Session 26

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DM: So, map loaded okay for everyone then?
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DM: lol
Leslie: Oh shh
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Leslie has connected.
MarSolla: AHHH
MarSolla: AHH!
MarSolla: What the hell, maptool?
Leslie: Getting same thing
DM: Sorry, I did something to the map
Leslie: She broke it!!
MarSolla: Not that! I try to connect a bazillion times and it doesn't work, but then I turn my back, and it like, connects by itself!
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DM: If you are wondering why it suddenly put you on a different map
DM: You should be on the map labelled 'Aben's House First Floor'
MarSolla: Aha, excellent I see the whole house
Leslie: Its loading for me
MarSolla: Yayyy!
MarSolla: *dances*
Leslie: Still at 15/29
DM: The default seemed to be 'Aben's Basement', which nobody would be able to see
MarSolla: How long before game starts?
Leslie: 1 hour till officail time
DM: 5-10 minutes
Leslie: nvm
MarSolla: Eeep, ok. Better get undead sorted
Tanya: I miss all the grounds detail…
DM: Welp, game officially starts in an hour, but I know a couple folks had individual things they wanted to do prior to official start
MarSolla: Ahh, excellent
DM: Grounds detail made the map a bitch to load
MarSolla: We all got a good night's sleep, right?
Tanya: I assume that's why it's gone, but…. still…
MarSolla: Hmm, it only gives me ownership of the first token I place
MarSolla: Boar clearly isn't tokenised yet
MarSolla: Croc is ok
DM: You have them saved to be owned by 'mar'solla'
DM: save them again after I edit
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MarSolla: Sorry to be a pain again, but can I have control of those tokens… Ill resave them and not change my name again
DM: Should have them all now
MarSolla: I see from the log we left Abbi and etc's bodies behind
DM: yes
MarSolla: WHICH IM SURE WON'T COME BACK TO BITE US, AS IT'S NOT LIKE OUR GM IS EVIL OR ANYTHING, but does that also mean I didn't have time to pause to bag up my destroyed hobgoblin skelly
DM: correct
MarSolla: Alright, no worries
MarSolla: Just needed to know for purposes of statting the remaining hobbos, what armor they had
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'Level'
Rayner 1: Core Stats Updated
DM: brb
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MarSolla: How was that Rayner token acting without you? Maptool is weird
Rayner 1: Appraise=0 ; Balance=1 ; Bluff=8 ; Climb=0 ; Concentration=0 ; DecipherScript=0 ; Diplomacy=4 ; DisableDevice=10 ; Disguise=0 ; EscapeArtist=0 ; Forgery=8 ; GatherInformation=10 ; HandleAnimal=0 ; Heal=0 ; Hide=8 ; Intimidate=2 ; Jump=1 ; KnowledgeArcana=0 ; KnowledgeEngineering=0 ; KnowledgeDungeoneering=0 ; KnowledgeGeography=0 ; KnowledgeHistory=0 ; KnowledgeLocal=8 ; KnowledgeNature=0 ; KnowledgeNobility=0 ; KnowledgeReligion=0 ; KnowledgePlanes=0 ; Listen=8 ; MoveSilently=8 ; OpenLock=10 ; Perform=4 ; Ride=0 ; Search=8 ; SenseMotive=8 ; SleightOfHand=7 ; Spellcraft=0 ; Spot=0 ; Survival=0 ; Swim=0 ; Tumble=8 ; UseMagicDevice=0 ; UseRope=6 ;

  • Rayner 1 fires a shortbow 14 for 1 damage + 4 sneak attack if applicable

DM: So, everyone cool with where their rooms are in Aben's house?
MarSolla: Where is mine?
DM: and you are now in it

  • Chris stumbles to his computer

Leslie: Yup..

  • Skeletal Bear bounds forward, clawing wildly for it's target. 15 to hit 10 damage if hit

MarSolla has disconnected.
MarSolla has disconnected.
MarSolla has connected.
Chris: testing
Chris: 13
Chris: (1d20)
Chris: 1d20>
Bin: Testing
MarSolla: If you're going to reboot again, give a heads up so I can save my tokens

  • Bin releases a static lightitng bolt for 3+6+1+2+2+5

Bin: How would i get it to add up?
Leonti: Core Stats Updated

  • Bin releases a static lightitng bolt for 27

Bin: Ok… Done testing
Chris: Can we see if we can grab Vhid so we can start early? If everyone else is ready, I mean….
Leonti: Core Creature Stats Generated
Bin: Can i get control of my character?

  • Skeletal Bear opens it's mouth wide as if roaring, and then proceeds to savage it's opponent with it's teeth and claws. (Claw 1: 15 to hit, 9 damage if hit) (Claw 2: 18 to hit, 10 damage if hit) (Bite: 15 to hit, 7 if hit)

DM: yes
Bin: Ty
Leonti: HIT: 18 ( Short Sword )

Rolls:13 BAB:2 MultiAtk:0 Size:0 StatBonus:2 AtkBonus:1 CritThreat:20 Misc:0
DamageDice:1d6 StatBonus:2 MiscDMG:0 ExtraDMG:0d6 ExtraDMGType: CritDMG:0d10 CritMultiplier:2

DM: I told Vhid the server was up
Ashling: Core Stats Updated
Ashling: Gained 35 hitpoints!
DM: Okay, figure game will pick up after breakfast, so about two hours after sunrise. I know some folks had things they wanted to do prior to that
MarSolla: Let me know if he's coming or not so I know whether I can do a quick pre-game bit, if he is Ill just not have got up early enough
DM: Haven't heard from him yet
MarSolla: Alright… Rayner's room is on the ground floor, right?
DM: yes
DM: Most folks have rooms on the ground floor, as the 2nd floor repairs have only just been completed
DM: 'breakfast' will be served at 8pm, when I'm assuming the other two players will get here.
MarSolla: The early morning finds Mar'Solla skulking around in the basement, doing a quick recce. She is murmuring calculations in her head, trying to work out if any part of the basement goes under Rayner's room, and if so, how thick the floor is.
DM: Otherwise, right now it's dawn
MarSolla: ((Oh, yeah… adventurers sleep schedule, heh))
DM: Marsolla, switch to basement map?
DM: you'll want a candle or something. No lights down here, except for by the stairs
MarSolla: ((Im on it at the moment, but Im only going to be there long enough to get that one question answered, then Im going to the ground floor))

  • MarSolla sneaks about , leading with her Everburning Torch. She shoves it back into her bag once she leaves.

DM: ((about there))
DM: Or there
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  • MarSolla smirks to herself as she peers at the ceiling, wondering how thick the floor is.

DM: About a foot, actually.
DM: well, a foot in places, a couple inches in others, depending on where you are in the room
MarSolla: ((Of wood and dirt, right?))
DM: large beams and wood

  • MarSolla backtracks, counting her steps as she walks out of the basement and to Rayner's room, confirming her measurements.

DM: exterior walls are a foot of stone
MarSolla: She lingers at Rayner's door, wondering if he's asleep or up.
DM: You hear no noise within

  • MarSolla peeks through the keyhole and under the door jam.

