Session 29

Jocelyn has connected.
Tanya has connected.
Scylfing has connected.
Muken has connected.
Tanya: Perhaps now would be the time to try to get Muken's and Ariadne's tokens working properly? I still see two "?"
Muken: I think my token is working correctly
Muken: i worked on it for a while over the weekend
Scylfing: I'll give it another shot.
Jocelyn: try sending me the tokens via AIM and I'll put them in
Jocelyn: Well, the pic shows up for me in that one but the token is still a ?
Scylfing: Does that one show up?
Jocelyn: Nope
Scylfing: Huh. I can see Muken's though.
Muken: that token was there before i did anything
Muken: the one to the right of bin
Scylfing: I wonder if the version change had an affect on this.
Jocelyn: Nah, we've always had this bug. Just normally it's Tanya
Jocelyn: Everyone see Muken 2?
Scylfing: I do.
Muken: i see it
Jocelyn: I've got the macros added to that one, but you'd still have to do the 'setup blank'
Jocelyn: ugh. I hate this token issue
Muken: i can put my token in, with my macros and such, if you want
Muken: it worked for me a few minutes ago
Jocelyn: go ahead.
Jocelyn: Looks like a ?
Muken: nope i see my picture
Muken: Ariadne is the only ? i see
Scylfing: Yeah I get a ? on all of them but Muken2.
Jocelyn: Looks like a ? to me Bah
Scylfing: Oh well, it wouldn't take too long to do the setup blank again if that's the only way.
Jocelyn: Might be
Jocelyn: gimme a sec here
Jocelyn: Well, that's odd
Tanya: hey I can see the new Ariadne
Scylfing: Was that one off of the website?
Jocelyn: yep
Scylfing: All right. Heh, looks like I forgot to change the background color to clear on that one.
Chris: (I am back)
Muken: i can see the new tokens
Chris: I discovered that for whatever reason, tokens I make are always fine, so if you have some with "?" I can make some raw tokens from the images that'll work
Scylfing: That'd be cool.
Jocelyn: Alrighty…so….we can pick up with sunrise. Lilja will have a pot of coffee on and some bacon, warm bread, freshly churned butter, and honey

  • Chris yawns.
  • Ashling memorizes spells for the day.
  • Flint yawns.

Jocelyn: Jinan will be talking with Aben about reopening the tavern, but somewhat halfheartedly
Scylfing: ((Argh, the buttons are all gone from the campaign window again. This didn't happen before the version change.))
Flint: I agree with you kid, this place was much more lively then…
Jinan: And we've got plenty of security now. It would also help to have the rumor mill back

  • Muken eats the bread with butter, and works on a cup of coffee.

Flint: Did Dima make it through the night?

  • Lilja also puts out a basket of freshly picked strawberries, commenting that the winter is being exceptionally mild

Aben: Tell you what, talk with Ariadne. Since she's now in charge of our security, if she thinks it's safe, we can reopen the tavern.

  • Aben gets up to go check on Ashling and Dima

Aben: How is he?

  • Flint follows Aben.

Ashling: Alive, but still in a fever.
Aben: Any better? I can send for someone from the healer's guild.
Aben: Never thought I'd say this, but at the moment, I miss Lalinlor.
Rayner: Ashling, I think Aben must have taken a blow to the head during the night

