Session 28

Chris has connected.
DM: Yo
You have disconnected.
Chris has connected.
symposes has connected.
symposes: brb
symposes has disconnected.
symposes has connected.
symposes: hmm
symposes: Is it bad that its losing the macro list that i should have from a default campaign loading?
DM: ugh…. this version was supposed to fix that bug
symposes: i didnt have the problem with b45. or atleast i didnt play around long enough to see it happen
Scylfing has connected.
symposes: I really need to get AIM
symposes: trillian will not transfer files with aim
Scylfing: Good evening.
DM: bah
DM: I'll email it
symposes: thank you
symposes: how do i load it into that campaign macro window?
DM: right click in the window
DM: and import it
symposes: hrrrmmm
DM: afk a min while others show up
symposes: inside where the macros should be?
Chris: (I'm here, I'm just eating)
Tanya has connected.
symposes: hmm right clicking doesn't do anything in that window…
symposes: brb gonna refill cup
symposes: back
Scylfing: ((Hmm, I might just go make coffee.))
symposes: hrm i think my computer hates me. Cant figure out how to load that macro file
Table D8 (symposes):
Table Conditions (symposes): Sickened; -2 Attack, Damage, Saves, Skills, Ability Checks. Mildly ill.
Table Conditions (symposes): Enraged; +4 STR & CON, +2 morale bonus to Will saves, -2 to AC.
symposes: THERE it is.
symposes: global not campaign
symposes: hmm someone is messing with me. there are only 2 macros in that file
Chris: do they say "new " and "test" by any chance?
Chris: Zombie STR check to break entangle 12
symposes: afk and junk
Chris: oops, ignore that …
DM: alrighty…
symposes: i seem to be having trouble importing macros and macro sets
Scylfing: ((I'm still very much in the dark about macros.))
DM: Don't worry
Tanya: that is why I am not bothering with them, as much as possible
symposes: i dont get a context menu when i rightclick in the "Campaign" window, and i only get 2 macros from the set if i import them in the "Global" window
symposes: testing
symposes: cant get the setupblank
DM: don't worry about it then, you don't need it to playt
DM: Vhid's player hasn't contacted me in forever
DM: Bin's player didn't respond to my email
DM: Mar'Solla's player can't make it due to work stuff
DM: so…it's us
symposes: hehe, i was able to import them into my token though think ill write my skills on an index card and make my own macros for the ones that i use alot
Scylfing: Aww
DM: So two player intros, and two trying to figure out WTF happened
Scylfing: That's all right.
DM: Flint, you were in the market when the world went mad
Flint: ….what in the world?!
DM: A psionic artificer runs the booth you had stopped at when the world went mad
DM: (that being symposes's character)

  • Flint scans the bazaar, trying to assess what happened

Spice Merchant: Oh my goodness!

  • Horse Dealer runs after his escaped horses
  • Muken is trying to regain his composure, having unceramoniusly fallen into a heap after the world went crazy.
  • Flint looks for Ashling. Is she around?

DM: (no)
DM: (you all got seperated)
Tanya: (Ashling did not go to the festival at all)
Flint: (darn, I would have wanted her take on all this)
Flint: ok fellow, on your feet. you ok? (to Muken)

  • Flint helps Muken up.

Flint: (though as a gnome he doesn't help lift you very well)
Muken: Thank you kind sir.
Flint: Thanks for showing me your wares, but we'll have to do business later I'm afraid. I have to go check on some friends of mine and see if they're all right.

  • Muken picks at a spec of dust on his shoulder.

DM: Everything seems to be settling back down. The horses have stopped fleeing, and the chickens in the booth near you have gone back to doing chicken things instead of acting like wolverines
Muken: Any time. I just hope noone was hurt.

  • symposes rolls: 1d20 => 1

Muken: (that was merely a test. i assure you.)
DM: ((rocks fall, artificers die))
Muken: (classic "Test" "Fail" if i ever had one.)