Chris: (if you're looking for Rayner you may want to check in Ashling's pants :0 :0 :0 …)
DM: Room looks empty
MarSolla: ((Ooh, they have that kind of relationship? Damnn))
Ashling: (hilarious)
MarSolla: ((That's gonna be awkward if I do end up doing anything to him))
DM: After a minute or two you'll hear the door to Lilja's room start to open.

  • MarSolla moves about, darting around the corridors back to near her room. She starts to walk out from her room to where she hope she'll cross Lilja's path.

DM: Lilja goes to work making breakfast in the kitchen

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+17 => 17 + 17 = 34
  • MarSolla waits a minute or so for her to begin cooking, then follows her in, suddenly wishing she'd troubled to learn the woman's name. "Hullo, cook! Somethin' smells right nice."

Lilja: tea is a brewin there, and I just put in the bread to bake. Got some fresh cinnamon for muffins too.

  • Lilja gestures at a basket filled with ripe apples

Lilja: help yourself
MarSolla: "My! I could get used to this kind of living, I havetae say."
Lilja: I'll be bringin the eggs and potatoes out to the dining room in a big.
Lilja: bit o bacon too

  • Flint apparently woke up too early and has fallen asleep at his chair.
  • Gervasi starts pouring tea for folks at the tables
  • MarSolla picks up an apple, turning it round in her hand. "Bacon! Definitely could get used to this kind o' treatment. Ye're a princess of a lady, truly!"

MarSolla: "Have you seen that Rayner feller around, by any chance?"
Lilja: If'n he ain't in his room, he's prolly in the dining hall or the bath. He's not on guard duty this morning.

  • Bin is outside playing his flute
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+12 Perform => 1 + 12 = 13

MarSolla: "Oh, aye? Some kind of roster, is there? Posted anywhere?"
Bin: ((He is practicing (: ))
Lilja: Well, it was, but well, it's gonna need some work. Ildrihn quit, and well, you know what happened to Jaka and Abbi
Lilja: Gonna have to raise the pay of any new hires
MarSolla: "Saw it meself. Wish that I hadn't. And tae think it likely could've been avoided… grargh, it makes me grind me teeth, really it does. We had the witch, she was right there…"
Lilja: war do be brutal

  • Bin strolls over to the west side of the building to investigate the noise

MarSolla: "Well. No sense crying over spilt milk, as me mam used to tell me. Ill get out of your hair, m'dear."
Lilja: breakfast will be out shortly

  • Gervasi starts serving breakfast
  • MarSolla Mar'Solla wanders into the dining hall.
  • Jinan starts talking to Flint, "guess we'd better hire a few more guards'

Flint: zzzz ……… zzzz … no, it's not calibrated …………. *snork* …….

  • Bin walks over to the group of people.
  • Jinan shrugs and ever so gently starts to tilt Flint's chair backwards

MarSolla: "Mornin', folk."

  • Flint awakes with a start!

Flint: I'm up! I'm up!
MarSolla: "Or what passes fer it, I s'pose."
Jinan: Oh, Flint, good morning

  • Jinan puts Flint's chair back
  • Jinan smiles innocently

Flint: Wise guy…

  • Gervasi puts a plate of eggs, bacon, and potatoes in front of Flint

Gervasi: Tavern isn't opening today. We didn't feel it appropriate

  • MarSolla tries to hide her disappointment. She fails.

Bin: Umm.. Hey guys

  • Flint digs in.
  • Rayner joins those eating breakfast
  • Flint guards his food from Rayner, growling menacingly and poiting his fork at him.

MarSolla: "Mornin', mister Rayner. Where have you been?"
Flint: I'm food aggressive! Look out!
Rayner: Taking a bath

  • Rayner grins

Bin: ((Lol at MarSolla talking from the kitchen))

  • Rayner nods seriously to Flint, then steals Flint's cup of tea and drinks it

Flint: h … HEY!
MarSolla: ((Are you on a different map? How do I change it?))
Flint: aww…

  • Jinan chuckles

Bin: ((No i just noticed you where not in the dining room.. thats all))
Bin: ((er feeding room))
MarSolla: ((I still see the basement))
Flint: (feeding room is more appropriate with this crowd)

  • Lilja leans in and whispers to Ashling, 'if'n it's not much trouble, you might want to mention that little tea of yours to Katja'.

Flint: (or simply "trough")
Ashling: Of course. (smiles)
Jinan: Byrun has a couple folks lined up. He says a warforged buddy of his might be looking for work too.
Flint: A warforged? Really?
Jinan: yep
Flint: They make great guards. They don't sleep, you know.
Jinan: yeah, that's why he had the guy in mind.
Jinan: Says he's not very friendly, but a good hand with a mace
Flint: They don't eat or drink either, but you have to oil them.
Jinan: well, the fact that we have an in house gnome may seal the deal there.
Rayner: He already contacted the families of Jaka and Abbi then?
Flint: I heard Aben took care of it.

  • MarSolla greedily assails the bacon.

Jinan: Wasn't too hard, neither really had one.

  • Gervasi keeps tea or juice filled
  • Bin grins to himself as he walks back to where Flint is at

Rayner: Got a plan for today then, other than 'try not to get dead?'
Flint: I was just going to ask that.

  • Bin greets Ashling as he walks by her

MarSolla: "Actually… I was thinkin' we might take the opportunity to look in to this 'traitor' business."
Ashling: Morning…

  • Ashling comes in and sits, carry a cup of tea with her.

Ashling: carrying*
Jinan: would be a good idea. I'm a little concerned about Ildrihn
Flint: Should we be talking about this here?

  • Bin sits at the table next to Flint

DM: ((The tavern is currently closed, who you see is who is in the room))
MarSolla: ((So you guys do see a different map to me, how do I switch?))
DM: ((blue globe upper right corner))
DM: ((You want to be on Aben's House, First Floor))
MarSolla: ((Ahah))
Flint: Starting a lengthy inquisition is not something I'm interested in, quite frankly … there's gotta be a better way…
Rayner: well…I know that priests of Samad have some sort of candle they burn, and when it's going nobody in the room can lie.
MarSolla: "Well, it's something Id be bloody interested in! Two of your people died yesterday, and is that Cross feller the only one with familt round 'ere?"
Rayner: get one of those, and just ask. I don't know if they actually require a cleric though
Flint: Yeah? And what do you ask?
MarSolla: "I dinnae care a whit about my family, but some of you might be a touch sentimental."
Jinan: Our familes are no business of yours.
MarSolla: "Good, let's keep it that way. Last thing I want is to hear long tales about yer wee bairns and their dull mischief."
Jinan: Then I suggest you bring up the topic again.

  • Jinan looks irritated

MarSolla: "I have a spell. I asked me god for it twice, point of fact. Makes a circle what makes it hard for folk to lie, when they're in it."
Aben: And good morning to all of you as well.
Jinan: That is, of course, assuming that we can trust YOU

  • Flint rolls his eyes as he finishes his food. "Morning, Aben."

MarSolla: "Nothing fancy, at least for now… but hows about I cast it on the ground, and one by one, we all step in and swear we're no' a rat?"
Ashling: Good morning, Aben. (shoots him a smile)
Bin: Good Morning Aben
Aben: Ashling, were you going to speak to your friend this morning?
Jinan: You aren't casting no spells on me.
Ashling: Yes, if I can find him.
Aben: good. Best do that first thing. Maksim seems suitable distracted at the momeny

  • Ashling nods.

