the offer. I should still klnow my way around, it hasn't been long."
Byrun: Um, Cross, are you sure you want the kid following us to your wife's place? Can't he contact the wizard?
MarSolla: "He's going to be working his magic inside a few minutes, isn't he? What's th' point in starting on the road afain?"
Mengyao: I was told to keep you all safe.
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Flint: (message speak) what say you all? go with Cross?
Travis has connected.

  • Rayner nods

Flint: (message) Rayner's probably right, Aben can find us either way

  • Byrun nods

Cross: "Trust me mengyao, if I fall prey on my own roads then…well I can't call this home now can I?"

  • Flint stands up, as if he's made up his mind.

Ashling: But how far is Cross's house?
Ashling: Unless it's only 5 minutes from here it won't matter.

  • Mengyao is starting to look confused

Flint: Let's go with Cross.
Cross: ((I need to know when it's message speak and when it is in a way I can hear. I can answer questions faster that way))
Flint: lead the way, fellow.

  • Flint starts to pack up.

Mengyao: We are all going then?
Flint: I believe we are. Can't turn down a home-cooked meal!

  • Mengyao nods and seems to relax

Cross: "I'll walk the horse until you catch up." (Cross doesn't have stuff to unpack much less pack)
DM: ((I imagine Ashling would have stopped unsaddling the horses as soon as this convo started taking place))
MarSolla: "Ehh… this is a pointless detour. We're safe here, an' he wants to move just because he's pining for his missus? Damned if Im letting you all leave me behind in some strange country, for all that…"
Flint: Just come with us then, and stop whining… Sheesh!
Ashling: (( maybe not as soon as it started, but now she starts to resaddle the one or two she got done before ))
DM: You can be underway in a couple minutes
Ashling: (( with a heavy sigh ))
DM: Mengyao will follow with the party
Cross: ((at least we now know the party doesn't have family in general, lol. besides cross of course))
MarSolla: ((Are the horses moving at a trot, or are we racing?))
DM: ((fast trot, I'd assume))
Flint: Do you study magic like your father, Mengyao?
Ashling: (( if we were racing ride checks might be required ))
Mengyao: not much good at books.
Flint: What is it you do? Other than guide motley bands to strange portals?
Cross: ((I wouldn't be racing, I've already said that even if I'm left behind I have my own ways to get back if you lot truely do leave me))
Bin: ((Psst…. I was here the entire time, just out of it))
Mengyao: I do a lot of guiding, and usually travel with caravans and deliver messages.
Mengyao: some messages cannot be sent by magic
DM: Cross, you are into familiar territory when…..
Cross: "So Mengyao, if you serve as a guide around here I'd assume you lived around here for some time? Or you just memorize the roads?"
Mengyao: I was born near here.
Cross: ((did we ever get her family name?))
DM: ((Mengyao is a boy ))
DM: ((and no ))
Cross: ((mute point lol. k))
Cross: "So who would be your family? I'm from around here too so maybe I know them."
Mengyao: I am of the Xiang clan
Flint: (message still active?)
Ashling: (( I believe so, will check duration ))
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Ashling: (( should last until the end of the two hours then gone unless I cast it again ))
Flint: (message-speak) Aben says friends coming any minute now.
Cross: "Oh? I haven't had contact with them in a while. How are they doing? The mine still doing well? I bought a beautiful emerald mined from there once."
Mengyao: you should get it checked then. Anything green more likely came from the local village's glassmaker

  • Mengyao smiles

Cross: (message-speak) "then we're about to find out if our concerns were valid ones or not"
Jinan: my my my, you seem to have gotten yourself in a mess
Flint: (describe Hikmat? he's a ?)
Cross: (normal-speak) "Your right, of course, I had forgotten"
Ashling: Jinan, who is this you have brought?

  • Hikmat appears to be the wizard Aben brought in to help with the drow

Flint: (ah. so we recognize him.)
Flint: (most of us, anyhow)
Hikmat: Are you all ready?
Ashling: (( I thought it was a different name… ))
Flint: Yes, just a moment, Hikmat. Jinan.
Mengyao: this is your friend?

  • Flint takes Mengyao aside

Flint: Mengyao, thank you for helping us.
MarSolla: "She tricked us but good. Won't happen again. We'll have her next time."
Cross: "Well, friendly faces I suppose is better than none."
Flint: You said you'd keep us safe, and you've done so. But there's been a change of plan. We're going to have to part ways now.

  • Mengyao nods, and bows to Flint, clasping his hands together
  • Ashling dismounts and starts tying the horses together so Mengyao can lead them back.
  • Flint returns the gesture to Mengyao

DM: ((spot checks?))
DM: ((actually, just from Flint))

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 1 + 11 + 0 = 12

Flint: (rolled it)

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+15+MOD Spot => 11 + 15 + 2 = 28

DM: ((well, unless you were looking at Flint and Mengyao speaking))
Cross: "You realize what I said earlier still stands? I'm not leaving without my wife. Whether you appreciate, or understand, that or not."
MarSolla: ((I probably would be if he took him aside, should I roll?))
Hikmat: How long will it take?
DM: ((sure))
MarSolla: 8
Cross: ((how long were we on the road from the camp?))
DM: ((half an hour))
Ashling: (( message done then ))
Cross: "It's about half an hour to my home, so give or take that."
Hikmat: I suppose. She will be just one person? Or will there be children to port? The numbers I can take are limited
MarSolla: "Ahh, more delays? Fantastic, that. I mean, it's not like we're not chasing an insane killer who'll murder more and more eejits the longer she's left unpressed. Why not take an extra half hour?"
Cross: "Unless she is not the woman I left behind there will be no children and I doubt the rest of the family will need to come along. She is by herself and I can't leave her like that."
Hikmat: Very wel
Hikmat: I can teleport half of you back now, if the halfling needs to use the restroom or something.
Flint: … so I hope you understand Mengyao. Thanks again.

  • Mengyao nods
  • Mengyao gathers the horses

MarSolla: "Ah, no, Im comin' around to the idea now. Why not stop here for th' night, eh? We can sing songs, and tell stories, and take bets to see if anyone you folks know will be dead when we get back."

  • Cross has been ignoring Mar'solla's coments up to now but you may notice that he is getting less and less pleasant with each coment

Flint: Relax. Ok, let's get your wife Cross.
Ashling: I would rather go back now, or today, at least.
Hikmat: It will be today
Flint: Agreed.

  • Ashling murmurs something to Rayner.

DM: ((and they are off))

  • Mengyao appears to ride off in the other direction

DM: and……….spot checks, everyone

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+15+MOD Spot => 8 + 15 + 2 = 25
  • Travis rolls to you: 1d20+1 Spot => 16 + 1 = 17

Cross: ((after Mengyao is gone)) "If he was a foe or not Sorina will know now what we are doing."

