Session 27

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  • Aben continues sharing a drink with Flint

Ashling: I tried a few things with the prisoner. They may have worked.
Aben: good, I suppose.
Ashling: That's what you wanted me to do, wasn't it?
Aben: it is. And yet, I find it hard to be glad that man is going to survive.
MarSolla: Would have saved us some complications if he didn't, but there's no need to cry over spilt milk. We might have some questions for him.
MarSolla: And if that Bin feller wants to imitate him convincin', like, he'll need to spend a wee bit o' time around him.
Aben: true
MarSolla: That'd be our next move, would it not? Have th' skin-changer pretend to be him, set up a meet, so we can get ahold of 'im? Better then waitin' about till they have another go at Ashling.

  • MarSolla frowns.

MarSolla: Why WERE it Ashling, anyhow? I mean, I don't doubt she's been a right pain in th' nether regions for these cult buggers, but so have you all.
Aben: For once, it would be nice to have a fight on our terms
MarSolla: Aye. If this isn't all some cunning ambush… throw us some disposable whelp loaded with information she wants us tae hear, lead us into her lair again…

  • MarSolla points to Ashling. "Can you not think of anything, why you're being singled out, like?"

Ashling: Aletha says she is going to make a big mistake now.
Aben: stupid question, but did Aletha perhaps give details?

  • Ashling raises an eyebrow. 'Of course not.'

Ashling: But she did say who our spy is.
Aben: did she?

  • Aben looks angry

Ashling: Perhaps we should speak somewhere more private. Your study, Aben?
Aben: Of course.

  • Aben sits

Aben: so, who?
Ashling: According to Aletha, Ciana has been talking too much to his girlfriend, and she has been talking to Zoriada's people.
Ashling: Cianan*
Aben: Cianan…
MarSolla: Young bloody eejit… you were right after all, Rayner.
Ashling: He doesn't know what he's doing.
Rayner: He should know how to keep his mouth shut.
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MarSolla: Or he should be taught… still, could use that, aye? Feed them some false information?
Rayner: I figured it for one of the kids, Cianan should know better.
Aben: He is an idiot, but not malacious. Aye, false information
Ashling: Like what?
Aben: I don't know. Maybe you took a trip somewhere, and we can set the ambush for once
Leslie: ((Assuming thats Rayner))
Aben: ((was Aben)
Bin: ((Ok, sorry took it in wrong context..))

  • Cross walks in (after downloading maptools finally)

Ashling: The problem is that she had no trouble finding me earlier today.
Aben: If they have spies in the city guard, well, we are followed just about everywhere we go
Ashling: Yes, so I don't think she'd buy that I managed to sneak out with her knowing it.
Aben: Unless we deal with the guards first
Aben: Some sort of distraction
MarSolla: "Bin again? Can you take the form of a woman too?"
Rayner: Maybe Flint could blow up one of Lord Adamo's holdings
DM: ((Bin isn't in the room)
Bin: ((Tee hee hee… Hes doing stuff))
Aben: When Zoriada found you, did she say anything?
Ashling: She tried to grab me and charm me.
Cross: Just to throw this out there, given who we're dealing with I wouldn'y past the btch to have planned all this out. You knnow, like she wanted us to know all this and wanted us to struggle to get to her. Not that it changes anything but we could conceavably be walking into a trap trying to get to her.
Aben: I assume then, that she failed
Aben: I've thought of that Cross
Ashling: The charm, yes.
Aben: Then what?
Ashling: You could use me as bait. Think she'd expect that?
Rayner: Yes
Aben: I must unfortunately concur.
Cross: If I were her, you as bait would be my first thought.
Aben: That said, the fact that she knows you are bait may not stop her from making the attempt. She is arrogant.
Ashling: It would come down to our readiness against hers.
MarSolla: Id rather chase down this man that our prisoner spoke of. We just don't know enough. We don't know why she's after Ashling, or what her plan is. What use could she had for a fae-blood?
MarSolla: That can't just be it. Must be easier fae-blooded elves to grab in this city. It must be personal, like.
Aben: Perhaps
Ashling: (( Ashling is not an elf, fyi ))
Aben: Or perhaps Zoriada is just insane
MarSolla: ((My bad))
Chris: She does say some pretty crazy things…
Flint: She does say some pretty crazy things…
MarSolla: Oh, no doubt of that. But she's brilliant, with it. Otherwise we'd have got her by now.
Cross: She says crazy things until I silence her, I'm not going to let her get away as easily as she did last time.
Aben: I think Zoriada is crazy enough that we should just send her a gilding invitation and ambush her in the front yard.
Cross: Call me crazy but, we could do that…
Cross: We could hold a ball of some sort, using Bartel as the host.
Flint: We do know she's crazy enough to attack us out on the streets… she's doen it once already