Flint: What's that about?

  • Flint looks to Aben, then Ashling.

Aben: Friends lost that I'd rather have back, if possible.
Flint: I'm afraid I don't follow…

  • Aben hands Ashling a steel-banded lockbox.

Aben: that should be enough
Aben: Druids can return the dead to life.
Aben: Since we have Kae's body. I only wish we had Abbi and Jaka as well
Ashling: (( how big is the box? ))
Ashling: Indeed.
DM: ((1'x6"x6"))

  • Ashling glares at Flint briefly.

Aben: Still, I think an attempt to recover them would result in the loss of more lives, and I do not think either would appreciate that.
Flint: Didn't the city guards check that location?
Aben: Yes. And found only one body. The corpse of a young girl, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, apparently killed by a lightning bolt. Naturally, they wanted to question us about it.
Aben: I believe Lord Bartel stepped in.

  • Bin puts his head down in shame

Bin: I am sorry about that
Aben: But this does provide some proof that Zoriada has friends in politics
MarSolla: "That's not what happened! Bloody watch should stay out of our business."

  • Aben puts a hand on Bin's shoulder

Aben: It is not your fault.
Ashling: Zoriada is the one who put that girl in danger.
Bin: She would have tired to kill me right?
Aben: That girl knew what Zoriada was about and followed her anyway. Do not mistake her for an innocent.
Flint: Her followers took up arms against us. I don't think she was innocent
Bin: Thanks guys…

  • Bin Get up and walks away, toward his room

Aben: Flint, I believe there are only about 15 days until the solstice and the festival, correct?
Bin: ((gets*))
Aben: Bin…be at peace.
Flint: Unfortunately … yes, it's getting close.
Bin: Thank you but i dont think i can
Flint: Unfortunate, as my little project is behind

  • Aben sighs

Aben: Actually…my comment was based more on something Aletha said.
Aben: Something bad is going to happen at the solstice.
MarSolla: Do we know what?
Aben: No. But since it apparently involves us, I think we can assume it may involve Zoriada
MarSolla: She'll have the drop on us… we show up, she'd expect us
Aben: And, well, here is the odd thing. I tried to get more information about Zoriada, she threw a candle at me and said 'stop worrying about red, it's green'
Aben: any ideas there?
Ashling: Only that Zoriada is not going to be one causing the trouble.
DM: The kids start trooping in, Leonti, Maksim, and Jerath all quite sweaty and dirty, and a little bruised. The girls, including Aletha, are laughing and in high spirits
Aben: I suppose we can discuss it later then.

  • Aben looks pleased to see all of them getting along

MarSolla: "Aben, a word?"

  • Flint can't help but look at the lot of them for a while.
  • Rayner leans towards Ashling and says 'maybe we should run the errand now?'

Aben: certainly.
Aben: privately, I suppose you mean?
MarSolla: ((Do I hear that, or was it whispered))
Ashling: Maybe so. Just a moment…
DM: ((spoken in a low voice))

  • Ashling drinks down her tea in one go.
  • Flint whispers to Ashling

MarSolla: "Yes, just for a moment."

  • Aben nods and leads Mar'Solla to his study

Flint: (quietly) Ashling, I hope you don't take this the wrong way but, why are we going to raise Kae, other than the obvious reason? Is it possible he knows something about all this that he didn't share"?
Rayner: Do we need a reason other than 'because he was our friend and we can?'
Flint: No, that's why I said not to take it the wrong way.
Ashling: It will be up to Kae to come back or not.
Ashling: We will offer him the choice, that's all.
Ashling: I suggested it because I thought Kae might feel he left things undone.
Ashling: And, well, we need him here.
Flint: Ok. Fair enough.
Bin: Um guys i need to run an errand.. Ill be back okay?

  • Rayner nods to Bin
  • Ashling waves to Bin.
  • Bin sadly nods to everyone as he turns around leaving.
  • Byrun nods in greeting to Bin

Byrun: Heading out?
Ashling: Now, as for this big box… Seems like and invitation to be robbed.
Flint: What's in it? Payment?
Ashling: an*
Bin: Yeah i need to do somethings….
Byrun: Need a bodyguard? Virote is coming off duty.
Bin: No i think i can handle myself…
Byrun: be careful then.
Bin: ./changes his appearance to a random human male

  • Bin changes his appearance to a random human male

Ashling: I believe the spell also requires some costly materials.
Bin: I will..
Ashling: Let's leave this here. I have some platinum that will be easier to carry.
Flint: Well … sorry. You should be going, I don't want to hold you up.
Rayner: might be good to see what is in it first.
Rayner: I've come to the realization that Aben is rarely stupid.

  • Ashling passes him the box, "Go ahead."
  • Rayner grins
  • Rayner opens the box, then chuckles as he indicates several diamonds

DM: smallish, but probably rather valuable
Flint: Ooooh, I could make a killer scope with a few of those!
MarSolla: "Says you. Bastard shot down my idea for a zone of truth. Says he trusted you folk too much to force an invasion of your privacy, or some rot like that. Feh."
MarSolla: "Ill wake up with a dagger through me belly before the week is out, and it'll be his fault."
Ashling: Well, I'm no judge of gems, but at least these will be easy to carry.

  • Rayner pointedly ignores Mar'Solla

Ashling: We're off then…
Flint: Can I ask how long it'll be?
DM: ((I think the spell takes a day, if it works))
DM: ((10 minutes, actually))
Ashling: (( one hour, I thought ))

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+1 Spot => 4 + 1 = 5

DM: ((10 minutes to cast, 1 hour to work))
Flint: (reincarnate is 10 min, needs some rare oils and inguents … nad the body … if that's what we're talking about)
MarSolla: ((I thought reincarnate was this weird thing that brought you back as like, a bugbear or some other random thing))
DM: ((it can, there is some randomness))
Flint: (or a GNOME!!!)
Flint: (oh, man.)
MarSolla: ((Well, if that happens, you just chalk it up as a loss and kill yourself dead again ))
Flint: (no way! Me and Gnome-Kae would go on crazy adventures together)
DM: ((rocks fall. Gnomes die))
MarSolla: ((Heheheh! Gnome-kae))
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DM: The kids are sharing stories of times they've seen pompous guards make fools of themselves

  • MarSolla has finished her breakfast and is idly watching the children with detached curiosity.

Joseph has connected.
Flint: Well I suppose I should check on things at the workshop, if it's going to be quiet here for a while…

  • MarSolla grimaces. "Feel awful useless. This all we can do? Wait for her to strike again, then dash off in her wake?"

Flint: For the moment, I'd say so Mar'Solla.
Byrun: Or try to figure out where an alternate base of hers would be.