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 19 + 11 + 0 = 30

MarSolla: 12

  • Joseph rolls to you: spot 1d20+6 => 1d20+6

Rayner: I'm going to find what that sniper hit me with and start carrying it
DM: ((nobody sees anything strange))
MarSolla: "Know your way around a poison, then?"
MarSolla: "You seem like a handy feller to have about."
Rayner: Developing the willingness to learn

  • MarSolla chuckles.

DM: After a few minutes more of riding though, a plume of smoke can be seen rising lazily over a hill.
Flint: (which direction?)
Ashling: (( we are walking, yes? no horses ))
DM: ((the one you are headed))
Flint: uh oh. that can't be good
DM: ((walking, jogging, skipping, congoing, whatever))
MarSolla: "Alright, time to go back in the bag, my dears, we're nearing what passes for civilisation around here…"

  • Cross increases to full speed
  • MarSolla ushers her three skeletons back into the bag of holding.

Flint: Cross … wait!
Cross: ((wait, bad plume of smoke or chimney smoke plume?))
DM: ((a leeeetle more smoke than a chimney))

  • Flint can't keep up with him.

Cross: ((my move speed is 20))

  • MarSolla pauses. "No, wait, hang about… stay out a minute."

Flint: (maybe I can keep up then, heh)
MarSolla: "Aldous, pick me up on yer shoulders and run me there. You two, flank us."
Cross: ((i don't think you know what armor I'm wearing but it's a wee bit heavier than yours))
Ashling: I can scout ahead.
Flint: (ok, so we run up then …)
Flint: Sure.

  • MarSolla Mar'Solla and her three skeletons run on towards the smoke, her clutching onto her half-giants neck for all the world like a child being given a piggy back ride by her father.

DM: Over the hill, you see what appears to have been a very nice house, now in the process of being consumed by flames.
Ashling: Oh, I suppose not.

  • Ashling shrugs.

Flint: Crap. This was recent.

  • Flint scans the area for possible foes before running in.

Cross: "No…" *breaking into another run for dear life off to the house*

  • MarSolla sighs. "Oh, great. Now that Cross feller is going to be a complete bore. I hope he's not the crying type." she mutters to herself.

DM: Much of the house is still recognizable, and there appears to be no one from the village here yet. Fire could only have been going a few minutes
DM: You do not see anyone around

  • MarSolla looks about for the nearest water source.

Cross: ((is it possible to get inside or have the flames gotten too bad?))
DM: ((possible to get inside))

  • Hikmat starts casting a spell
  • Travis rolls: 1d20+17 Spellcraft => 18 + 17 = 35
  • Cross runs inside a bit caustiously but still a bit reckless in his search

DM: ((protection from energy on Cross))
Bin: ((Thanks))
MarSolla: "Aldous, take my bag, and get in there. If you find anything alive apart from that Cross feller what was with us, cram them in the bag, and bring the bag out to me. Don't get the bag burnt."
DM: There are signs of a struggle in the home, and sitting on a table is stone box labeled with Cross's full name

  • Flint scans for a well or something, to help put out the blaze.

Hikmat: I have no magic to put out fires
Cross: ((no signs of Amaya yet or do I need to roll a search first?))
Flint: (( most importantly, Flint wants to be seen as helping to put out the blaze when the villagers come running, not just standing around!! cuz that could get ugly fast ))
DM: There is a small pond in front of the house
DM: ((roll search))

  • Flint looks for a bucket and will attempt to start a bucket brigade
  • MarSolla goes in search of buckets, upon spying the pond.

MarSolla: ((Heh, same thoughts- I looked for water too))

  • Joseph rolls to you: 1d20+2 Search => 5 + 2 = 7

MarSolla: 18
DM: Someone appears to have broken the buckets and left them sitting by the pond. The broken pieces are arranged to look like a smiley face

  • Ashling prowls around looking for signs of who started the fire.

Flint: Oh, man, that's just cruel…

  • MarSolla swears. She calls Aldous back, and once he arrives, takes her bag.

Rayner: okay…that bitch needs to die in pain

  • MarSolla turns the bag inside out, emptying a variety of mundane equipment and several skeletons onto the ground. She opens the bag as wide as she can, and attempts to scoop the whole pond up in the bag of holding.
  • Cross snatches up the box with his name on it and returns outside

Flint: I don'tget how she would even know about this
MarSolla: "You got to admit, it was a nice touch."
DM: The ceiling of the house is starting to collapse
Flint: Ok, we need to get out of here, right now.
MarSolla: ((Do I manage to scoop up the whole pond?))
MarSolla: ((Also, how tall is the house?))
DM: ((you manage to get a lot of water, single story house))
Cross: *seeing their efforts with the water* "Don't bother…she wasn't in there. The house is lost anyway."
MarSolla: "Aldous, lift me up. Hold me high as you can. Step over there- there's a good feller."
Flint: I think it's time we make our hasty retreat … before the onlookers come and implocate us in all this.
MarSolla: "Might as well put it out… could be something of value. Besides, it's bad luck to leave a fire burning."

  • Cross is VERY grim right now looking at a box with his name on it

DM: The water is sufficient to douse much of the flames to embers, but not much is left at that point

  • MarSolla leans over towards the burning roof, wincing at the heat of it and shielding her face. She turns the bag of holding inside out in it's direction.

MarSolla: ((Repeating the process if there's still more flames.))
Ashling: We should leave. Now.
Flint: Yeah, I know!
Flint: Hikmat, make it happen, sir.
MarSolla: "Were there any bodies? Or does she have them?" Mar'Solla asks Cross, casually.
Cross: *after a few moments he opens the box and looks inside, standing beside the pond*

  • MarSolla scoops her posessions back into her bag.

Flint: Cross, we're going, now!
Hikmat: I can teleport five at a time. First group, stand around me
Flint: take it with you.
Flint: Flint lines up.

  • Flint lines up.
  • Ashling also goes to Hikmat.

MarSolla: "Hey! Big feller, Im talking to- ah, there's our ticket out of here."

  • MarSolla bags her skellies up and stands beside hikmat.
  • Hikmat casts, teleports that group to Aben's, then teleports back

Hikmat: gets the rest of the group
MarSolla: "Don't know about you lot, but that was the worst holiday abroad IVE ever been on!"
Aben: Everyone alright?
Flint: More or less. And you?

  • MarSolla giggles for a moment, then shuts up when she see's noone laughing.

Flint: 2 of us didn't make it.

  • Cross is reading a scroll currently

Ashling: Who attacked you, Aben?
Aben: Some guards staged a raid.
Ashling: City guards?
Aben: Yes. Led by a Captain Hiram Aceline. They did not get through the gates.
Aben: They were looking for Aletha.
Flint: Oh, THOSE guys.
Flint: Persistent, aren't they?