  • MarSolla shakes head. "You're only crazy if the watch get you. Otherwise, you're a criminal mastermind."

Flint: How about we drop a note in one of her locations … "meet us at high noon, the arena, we'll settle this"
Cross: And 30 undead show up in her stead? I think not.
MarSolla: Cross is right. We need to catch her unaware. Need to force her into a conclusivem fight where she hasn't got some escape plan.
Aben: I think if she gets impatient, she will attack here. We should also shore up our own defenses.
MarSolla: Why not do both? Say we see about the possibility of arranging a meet with this guardsman, while letting her know we're going to be somewhere else?
Aben: I am no warrior.

  • Aben glances around at the group

Aben: It will be you risking your lives, so the choice is yours.
MarSolla: My life is already at risk. Zoriada at one end of the street, Bartel and his lawmen at t'other, and I just want to leave and find some place else to worship my deity in peace an' quiet…
Ashling: Who is this guardsman you refer to?
Flint: Well I'd rather not have it come to a fight here. Too many trusted lives at stake.
Aben: The prisoner gave us his contact
MarSolla: ((Log isn't up and I forget the guys name, what was it?))
Bin: ((Strange Man, no name given))
DM: ((Log is up))
MarSolla: ((He told us the name of his contact, didn't he?))
DM: ((just now ))
MarSolla: "This Selwyn feller. Adamo's man."
Cross: I say we take the fight to her a little, try and get her to make a wrong move in aggitation.
MarSolla: "A guard of the 'right bastard' persuasion, to hear your man Jinan tell it."
Cross: If she truly is with Adamo then setting off an explosion at his house may ruffle a few feathers.
Cross: If we've been fooled then adamo still has a whole in his wall, we win either way.
Cross: (hole)
MarSolla: Bartel won't have that. Check with him, but I think he trusted our discretion not tae blow holes in noblemen's manor walls.
Aben: I really should also oppose the idea of blowing a hole in a council lord's home, no matter how satisfying I would find it
Flint: I don't know if blowing up buildings is going to get us anywhere … as useful as it would be from science's standpoint…
MarSolla: See? Your patron doesn't fancy it, either. An' if you do it it might get traced back to me and I don't need that kind of bleedin' headache.
Cross: Whatever, I don't see any other plans being thrown out that won't lead us into a trap or dead end.
Flint: No one said it would be easy…
Ashling: Is there some way we could expose Lord Adamo's connection with the cult? Get the other lords on our side against him?
Aben: Well, we have Bartel, Basir, and, well, possibly Lalinlor.
MarSolla: What's wrong with my plan? Let's lead Zoriada's people in one direction, just get ahold of this guy and chop bits off of 'im until he gives us some hard evidence of Adamo's dealings, or something we can use to find Zoriada.
Cross: If Angelus was still with us, maybe.
Aben: ah yes, he knew the Tatsuo lord, or at least the embassy
Aben: With possibly three council lords, we could confront Adamo.
Ashling: We'd some sort of evidence, I would think.
Ashling: we'd need*
Cross: I could speak in his stead and see if the Tatsuo lord would be willing to lend us aid.
Aben: ah yes. Evidence
Flint: That'll also take time, time we might not have…