  • Aletha yells over 'go to the arena'
  • Aletha goes back to her conversation about hair braiding with Daciana

Flint: Crazy as it sounds, I'm tempted to go check the arena … for better or for worse…
Jinan: Yeah, I was thinking of going, but I think now I'll stay here. Where it is safe. Er.
MarSolla: "She's that… funny girl, right? The one what knows things but speaks gibberish? You lot've talked about her before…" Mar'Solla murmurs.
Flint: She has … visions.
Flint: I guess you could say

  • Cross comes in looking like hell, possibly from lack of sleep and the stress brought about by his wife's abduction
  • MarSolla tries to think about what she knows of cult recruitment practices, whether the arena would be a likely place, how she would spot a "recruiter"…

Flint: SPEAKING of visions … (looks at Cross)
Cross: "What grave news awaits me this morning?"
Flint: None … yet.
Flint: Other than: we are out of bacon. Sorry.

  • MarSolla eyes Cross warily. "Still some breakfast about. Though it's cold."

Byrun: Hikmat stopped by and said to give you this.

  • Byrun offers Cross a letter.

Cross: "I'm half afraid to open it…" *opens it and reads it privately*
Cross: "Good and bad news all in one small package. At least a little relief has arrived."
MarSolla: "What's it say, then?"
Cross: "Hikmat can't find out where Amaya is but can tell that she is at least safe. As safe as the circumstances allow I guess."
MarSolla: "If'n the gods favour us, we'll find them before she can use them as leverage, like."
Flint: Well … anyone interested in coming to the arena? For sightseeing, if nothing else?
Flint: I'm getting a bit stir crazy.
MarSolla: "Beats sitting. Ill go have a look."
Cross: "The arena? Why not, it's better than staying here"
Byrun: Oddly, was planning a trip there anyway. Got a couple friends there might want a job here.
Flint: Great! Then let's head out. Unless we'd rather wait for Ashling and Rayner to get back. They shouldn't be too long…
MarSolla: "Id feel better without Rayner or that Bin feller. Don't trust the pair of 'em. But not my choice."
Cross: you can notice Cross is a bit solemn but a little more sociable than yesterday
Flint: Y'know, I'm sure we'll be fine, let's go

  • Flint will wait out front.

Flint: (is Bin really still out front?)

  • Cross followed Fint out

DM: ((no))

  • MarSolla fusses around for a sack or something from the kitchen.

DM: ((you can go to the map labelled 'arena'))

  • MarSolla she unloads all of the normal goods into it, then puts the sack in her bag, then dashes out to join Cross, Byrun, and Flint.

Cross: ((should I add my token again?))
DM: sure
MarSolla: "Let's see to Byrun's business, then. If I spot anyone I recognise… or anyone behaving like a void recruiter… Ill give ye a quiet nudge."
Flint: (( is the arena a permanent structure, or is it something they're putting together for the festival? ))

  • Byrun goes to the gladiator entrance
  • Flint follows Byrun enthusiastically.

DM: ((permanent structure in the Makarious district, possibly the largest structure in the city))
Flint: Arena … exciting stuff! I wonder if they are holding any exhibitions today…

  • Byrun grins

Byrun: they usually are. Lower level matches today. I figure we can keep an eye out, and hire the winners.
Flint: Hey, not a bad idea!
Flint: I wonder if our foes are doing the same thing..
Cross: "As little chance as there is I'd still be on the look out for possible cult activity. At least I will be."
Flint: that's why we're here Cross. we got a tip.
MarSolla: "That, or she just thought we looked bored."
MarSolla: "Crazy little wretch."
Flint: oh, come on, she's not bad.
Cross: "Oh, Aletha then? Alright, then there should be something here. If there isn't at least we didn't waste the day back at the house."

  • Byrun starts talking to a couple gladiators he apparently knows, and introduces the party.
  • Flint grins broadly, and shakes hands with the warriors

Flint: Wow, you're a tall one!

  • Byrun will nod to one of them after a moment, then pull the party aside

Flint: (afk for just a moment)
Byrun: just a note, apparently, we are being followed. The guards at the arena are 'keeping an eye on us', per order of the Amareth-tied guards that had to wait outside.
Cross: "I get the feeling we're very popular among a certain list of nobles. If only Angelus were still around, he would have had a small amount of sway with them."
MarSolla: "If we know, the cult probably does… ah well, nothing to be done for it. At least we'll be safe,"

  • Byrun indicates a match is starting

MarSolla: "Wonder who heals em between matches? If they don't have enough divine healers about, maybe I could make a bit of coin."

  • Flint eagerly finds a spot where we can watch the event. But will also be keeping an eye out.

Byrun: acoylte healers get practice here
DM: Two combatants, one dressed in Ertheruan style armor and the other apparently a bugbear, begin to battle. It's obvious within the first few seconds that the bugbear is very outmatched, but they still put on a great show

  • Flint hollers and cheers

Byrun: Wonder if he's looking for work?
DM: Spot checks?
Flint: (rolling…)

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 11 + 11 + 0 = 22

MarSolla: "Look at the arms on that beastie! The thickness of the bones… would be an excellent skeleton to animate. Wonder if I could manage it?"

  • Joseph rolls to you: 1d20+5 Spot => 4 + 5 = 9

Byrun: I hate to disappoint you, but these fights aren't to the death.
MarSolla: 21
MarSolla: "I know, I just meant generally, like."
Cross: "Well you do have a half giant…"
DM: ((Flint and Mar'Solla, you both spot a man paying a lot more attention to you than to the fight))
Flint: (what's he look like?)
MarSolla: "Only one Ive met, too. Wouldnae have found him had he not been travelling with me before he passed."
Cross: "You know I was once offered to come here to practice my arts… I really should have taken up the offer. The academy was such a horrible place to learn when compared to the first hand experience I would have gotten here."
DM: ((Human or maybe half-elvish, it's a little dark in here so it's hard to tell. Amareth style clothing, stuff that's pretty common around here))
MarSolla: "Don't turn to look, but the feller over there is giving us the eye."
Byrun: yeah, lot of folks try their luck here.
MarSolla: (She murmurs, quietly >_>)
Flint: Fellows, someone is watching us, and I don't t hink he's a guard.
Byrun: Maybe this will get interesting after all

  • Flint tries to convey the location without pointing.

DM: After a couple moments, another match starts. This time, a warforged battles a massive warrior from Falkor. It appears to be a fairly even match, and it continues on much to the excitement of the crowd.
Cross: "Then let him watch, if we make a move now we may lose him. We need to lure him into a place of our terms not somewhere we can lose him in the crowd."
Flint: Was that the warforged you were talking about, Byrun?
Byrun: Ayep. He's spends more on repairs then he earns in the pit.
Byrun: Healers don't really know what to do with him
Flint: Ha ha! I want to offer him a job, win or lose. He's good!

  • MarSolla checks to see if there's a food vendor anywhere near their tail.

Cross: "He must really enjoy the fight"
Flint: Sounds like he has the right attitude.
Byrun: He does. He enjoys the battle
Flint: Excellent. I can't wait to meet him!
DM: 8
Byrun: His name is Jilik.
MarSolla: "Going for a side of that beef. Anyone want anything?"
DM: Jilik finally bests his opponent, and the crowd goes wild
Flint: Be careful. That guy might make a move while you're separated from us.
Byrun: to know what kind of weapons our friend has on him

  • Flint cheers for Jilik

Cross: "If he does he's dumber than a stump"
MarSolla: "Did you see that metal man? The… warforged, I think he was?" Mar'Solla babbles to the vendor.
MarSolla: "He were brilliant! Didn't slow down, didn't pause… are they all like that, you think?"
Cross: "If only I had an opprotunity I could slip away and change my appearance, come up on him without him even knowing."