  • Hikmat gazes at Cross

Byrun: oh shit.
Ashling: Hiram? Is that Jerath's father?

  • Aben nods…then looks over to the other group.

Aben: What's wrong?
MarSolla: "His wife and family. House was burning, they were gone,"
Aben: oh…no.
MarSolla: "Water buckets left to make a smiley face…"

  • Cross start trembling and after a moment screams throwing an urn as hard a possible against a far wall

Flint: the whole thing smacks of Zoriada, but i don't know how…. ack!

  • Aben blinks, startled
  • MarSolla steps a nervous step backwards.

Cross: "I'm going to kill her!"
MarSolla: "What did that letter say? Can I see it?"
Aben: We reported to Bartel. He sent guards into the sewers.
Aben: They haven't returned yet.
Byrun: We'll get her.
Cross: ((still top of his lungs and you can notice his clothes are warping as if he's losing control over them))

  • Cross dropped the box and the letter when he opened the urn
  • MarSolla cautiously paces forward, and then scoops up the letter.
  • MarSolla backs a way a few paces, reading it.

DM: ((it's in one of the Tatsuo languages))
DM: ((except for a bit of common at the end. 'I'll be in touch. - Zoriada. PS - She's not dead. Yet.'

  • Cross finally loses control over his clothes and they shift back into a suit of full plate black as night and trimmed with gold and silver. The visor is buit in such a way that you can't even see his eyes but you can still hear him breathing hard until he finally collapses to his knees punching the floor.

Aben: Hikmat, I hate you ask you another favor, but could you perhaps scry….?
Hikmat: I will try. But I would not be surprised if they took precautions against it.
Cross: ((I'll post a better description of the armor later on the wiki. I have a crude drawing of the helm))

  • Hikmat turns to Cross

Hikmat: my friend, I am sorry, but I must ask…. I need a way to focus to try to locate your wife. As gruesome as what Zoriada left is, it may help us find her.
Hikmat: please, come with me.

  • Hikmat gestures towards the hall
  • Cross stops beating the floor and after a moment gets up to help Hikmat
  • Flint fills Aben in on the details of the raid, and the events in Tatsuo.
  • Aben nods.

Ashling: Did Kazi tell you much about her cousin Sorina? (to Aben)
Aben: you should also be aware that though Hiram's men were unable to enter, they have stationed guards nearby to 'keep an eye on us'
Aben: her cousin is a murderer, but that is about it.
Ashling: Hm, well in light of what just happened, it seems like she may be working with Zoriada in some way.
Aben: Kazi believed that may be the case.
Aben: but there was no proof
Flint: We still don't have any. Just circumstantial garbage.
Flint: She's smart, for sure.
Ashling: Where are Aletha and Jerath?
Aben: how could she have known about Cross's wife? I barely knew that
Aben: Safe, in Aletha's room.
Ashling: (nods) Cross told her minion all about them.
Flint: I was also wondering how in the world she would know that, and why she would bother doing it.
DM: ((at some point, the party may notice that Leonti has a black eye and a split lip. Virote appears to be unharmed, as does Aben))
Flint: (waitasec, did Llyssa come through the portal with us?)
DM: ((I don't think he talked about them in front of Sorina))
Ashling: (( ahh, Ash will be making a poultice first chance she gets ))
DM: ((yes, and she made it back, I lost her token))
Flint: (oh, ok)
Ashling: (in front her minion Mengyao
Ashling: )
Ashling: I think Mengyao summoned his father or maybe Sorina herself. Told them what Cross said and that was passed on to Zoriada.
Ashling: There was plenty of time for Zoriada to teleport to there and set the fire.
Flint: Can she even do that? Teleport, I mean?
Aben: to the exact location?
Ashling: Mengyao's father can, supposedly.
Flint: Yeah, how would she know?
Flint: If she can teleport, I don't know why she flew away from us that day.
Flint: When she could have teleported.
Ashling: I'm guessing Sorina's peple know the area.
Ashling: Either Zoriada got there somehow or someone else decided to speak for her on that scroll.
Flint: Maybe this is too radical, but maybe someone is framing her?
Ashling: In any case, it points to Sorina and her friends being involved.
Aben: indeed
Ashling: Why bother? We already are after Zoriada.
Cross: "She knew not who I was nor my family so knowing what house to burn, writing that letter, destroying the buckets so playfully, and kidnapping Amaya should not have been possible…but it still happened and Zoriada will die by my hands I swear."
Aben: They obviously know more about us than they should.
Aben: And where that thought leads is not pleasant.

  • Flint can't help but look around at all the faces in the room.

Flint: Bah. This is too much. I need a smoke.
Aben: All of you, get some rest. It has been a most trying day.
Ashling: (( what time of day is it? ))
DM: midafternoon
MarSolla: "Will we get another chance at her?"
Flint: You bet your ass, we will.
MarSolla: "We had one in the sewers and we let her slip away. Now they're after me, too, and for what? A couple of dead minions, and a couple of you dead, too. Nothing, I make that."

  • Cross focuses on his right arm, all the while the armor on that arm is shifting erradically, until his normal clothes start appearing again. After a minute his clothes have all returned to normal.

MarSolla: "Easy to say, mister gnome, but do we have another lead? Any clue where she'd fly?"
Ashling: I need to go to the elven embassy. Perhaps you'd like to come, Cross?
Aben: She's ahead of us. We need to figure out how to stop that. As long as she knows what we are up to, our chances are not good.
Aben: Be careful. As I said, Hiram has guards around here.
Flint: I need to check on things at the shop.
Aben: And suspects us of 'breaking into an asylum and abducting a very dangerous prisoner', as well as 'kidnapping and magical coercion' and 'theft'.
Aben: not sure where he got the theft.
Cross: "I will come."
MarSolla: "Anyone catch a burn from that house? I might as well pass some healing around before I turn in for th' night."
Ashling: Anyone else wish to go into the city? Flint, maybe someone should accompany you for safety.
Flint: I could head with you, at least as far as downtown.
Bin: Ill go with Flint, I have not anything to do but think anyways
Aben: indeed. Everyone should travel in pairs
Aben: or more
Rayner: I'll go with Ashling as well
Flint: Oh, Bin, you're in for a treat!
Jinan: I'll stay here. Where it is safe. Er…..safer, anyway
Ashling: Then shall we go?
Bin: Yes…
Cross: "Lets" *still fairly grim but recovering*
DM: Okay, it's worth pointing out that the elven embassy and Flint's shop are sort of in opposite directions
Flint: (then I guess we part ways rather quickly)
DM: Flint can walk across a bridge, Ashling and the others can go the fast way (ferry) or the long way (hoofing it across half the city)
Flint: (Bin's coming with me as well)
DM: Those who remain behind can get good hot meals and baths
Ashling: (I vote ferry, need to get there before they close the doors for the day)
Cross: (merely following)
Ashling: (can we get there without the ferry blowing up?)
Flint: (depends, are you feeling lucky?)
Ashling: (yes, yes I am)
DM: Flint, you and Bin can get across the bridge, though it takes you only a moment to realize you are being followed. City guards in full armor aren't exactly subtle

  • Bin grins…

Flint: Oh man, the things I could do…

  • Bin whispers to Flint; "Want to give them something to chase?"