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+17 => 8 + 17 = 25

Cross: The prisoner would make evidence wnough to call an investigation. It wouldn't be enough to convict him but it's a start.
Aben: True
Aben: Bartel would certainly persue it
Aben: We should give him this information immediately
MarSolla: Argh, hell with evidence…. we know who's guilty, we know what they'll do, let's sort them out and let the lawfolk figure out their asses from their elbows later. A trial could take who knows how long? And they'll bring up all the things you've done,
MarSolla: the property damage, and assault and kidnapping an' that
Cross: If my cousin's notes were right, then that Tatsuo lord would pursue it out of honor and revenge.
Aben: I wonder…
Aben: There is a possibility we have not considered
Cross: Although I would still rather see his flame in flames than calling an investigation on him.
Cross: (house*=flame)
Aben: Dima
Cross: (god, never let me use this laptop for typing again)
Flint: What about him?
Ashling: He said he would contact us. I have no idea where he and his friends are.
Aben: Set Dima and Zoriada on each other
Cross: But aren't they suppose to be already fueding?
Cross: Or did I misunderstand that?
Aben: aye. Let's fan those flames a litte
Ashling: I don'th think they know who is leading the cult here.
Aben: So let's give Dima all our information on Zoriada
Rayner: Whichever survives will be weakened, which helps us
Flint: Sounds good to me!

  • Bin knocks on the door

Cross: We still have to find thid Dima though.
Aben: Enter!
Ashling: We'll have to wait for him to come to us.
Aben: There was some sort of tavern he said we could deliver a message too. I wrote it down somewhere

  • Cross moves out of the way of the door as it opens
  • Aben rummages through his notes
  • Bin opens the door and enters with a grin on his face.

Cross: You're always grinning nowadays, what now? Found out Zoriada is also part dog?
Bin: "No.. Just thought of something that goes boom!"
Bin: Whats going on here? Why is everyone in here?
Aben: We are deciding how to save the world
Aben: We can leave Dima messages at the Cleric's Talisman
Flint: Ok, so let's leave him a message then that he can't refuse (to ignore)… should we send a runner or go personally?
Bin: Fair enough…
Cross: Well he seemed to like Ashling fair enough.
Rayner: Ashling's not leaving without all of us around here, weapons drawn
Aben: agreed. Not Ashling. Rayner, are you willing?
Flint: Ok, but she could write the message.
Flint: And Rayner delivers…
Cross: What I mean, make sure it's known that it is she who is sending this letter

  • Aben nods

Ashling: Why not Bin in disguise as the messenger?
Flint: Also good.
Bin: Whos the messenger?
Aben: Rayner
Ashling: Anyone. Someone not known to Zoriada.
Ashling: We don't need to tempt her to kidnap someone else.
Aben: true
Ashling: In fact, maybe I should point out that she could simply send a message here saying 'give the druid or Cross's wife dioes.'
Ashling: dies*
Cross: You best hope she doesn't… The hole in Adamo's house will be the least of his worries.
Ashling: Of course I hope she doesn't.
Bin: Well with a set a clothes i can be anyone in this room…
Aben: Clothes you can have.
Cross: Funny, I can mimic anyone's clothes in this room.
Ashling: Can you just make a face she won't know?
Bin: I can try… But then again some people can always see through my abilities
Bin: Describe a person… any gender, race, or age…
Ashling: I would leave it to you to choose. I just think an unknown face might be safer.
Bin: Alright…
Ashling: Shall I just write a note asking Dima to come here?
Bin: I require new clothing… Fitting for a messenger Aben…
Aben: There are plenty in the storerooms
Aben: And Daciana can always modifiy something to suit you
Bin: I will be right back, um.. Which way is the store room?
Bin: ((Awesome, dm intervention..))
Aben: Here, I suppose, would be fine
Cross: Oh, about the prisoner, seeing as how he is only going to get worse. I can cure most poisons or afflictions but I will need to pray for the appropriate spells. We will need him for later. Sadly I have no magics to help him at the moment so, Ashling, perhaps you have something to help him until I can cure him?

  • Ashling steps to Aben's desk and borrows some paper and pen to write the note.