  • Tanya rolls to you: Sense motive: 17 => Invalid expression: Sense motive: 17

Food Vendor: Most are. The few we have fight are always popular.

  • MarSolla asks for a slice of beef from the vendor.

Food Vendor: that'll be 2 coppers

  • Food Vendor passes over a generous bit of spiced beef
  • MarSolla grins, handing over the coins.
  • Guy watching you glances at Mar'solla
  • MarSolla stands out of the way of the line for the vendor, gnawing on the beef, not looking over at the man.
  • Guy watching you puts a hand under his cloak

DM: ((hang on, doing combat in a sidebar))
DM: 18
Cross: "Hmm, I'm going to try something. Be ready to jump him if needed." *giving a mischievous grin*
MarSolla: ((You got mad multitasking skills, I can't even carry on two IM conversations at once.))

  • MarSolla eats until she gets a bit stuck in her teeth.
  • Tanya rolls to you: 29 - will save => Invalid expression: 29 - will save
  • MarSolla frowns, withdrawing a needle from her belt and using it as a toothpick. She withdraws her mirror, as if vainly checking to see she hasn't got any food on her face, or perhaps as an assitance to locating the bit stuck in her teeth.
  • Cross stands and walks over to Marsolla, leans down to say something to her and leaves heading away a bit into the crowd

MarSolla: She watches the man with the mirror, being as subtle about it as possible.

  • Guy watching you starts to follow Cross

Cross: (…this shows how much I whisper… is it '/w' or '/whisper'?)

  • MarSolla scans the crowd for anyone else watching the man, or following him.

DM: (/w
DM: Most appear to be watching them set up for the next match
Flint: whaddaya think, Byrun, should we go find Jilik?
Byrun: sure. Why not?

  • Byrun starts walking to the winner's circle
  • Flint follows, keeping an eye out for Mar'solla and Cross
  • Guy watching you comes back, then starts following Byrun and Flint, a look of slight frustration on his face

Cross: (brb)

  • MarSolla runs to join Flint and Byrun, grinning through a mouthful of beef, for all the world just enjoying a day at the Arena.
  • MarSolla whispers, "Looks like he just wants to follow us. Cross is going to disguise hisself and then trail him."

Flint: Okay.
Jilik: (in a surprisingly quiet voice, considering his size) Byrun!
MarSolla: "Not sure what to do with him, except lead him somewhere lonely and ask him a few pointed questions."
Cross: (back)
Flint: Looks up a Jilik, quite impressed.

  • Flint looks up a Jilik, quite impressed.

Jilik: Trouble?
Byrun: A bit. Still looking for steady work?
Jilik: This the guy that can do repairs?

  • Jilik indicates Flint

Byrun: Best in the business
Jilik: You also swore that horse was the fastest in the city.
Flint: You can call me Flint. And yes, I think we can make an arrangement. *smiles broadly*
Byrun: The horse was fast. The jockey was an idiot.

  • Flint puts on his goggles, and examines Jilik closely, walking around him, tapping his kneecaps, etc.

Bin: Hey everyone… Where did Flint and them go?

  • Jilik stands there, bemused

Flint: You're very well built!
DM: Gervasi will mention the arena
MarSolla: "Repairs things, makes gunpowder, bald head handy for seeing yer face in if you havn't a mirror handy… every household should have one."
Jilik: Thanks
Jilik: Oh, this is Phrixus and Sunan.

  • Jilik indicates his companions
  • Flint nods to each, shakes hands

DM: Phrixus is the Ertheurthan, Sunan is a small, slender man you haven't seen fight yet, but who seems to be treated with respect by the other two
Flint: how do you feel about working for one of shieldmeet's premier adventuring outfits/
Flint: ?
Flint: We have excellent benefits!
Jilik: yeah. Heard it's risky.
Byrun: Please. What's danger to you? He who faced the dreaded dire lion of Dalaxos
Flint: you heard right. that's why we need the best.

  • Jilik does a credible snort

Phrixus: What is it you do?
Flint: We're trying to save the world. To put it summarily.
Flint: But we do that ….. step by step.
Flint: Gotta have a big picture, you know?
Sunan: They gave that murderer what for.
Phrixus: Ah, that's them?
Jilik: yep
Phrixus: What do you pay?
Flint: Currently we're hunting one or two organizations here in Shieldmeet that're up to no good.
Flint: our patron pays competitive rates. and, we have the sponsorship of Lord Bartel. we're legit!
Jilik: and healing or repairs are out of your pocket?
Flint: we'll do what we can.
Sunan: Let's talk then. What do you need from us?
Flint: Security, for the short term.
Flint: We have some grounds that need experienced fighters to keep safe
Phrixus: Does that mean the odds for long term aren't good?

  • Phrixus grins

Jilik: You folks and your death wishes.
Flint: *sighs* No, it means we'll have other projects coming down the pipe.
Flint: For instance, if we have to do another raid into the sewers … well, I hope you have galoshes.
Jilik: well, you knew I was in when you came down here.
Flint: unless you're a warforged, in which case I'll give you a nice wax coating. keep the moisture out of those joints.
Phrixus: That bitch killed someone I liked. So I'm in.

  • MarSolla snorts. "You ask if we'd pay for your repairs… should think the gnome'd be paying you for a chance to fix you up."

Flint: Byrun, what do you think?

  • MarSolla eyes Phrixus. "Oh, aye? Seems like you're in good company. Who was it?"

Byrun: I've seen him fight before. He's damn good.
Byrun: They all three are.
Phrixus: Adrasti. He died with me owing him a favor.
Flint: I'm sold. Welcome to the club, gentlemen!
Flint: If you would, come by and meet the rest of your colleagues for dinner this evening.
Sunan: Hold up…I'm not entirely sold on this. Exactly how much will we be paid?
Flint: (relays the location of aben's place)
Phrixus: Bah. It's not the gold. It's the glory. If we wanted gold we'd have jobs.

  • Jilik chuckles.

Flint: *siggghhh* details, details. why don't you come speak to Aben and we'll arrange something.

  • Sunan nods.

Jilik: So…about the trouble you are having and the person you need lured into a dark alley?
MarSolla: "Hrm. Heard that, did ye?"
Flint: Well, that's better left shared for more private places.
Flint: But as of now, our little meeting is being watched.
Flint: If you hadn't noticed.
Bin: I couldn't resist Flint
Phrixus: we do have ears.

  • Bin walks up next to Flint

Flint: Huh? Bin? Where've you been?
Bin: Around, i got some information but then again it looks like you have gotten some people..

  • Flint introduces Bin to the newcomers.

Flint: Be nice, he sports a mean fireball!
Bin: ((and there i am!!))
MarSolla: ((Bin isn't the guy who's following us, is he?))
DM: ((no))
MarSolla: ((Ah, good))
Cross: ((i would have to kill him if he were for making me waste so much time ^^))
MarSolla: ((As soon as he spoke, I feared it ))
Flint: (Cleric vs. Wizard, gogo)

  • Guy watching you suddenly jumps slightly and then starts to head away

Flint: It appears our … greatest fan … is no longer interested..
MarSolla: "We're losing our friend, there… anyone know how to follow a man without being seen?"