  • Flint scurries about the bazarr looking for whoever came with him (his player forgets who came)

DM: (flint will fail to notice that he dropped his belt pouch in the artificer's booth when he fell)

  • Muken picks up the pouch and mumbles to himself about people being in a hurry. After pocketing the pouch, he begins to close up shop, and pack his wares.

DM: (having minor aim trouble, flint and muken go to chat?)
Flint: (I keep hitting accept but it doesn't take me anywhere)
DM: (okay, would you try making the chat room then and inviting me and symposes? Maybe the problem is on my end)
Muken: (too many windows)
DM: (Ariadne, please put your token in the room with Aben?)
Scylfing: ((Sorry everyone, I don't know what's wrong with AIM. And sure.))
Tanya: ((hm, I cannot see inside many of the rooms - such as Aben's study)
Scylfing: ((He's not on my map.))
DM: (should be on map labelled 'aben's first floor)
Tanya: (( a-ha, see Aben now ))
Flint: (we just needed one of us in line of sight, I guess)
Tanya: (( and I am getting the old "?" for Ariadne's token))
DM: (argh)
Tanya: (( same for Muken's ))
Flint: (yeah I'm seeing it for both of the new peoples' tokens too)
Scylfing: ((What does that mean anyway?))
DM: (means she can't see the pic)
Flint: (it means no image was found, so it's the default graphic)
Tanya: (( usually I just re-make the token and sometimes it will then work and everyone can see it ))
Scylfing: ((oh, okay. i'll replace it and see if that works))
DM: (don't worry about it for now)
DM: So…Ariadne and Aben would be talking about Aben essentially hiring her students as guards
Scylfing: (sounds good to me)
Tanya: If the door is closed Ashling knocks.
DM: It's open
Tanya: Then she waits in the doorway looking anxious.

  • Chris rolls to you: 120+11 => 120 + 11 = 131
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11 => 10 + 11 = 21

Aben: Excuse me, Ariadne…Ashling, I take it you are here to report the recent…oddity?
Ariadne: Of course.
Ashling: You felt it then?
Aben: yes….something…unnatural is the best I can describe it
Ashling: Well, you see, it was a little different for me. Una and I, er, attacked Aryner.
Ashling: Rayner*
Rayner: Ashling has a mean right hook
Aben: you…attacked Rayner?
Ashling: I don't remember doing it, actually

  • Rayner nods to Ariadne in greeting

DM: (descriptions would be good now )
Ariadne: ((Ariadne is a tall, red-haired, gold-skinned young woman dressed in gray robes with a round steel shield, decorated with a swooping owl, on her back. She fidgets noticably when an attack is mentioned.))
Ariadne: My apologies for interjecting into your affairs but, what is this about an attack?
Ashling: (( I refer you to her page for her description as I am lazy and a slow typist)
Ariadne: ((No problem))

  • Rayner doesn't seem to bear any marks of violence on himself

Rayner: it's nothing.
Ashling: (( I'll just point out that there is a live m,ink on her shoulder))
Ashling: mink*
Ashling: Yes, fortunately I do not fight well.
Rayner: Una, on the other hand…

  • Rayner pets the mink affectionately

Ashling: At least she is small.
Aben: I…it affected the animals…given your er…heritage…Ashling, it doesn't seem a surprise it would affect you

  • Ashling nods.

Ashling: I thought I was going to explode, but then it all went away.
Aben: I felt something similar. An anger, almost. Then it vanished
Ashling: I think I had better go make sure the horses are all right.
Ashling: And that no one was hurt by them.
Ariadne: I too felt, something, like anger when the incident happened. I'm heartily sorry that it affected your companion.
Rayner: I'm going to check on Alitha
Ashling: I imagine it affected all animals similarly.
Aben: Maksim and Leonti may appreciate the help then
Ashling: (or did they go the festival?)
Narayan: Lord Aben, Lord Aben, Lord Aben!