Flint: I'm not too quick on my feet…
Bin: Neither are they but then again they don't have a wizard on thier side…
DM: The guard is glaring at you
Flint: I like the cut of your jib!
Flint: Let's go.

  • Bin Casts Haste.

Flint: Hee hee! Fun day for a jog, eh, chap?!
DM: The guard tries to chase you at first, but has to give up
DM: He looks pissed
Flint: (take a winding route through some alleys to lose them)
Bin: Ha ha ha haven't had that much fun in a while…
Flint: Indeed! You're good to have around, Bin!
Bin: Shall we continue to your workshop?
DM: You can get to Novatipur's easily

  • Flint guides Bin to a rather large tent out back.

Flint: (( under the tent is a partially constructed … well … dirigible! ))
Flint: (gnomish) how fares things, Master Novo?
Novobitupur: I've been getting questions about you, young man
Novobitupur: Oddest sorts of people
Flint: What?! Say it ain't so.
MarSolla: ((I have work in like 5 hours : / If we're basically done I might crash and read the transcript))

  • Bin examines the drigible with interest looking for flaws and mistakes in its design

Flint: I'm afraid the lawmen think i did something bad, but I assure you, it's utter hogwash!
Novobitupur: One young idiot tried to sneak into your workarea there. I tested ol' Geko's theory of salt in these muskets and I must say, it worked quite beautifully
Novobitupur: oh, I'm not worried about the lawmen. It's the sneaky ones that concern me
MarSolla has disconnected.
Flint: (common) Hmm. I'm going to show my friend Bin around, if you don't mind. Bin, this is Novobitupur, my teacher!
Novobitupur: good to know you
Flint: (gnomish) oh, I also have some new ideas, check out my schematics for this powder-bomb I've been working on (shows Novobitupur some schematics from his logbook)
Bin: No sir, it is my thanks to meet you..
Novobitupur: huh…we could build those. But they won't be so useful against higher level magic. Like, oh, stuff that creats water.
Flint: yeah .. thought of that. just needs more work…
Novobitupur: a good design always does.

  • Novobitupur proceeds to fill you in on the local gossip and information about the upcoming festival
  • Flint will check in and address any ship-building issues that have come up. Before too long he will look to returning with Bin before he dies of boredom

Bin: This is a nice place, although my hands are skilled in other areas…

  • Novobitupur is showing Bin sketches of new designs

Flint: No magic here, I'm afraid, Bin! This is all with our hands … and heads.
Novobitupur: and I hear the Sclavini are going to have a zoo this time, monsters from all over
Bin: Well for some you need your haed in magic as well…

  • Bin pats his book..

Flint: I don't use it much, but yes, I know what you mean. In the gnomes' blood too.

  • Flint manifests a dancing lights spell, playfully pushing around a few pastel-colored lights.

Flint: (yay for obscure gnome abilities)
Bin: (lol)
Flint: (don't get me started on the speaking to animals 1/day, but only burrowing ones)
Bin: (other side of the groups turn?)
Flint: (yeah, I didn't mean to take much time, just doing background stuff … they might be doing it in a private chat)
DM: ((there is the miracle of IMs))
Bin: ((well lets just continue))
Bin: So flint what could we do agains the invisible bitch, there is so few things we can do…
Flint: Well, i actually came up with an idea for her.

  • Flint shows Bin a schematic he drew.

Flint: This here is a bomb. But a special one. You throw it, and a special powder covers everything in the area!
Bin: How big is there area do you think?
Flint: Probably not too big. Powder is light and will fall before long.
Bin: Umm well my spell can only got about 10 feet…
Flint: It will take some experimentation, but I think i can do a bit better than your spell.

  • Flint grins.

Bin: That would be great actually… So what are we going to do now?
Flint: Well, looks like things are in good shape, so we should head back. If I weren't broke, I'd start on the powder bombs, but maybe I'll let Novo's boys build them and I'll field test 'em when they're ready.
Bin: Ha ha ha… How much would you need to start it?
Flint: if i had to make a wild guess I'd say eahc would cost about 35 gold pieces in materials. (basing it off smoke bomb price in DMG)
Bin: Lets make a couple now, i have a sum of money in the bank and i would rather have another option to ruin her defense other than me… All i need to do is go to the bank
Flint: That's very kind of you Bin!
Flint: You hear that Novo? Some R&D funding!

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+15+MOD Spot => 11 + 15 + 0 = 26

Novobitupur: lovely.
Bin: Would you like to acompain me Flint?
Flint: Sure thing.
Bin: ((how long will it take to get there?))
Flint: You should know that they will take some time to make regardless…
Flint: it could be a few days.
Bin: ((bank i meant))
Flint: (even so, just saying)
DM: the gnome bank is only a block from the shop
Bin: ((I know… just wanting to start it now))
Flint: (damn, I want the Fabricate power so bad … craft items instantly given a pile of materials? sign me up!)
DM: ((oh, yeah, I decided to remove that power from the game))
Flint: (nooooo)
Bin: ((LOL))

  • Bin and Flint get to the bank and Bin withdraws about 1.5k gold in the form of Platnum and gives it to Flint: "Here you are my man..

DM: you can get to the bank, and then back to Aben's without trouble, though almost as soon as you are over the bridge your tail starts following you again.
Flint: This is …. a ridiculous sum of money Bin!
Flint: You can't be serious!
Bin: I have no use for it, its just what i have been saving for something important, dont worry i have more in the bank

  • Flint well, I give you my word that we'll put it to good use at the shop.

Flint: well, I give you my word that we'll put it to good use at the shop.

  • Bin smiles… Now what about the tail?
  • Flint gives the generous sum to Novobitupur, to get things rolling with the powder bombs.

Bin: "__" ^^
Flint: He's probably pretty mad by now. Got any other tricks?
Bin: Always..
DM: The guard is glaring at you, and starts moving towards you purposefully. There is another guard with him now
Bin: How is it going sir?
Guard: Come with me, you are under arrest.
Flint: For what?!

  • Bin begins to cough

Younger Guard: We'll figure that out later.

  • Younger Guard grins

Bin: Aweful sick sir
Guard: please. Like we haven't heard that one before.
Younger Guard: You run mighty fast for a sick kid.
Bin: I dont want to get you contagous… you see boils start to form on your skin

  • Bin uses his shape change to alter his skin to make the effect of past and recent boils to "appear"..

Guard: oh. Look. A changeling.
Younger Guard: eek
Guard: aah.