Ashling: I already did that. He might be ok.
Aben: It is getting late. Those of us who aren't messengers should start to think about getting some rest
Ashling: How is this, 'Dima, please come to see us as soon as you can. We have important information for you. Take care you are not followed. -Ashling' ?

  • Flint leaves the room, stuffing his pipe as he goes.

Aben: good enough
Aben: Bin, be safe. The rest of you, get some sleep
Ashling: If I might have a moment in private, Aben?
MarSolla: "Not fond of this plan, but Ill accede to th' groups decision… bahh, and damn that stubborn wretch downstairs"
MarSolla: "Would that I could make him as cooperative as a skeleton, but keeping his mind and knowledge… if only I knew more then I did…"

  • MarSolla wanders off muttering.
  • Rayner takes Ashling's hand

Rayner: let's get something to eat
Ashling: One moment… Aben?
Rayner: yes?
Ashling: (( that was meant to be Aben, yes? ))
Aben: yes?
Ashling: Can I speak to you for a moment?
Aben: of course

  • Cross leaves with a large sigh and then mumbling about something like dropping a bitch in a pit full of snakes so she can feel more at home in hell
  • Ashling sets Una down to go watch under the door.

Aben: what is it?
DM: afk briefly

  • Cross enters the tavern area (apparently where Flint is) and starts rummaging for a drink ignoring the barkeep to finally pull out a bottle of brown liquid presumably from Falkor. Then sitting down to indulge in his finding and to rest a bit.
  • Gervasi greets Mar'solla in the hallway
  • MarSolla nods absentmindedly and skulks away to her room.

Ashling: You can guess why Zoriada is so interested in capturing me, can't you?
Aben: The artifact

  • Ashling nods.

Ashling: She knows I touched it.
Aben: how could she?
Ashling: She knew by looking at me. All I can think of is that she must have a Key.
Aben: that's a problem
Aben: Especially if she figures out you went to Sclavini
Ashling: Quite.
Aben: It's possible she could find it
Aben: we should be scared. Very scared
Aben: And warn Quickblades somehow
Ashling: (( we never RP'ed QB's departure, but Ash would have told him to be very careful because of his knowledge. ))
Ashling: (( and also would have given him a big hug ))
Aben: ((figured))
Ashling: (( do we even have any idea how to contact him? ))
Aben: ((yes))

  • Gervasi serves dinner to those in the dining room

Cross: (warblades are psychic, you didn't know that? )
Aben: Be careful. I am going to do some research.
Ashling: I don't intend to let her get any information out of me, should she be successful. You understand?
Aben: Yes

  • Cross looks over his drink at the food and thanks Gervasi and without much thought starts eating trying to forget why he was sitting and drinking in the first place

Ashling: Good.
Rayner: let's get dinner. And something to drink

  • Ashling nods and goes with Rayner.
  • Gervasi also serves dinner to the folks in their rooms

DM: The night will pass uneventfully

  • MarSolla curses and swears when the knock on the door first materialises, then apologises when she realises food is being offered. She takes the plate and disappears back into her room, praying quietly.

Flint: (yay, Flint heals from his stab wound that no one wanted to heal … )
DM: ((I think they forgot. That's what you get for suffering in silence))
Flint: ((I am proud to be stabbed by as many NPC's as I do))
DM: The next day dawns to drizzling rain
DM: Anyone have anything they want to do the next day?

  • Cross seeks out Ashling in the morning and gives her a wand and merely says, "just case I'm not there" (i don't remember giving her the wand but if already have then forget this)

Flint: (( I think I am content with letting things fast forward if possible ))
DM: then……..
Ashling: (( what is this wand? ))
DM: The first day of the festival will dawn with a light coating of snow on the ground
Cross: (( Wand of Cure Light Wounds, CL 5))
Ashling: (( charges? ))
Cross: ((50))
Ashling: Thank you, Cross.
Small Boy: ((Back, how many days have passed in game?))
Bin: ((That was me..))
Flint: (really? the festival's here? did Dima reply?)
Cross: "I can make more so don't be stingy with it's use"
DM: ((5))
DM: And there will be a knock on the door
Ashling: (( wait a sec, Ash needs to tell Aben about the "green" ))
DM: ((I'll assume you did))