  • Narayan appears in near panic

Aben: Yes Narayan?
Narayan: Guards at the gates!
Ashling: ((oh, haven't they been there this whole time? or did they go away after a while? ))
Narayan: Shieldmeet guards!
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'HP'
Ashling: Are they more of Captain Aceline's men?
Guard: Core Creature Stats Generated
Ariadne: *Ariadne furrows her brow* "Do you have quarrel with the guards, Lord Aben?"
Narayan: They wish to speak to Lord Aben. Virote said the man was Baron Hiram Aceline
Aben: No, but some have a quarrel with me
Aben: We should go to the gate

  • Flint is approaching the gate from the Shieldmeet side.

Ashling: I will look into the stable quickly and meet you there.

  • Ashling dashes off.

Flint: What's this about?!
Ariadne: If I can help mediate this in any way I would consider it my duty.
Aben: It would be appreciated. Ashling, perhaps you should…
Rayner: Jerath and Alitha aren't in their rooms
Aben: Find them and get them hidden. Now
Aben: Ashling, Ariadne, if you would come with me
Ashling: (( Ash is at the stables, or will be as soon as she finishes running there ))
DM: ((she'd see Aben rushing to the gates then, followed by Ariadne))
Ashling: (( She looks to make sure no horses or people are injured ))
Ashling: (( also Lilja's goats ))

  • Leonti assures Ashling everyone is alright, though he and Maksim appear slightly bruised. The animals appear unharmed

Aben: What is the meaning of this?

  • Ashling is relieved and heads for the gate.

Ashling: (( afk a sec, heating up dinner ))
Hiram Aceline: You have abducted a citizen of Amareth and are harboring an escapee from the asylum. Open the gates or we will break them down.
Aben: We hold none against their will, and are harboring none that should be in an asylum. If you wish to further the matter, take it up with Lord Bartel

  • Hiram Aceline gestures for his guards to come closer to the gates

Ariadne: *Ariadne steps forward with palms outstretched* Gentlemen, please, halt this and let us parley!

  • Hiram Aceline looks to be about to start foaming at the mouth

Hiram Aceline: And you are?

  • Guard looks around, glancing at Flint and doing a bit of a double take

Ariadne: I am Ariadne Dikaian, Spear of the Owl, knight of Athena and I wish only that we may arrive at a peaceful solution for all parties, Captain.

  • Hiram Aceline points at Aben

Hiram Aceline: That man is holding my son prisoner!
Ashling: (( back ))
Ariadne: *Glances at Aben* Are you holding his son prisoner, Lord Aben?
Aben: No.
Hiram Aceline: LIES!
Hiram Aceline: I know he is here!
Hiram Aceline: Where is Jerath?
Hiram Aceline: I want my son!
Guard: Hey…you…gnome
Ariadne: Captain, this is an emotional matter for you, but it is a serious charge. On what basis do you make this claim?

  • Flint stares up at the guard defiantly

Hiram Aceline: Some of my guards spotted him within these walls
Guard: You Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle?
Flint: I am.
Hiram Aceline: He was not turned over from the prisoners they took in Sclavini!
Guard: you are under arrest for kidnapping and harboring an escaped fugitive!
Flint: Bollocks. I could just as easily put YOU under arrent for such unreasonable charges.
Flint: (arrest*)
Guard: You deny the Baron's son is within your compound?
Flint: I don't know where he is!
Flint: (…at the moment…)

  • Guard sneers at Flint

Guard: Never realized gnomes were liars!
Hiram Aceline: If they aren't within your compound, you won't object to a search. Open the gates
Aben: No.

  • Aben steps back and whispers to Ashling
  • Ashling nods and strides off.
  • Aben rejoins Ariadne

Aben: We are under the authority of Lord Bartel. Unless he orders me too, I will not open these gates
Scylfing: This does seem like a very sizeable force for a search party. What if the Captain alone were to search? Would that be a suitable compromise?
Scylfing: ((that was supposed to be as Ariadne))

  • Aben murmurs to Ariadne 'I'd prefer anyone but the Captain, actually'
  • Guard moves to grab Flint
  • Flint keep out of arm's reach, if he can.