  • Bin continues to cough..

Younger Guard: Trying to hide something, young fella? I think you need to turn out your pockets.
Guard: and hand over your weapons
Flint: Hmmm, I've got another idea.

  • Bin coughs some more, this time some black mist comes out eventually covering a 20 ft raduis

DM: ((obscuring mist?))
Flint: …or not!
Bin: ((Yup))
DM: They start charging forward, running might be good

  • Flint takes off in a sideways-like direction
  • Bin jumps to the side, rolls abit then runs to the workshop

Flint: (we were going back to Aben's)
Bin: ((Er Aben's))
Bin: ((Not that smart to do))
Bin: Ha ha fun as well
Flint: (if it worked…)
DM: you can get back to Aben's without further incident.
Flint: phew! I was about to try something.
DM: It seems the guards are reluctant to cause to much trouble deep inside the Basiran district
Flint: but your misty thing worked.
Bin: I tend to think things might, if not i might have to pop my cork
Flint: (will we be able to see a transcript of the other events?)
Flint: (anyhow I need to step out for a few)
DM: ((sure))

  • Aben greets you when you return

Bin: Hi…
Aben: anything interesting?

  • Bin tends to shy away from Aben, not looking him in the face, tending to answer quickly, etc.

Bin: ummm
Bin: Depends
Aben: on what?
Bin: What you think is interesting
Aben: everything, anything.
Bin: I saw a gnome
Bin: Now if you would excuse me i need to study something

  • Bin bows and takes his leave
  • Aben shrugs and nods
  • Bin goes into a empty room to study

DM: Food will be brought to him

  • Bin wavesa it off

Bin: Thank you but i can feed myself…
DM: meanwhile, back at the ranch…er, Aben's estates
Joseph has disconnected.
Joseph has disconnected.
Ashling: We return?
DM: yes
DM: you will note you are followed
DM: by guards
Joseph has connected.
Ashling: from where?
Ashling: from the embassy?
Ashling: (that is, how long were they following us)
DM: from the ferry
Cross: ((what's going on now?))
Ashling: (ok)
Ashling: Where is Aben?
DM: You reported, checked in at the tavern, found nothing of interest there, and are now back at Aben's
Ashling: (or, where are people in general)

  • Bin is in a study room

DM: Bin is here, Mar'solla is sleeping, Flint is probably tinkering off someplace
Ashling: (go to Aben first then)
Aben: how did it go?
Ashling: We ran across Dima.
Ashling: He and his group are back.
Ashling: (she sums up what Dima told her)
Aben: well, that complicates things
Flint: (I am back)

  • Flint emerges from a side-room with some schematics in hand.

Ashling: Yes…
DM: ((Flint can probably come in just as Ashling mentions Dima is back))
Flint: What? That guy again?
Aben: We'll be on alert
Ashling: He said he will be in touch.
Cross: "Something about the thieves guild to, or was I imagining that?"
Flint: So, what should we do next?
Ashling: And I passed on this as well as what happened with Zoriada and Sorina to the Dragon Knights.
Ashling: Zoriada may control the theives guild now.
Aben: oh. Great.
Aben: I hate to say this….but perhaps we need to start trying to utilize Aletha more.
Ashling: Or perhaps shared with Sorina?
Flint: Oh, Ashling… my teacher mentioned that people have been sneaking around our workshop in the gnome's district
Aben: Zoriada knows what we are up to. It would be useful for us to have the same ability.

  • Aben glances at Rayner, who sighs

Ashling: And these aren't people just trying to steal your technical secrets?
Flint: I don't think so.
Flint: My friends there have been able to chase them off, though.
Ashling: Hm… Well, perhaps Jerath can help draw things from Aletha.
Flint: And people have been … asking about me, specifically.
Ashling: That sounds like what was happening with Quickblades.
Cross: "At least we're popular, just wished it wasn't people who wanted to torture us."
Aben: Bartel has given us some protection. We have 'authority' now.
Aben: We can even arrest people.

  • Aben smiles

Flint: I'm glad we're official now.
Flint: For that very reason
Ashling: Then what about Hiram?
Flint: Those guys think they're above the law.
Aben: I reported to Bartel about Hiram. Which is why Hiram didn't get through the gate.
Flint: They tried to arrest Ben and I for no reason, of their own admittance!
Flint: Bin*
Aben: and no, Hiram did not get to see Aletha or Jerath
Ashling: Good.
Aben: They'll try, I am sure. But you have just as much authority to arrest them
Flint: Ha! I hadn't thought of that! I'm going to try that next time!
Flint: Oh, man, the looks on their faces…

  • Aben smiles
  • Aben turns to Cross.

Aben: 'We will do everything we can to find your wife and get her back safe
Ashling: Did the letter say who exactly she took? Are there others besides your wife?
Cross: "There was no one else living with us and the letter made no mention of anyone else."

  • Bin returns to where everyone is at

Cross: "Amaya's family lived close by but Amaya lived by herself without me there, I just wish I was quicker to get there."
Cross: "There were servants of course but not all of them lived in the house"
Ashling: I think we need to be more careful of what we say around those we don't fully trust.
Flint: I tried to play nice with Mengyao without also saying too much to him.
Cross: "But thinking on it, that means Kai and Sakura were probably there and I didn't find their bodies inside."
Flint: I'm afraid I don't know what we should do next. other than wait for something bad to happen and react to it, which is hardly ideal.
Aben: We need to find the spy in our own midst.
Flint: Well, there's that.
Flint: Ok, well you caught me. I confess.
Cross: "I shouldn't have to mention an obvious canidate for the spy."
Ashling: Flint!

  • Flint winks.
  • Bin yawns

Cross: "Sadly, jokes are not in request right now."
Flint: Well, SOMEone's got to do it.
Aben: but now may not be the time