  • Aben rolls his eyes

Ashling: Well, I am not so sure about the healer's guild.
Flint: Has he spoken any more?
Ariadne: I'm sorry but we still have much ground to cover as far as security goes, so I'm afraid the answer is no on reopening the tavern.
Ashling: Just mumblings in Sclavini.
Jinan: Tell me what you need done. Oh, did Aben introduce you to the staff yet?
Ashling: Fever talk.
Ariadne: Much to my chagrin I'm afraid, I would very much like to sing in the very halls that I defend.
Jinan: That's Leonti and Maksim, they are the grooms. Svetlana, Katja, and Daciana were the barmaids, Daciana is also our tailor. Gervasi tended bar and has ears like a bat. Byrun over there is one of the guards, and Narayan is the butler
Ariadne: I surely will, Jinan.
Jinan: Cieran, Sunan, Virote, Jilik, and Phrixus round out the guards. Frithrik is the handman, Lilja the cook
Ariadne: *Ariadne looks at each one as Jinan names them and nods.* A pleasure to meet all of you. I am Ariadne Dikaian, knight of Athena.
Aben: Well Flint, I suppose we'd best ponder our next move
Flint: Go after Sabine? Or is she too dangerous now?
Phrixus: Athena eh? Interesting…
Ashling: You could investigate the healer's guild.
Ariadne: And this is my maidservant and assistant, Kalla Alexia. *Motions to Kalla*

  • Phrixus is obviously from Ertheurtha

Flint: The healer's guild. Remind me of what's going on there?
Aben: She may be. At least, until we have more information.
Ashling: ((see post on what the sparrow told Ash in the forum))
Ashling: ((Ash related this the day before sometime))
Ariadne: Indeed, Phrixus. That is an Ertheurthan name, is it not?
Ashling: The odd feeling there. Might be related to the PRimal or Zahirah.
Flint: Right, so your brid-friend had an "angry" feeling near the guild. But what would we look for?
Jocelyn: More introductions will be done and the new folks can now consider the 'servants' page on the wiki to be IC knowledge
Ashling: You might ask around and see who's been there recently.
Flint: I suppose that's a place to start.
Aben: And now that Lev has rested and settled down, questioning him further may be wise

  • Ashling nods.

Flint: I'll get a group together for the healer's guild.
Flint: Rayner, Ashling, want to come?
Rayner: Ashling, I'll stay with Dima if you want to go.
Ashling: Did you forget about Zoriada?
Aben: If Dima's information was correct, she is not in Shieldmeet
Ashling: That was yesterday.
Flint: I'll take that as a no, then. Very well.

  • Flint returns to the tavern
  • Ashling sighs heavily.

Jocelyn has disconnected.
Muken: (This could be bad)
Jocelyn has connected.
Ariadne: ((It happens.))
Jocelyn: ((husband moved couch, unplugged router, sorry)
Flint: I need a few brave souls to come to the healer's guild today. Something weird's going down there. Any takers?
Muken: Weird in what way?
Flint: Ashling felt an odd presence there, that could be related to the animals going crazy yesterday.
Flint: We might need to snoop around, maybe ask people in the area.
Muken: Sounds like it should be… Interesting.
Flint: Oh, I hope so!
Aben: Ariadne, if you would accompany them. I'd appreciate it. Better safe than sorry
Ariadne: Yes I think that would be wise.

  • Flint makes a show of loading rounds into a pair of pistols he's carrying.

Flint: *click-CLAK*
Aben: Not that Flint can't take care of himself.
Ariadne: Kalla, if you would see to matters here, I would be most grateful.
Muken: Now now. There may be no need for such means.
Muken: Then again, if the event with the animals was malicious. There maybe someone whom won't take kind to strangers.
Flint: If there's someone like that, quite honestly, I think they might need confronting.
Flint: I'm sick of hiding here, anyhow.
Ariadne: If this is connected to the sorceress from last night, I heartily agree.

  • Flint finishes making some adjustments to his armor and holsters his weapons.

Flint: well, I'm ready when you folks are.
Ariadne: *Ariadne gets up and goes upstairs to get her armor and shield.*

  • Muken reachs toward his chest, which offers up his hat and staff.

Muken: I believe I have everything I need.
Flint: That's a cool trick!
Flint: One of your own products?
Muken: Actually yes.
Muken: It is my homunculus.
Flint: homun-whatnow?
Muken: Personal Golem.

  • Flint looks impressed.

Flint: I have one of those too!

  • Flint motions to Jilik in the corner.