  • Door makes a loud knocking sound
  • Narayan opens the door

DM: ((those eating breakfast can hear muffled voices

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+19 => 19 + 19 = 38
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+19 => 5 + 19 = 24
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+19 => 12 + 19 = 31
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+19 => 13 + 19 = 32
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+19 => 14 + 19 = 33
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+19 => 11 + 19 = 30

Narayan: Lord Dima is at the door

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+9 Herbalism => 8 + 9 = 17

Flint: "Lord"?
Narayan: Yes, Lord Flint
Flint: again, "Lord"? bahaha!
Bin: Flint, youe a lord noqw!!
Flint: I am. Didn't you know?
Narayan: Shall I show him in, Lord Flint?
Bin: ((OMG… your*.. now*
Flint: Yes, good sir.
Flint: Bin, as your lord and master, I demand you bring me … my pipe.

  • Narayan returns, followed by Dima and Lev
  • MarSolla skulks out of sight, observing the meeting, ready to intervene if necessary.

Bin: Flint… Do it yourself…
Lev: Wow! This place is nice!

  • Flint sighs
  • Gervasi runs to fetch Aben

Cross: So much for being a lord, huh Flint?
Dima: You are a lord now, Flint?

  • Narayan gestures to Lev

Narayan: May I take your coat, Lord Lev?
Flint: Dima. Lev. Good to see you. And no, not really.
Lev: um…okay

  • Lev hands Narayan his coat

Cross: For about 2 seconds he was. Then his subjects led a quiet revolt.

  • Lev is actually dressed in clothes befitting a minor Sclavini lord

Flint: I was a fair and just leader, I think…
Bin: Fairly unjust…
Dima: Sorry it took so long to respond, we've been busy
Flint: Should I even ask doing what?
Dima: Actually, dealing with some undead in the sewers. Nasty things, they had a tendency to explode
Flint: Anyhow, we have some info for you. Though it may be best if I'm not the one to say it … I tend to get t he facts mixed up.
Dima: I have info for you as well

  • Dima sits
  • Lev continues wandering the tavern, looking around
  • Flint finds his pipe and lights it, looking at Bin out of the corner of his eye as he does so

Flint: …won't get my pipe …. anyway..

  • Cross continues to eat his breakfast looking up at the new comers occasionaly

Flint: Please, go ahead.

  • Dima stands again, and offers a roll of parchment to Cross

Dima: burn that after reading, if you would please

  • Cross looks up at Dima and takes the parchment, "Well aren't I special" then looks down at the parchment grimly fearing what it may say

Cross: ((reads))
Dima: Zoriada, as you know, has recruited in the theives guild. The thieves guild has split because of this
Cross: "Is there any proof to this?" *looking at Dima once again*
Cross: ((refering to the parchment of course))
Dima: I wish there was. We've sent reenforcements. You should know it for full truth before the festival is done.

  • Dima nods to Cross understandingly

Bin: What is happeneing Cross?
Dima: We also have had some activity in Tatsuo.
Dima: Fortunately, we got some warning that we were going to be attacked and formed a preemptive strike. We lost a few good people, but won and had a couple surprising victories
Dima: One specifically concerning Cross.
Bin: Thank you for the explaination
Cross: If this is true you will have my eternal gratitude.
Bin: .. My lord.
Dima: Most of the thieves are neutral, or at least, neutral as in 'marginally loyal to whoever is currently paying them'. Some are with us. The rest, and sadly, that includes most of the truly skilled among them, follow Zoriada
Dima: The assassins on the other hand, well, they back Zoriada
Dima: so, what was your news

  • Cross folds the paper, putting it into one of his pockets. A look of hopeful relif seems to be washing over him.