Muken: I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Perhaps a third party with no alliegence either way, would be prefered?
Guard: And who the hell are you?

  • Flint looks over to Muken and looks pleasantly surprised

Muken: I am but a traveling merchant, I became lost after the comotion in town.
Muken: When I saw my customer here, I figured I should return his pouch.

  • Muken reaches into his robes and pulls out a small pouch, which he offers to Flint.

Hiram Aceline: Fine. The Aasimar, two of my guards, and that merchant. You will produce my son, NOW. He is in there, I know it.
Flint: I … didn't realized I had lost it! Thank you!

  • Hiram Aceline steps back, apparently confident

Ariadne: I will search the compound thoroughly and, on my oath as a knight, if your son is being held here against his will I will free him myself.

  • Hiram Aceline nods to Ariadne.

Hiram Aceline: On your oath then.

  • Hiram Aceline gestures at two of his guards

Flint: Can I go in now?
Hiram Aceline: No

  • Flint looks impatient.

DM: The guards start looking
Ariadne: *Ariadne will accompany them*

  • Muken stays near Ariadne trying to help with the search.

DM: Fastfoward probably about an hour….and you don't find anyone matching the descriptions of the escapee or kidnapee
Ariadne: Captain, we have been over the entire compound and there is no sign of any such person here. If you would like, I could ask at the Temple if divinations might be possible.

  • Hiram Aceline looks murderous

Hiram Aceline: He's here.
Hiram Aceline: He was seen here.
Hiram Aceline: Arrest the gnome. We'll be back with Lord Adamo.

  • Hiram Aceline moves to leave

Flint: What?! I'm not going to be collateral for your so-called son!

  • Guard moves to arrest the gnome
  • Guard suddenly falls as an arrow hits him between the eyes

Ariadne: Oh merciful Goddess.
Flint: ack!
DM: About half of the remaining guards start moving in the direction the arrow comes from

  • Guard 1 moves to tend his comrade, but shakes his head sadly

Hiram Aceline: And now you've moved to murder!

  • Flint backs away, trying to see who shot the arrow.
  • Chris rolls to you: spot 1d20+11 => Invalid expression: spot 1d20+11
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11 spot => 2 + 11 = 13

Aben: You idiot, you can see us. None of us fired that
Ariadne: Did you see who fired it?
Flint: I don't see anyone…
DM: The guards do not appear to find anyone either
Hiram Aceline: We'll be back. With Lord Adamo. You will not escape justice!

  • Hiram Aceline turns to go, followed by his guards
  • Flint visibly breathes a sigh of relief.

Ariadne: That could have better. *Turning to Aben* Why does he believe you have his son, Lord Aben?

  • Flint wanders in the direction of the arrow.

Flint: Ok, it's clear. Who was that? (loudly)
Aben: Because we do, but we aren't holding him against his will. He is here freely…or was…he seems to have wandered off, something he would not be able to do if he was a prisoner.
Ashling: Aben, we need to talk about Jerath and Aletha. Let's go back inside.

  • Aben nods

Ashling: (once inside she'll give him the letter) Rayner found this.
Ariadne: I see. If we are to do business, I will have to confirm that of course.

  • Aben looks over the letter.

Aben: That damned young fool

  • Aben sighs, and offers the letter to Ariadne.

Aben: This I fear, is the confirmation I can offer

  • Flint retrieves a pipe from the belt pouch Muken retrieved and lights it.

Ariadne: *Ariadne takes it and looks it over*
Flint: So, he really isn't here then?!
Flint: They were about to arrest me out there…. if you didn't notice…
Aben: Apparently correct
Ariadne: I don't pretend to know what he means, but very well.
Aben: Yes, I noticed
Aben: If someone hadn't beat me too it, I'd have done something.
Ashling: He and Aletha are gone.
Flint: And what's up with my "guardian angel" out there?! Aben, is that one of our guys?
Muken: I do wonder if he will try to arrest me next, perhaps for "Interfering in an investigation."
Aben: I will report this to Lord Bartel…but if Jerath is gone… it is likely Hiram will not be back.
Ariadne: If he does I will stand with you, sir, you did nothing wrong.
Aben: I can understand his anger, but that doesn't change that he is a right bastard

  • Aben smiles at Ariadne

Aben: As you can see, we are in need of guards

  • Aben suddenly seems to become aware of Muken

Ariadne: Indeed. I don't know what's behind all this, but my students are available.
Aben: my apologies, good sir, for getting you involved in this

  • Aben turns back to Adriadne

Aben: Your students can move in upstairs, and have the use of the place as you need.