Flint: eh? hi there, Jilik…

  • Jilik slowly gets up and walks over to Flint

Flint: uh oh. pleas,e I bruise easily…
Muken: (Ive got to play a little less warcraft haha)
Flint: (I ripped my token image from WoW, I'm not afraid to admit)
Muken: (gnome warlock engineer… I swear it makes them look like a pimp. purple lens googles, the right staff, robe, a succubus pet.)
Muken: Interesting. Is it sentient?
Flint: (it's a warforged, so whatever you know in-game abotu them)
Muken: (Wasn't sure if it was warforged or proper golem.)
Jilik: Of course I am sentient

  • Jilik leans on Flint, putting just a bit of weight on him

Flint: he's a good guy …. great sense of … *OW* … humor …….. ok, squishing me now…
Jilik: Want me to go with, protect you from the big, bad ladies at the healing guild?
Jilik: They might trip over you or something
Ashling: Who is going to healer's guild?
Flint: I'd …. *ow*….. like that.
Muken: Ah, My apologies. I was under the impression you were a golem.
Flint: Looks like it'll be Muken, Ariadne, Jilik, and myself…
Ariadne: *After a few minutes Ariadne comes back downstairs clad in heavy gray robes and a breastplate, her shield and spear strung on her back*

  • Jilik makes a grinding sound that may be a laugh

Ashling: If someone could take Una, perhaps let her hide in your pack… She could then tell me what she feels when you get back.
Ariadne: (What section of the city is the healer's guild in by the way?)
Flint: I nominate Jilik. Don't worry, if it has an accident I'll give you a good polish when we get back.
Ashling: ((does Jilik have a pack?))
Muken: (Scotchguard anyone?)
Flint: (I would assume he would)
Flint: (I'm using "he" liberally)
Jilik: Whenever you are ready boss.
Jilik: Does it bite?
Jilik: If it chews my gears, I'm having it for lunch.
Jilik: (yes)

  • Jilik holds his pack for Ashling, reluctant to touch Una
  • Ashling eyes Jilik.

Jilik: I don't like fuzzy things. They get stuff everywhere
Ashling: On second thought, perhaps someone else.
Muken: (what is una anyway?)
Muken: (ferret?)
Ashling: ((Una is a mink))
Ariadne: I can take her, though I do not carry a pack.
Flint: I'm sure we have an extra one lying around somewhere…
Ariadne: (Handle Animal is Charisma based right?)
Muken: I unfortunitly do not have a pack she would be able to stow away in. Otherwise I would be willing to oblige.
Flint: (yes)

  • Flint hustles to his room and returns with an empty sack

Ariadne: Very well then.

  • Flint holds it open and motions for Una to jump in
  • Ashling sighs.

Ashling: No, nevermind. Look, if you want to wait a bit and increase the risk that Zoriada will attack us, I'll just come along.
Flint: I'm fine with that risk. Fighting us in the open is not a good idea for her
Flint: So, whenever you're ready Ash…
Ariadne: However you prefer it, she is your companion.

  • Ashling raises an eyebrow.

Ariadne: Was there another location besides the healer's guild where you felt the disturbance?
Ashling: Funny how a few days make such a difference in one's worries about being ambushed.
Flint: Your concern is noted.
Ashling: (( ))
Ariadne: (Right.)
Jocelyn: (Whenever folks are ready, you can switch to the map labelled 'city)
Ashling: MY concern? I offered to bait to rule her out and everyone was afraid Zoriada would just be ready for us.
Ashling: (to be* bait)
Jocelyn has disconnected.
Ashling: (( I have to finish memorizing spells and cast one before leaving ))
Jocelyn has connected.
Ashling: (oh, and lure*)
Flint: the conditions are ab it different. we have more protection now, both with us and at Aben's
Flint: I'm a little less worried now.
Flint: a little.
Ariadne: I appreciate your confidence, Master Flint. *smiles*

  • Flint nods and smirks

Ariadne: But should we not divide our forces? Perhaps Mistress Ashling could lead a second group once she's finished with her healing duties here?