  • Flint sighs a lengthy sigh

Flint: Turning on each other is the last thing we need…
Aben: I do not believe it is Virote, and since Zoriada nearly killed Byrun, I do not believe it is him. Or Rayner. Everyone else, I wish I could be sure of.
Ashling: What kind of information do we think is being passed?
Cross: "I swear if she disrespects my family again I will beat her to death with this blunt sword" *patting his katana* "Not to mention I think her to be the most likely spy"
Ashling: Mar'Solla just joined us. I doubt it could be her.
Flint: I don't think it would be her … it's just too … obvious.
Flint: Morally suspect? Yeah. Spy? I dunno…
Aben: and as pointed out, she did just join us
Aben: and thus couldn't have known about your family.
Cross: "Spy or no, a good beating may still be in order."
Rayner: not that we should trust her with our deepest fears and innermost thoughts.
Rayner: but there has to be another spy too
Rayner: I don't think it's Jerath. For one thing, that kid is the worst liar I have ever seen.
Cross: "No one here knew my family, and no one we spoke to in Tatsuo even knew more than my name was Cross, which is hard to link back to my full name."
Rayner: and I've known Jinan a while. He's not the type to get in cahoots with Zoriada's ilk
Flint: (quietly) Hey what about Maksim
Flint: He's like, on the edge recently.
Ashling: Llyssa knows.
Ashling: MAybe she blames us for Vin's death.
Rayner: If it's Maksim…if it's Maksim I doubt it's intentionally. That's my concern with the kids. They may be passing info without malice, just not knowing who they should trust.
Ashling: Though that does not explain why she would turn on Cross.
Cross: "And Llyssa would take on the whole of Amareth before defying the dying wishes of Angelus"
Ashling: I think they could have simply reacted to what Cross said about wanting to go to his wife while wer at the camp in Tatsuo.
Ashling: The house was close enough they would know who lived there.
Flint: that's an awfully quick reaction though.
Aben: Sadly, I think Rayner's idea may be the most accurate. Our spy may not even intentionally be a spy.
Ashling: Had to be in any case. At most they had since we passed through the portal to plan it.
Cross: "There is my sister… but for her to go so far as to do something like this…and knowing Zoriada to begin with is far fetched."
Flint: Is the tavern still open to the public Aben?
Flint: Or have you closed it given recent events?
Flint: If it's still open, we might want t o let people in again, and keep an ear out.
Aben: It is still open, though business is a little slow due to the guards hassling folks on their way in
Flint: We need to put our best info-gatherer on barkeep duty, i think
Aben: Though it seems to have given us another form of notoriety. It is becoming known that drinking here pisses off the Amareth guards. We've had more goblins in the past three hours than I have seen in my life.
Ashling: Aben, perhaps you could speak to everyone to make it clear that no one should talk to anyone outside the grounds - no matter how friendly of terms they are on.
Flint: If there's anything I learned in guildschool is that if you want to beat someone at their trade, you have to get into the market too. Maybe we should sart a little rumormongering of our own…
Aben: perhaps.
Cross: "it's not a possibility that the house could have been bugged?"
Ashling: What kind of rumors are you thinking of?
Aben: Gervasi is good at getting people to talk. If we can let it be known he isn't to talk himself, that would be useful
Flint: We could spread some false rumors. Like Aben's leaving town. Soemthing like that. See who jumps at it.
Flint: This really isn't my forte, but it might make our foes slip their hand.
Bin: If needed "he" could even leave town…
Aben: indeed

  • Bin shifts his appreance to mimic Aben

Aben: sleep on it. We can talk more when our brains are fresh.
Ashling: They could be scrying on us, though.
Aben: that's….strangely disturbing.
Aben: no. They aren't.
Cross: "Ashling, if you have a moment."

  • Aben smiles

Aben: we've taken some precautions there.
Ashling: That's good.
Ashling: (to Cross) Yes, of course. Come, I want to make a poultice for Leonti's eye.
Cross: "Alright" *follows her when she goes*
Aben: he won't let you. Lilja tried earlier.

  • Bin shifts back
  • Aben chuckles a bit.

Flint: He probably likes the look. So he can get girls.
Aben: it's a bit more complicated then that.
Ashling: I'll charm him into letting me. (smiles and winks)
Aben: suffice it to say, Leonti learned a bit of a lesson.
Aben: good night.

  • Aben heads to his room

Ashling: Good night.
Cross: "If he's not careful I may cure the eye and there's not much he can do then"
Leonti: Hungry?
Bin: Good Night

  • Leonti has a plate with some food

Ashling: (Cross can follow her to her room where she starts making a poultice)
Ashling: Ah, Leonti, my thanks. (accepts the food)
Cross: "Why not"
Cross: (accepting the food)

  • Leonti takes the rest of the tray towards Aben's room

Rayner: when did he start waiting on folks?
Bin: I need to retire, if anything should come up let me know..

  • Ashling shrugs.

Ashling: Good night, Bin.

  • Flint helps himself to an ale at the bar.

Cross: *now paranoid as all hell with spy talk, casts detect poison on the food after he leaves*
Ashling: (oh, I assume Cross was able to send a message to his father)
Cross: (ya i got that taken care of)

  • Rayner goes to check on Aletha

DM: the food is not poisoned

  • Ashling was already eating it, hahahahaha.

DM: Ashling can make a poultice without trouble, and can probably catch Leonti taking the tray back to the kitchen
Ashling: (one moment)
Ashling: What did you want to say to me, Cross?
Ashling: (as she works on it)
Cross: "I wanted to make a concern clear to you since you keep in contact with the Dragon Knights"
Ashling: Go ahead.

  • Byrun has an ale with Flint

Byrun: working with you lot is definitely strange
Cross: "As far fetched as it may be, but seeing as I have to take all possibilities into account now, my sister could easily get a hold to those reports of yours being sent back to the elf lands."
Flint: I was afraid we lost you earlier today Byrun. Good to see you still with us.
Ashling: Llyssa?
Cross: "no, I have 3 sisters."
Ashling: Ah, and one is a Knight?
Cross: "But Llyssa could get a hold to them too, but she isn't what concerns me"
Byrun: Gonna miss Abbi and Jaka though. Good sorts.
Ashling: Who is this sister that worries you?
Flint: It's hazardous around Aben's place, as you're well aware by now. If you eevrr wanted to leave, we wouldn't blame you.
Byrun: He pays good. He's already sent some funds to Abbi's family. Jaka didn't have one.
Cross: (damn my character info is on my laptop, oh well I'll wing it and fix things later if I misstate something)
Flint: Yes, I will miss them both. Though I did not know them well, I could tell they were good sports.
Byrun: Ilridn is heartbroken. She and Jaka were, well…
Flint: I see..
Flint: *raises a glass in toast* to fallen comrades.
Cross: "My two other sisters are my father's daughters. One is in the academy right now, she is a good girl but the other, the eldest, deeply and I mean deeply hates me and in turn my father for taking me in."
Bin: 'Music from a flute can be heard from Bin's Room
Byrun: to fallen comrades

  • Byrun chuckles as he drinks

Byrun: did you see Leonti's eye?
Ashling: Wait a moment… These are half-sisters? And two are Lord Sebrindir's, the other…?
Flint: Hehe. It's gonna be awhile before he lives that down.
Byrun: oh, you have no idea. Wasn't the guards that blacked it
Cross: "She would know all about my wife and my home in Tatsuo. It may be far fetched but her resentment is real. She could see those reports of your and I ask that you be careful on what you give the knights"
Byrun: I found out from Ciaran what happened
Flint: Izzat so? Did he meet a door head-on?
Ashling: How would she see them?
Byrun: See, Kae kept the kids in line. Seems there was a bit of a power struggle.
Byrun: Leonti figured he was the toughest, so he was in charge.
Cross: "Well I have no full blooded siblings, Llyssa is my half sister on my mother's side and the other two are my fathers, also half sisters. Llyssa being human and the others being elven"
Byrun: Most of the rest of the kids fell in line, and then Leonti figured that hey, he could kick the arse of an Amareth that got trained by pansy elves.
Ashling: (wait, so four sisters total? I am confused)
Byrun: You'll notice that the kids don't argue with Jerath anymore.
Cross: "She is manipulative and my father sadened at their fueding, if you follow. And even if not her it would still be wise to watch what you give the knights, they have just as much chance of having a spy of the cult amongst them as we do"