  • Muken begins to talk, but stops when Aben turns away.
  • Aben turns back to Muken

Ariadne: *Ariadne nods*
Flint: (test, please ignore)

  • Aben ignores Flint

Muken: It would seem I unwittingly involved myself, when I decided to return this man's belongings.
Muken: If it isn't asking to much, I think I would be safer here, then back in the market, with that pompous fool on the lose.
Aben: Of course. I certainly have the space. And Lilja should be making dinner.

  • Ashling watches Rayner, looking a little worried.

Flint whispers: gonna roll a few things at you, trying to fix macros, please ignore

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 8 + 11 + 0 = 19
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+13+mod Listen Check => 20 + 13 + 0 = 33

Ariadne: My apologies Lord, I did not introduce myself properly to your associates.
Jinan: So…any particular reason why my room was just tossed by a rude guard and a hot woman…

  • Jinan cuts off when he sees Ariadne

Ariadne: *Ariadne smiles warmly at the newcomer*

  • Muken sits down on the chest that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

Lilja: Dinner is ready. Aben, we'll be talking later about you letting guards into my kitchen.

  • Lilja smiles and goes back to work
  • Jinan goes into the dining room
  • Flint approaches Muken and Ariadne, shaking hands and flashing a big grin. "I'm Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. Please call me Flint. And welcome!"

Aben: Much excitement today. Oh, yes, introductions.
Aben: Everyone, this is Ariadne. She teaches a combat school here in Shieldmeet, and we've hired her and her students to provide additional security.

  • Muken stands in an attempt to be polite.

Muken: I am Muken Kinyoubi. Muken will surffice.

  • Flint is a gnome in what looks to be a work smock and overalls. He has a toolbelt on with some strange gadgets on it.

Ariadne: *Ariadne smiles and bows to the group*

  • Muken hands his hat and staff to his chest.

Muken: I think I won't be needing those here.
Ariadne: If I may. *Ariadne removes her shield and sets it against a wall for now*
Flint: So should we go find Jerath? Or do they have too much of a headstart?
Flint: Or should we let them go?
Ashling: Aletha is with him. Do you think she'll let us find them?
Flint: Also, I was at the bazaar when the craziest thing happened … the horses all started going nutty, even the chickens went all kooky.
Rayner: Alitha is a seer. Unless they want you to find them, they won't be found
Ashling: Something has happened to the life energy of the world - or the Primal, perhaps.
Ashling: Thought just what it is that has happened… (she shrugs)

  • Aben glances at the newcomers

Flint: Why wouldn't we have felt it too then? Are we not natural enough?
Aben: You didn't feel the anger?
Flint: Come to think of it, I did… but I didn't put two and tow together…. it was brief.
Aben: Something happened. We need to figure out what…and unfortunately our best chance for information apparently just climbed out the window
Flint: Aben, who was that shooter? Was he one of our guys?
Flint: And if he's not one of our guys, then who is brazen, or STUPID enough, to be shooting Shieldmeet guards in broad daylight?
Aben: I haven't a clue
Ashling: One of Dima's group?
Aben: could have been
Flint: Why stick his neck out for me?
Ariadne: Perhaps it was to implicate you in some further way?
Flint: Whatever the motive, it's not going to help us
Flint: I would have gone peacefully.
Aben: I would prefer it if you didn't. We must assume for now that any guards who try to hassle us are associated with Lord Adamo, and thus do not have the city's best interests at heart
Ashling: Aben, Flint, after dinner I have more information about the cult to relate.