  • Ashling finishes memorizing spells and casts detect taint.

Ariadne: (Or not.)
Flint: I'm not one for tactical deployments, so I couldn't say what would be the best plan
Ariadne: Well we can wait for her to finish, that will give me a little time to go over the defensive situation here.

  • Flint is content to wait. … and enjoys some more coffee
  • Jilik goes back to harassing Phrixus about being squishy while he waits

Muken: Away From Keyboard
Ariadne: Jinan, would you mind taking Kalla and my students on a tour of the house and grounds today?
Flint: Ariadne, how did you get so many students! That's quite a host you have.

  • Jinan does so, flirting liberally with Kalla as he does

Muken: Back
Ariadne: A fair question—quite honestly, it was through the grace of Athena I think. Almost half of them showed up on my academy's doorstep unlooked for.
Ariadne: But as for the rest, we all set out from Kelosia together as a group to establish the school here.
Flint: Seems like a good idea for a business. I can't think of much competition in town..
Ashling: (after about an hour Ashling is done seeing to Dima for now and can go)
Jocelyn: City map?
Ariadne: *Ariadne laughs heartily* Would that I were in it for the business.
Flint: (to the new people) you'll need to save your token from the other map, and place a new one here
Flint: (can't copy from map to map)
Flint: (lame, I know)
Jocelyn: The healer's guild is the large building due east
Jocelyn: And you are currently in the Gnomish district.
Jocelyn: Lots and lots of midgets
Flint: (to Muken, Ariadne) My workshop is nearby. You should see it sometime!
Flint: We carry all the essentials… firearms, ammo, engineer's kits, goggles, black powder, incendiaries, you name it!
Jocelyn: Everyone able to view the new map?
Flint: (yep)
Jocelyn: (you seem to be the only one)
Flint: (maybe because I'm hosting? hmm)
Flint: (say something, other people! )
Ashling: ((oh, I'm here! ))
Jocelyn: afk 1 sec
Muken: wee
Jocelyn: back
Ashling: (( meanwhile, lets see if my token will work… ))
Flint: (looks good)
Ashling: (( NO WAY ))
Jocelyn: (I cannot help but consider this success a token of ill omen)
Flint: Does the healer's guild sell anything? We could go in under the guise of shopping…
Jocelyn: It sells potions and healing supplies
Ashling: ((are we at the healer's guild already?))
Flint: (walking up to it)
Muken: (I could use a few supplies myself actually…)
Flint: (well first things first… Does anything look obviously amiss from the outside? I look around…)
Flint: (maybe walk around the building once)
Ariadne: That seems reasonable.
Gnome Townsfolk: Greetings!
Jocelyn: Townsfolk wander around in their daily routines, and you see nothing amiss. You do note that some guards and a few healers asking people if they have seen a small human boy
Ariadne: (What sorts of buildings are nearby?)
Jocelyn: A few other gnome guildhalls. Alchemist's guild, Sage's Guild, Gemcutter's Guild, Papermaker's Guild

  • Ashling goes up to one of the healers.

Ashling: Who is missing?
Ashling: ((and I can't move my token ))
Gnome Healer: One of the fosterlings
Ariadne: *Ariadne asks the same thing of one of the guards*
Ashling: Was it Tomas?
Ashling: The boy Lord Lalinlor brought in a few months ago?
Gnome Healer: Why, yes, have you seen him? Please tell me you've seen him
Ashling: I have not, I'm afraid. When did he disappear?
Gnome Healer: Yesterday. He was supposed to go visit the Lordship, but went missing.
Gnome Healer: His Lordship is worried sick.
Ashling: Oh dear…

  • Ashling looks quite disturbed.

Ariadne: Where was he last seen?
Gnome Healer: Here, at the guildhall.
Ashling: Could you tell me if a woman in a veil has been here?
Gnome Healer: There have been a few that match that description. Many of the woman from Basira or Vasant wear veils
Flint: Can we see his room? Maybe there is something there that could help us?