Flint: We've captured one of her people, and got some info out of him
Flint: Apparently Zoriada's in bed with Lord Adamo. As in, literally.
Dima: I think Lord Adamo is going to have an accident
Lev: That's too bad

  • Dima smiles and shakes his head slightly

Flint: We thought of pushing the isue with some other council lords but I don't know if it's wise
Dima: What about Lalinlor? We've considered approaching him but…well, to be honest, he always kind of gave me the creeps.
Flint: Hey, same here!
Cross: People keep talking about him… I am going to have to meet this fellow.

  • MarSolla wanders in, giving Dima an appraising eye.

Flint: There's a guard too … someone who might have more info. I forget his name. Guys?

  • Dima glances at Mar'Solla, gives her an appraising eye, then a sort of dismissive smirk

Flint: We also know how they're communicating. They drop notes at various locations.
Dima: we've intercepted a few
MarSolla: "Selwyn was his name."
Dima: Zoriada apparently wants to 'speak' with Ashling
Flint: Right, Selwyn.

  • Dima glances over at Ashling

Dima: If you need more bodyguards, just say the word
Flint: By "speak", I think that's more in the "kidnap" sense.
Lev: Yeah, we've got your back.

  • Lev smiles at Ashling

Dima: kidnap and probably torture
Dima: so….
Dima: I assume this means you found something that you may have not mentioned to me?

  • Dima raises an eyebrow

Flint: Yes!
Flint: …Zoriada's hideout.
Flint: One of them, rather.
Dima: It's in the sewers.
Dima: And now abandoned
Flint: Damn!
Bin: I have to admit, he is good…
MarSolla: We loused it up. We had her up against a wall and she gave us the slip.
Ashling: Do you know how Sorina and Zoriada are connected?
Dima: We were kind of leaving that one alone, hoping to get to track them from it
Dima: yes
Dima: Sorina thinks she gives Zoriada orders. Zoriada is using Sorina, and probably will kill her when Sorina outlives her usefulness
Dima: That's why the Amareth targeted are so specific
Aben: What do you mean, specific?

  • Dima looks at Aben in surprise

Dima: you didn't notice?
Dima: All of the dead Amareth were tied to council lords that were not Adamo
Dima: 'warnings' so to speak
Bin: What about me? She attacked me.
Dima: I bet you a thousand gold the next Amareth will be tied to Bartel
Dima: You aren't Amareth
Bin: How do you know?

  • Dima grins at Bin
  • Bin smiles

Aben: He is possessed by the spirit of a powerful magi
Bin: I am just putting my two cents in, sorry go ahead…
Dima: dang, you told.

  • Bin is confiused…
  • Cross gets up and moves to sit down next to her. He takes out the parchment to show her why the discussion is going on.

MarSolla: "What kind of accident do you picture Adamo havin', exactly?"
Cross: "Hopefully one involving castration and hot pokers at this point."
Dima: Zoriada is gathering some folks. Two interest me. One is a powerful cleric of Hel. The other is a talented necromancer. She's up to something

  • Ashling smiles at Cross.

Dima: I was thinking trampled by a horse personally.
Dima: He likes horseracing
Lev: But they might hurt the horse
Dima: maybe he'll accidently fall in a meat grinder
Cross: I wish I could be there for when he stumbles
Ashling: Are Faelivrin and Sabine still with you?
Dima: Yes
Dima: Both declined to come. For some reason, Faelivrin thinks you don't like her

  • Dima grins and rolls his eyes

Dima: Zoriada is currently in Tatsuo. So go enjoy the festival. My sources say she'll be there at least another day.
Dima: oh, and Flint, if you have any way to blow up a portal, we'd love to know.
Flint: I'm pretty sure they're not destructible in the conventional sense, but I'll let you know…
Ashling: Dima, have you noticed how strangely animals act around Sabine?
Bin: Umm.. Lord Flint can i help you "blow" up the portal?
Flint: Oh I'm a Lord again, am I?
Cross: Oh look Flint, you've been given a 2nd chance at lordship
Bin: Maybe…
Flint: Seriously though, I'll look into it..
Flint: In the meantime, I have a new airship to show off soon!
Flint: It's gonna blow you away, I guarantee it!
Dima: Yes. I have
Cross: I could speak to my brothers and see if they know of a way to dismantle a portal. We do worship the god of magic after all.
Dima: Not sure what it means, but we keep an eye on her
Ashling: And? You knew Dathalto and his daughter.
Dima: yes. I did.
Dima: And that's why we keep an eye on Sabine
Ashling: She could be possessed, just as you have possessed Dima, Evaric.
Dima: I know
Dima: Except…I think that if she is possessing anyone, it may be Zoriada
Cross: So many people getting possessed, where do you go for this stuff to happen to you. I thought I had traveled the world and here I am un-possessed.
Dima: She's much more powerful than Sabine
Ashling: I have not seen Una react to Zoriada the way she reacted to Sabine.
Dima: Happened just a bit south of Shieldmeet