  • Flint shakes his head

Flint: Oh, you humans just confuse me sometimes…
Cross: (3 sisters, Llyssa and two elven sister, one of which is a major bitch)
Ashling: I doubt that.
Ashling: Who exactly is this one who dislikes you?
Byrun: well, worked out a bit for the best. Could have gotten a bit nasty if the kids hadn't followed Jerath's orders when the guards showed up. Instead, none of them got hurt and were all safe before there was any chance of it coming to blows.
Cross: (if i had my notes on this computer I could tell you. DM has them through her email though, in my character's background)
Ashling: (Ash wants a name and position at least)
DM: ((email not being nice right now))
DM: ((and gonna have to call it a night now))
Ashling: (( np, can get the info later ))
DM: ((we'll pick up the next morning))
Cross: (name will be supplied on the wiki later))
Cross: but she's in the elf lands last Cross knew of and as he said it was a long shot but seeing her hate towards him he can't rule her out with her access to the knights
Bin: ((afk))


LordChaosSama (10:29:59 PM): "I don't guess Angelus had these problems?…" (assuming Rayner went with us)
seismosump01 (10:30:03 PM): Ash asks where she can find the Dragon Knights representatives when they get there.
KeresM (10:30:33 PM): Rayner 'Angelus had his own set of problems.'
KeresM (10:30:47 PM): The ferry captain lets you all on board, then as he starts to set off, another passenger boards
seismosump01 (10:31:07 PM): give the passenger a look over
KeresM (10:31:27 PM): He looks a tad bit familiar.
KeresM (10:31:36 PM): Dima smiles, and bows to you
KeresM (10:31:52 PM): then hands the ferry captain his coin
LordChaosSama (10:32:16 PM): (i don't believe Cross has met him yet) "Friend of yours?"
KeresM (10:32:20 PM): Dima says 'my apologies if I startled you, but there seems to be a bit of activity at Aben's place and I wasn't sure sending you a message was a good idea'
seismosump01 (10:32:24 PM): Ash goes up to him. "Where are your companions?"
KeresM (10:33:25 PM): Dima says 'at the tavern. We only got back last night. We found little, someone seems to have destroyed that location quite throughly. How did your search go?'
KeresM (10:33:48 PM): Dima nods to Cross, 'she would not call me friend, much to my regret. I am Dima'
seismosump01 (10:34:28 PM): "What is this message you have then?
LordChaosSama (10:34:49 PM): "Hmm" *uncaringly and turns his attention over the water*
KeresM (10:35:28 PM): 'that we were back, and found that someone had been at the location shortly before we were. They were most violent, and used undead to attack'
KeresM (10:35:42 PM): Rayner has assumed a protective stance behind Ashling.
seismosump01 (10:36:12 PM): "Attack who? Your group?"
KeresM (10:37:46 PM): Dima continues, 'yes. I believe we may have interrupted them. Some sort of ritual. We managed to save the girl, but the young man died of his injuries.'
seismosump01 (10:38:26 PM): "So, using the old cult site again. Did you all make it back in good health?"
KeresM (10:38:53 PM): 'We lost three of our soldiers.'
seismosump01 (10:39:20 PM): "Hired mercenaries, I assume."
KeresM (10:39:41 PM): 'no. We don't hire mercenaries. We prefer people we can trust'
KeresM (10:39:56 PM): 'how was your expedition? I hear peace broke out in Sclavini'
seismosump01 (10:40:37 PM): "Seems that way. You should know that Kae is dead."
KeresM (10:41:03 PM): Dima closes his eyes for a moment, and when he opens them, they look a bit watery. 'I am sorry. How is Maksim?'
seismosump01 (10:41:04 PM): "Zoriada killed him."
seismosump01 (10:41:13 PM): (not Maksim)
seismosump01 (10:41:27 PM): "He wants solitude."
KeresM (10:41:43 PM): 'We will have to deal with Zoriada. She will be a problem'
seismosump01 (10:41:59 PM): "She already is."
KeresM (10:42:21 PM): 'She seems to have recruited in the theives' guild. Some of ours have gone 'missing', and our contacts there have dried up. I think she runs it now, or has one of her puppets do so.'
KeresM (10:42:35 PM): ((the ferry docks))
seismosump01 (10:42:43 PM): "Along with Sorina who may be a working with her."
KeresM (10:43:21 PM): 'Sorina is a name known in the theives' guild.'
seismosump01 (10:43:51 PM): "So we have gathered. That may be the connection between them."
LordChaosSama (10:44:51 PM): *starts reciting something in Tatsuo, possibly the letter and then…* "A visit to the thieves guild may be in order" *still grim*
seismosump01 (10:45:08 PM): (steps off the ferry) "Perhaps we should meet again to discuss these things more."
KeresM (10:45:09 PM): The ferry captain gestures for you to disembark, and Dima says 'I suppose we part ways here then. We'll be in touch. I still want to know how your trip went.'
seismosump01 (10:46:32 PM): "I am sure. Another time."
LordChaosSama (10:46:40 PM): *follows Ashling off the ferry*
seismosump01 (10:47:11 PM): She waves to Dima and heads off.
KeresM (10:47:12 PM): Dima reboards the ferry
KeresM (10:47:32 PM): Rayner frowns. 'I liked him better when he was a sweet, innocent kid.'
seismosump01 (10:47:48 PM): "I never knew him that way." Sighs.
seismosump01 (10:48:21 PM): "Cross, Dima and his companions say they are fighting the cult too. But Dima himself is possessed."
seismosump01 (10:48:41 PM): "Another of his companions may be as well."
seismosump01 (10:49:32 PM): "The spirit that has claimed Dima is called Evaric. He was once a spy in the cult when it was last powerful, about 2000 years ago."
KeresM (10:49:52 PM): The Elven embassy is a beautiful building, with an orchid motif decorating the entryway
LordChaosSama (10:50:24 PM): "It's still worth checking into about this thieves guild if we can locate Zoraida"
KeresM (10:50:37 PM): Rayner says 'I still have a contact or two there'
LordChaosSama (10:51:46 PM): "I will need to make another stop by the taven to make sure nothing else has cropped up"
seismosump01 (10:52:19 PM): "Tavern?"
LordChaosSama (10:53:07 PM): "Angelus owned a tavern through proxy"
KeresM (10:53:12 PM): 'Vin's tavern'
seismosump01 (10:53:23 PM): "Let's stop there on our way back, then."