  • Ashling tries to describe Sabine a bit better.

Gnome Healer: And who might I ask are you?
Flint: We are …. friends, of his Lordship
Gnome Healer: Actually, that woman was here asking about the boy this morning.
Gnome Healer: She was quite upset when she found out. I was worried for a moment she was going to get violent.
Gnome Healer: I do not know if I can let you see the room. His Lordship would be most upset if I let just anyone muck about
Ashling: Was the same woman here before?
Flint: Trust me, ma'am, we know Lalinlor, you can double check with him if you need to.
Gnome Healer: Not that I know
Gnome Healer: Very well. Follow me please?

  • Flint shrugs and follows

Gnome Healer: Right through here
Flint: (quietly to Ashling) let me know if you see something …. (as they enter)

  • Ashling looks around.
  • Flint does the same…
  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+2+mod Search Check => 14 + 2 + 0 = 16
  • Jilik stays on alert, and out of the way of the investigators
  • Muken pulls a pair of glass from his haversack, and puts them on before gazing around the room.

Ariadne: Did the woman say anything more besides asking about the boy?
Jocelyn: The room actually looks cozy. Comfy bed, a few toys, several books, nice clothing
Gnome Healer: Well, she did comment about someone else couldn't have found him first, but she was murmuring and walking away. That's all I caught.
Gnome Healer: I assume then that I was correct in thinking her a threat to Tomas?
Ashling: Most likely.
Ashling: Was he getting along well here?
Ariadne: Not the only threat, apparently.
Gnome Healer: I will keep the guards on alert then
Flint: Is he normally allowed out of the building unsupervised? Or did he leave on his own without permission?
Gnome Healer: Oh, yes. The Lordship was most kind in regards to his foster son. He thought it was safer for him to stay here then among the undercurrants of the council district, what with the trauma he'd been through.
Gnome Healer: Normally, he visits the Lordship accompanied by one of the Lord's bodyguards. However, when the bodyguard arrived, Tomas was gone. No one saw him leave.

  • Muken puts his glasses away, and tries to pay better attention to the conversation at hand.

Flint: Have you had any other visitors here recently, that may have had access to his room?
Ashling: And no one else was noticed hanging around yesterday morning?
Gnome Healer: We have many visitors, but few come to the children's rooms.
Gnome Healer: A few were seen, but they have already been questioned and shown to have legitimate business.
Ariadne: What about through other entrances? A window perhaps?
Ashling: (( do we need to roll search checks for the room? ))
Flint: ( I know I rolled one…)
Jocelyn: No windows in this room
Flint: (to the GM)
Ashling: (( I hadn't done it yet as my search skill sucks ))
Jocelyn: The other windows are within view of the stationed guards
Ariadne: (yeah Ariadne's got horrible eyesight)
Flint: Are there any exits an inquisitive child could have simply escaped through? A cellar pasageway or roof access?
Jocelyn: There does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary in this room, other than it's a bit nicer than the other orphans' rooms
Ariadne: Hmm, that begs the question, is there anything not within view of the stationed guards?
Gnome Healer: Sadly, yes. Most of the kids want to stay here, so we really don't put much effort into preventing them from leaving.
Ashling: Tomas liked going to visit Lord Lalinlor?
Gnome Healer: When they do leave, they usually just go to the gardens, which they are allowed. A couple of the other kids saw him there
Gnome Healer: Oh yes. He adored his Lordship.
Flint: Can you show us to the gardens please?

  • Gnome Healer gestures for you to follow her
  • Flint takes his time as he walks, peeking into open doors, etc.
  • Ashling sets Una down to sniff around.

Ashling: (( OMG its a huge "?" ))
Gnome Healer: As you can see, any of the kids could climb the trees and get over the fence. That's the most common escape route, so we keep an eye on it but as long as they don't go far, we don't worry too much
Flint: (heh I see them as treetops)
Little Boy: Tag! You are it!