  • Flint raises an eyebrow

Flint: Soemthing Una told you?
Ashling: It comes from Nabidon, one of Darus's old companions in war.
Ashling: His journal.
Muken: (nice to meet you guys, im out though. Seeya next week!)
Flint: (welcome! see you later)
Ashling: (bye!)
symposes has disconnected.
Aben: yes?

  • Flint puts out his pipe and heads for the dinner table. "I'm starved!"

Flint: (are Cross/Mar'solla/Bin coming back?)

  • Lilja serves you all a roasted chicken

Ariadne: So, just how many enemies do you have, Lord Aben?
DM: (Mar'solla for sure, the others haven't responded yet)
Aben: We aren't sure.
Flint: I've personally been stabbed twice in the last few weeks.
Flint: By our miscellaneous enemies.
Flint: And today, almost got arrested. Again. Just peachy.
Rayner: I got shot a couple times
Aben: And some friends were killed
Ariadne: *Ariadne shakes her head and mutters* Athena grant us wisdom.

  • Ashling puts down her fork, doesn't pick it up again.

Flint: We're not in a popular business around here.
Aben: The task we have been set is difficult
Aben: As trite and cliche as it sounds, we are trying to save the world.
Flint: Way to sell it, Aben! *shakes head*
Ariadne: *Ariadne blinks* …Really?
Flint: Well …. basicalllllly …. yeah, that's the essence of it.
Flint: (( story-time? tell Ariadne the "story thus far" on the wiki? ))
Ariadne: ((That's fine with me))
Aben: Unfortunately, Flint, I lack the ability to shoot balls of light from my fingers to give my words that extra flair. Next time, perhaps you can explain.
Flint: You can, you're just not trying hard enough.
Ashling: It has to do with one or more cults.
Ashling: One has been mrudering people on this island for some time now.
Ashling: (( and Ash would cut anyone off who tries to say anything regarding we found the artifact ))
Narayan: My lord, you have guests..
Flint: Ut oh.
Aben: Oh good gods, who now?
Ariadne: I am aware of the ritual murders, yes. Horrible matters that must be stopped.

  • Lev enters, carrying Dima

Ashling: Oh dear!
Narayan: The boy was most insistant

  • Ashling checks Dima.

Lev: I didna know where else to go

  • Dima looks like he got blasted with several types of very bad magics

Rayner: What happened?

  • Ashling pulls out a wand and tries it on Dima (cure light wounds).

Ariadne: Please, allow me to assist.
Ashling: for 13
Lev: She kind of flickered, and Dima yelled for us to run, and then she started killin folks. He tried ta stop her so we could get away, and some did, but she…
DM: The wand did not seem to have much affect
Ashling: Who did?
Lev: Sabine

  • Ashling pales.

Lev: She was laughin when she killed us

  • Lev lays Dima on a table so Ashling can examine him

Lev: Ya kin save him, right?
Ashling: I don't know. Healing had no effect.
Lev: The critters went mad, and then she did.
Flint: Well, is he alive even?

  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+5 Heal => 18 + 5 = 23

Dima: Is alive, but looks as though parts of him were burned with acid. The edges of his wounds are rimmed with a greenish slime
Ashling: Where did this happen?
Lev: In the inn. It's a burnin now. Dunno where the others went, but I didna know where else ta go. Ya already know
Ashling: Let's get him to a bed.

  • Lev will follow Ashling and settle Dima on a bed. Dima appears to be stable for now
  • Ashling starts cleaning up his injuries.

Aben: I would imagine it is safe to say that it was not Dima who fired that arrow
Aben: and likely not one of his men
Ashling: (being careful about the slime - might be tainted)
Flint: If I may care to make a guess … but maybe there's a new game in town?
Flint: Wasn't Sabine one of Dima's people?
Rayner: Oh. Good. More enemies
Flint: the one with the veil?
DM: (yes)
Ariadne: This seems like the most pressing matter, we should go to the inn and see what can be done. Perhaps we can draw this new threat out.
Flint: if all of the evidence hasn't burned to the ground already…
Flint: I'd have to agree regardless. We need Dima to talk, but if that can't happen immediately, maybe we should take a walk.
Ariadne: I'm sure he would be willing to help track down the person who did this.