  • Flint nodding in the direction

Phrixus: How about we call attention to ourselves, and you grab him?

  • MarSolla prepares to move off after him before he drifts away out of sight, but only then.

Bin: Anything you want me to do?
Flint: We should grab him.

  • Sunan joins you, while Phrixus and Jilik start sparring and getting the attention of the crowd

Flint: Okay, new guys. Your first job is to make a distraction!
MarSolla: "Here? Too public, we'd be arrested!"
MarSolla: "We need to get him somewhere alone, like."
Flint: Naw, we got it. Bin can make Mist!
Sunan: we'll take him below
Flint: Ok.
Flint: C'mon, after him!

  • MarSolla heads towards the outhouses, or just into the crowd if nowhere is visible.
  • Guy watching you continues moving slowly through the crowd

MarSolla: She ducks around a corner, and begins casting Bestow Curse.
MarSolla: ((Holding the charge and concealing my hand in my cloak))
DM: Sunan will indicate a door off to the left as you begin to surround him

  • Flint nods
  • Guy watching you suddenly seems to become aware that the tables have turned a bit
  • Guy watching you tries to figure out which direction to duck

Flint: (gets closer to him) Let's be gentleman about this and you won't get hurt.
Flint: Intimidate: 21

  • Guy watching you grumbles as he realizes he is surrounded

Joseph1 has connected.
Joseph1: ((that was odd))
Joseph has disconnected.

  • Guy watching you pulls his hand out of his cloak and launches a dagger at Flint

Guy watching you: 20 5

  • Guy watching you then starts running

Flint: (that's a hit)
DM: or as much as he can, considering he is still fighting the crowd

  • Flint makes a big deal out of it. "HELP! THAT MAN STABBED ME!"
  • MarSolla lunges from behind, slapping her hand on his arm and discharging some foul, harmful magics into him.
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+3+mod Fort Save => 17 + 3 + 0 = 20

MarSolla: 19 touch attack
DM: 18

  • Bin refrains from taking any action but just waiting to see if the man has backup
  • Tanya rolls to you: 26 - diplomacy => Invalid expression: 26 - diplomacy

MarSolla: ((That a hit?))
DM: yes
DM: The crowd is starting to pay attention to Flint
MarSolla: (("50% chance to do nothing curse", then ))
DM: 12

  • A Bystander starts moving through the crowd to the spy

DM: he freezes for a round

  • Flint points in the direction of the guy who stabbed him.

MarSolla: "That's no good! We want him to ourselves, not arrested."
Flint: But you don't understand Marsolla. WE can arrest him.

  • Sunan grabs him
  • Byrun grabs his other arm

Flint: Ok mister. Under authority of Lord Bartel, you are now under arrest.

  • Guy watching you goes slack

DM: the other two rejoin you

  • Flint holds up a writ indicating said authority

Bin: ((Lack of control over my token)
MarSolla: ((Damn, I wanted to hit him with the -4 to saves curse, but I thought he might run : /))
DM: ((try now))
Flint: (it did the job, we got him)
DM: Your new employees will clear a path for you
DM: and you can take your prisoner out
DM: or to whereever you want to take him
Flint: Jilik. Please remove any of this man's weapons. Very roughly.
MarSolla: ((Hahaha, nice touch))

  • Jilik does so with a grin, removing two more daggers
  • A Bystander clothes change to revel Cross in disguise

Flint: Heya Cross! we got him.
Cross: "Well of course, I had been tailing him the entire time"
MarSolla: "I say we knock 'im out and stick him in my bag, and interrogate him back at the house."
DM: Taking him back to Aben's then?
Flint: Ok, let's get him out of here.
Flint: (yeah)
MarSolla: ((Sounds good))
DM: k. Return to that map then.
Flint: (have Ashling and Rayner returned?)
MarSolla: "Well, that were exhilirating!"
DM: ((soon))
Flint: it paid off, didn't it? in more ways than one!
Cross: "Wonder if he's with the Amarethi noble or the cult?"
MarSolla: ((Can I use one of these new fangled action points to recall Bestow Curse?))

  • Flint runs ahead of the group to find Aben.

MarSolla: "Let's get him inside, then."
MarSolla: "Good thing he attacked you, really. Leastaways we have proof of malicious intent."
Flint: I feel a little woozy, that blade was poisoned.

  • MarSolla frowns. "Hadn't foreseen someone being poisoned… havn't the spell to cure it. Will you be alright?"

Flint: I haven't dropped, I think I'll be ok. (OOC: I made my save)
Flint: Aben! Aben!
Aben: What?

  • MarSolla pushes their prisoner down onto the ground, removing Aldous from her bag.

Flint: Do we have a room to put THIS villain in?
Aben: oh, my, who are all these folks?
Aben: well, the basement did just get repaired
Cross: "Might want that checked anyway… And there he goes running off"

  • Flint points to the captured man

MarSolla: "New recruits fer th' fight for truth an' that."

  • Jilik introduces himself and his friends

MarSolla: "Aldous, hold him down!"

  • Aben greets them warmly

Flint: Aben, I want you to meet Phricus, Sunan, and Jilik.
Flint: They're new recruits!
Aben: welcome to the consortium
Cross: "And then there is our dead admirer"
Cross: (dear*)

  • MarSolla hisses to the man. "Im going to give you two choices. Im going to cast one of two spells on ye. One puts you under the effect of another curse, which I can remove, if'n Im feeling generous later. The other animates you as a zombie after I slit yer throat."

DM: (Ashling and Rayner return, looking depressed)
MarSolla: "If the first one don't work, Ill go with the second. Do we have an understandin', like?"

  • Strange Man is unresponsive

Flint: Aben, this man was following us at the Arena. When we confronted him he attacked.
Aben: And I'm guessing used your newfound powers of arrest?
Flint: I did!
Flint: No one challenged it!
Jinan: With those three following you? Who would?>
Flint: So, what's wrong with him? You didn't hit him too hard, I hope?
Aben: did you question him?
Flint: No, we brought him here straightaway.
MarSolla: "I think he's just being stubborn. No, we saved that until now."

  • Aben sits and indicates for Flint to go ahead
  • Flint looks back, points to himself, as if to say, "Me?"
  • Aben nods
  • Flint looks a bit nervous.
  • Ashling returns.

Bin: Hello Ashling

  • Ashling nods to Bin, but doesn't look happy.
  • Rayner follows Ashling, also looking depressed and worried

Flint: Listen fellow. I know this has turned out to be a bad day for you. But if you talk, maybe it can get better. If you don't … well, we have a lot of professionals who can do some very bad thing to you…
Flint: Intimidate: 29
Flint: So … who wants you to follow us?

  • Ashling shakes her head at Aben as she passes through.
  • Aben sighs

Bin: Whats wrong, we caught someone following Flint today and i might have a clue on where to find Zoriada
MarSolla: "Don't talk about it in front of him!"