seismosump01 (10:54:06 PM): Before speaking to the guards or whatever, Ash looks around to see if we are being followed or watched.
LordChaosSama (10:54:28 PM): "the Old Bottle was the name of the place I think"
KeresM (10:54:56 PM): The guard on the door of the Elven embassy greets you politely and inquires about your business here
seismosump01 (10:55:29 PM): "I would like to see the representatives of the Dragon Knights."
KeresM (10:56:52 PM): 'wait here please'
KeresM (10:57:58 PM): After a moment, the guard comes back with a servant who gestures for you to follow him
seismosump01 (10:58:17 PM): We follow…
KeresM (10:58:48 PM): He takes you to a rather unimpressive room, where an old man sits writing some papers. The old man is missing an eye, and when he stands, it's obvious there has been a severe injury to his left leg.
KeresM (10:59:59 PM): He stands, looks you up and down, and says 'yes?'
seismosump01 (11:00:18 PM): "You are one of the Dragon Knights?"
LordChaosSama (11:00:24 PM): "Sir Leandros, it's an honor to meet you"
KeresM (11:00:26 PM): 'Yes. And you are?'
KeresM (11:00:49 PM): 'Cross. Good to see you again. Why are you here?' He is quite blunt, and seems annoyed at being interrupted.
seismosump01 (11:01:13 PM): "I am Ashling Mac Raith. I spoke with Lord Sebrindir in Celebrindal." She removes a cord from around her neck and offers the ring on it to the elf.
seismosump01 (11:01:40 PM): (for him to examine)
KeresM (11:01:45 PM): 'ah, yes. The Lady Ashling'. His manner becomes friendly. 'I was told you might be coming. What can I do for you?'
seismosump01 (11:02:19 PM): "I wanted to pass on some information we have learned recently about the Void cult here on Shieldmeet."
seismosump01 (11:02:55 PM): "And also to ask if you have any more information on them yourselves or on Sorina, the assassin."
seismosump01 (11:04:04 PM): "Cross, would you perhaps want to send a message to your father?"
KeresM (11:04:38 PM): 'Sorina appears to be no longer in Shieldmeet, though we suspect she may be in Tatsuo.'
LordChaosSama (11:05:11 PM): "I will, after you have given your report."
seismosump01 (11:05:32 PM): "Yes, we saw her there. There is a portal to her house in Tatsuo in the sewers of Shieldmeet. The Void cult is - or was - using that area as a hideout."
KeresM (11:05:55 PM): 'We will deal with it. Thank you'
seismosump01 (11:06:15 PM): "I think some city guards have been sent to the sewers already."
seismosump01 (11:06:34 PM): "Our concern is that Sorina may be working directly with Zoriada and the cult."
KeresM (11:06:39 PM): 'Bartel's men. No problem there, he runs a tight ship and is a good sort. You chose well enough there'
KeresM (11:06:45 PM): 'I don't doubt that she is'
seismosump01 (11:07:21 PM): "We also just learned that Dima, or Evaric, has returned and presumably Faelivrin."
KeresM (11:07:50 PM): 'hmmm…we'll get someone on that'
seismosump01 (11:08:01 PM): "We will likely meet with them soon. Is there anything I should pass on to Faelivrin?"
KeresM (11:08:08 PM): 'no.'
KeresM (11:08:19 PM): 'For some reason, we don't exactly trust her anymore'
KeresM (11:08:20 PM): he grins
seismosump01 (11:09:04 PM): "Yes, we don't trust them either. But Dima said they found the cult operating in the old site they investigated."
KeresM (11:09:39 PM): 'did they say which old site?'
seismosump01 (11:10:04 PM): "No. I didn't ask as I was trying to avoid having to say anything about our own expedition."
seismosump01 (11:10:44 PM): "When we meet again I will try to find out more, of course."
KeresM (11:11:22 PM): 'of course. Let us know if you wish backup'
KeresM (11:11:35 PM): 'for the meeting, I mean. Or for if you find Zoriada.'
seismosump01 (11:11:45 PM): She nods. "Thank you. Do you know anything about Dima's companion Sabine?"
KeresM (11:11:54 PM): 'no. She is a bit of an enigma'
seismosump01 (11:12:49 PM): She gestures to the mink on her shoulder, "Una reacted to her in way very similar to how it was described animals reacted to Zahirah."
KeresM (11:13:58 PM): 'we will see what we can find about her immediately'
seismosump01 (11:14:47 PM): She nods again. "Do you know of any other places Zoriada or Sorina might use in the city as a base?"
KeresM (11:16:14 PM): 'sadly, know. They have a main base, but we have been unable to locate it'
seismosump01 (11:16:50 PM): "But you think it is within the city? Not in Tatsuo?"
KeresM (11:17:15 PM): it may be in Tatsuo, or some other place connected by magic
seismosump01 (11:18:46 PM): "Well… Sorina told us she was part of group that was fighting the cult. She said they had something like 300 members and constructs. Some of that is a lie, I am sure, but maybe not all."
LordChaosSama (11:18:55 PM): *stands beside Ashling changing his focus to whoever speaks*
KeresM (11:19:05 PM): 'there is a group in Tatsuo battling the cult. Sorina is not a member'
seismosump01 (11:19:36 PM): "There was also a young man named Mengyao who's father is a wizard."
LordChaosSama (11:20:14 PM): "Said he was part of the **** clan"
LordChaosSama (11:20:29 PM): (forgot the name of the clan)
KeresM (11:21:04 PM): 'The Xiang clan is part of our network. And none of the wizards in it have a son named Mengyao'
seismosump01 (11:21:43 PM): "There was also a woman, ____" (was going to look up her name, but transcript not loading…)
seismosump01 (11:22:00 PM): (maybe Rayner remembers)
KeresM (11:22:53 PM): Rayner supplies the name 'Manuaia'
seismosump01 (11:23:13 PM): "And a scribe, and older man."
seismosump01 (11:23:19 PM): an* older man
KeresM (11:24:20 PM): Rayner supplied 'Kato'
KeresM (11:24:32 PM): Leandros notes the names down
seismosump01 (11:24:52 PM): "Cross's home was attacked while were there." She looks at Cross.
KeresM (11:25:06 PM): ((can we assume you sum up all that happened?))
seismosump01 (11:25:19 PM): ((I think I have at this point))
KeresM (11:25:21 PM): k
KeresM (11:25:27 PM): you can all return safely then
seismosump01 (11:25:40 PM): stop by tavern, tho', right?
KeresM (11:25:51 PM): yes
seismosump01 (11:26:05 PM): do we learn anything there?
KeresM (11:26:19 PM): not really
seismosump01 (11:26:26 PM): ok, back to Aben's

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