  • Flint excuses himself from the table.

Ariadne: Let us pray for his recovery.
Flint: I'm going to get some things ready, just in case.

  • Flint steps into the room with Ashling et al.

Flint: Do you know what's wrong with him yet?
DM: You enter just in time to see Dima fall back on the bed after saying something to Ashling

  • Flint stands near Ashling, looking over the bed grimly

Ashling: I fear he may be tainted, but I don't know.
Flint: what did he say?
Ashling: He told me where we can find Cross's wife.
Lev: 'sumpin about a Devda, and a boy what needs savin from disease'
Lev: 'he ain't got no disease, do he?
Flint: Why would he mention that?
Flint: Instead of you know, why he was attacked?
Flint: Maybe that's a lead for us.
Lev: Sumpin bout a shard
Lev: And a Sahir

  • Lev is helpful

Flint: What? Please make some sense of this for me.
Lev: 'oh, an gettin a seer safe
Ashling: He was attacked because Zahirah woke up or something like that.
Ashling: She was in Sabine.
Lev: 'Zahirah, that's what he called her, when she flickered
Ashling: Whatever happened to all the animals earlier today caused it.
Flint: Alright. And what does that have to do with Cross's wife?
Ashling: Dima rescued her from Zoriada.
Ashling: (as I recall)
Ashling: Or some of his people did.
Flint: And where is she now then?
Ashling: In Vasant, with this Devdas.
Ashling: Lev, do you know the name? Or where in Vasant he might be?

  • Lev rummages around in his beltpouch, then hands you some papers

Flint: Ok, well that's a ways off for us to do any kind of pickup. Cross will be happy to hear the news though.
Lev: 'I was gonna bring these ta ya, but things kinda happened first
Ashling: Cross will head there immediately, I am sure.
Lev: maybe it's in there, cause I ain't even sure where Vasant is
Ashling: She pauses working on Dima to give them a quick look over.
Flint: So Sabine is at large and probably possessed.
Ashling: Zahirah is at large.
Flint: In Sabine…. ok, whatever.
Ashling: Flint, would you ask Rayner to fetch Nabidon's journal?
Flint: Sure.
DM: There are about three maps, and some information on a gnome called Magotuzudipuwu
Flint: Ok, I want to put together a team to find Sabine. Dima says she was taken over by this thing called Zahirah.
Flint: Sounds dangerous.

  • Rayner fetches the book

Ashling: (does it sound like THE gnome?)
Flint: Also Rayner, Ashling needs a book … yeah
Ariadne: *While they were conversing, Ariadne asks Aben if he would be able to send a messenger to my academy as soon as possible that they're to report here*
DM: (yep)

  • Aben sends Virote with the message

DM: The gnome Magotuzudipuwu is said to have found a way to grant himself immortality without resorting to lichdom
DM: It does however, apparently involve killing folks
Ashling: (of course)
Flint: (does it involve a black monolith? —- I'll dock XP from myself now)
DM: (smites thee with DMy wrath)
Ashling: Lev, would you takes these papers to Aben?

  • Lev takes papers to Aben

DM: Gonna have to call it soon guys
Ashling: okies. Ash will suggest Rayner to read from the journal to people.
Ashling: (as she will busy for a while with Dima)
DM: Ariadne's students will start showing up and taking rooms upstairs
Ashling: (I will post what he reads)
Ariadne: *Ariadne will oversee them and help get everyone situated*
Flint: (ok, so we're all set for this week then?)
DM: yep. I've got to get some sleep, since I didn't get any last night
DM: night all.
Flint: ok, night.
Ariadne: ((gnight))
Flint: don't forget to save the transcript
DM: If you have any questions for Lev, post um, cause I'm planning to start next weeks session with 'the next morning…'
Ashling: night!

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