  • Strange Man says nothing

MarSolla: "Perhaps we should take him down to the cellar, out of the way, like."
MarSolla: "Then we can ask Ashling about her day an' all."

  • Flint inspects him, to make sure he's lucid.

Flint: Hey, you awake?

  • Strange Man seems very pale

Flint: Uh oh. Something's wrong. Cross?

  • MarSolla casts Detect Poison.
  • MarSolla stares at their captive.
  • Cross moves to the prisoner to inspect him

DM: (the detect poison reveals poison)
MarSolla: "He's been poisoned! Damn it all!"
Flint: What?! How?
MarSolla: "Must've been a capsule in his mouth or summat! Aldous, jam your fingers onto his tonsils, make him vomit!"

  • Aben rushes out of the room, then comes back in with a vial

MarSolla: "Anyone know anything about what to do with a poison?"

  • Aben hands it to Cross

Aben: 'this will delay the poison, buy us time
Flint: Anyone got some magics to fix poison ready?

  • Cross administers the vial
  • Strange Man stops getting sicker, and now looks angry

MarSolla: "I havn't. What about Ashling? Someone ask her."

  • Aben goes to get Ashling

Flint: Byrun. Can you find Ashling please?
Flint: (oh, ok)
Cross: "Sadly I haven't any cure magics ready."

  • Flint repeats himself to the now conscious prisoner

Flint: Listen fellow. I know this has turned out to be a bad day for you. But if you talk, maybe it can get better. If you don't … well, we have a lot of professionals who can do some very bad thing to you…
Jinan: maybe we should start asking him questions now? And by that I mean, start breaking his fingers until he talks?
MarSolla: "Im all for that."
Flint: (intimidate was 29)
MarSolla: "Let me cast a zone of truth first."
Strange Man: What you do to me cannot be worse than what they will do to me if I talk
MarSolla: "I take that as a personal insult against my capacity for imagination."
Cross: "I can always mend the wounds given to him so that they can be repeated. I'm sure he will enjoy his stay while he doesn't talk"
MarSolla: "Is there a temple near here? Anywhere we could run out, buy a cure potion?"
Jinan: provided we want folks aware of what is going on, yep
Flint: I don't want to torture him.
Bin: I am not all into doing this so i am going to go outside if you will, when your done ill tell you something i learned today…
Aben: so we won't.

  • Aben leans over to the man and says …

Aben: If you do not talk, then we will let you go. Right out the front gate.

  • Bin looks around

Aben: Think that your masters will believe you held your tongue?
Strange Man: if I talk, I want a boat ride out of here.

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+1 Spot => 14 + 1 = 15

Flint: Now we're getting somewhere.

  • Aben indicates for Flint to continue

MarSolla: 13 Wisdom check to determine type of poison
Flint: Ok. You want a boat… we'll get you one.
Ashling: 'Who is poisoned?'
MarSolla: "This feller here."
Flint: Now, who is it that asked you to watch us today?

  • Jinan points to the prisoner

Strange Man: Zoriada. She wanted to keep tabs on you
Flint: Why?

  • MarSolla casts Bestow Curse (-4 to most rolls) on the prisoner.
  • MarSolla casts Zone of Truth, centered on the prisoner.
  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+10 Spellcraft => 4 + 10 = 14

Strange Man: you annoyed her
Flint: so you spoke with her then. Where?

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+12 => 4 + 12 = 16

Flint: and When, while I'm going through my W's.
Strange Man: she sends me messages in my head
Strange Man: told me to come back straight away, that we needed to find her

  • Strange Man jerks his head towards Ashling

Strange Man: 'and bring her to Zoriada alive and as intact as possible
MarSolla: "Why?"
Flint: interesting.
Strange Man: that she didn't say

  • Ashling grimaces and starts examining the prisoner.

MarSolla: "What exactly did she say? Her exact words>"
Flint: Where were you supposed to take her?
Strange Man: 'forget those fools. Find the druid and bring her to me alive and as intact as possible'
Strange Man: she always finds us
MarSolla: "When did you last see her?"
Strange Man: week or so
MarSolla: "Where?"
Flint: How did you know to find us at the arena today?

  • Strange Man looks at you like you are an idiot.

Strange Man: I followed you
MarSolla: "What were your orders about us? Follow us and report back our movements? How?"
Strange Man: write a note, drop it in one of the points
MarSolla: "What point? Where? Any special code or anything you were to put it in?"
Strange Man: write it in Sandhaya
Flint: Also, who else did you work with, in her organization? Know any names?
MarSolla: "What point? Tell us where it is and how you would recognise it."

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+5+2 heal => 3 + 5 + 2 = 10
  • Bin walks in… standing by the door

Ashling: (to Aben) Sorry, I can't tell what the poison is which makes it hard to treat him.'
MarSolla: ((I made my Wis check to determine what poison it was))

  • Strange Man describes a couple fountains and other various points throughout the city

Cross: "If he can live a day I'm sure I could treat it by tomorrow, maybe." *looking at the servant of Zoriada with distain*
Ashling: But I can make a standard antidote and see if that helps.
MarSolla: "What other cult hideouts and safehouses do you know about?"
Ashling: (( Ash cannot read your mind, MarSolla ))
MarSolla: ((I know, I was prodding GM to tell me so I could tell you))

  • Ashling heads to the kitchen.

DM: ((GM forgot, actually))
MarSolla: ((Hehee, no worries))
Flint: (( the poison is Sarahpalinite ))
Flint: (( very volatile and deadly ))
MarSolla: ((Then he really is better off dead))
MarSolla: ((Well, no matter what it is exactly, how soon would it kill him?))

  • Flint looks back to Aben.

Flint: Well, either we're not asking the right questions, or he just doesn't know much.
DM: ((8 hours when the delay poison wears off))
Aben: Aside from Zoriada, who gives you orders? I doubt she directs all her goons personally
Cross: "There's also the possibility that he is leading us into a trap. The Zone doesn't guarantee the truth."
Flint: We could monitor those drop points and see who uses them.
Strange Man: A guard called Selwyn
MarSolla: "Possible, but not likely. I hit him with a curse and my Zone is pretty strong, like."
MarSolla: "Tell us all you know about Selwyn."
Strange Man: He's from Falkor, but wears the emblem of an Amareth guard
Flint: Selwyn … hmm, that ring a bell, to anyone?

  • Jinan starts beating his head on the table

Byrun: that looks like a yes.
Jinan: He's a bastard. A right bastard. Takes bribes, beats people, slaps around the ladies at the brothel. Some young wizard annoyed him once, he snapped the neck of the kid's raven.
Jinan: he's a lot smarter than people think though.
Flint: So you know where we could find him?
MarSolla: "So we arrest him and torture him until HE gives up a name, until we reach Zoriada?"
Jinan: We don't have the authority to arrest him
Flint: No. We're not in the torture business. Sorry to disappoint.
Aben: Lord Bartel gave us the authority
Jinan: Lord Bartel doesn't have the authority. That's what makes it bad. Selwyn works direct for Lord Adamo

  • Strange Man nods

Byrun: well shit.
MarSolla: "Hmph. I thought we were in the 'getting the job done' business. And all this talk of authority. Let's just drag the bastard back here in cloak of night, eh?"
Aben: I think Bartel needs to know this.
Cross: "Flint, at this point I could care less if the person were a saint, if torture is the option left then I will take it."
Flint: Marsolla, this is called taking the high road. And it's what Lord Bartel expected YOU *points at Marsolla* to take when he put you with us. So deal.
Byrun: Oh, yeah, let's just waltz past Adamo's guards and grab him.
Flint: And Cross, I understand your recent qualms, but there's just no excuse.
Byrun: And for my next act, I'm going to sprout wings and have white mice fly out of my ass.