  • Dima nods to Ashling

Dima: It concerns me also.
Dima: Sabine's powers though, seem limited to abjuration
Ashling: Are you sure she is not fooling you?
Dima: no. I'm not.
Dima: And that's why I did not press for her to come here
Ashling: And the Primal? Have you heard any word on that?
Dima: No. We've searched for signs of her, and for signs of those that may know of her. Nothing.
Ashling: Is it the same woman as before? ((I forget the name, sorry))
Dima: I don't know. I don't even know if female is the proper term to use, other than that's the form she appeared in
Ashling: You've seen her?
Dima: from a distance. That was enough
Dima: an elf, but, not….

  • Dima shudders slightly

Dima: like looking at a beautiful flower that was filled with poison
Ashling: She might be able to change form at will…
Dima: I expect she would. Druids can.
Ashling: Please let me know if you hear anything of her.
Dima: I will
Dima: We are going to the festival. I promised Lev. Anything else?
Ashling: Is Sorina in town?
Dima: no
Cross: Oh, the mage mentioned in this letter, which mage would that be? Anyone we know?
Dima: No one you know. A friend.

  • Dima sounds saddened

Cross: I am sorry for the loss.
Dima: thank you

  • Dima returns to his feet and bows, gesturing for Lev to rejoin him

Ashling: Take care.
Lev: can Maksim come with us?
Cross: I will find a way to thank you for what you have done, I guarantee.

  • Ashling looks at Aben.

Dima: we are in this battle together, odd as that may seem

  • Aben is just as careful in avoiding meeting Dima's eyes as Dima is careful about not meeting Aben's eyes.

Dima: Maybe we can find Maksim later.
Lev: I'll be right back

  • Dima sighs

Lev: okay
Dima: we'll be in touch.

  • Dima leaves with Lev

Flint: Bye!
Ashling: (when they are out of the house) Aben, have you learned anything else about Evaric?
Rayner: well, that was, interesting…
MarSolla: Now there's a feller that's not in the business of messing around.

  • Aben gazes blankly in the distance before appearing to hear Ashling's question

Aben: hmm?
Aben: what?
Bin: He is a Magi… Hmmm'
Ashling: Evaric? HAve you learned anything more about him?
Aben: no
Ashling: I'd like to trust him, but…

  • Aben walks away
  • Ashling sighs.

Rayner: okay, that's also odd
Bin: I have learned that being with you guys is odd…
Flint: was there something going on with the possessed folks, there?
Ashling: He may have gotten something from Ekaterina.
Ashling: Memories, perhaps.
Cross: If he has lied to me then I'll pull his spirit possessing him out with my bare hands before giving him a little 'accident'
Bin: So… Festival… Who wants to join me?
Rayner: well, that's the thing. I don't know that Evaric does lie. He just sometimes has a funny relationship to the truth.

  • Rayner sighs

Rayner: If Zoriada is in Tatsuo…..

  • Rayner glances at Ashling

Ashling: Are you thinking of Quickblades?
Rayner: yes.