  • MarSolla pokes the prisoner. "Were you given any specific orders to avoid hurting one of us? Do you know if there's a spy amoung our group?"

Strange Man: I wasn't ordered to hurt anyone, just listen. Only one I was given specific orders about was the druid girl.
Flint: It's ok. We'll think of something. We'll need a way to discredit Selwyn. To slip up…
MarSolla: "I was thinking we could get him alone, or such like. What would you do if you wanted to arrange a meet with Selwyn?"
Strange Man: drop him a note, and wait for him to find me.

  • Cross bends over to look Flint in the eyes "If your precious workshop and all your projects were burned to a crisp, the person you loved most in this world were taken and threatened, and your entire life as you know it threatened you would still take the so called 'high road'? I doubt it." and then leaves the room to check on others not partaking in the interrogation

Cross: (said before Flint said anything else, it takes me a while to type )
MarSolla: "The man has a point. All you just said to him is that you're not prepared to do whatever it takes to get his family back."
Flint: hmph … if someone tried to burn a building with that much gunpowder in it … well, that would solve itself.

  • Bin walks up to the man
  • Bin whispers in his ear…
  • Bin follows cross out of the room
  • Strange Man is startled

Strange Man: but…if you already knew….

  • MarSolla frowns. "What'd he say to you?"

Strange Man: 'Lady Deepali….Lord Adamo's lover
Flint: What about her?
Strange Man: She is Zoriada
Flint: Well, tha explains a lot.
Aben: well…that explains a lot…
Flint: (hah!)

  • Aben glances at Flint

Flint: Man, I'm bad at interrogating.
Flint: That's the lesson I learned today
MarSolla: "Well, we have a lead now."
Flint: Yeah.

  • Flint looks to Jilik.

Aben: throw him in the basement until we figure out what to do with him

  • Byrun moves to do so

Flint: Okay, how about i grab my tools and we'll set up shop here? *nods to Jilik, picks up his tool belt*
MarSolla: "…Figure it out?"
Aben: There are rooms available, you three help yourselves
Flint: You've got some dents in ya.

  • MarSolla follows Byrun into the basement.

Aben: We are neither killing him nor releasing him until we determine there is nothing else we can learn from him
Flint: That's a good plan Aben. He can cool his heels for now.
MarSolla: "We can't release him, Aben. I mean, I admire th' strength o' character that you fine folk are demonstrating, but if he is allowed to go free, we're rumbled. Zoriada will escape for that much longer, and more people will die."
Aben: Did you notice me not releasing him?

  • MarSolla decides not to pursue the topic.

Aben: He can stay in the basement for now.
Aben: Frithrik put good locks in.
MarSolla: "Ill set some skeletons around to guard him. With yer permission, o' course."
Aben: As long as they stay in the basement and don't hurt whoever feeds him
Aben: Ashlng, when you are finished, I think we need to talk
Aben: Jinan, will you show our three new friends to some rooms? Upstairs may be most comfortable, the boys already set up a combat practice room.

  • Aben sighs to Flint
  • Flint slumps into a chair near Aben as people clear out.

Aben: Do me a favor. Next time I want to fund a simple archealogical expedition to further knowledge, hit me with something.
Flint: Can't believe I'm getting hell for not wanting to torture people…
Flint: Will do, boss.
MarSolla: ((Hahahaha))
Flint: I suppose I have a warforged to fix up.
Flint: I'm pretty excited about it, actually!
Aben: Kae will not be returning to us, it appears.
Flint: Oh no, what happened?
MarSolla: "Hey, you. Why so glum?"
Aben: He chose to remain in the afterlife. I can't say I blame him
Flint: Oh. *looks sad*

  • Ashling eyes MarSolla.

Ashling: Any reason I shouldn't be?
Aben: Those three look able to handle themselves. You did well today
Flint: Thanks! They are all capable fighters.
Flint: I gave them the spiel, though they are expecting some payment.
MarSolla: "Might be asking the wrong person… I just saw you and Rayner head out with that box, eyes full of hope, and though I was too busy shouting at a cultist to take much note at the time, you came back looking like… well… that."
Flint: I left that up to your discretion, as well …. heh … I'm broke.
Aben: We do have some funds, and can arrange more through Bartel
Flint: Aben .. I think Zoriada knows.
Aben: knows?
Flint: About Ashling, I mean. She knows more about the artifact than any of us
Ashling: 'Things in general did not go well.'
Aben: that is what I am afraid of
MarSolla: "No?"
Ashling: 'I suppose I learned a few things, but otherwise…'
Aben: So, which one of us gets to tell Ashling she can't leave the estate without bodyguards?

  • Flint sighs

Flint: I don't know. I feel like she doesn't want to hear a word I say anymore. She thinks I'm an idiot after the Tatsuo incident
Flint: And maybe I am.
Aben: We all make mistakes
MarSolla: "I didn't see anyone in tow and I suppose you've still got those diamonds."
MarSolla: "What happened? The druids wouldnae do it?"
Aben: Look at me. I'm possessed by the spirit of a 2000 year old Sclavini seer who apparently was in love with a guy who turned into a vampire.
Ashling: 'No. Kae wouldn't come back. I was so sure…'
MarSolla: "…Ah."
Flint: You didn't really make a mistake though, to be in that state. Other than hiring the lot of us to take you there!

  • MarSolla sighs.

Joseph1 has disconnected.
Aben: going in the first place, perhaps, instead of heading the warnings and rethinking the thing

  • Ashling looks up from her work suddenly, "Basil!" and hurries out the door.

Flint: *sigh* I'm surprised anyone listens to this crazy gnome anymore…. I should wear a sign saying *danger! keep 150 feet back*
Aben: well, now at least we know how she stays ahead of us. She's got Adamo's guards keeping an eye on our every move.
Aben: and here I thought that was just Hiram hating our guts.
Joseph1 has connected.
Flint: Right. I'll have to think about how to use our advantage.
Joseph1: ((i wonder if maptools hates me?))
DM: and in the meantime, I have to think about getting sleep
Flint: (that's cool)
DM: got work, then househunting tomorrow
MarSolla: ((Great game ))
Joseph1: got a paper i'm writing tonight, no sleep for the wicked
Flint: (I keep getting stabbed by NPCs)
Flint: (this is not a good trend)
DM: got some exposition done, and Flint got the pet warforged he's been whining about
MarSolla: (Yes, bad habit)
DM: See, this is what happens when you follow plot hooks
Flint: (each time I'm just trying to talk!)
Flint: (and then BAM, blade in the chest)
DM: shush. At least you made your fort save
MarSolla: (Well, gnomes have that effect on people)
DM: He was trying to kill you

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