  • Rayner is lying

Jinan: alright, the kids are at the festival
Jinan: what are you lot still doing here?
Jinan: go. Get out of my tavern

  • Jinan smiles

Ashling: (( how much longer until the solstice? ))
Flint: My thoughts exactly. I have to check in on the guys, and see how the exhibit is going.
Cross: If Zoriada is in Tatsuo then my original statement has come back to be true *moving towards the door out, all the while his clothes are changing for the cold weather*
DM: (it is the solstice)

  • Bin gets up and walks to the door…

Rayner: Let's enjoy the festival
Bin: I got to get some some of those clothes Cross…
Rayner: while we can
Flint: Agreed. This is a great event, if you haven't done it before.
Ashling: (( where is the festival stuff going on, anyway? ))
Cross: "They were a gift for saving a priestess in Markrios (spelling) so I guess you can always do that. Course, can you cure a fatal diesese?"
Bin: "Eh… Might as well just stick with what i have huh…"
Ashling: (( like, outside the city? ))
DM: ((the main festival is the gnomish bazaar))
DM: ((can go to map labelled 'festival' if you like))
Bin: ((Im loading map… ))

  • Flint hurries to his booth at the festival and oversees final prep of the dirigible prototype
  • Bin looks around for festival games

Gambling Barker: Step right up and try your luck!
Bin: Luck my good man has little to do with life…

  • Bin steps up next to the Gambling Barker

Curious Goods Merchant: Treasures from across the lands!
Bin: ((Can i get control of Bin?))
Bin: ((TY!!))
DM: The festival is a riot of color and noise, with barkers coming at you from all sides. It seems everything is for sale today, including all sorts of items reputed to be both magical and legendary

  • Cross steps up to the curious goods merchant, looking of his wares

Cross: ((Bin was dancing!!))
Bin: ((Shhhh))
DM: ((am posting his wares in one moment))
Cross: ((you know the fines for public indecency is hidiously high right?))
DM: ((okay, that be the list for sale
DM: The festival continues throughout the day. A couple times you have to grab eager hands reaching for your beltpouches, but otherwise, folks are in a jolly mood. There are lots of guards present as well
Bin: ((No game playing??))
DM: yep, lots of game playing
DM: Bin can in fact end up about 20% richer than when he started
Bin: ((Can?))
DM: (yes)
Bin: ((How do i make can equal to does?))
DM: (minus whatever he buys)
DM: (spend 5 hours gambling)
DM: About an hour before sunset, something odd happens
Bin: ((Nah ill explore with cross
DM: At once it seems, every bird in the city takes flight and starts heading away
MarSolla: ((Got to crash, guys, see you))
MarSolla has disconnected.
DM: ((ending here))
Cross: ((hell, i would like to be 20% richer. only weapon that even perks my intrest is 50k. The wages of a cleric just don't cut it I can now see. Such folly, what have I been doing all these years. Sure I have job security but what's the point at minimal wage?))
DM: As the birds take flight, animals howl, horse rear and dump riders, it is as if every animal in Shieldmeet has gone completely mad
Bin: ((You get paid??? OMG))
DM: As suddenly as it began though, it is over. Aside from the birds still flying off, the animals return to normal
Cross: ((in charity, if you can even call that pay))
Flint: (so the world doesn't end?_
Bin: ((Lol, i can make a great deal of gold playing my flute))
DM: Not tonight
Bin: ((Night!!))
Flint: (is this it for this game tilll new year?)
DM: ayep
DM: note what if anything you buy
Flint: Flint has 2g to his name, so …. nothing
Bin: ((I got somwhere around 1.5 k…
Flint: our party is very bad at finding treasure
Cross: have a bag of gold land in my lap and i'll have you a nice long list
Bin: But nothing i want…
Flint: the only characters with any money are the new characters
Flint: that came with irt
DM: next time, search the next room instead of running through the portal
Flint: I was playing my character
DM: I know
Flint: so, naturally I will always be broke
Bin: lol..
Flint: it's like Vow of Poverty without the benefits
Bin: lol… Waht about the cloth merchant?
Bin: He not selling anything?
Cross: 92 gold to my name….not including the few pieces of jade….I said NO!! You can't have my money! Back, you, back!
DM: nothing magica
DM: l
Bin: Ok..
Bin: Just wondering
Bin: Well laters..
Cross: later
Leslie has disconnected.

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