  • Ashling walks around, looking for anything odd - like odd plant growth
  • Flint strolls around the garden as well

Little Girl: Am not!
Jocelyn: The garden is exceptionally lush, especially considering it should be winter
Ashling: (more so than Aben's?)
Jocelyn: Yes
Ashling: Who cares for the garden?
Gnome Healer: It is part of the duties of the apprentices.
Gnome Healer: But we all pitch in.
Gnome Healer: Sometimes the druids aid a bit.
Ashling: Anyone in particular? Your garden is amazingly lush for wintertime.
Gnome Healer: The druid who came through a few days ago said the same. But it's been so mild this year. Probably going to drop ten feet of snow on us next week
Ashling: Then you don't know the druids who have tended this? I had hoped I might know one of them.

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+8+mod Sense Motive => 17 + 8 + 0 = 25

Gnome Healer: Lómebrind is the one who usually comes by. He's sweet on one of the healers.
Ashling: Ah, I know him a little.
Gnome Healer: Therin, come here a moment!
Older Boy: huh?
Gnome Healer: Tell these nice people when you last saw Tomas
Older Boy: Oh, the weird kid. Last I saw him, he was climbin the fence and chasin some guy in a cloak.
Flint: chasing someone?
Ariadne: Oh dear.
Older Boy: Then the cloaked guy went in the buildin, and Tomas started to come back here, then went wanderin off.
Ashling: Did he say anything?
Older Boy: Nope. Tomas don't talk to nobody much
Ashling: The cloaked man went in your building?
Older Boy: Nope, inta the gemcutter's guild. I think Tomas thunk he was somebody else
Flint: ok, and then he wandered off? which way?
Older Boy: He'd been peekin over the fence a couple times afor that, but that was the first time he'd climbed over
Older Boy: That way

  • Older Boy points east

Ariadne: That's a start. Thank you young man.
Flint: Ok, so he know he got out on his own and wasn't abducted from the building…
Older Boy: I hope ya find him. he was weird, but nice.
Ashling: (( afk, heating food ))
Flint: (so we*)
Gnome Healer: Any other questions I can answer? If you find anything, please let the Lordship know.
Muken: Seems alot of people you guys know, like to leave at just the right moment.

  • Muken shrugs his shoulders lightly.
  • Flint nods to the healer and thanks her politely
  • Gnome Healer goes back to her duties
  • Flint looks to the party.

Ariadne: Yes thank you for your help.
Flint: Well, what do you fellows think?
Jilik: They don't worry too much about security here. Not many folks would bother the healers.
Ariadne: I think we should pay the gemcutters a visit.
Flint: The healer seemed honest enough to me. It could be just a case of runaway kid, but I somehow doubt it.
Muken: (And my time has come once again. Thanks again for the game. My character bio is on wiki if anyone is interested.)
Flint: (ok thanks)
Ariadne: (cool, goodnight)
Muken has disconnected.
Jocelyn: (Muken wanders off to tend to his shop)
Ariadne: I think if the sorceress is after him, it's not just a runaway.
Jilik: Look for him then, or go talk to the lord?
Ashling: (( back ))
Flint: The runaway theory is really just wishful thinking on my part. The gemcutter's is nearby, I'm ok with looking there first.

  • Ashling stops in Tomas's room again to make sure Una gets his scent before leaving.

Gemcutting Guildmember: Can I help you?
Gemcutting Guildmember: (that's odd)
Gemcutting Guildmember: (huh)
Flint: Hello, craftsman! Open for business today?
Gemcutting Guildmember: Always. A pretty gem for your pretty ladies?

  • Gemcutting Guildmember winks

Flint: Please, show us in!

  • Gemcutting Guildmember takes you into the building that I didn't bother to draw

Gemcutting Guildmember: What can I help you with today?

  • Flint looks over the display cases, nodding in approval at the craftsmanship
  • Gemcutting Guildmember sort of edges Ashling and Ariadne towards a display of diamond and gold jewelry
  • Ashling looks politely.
  • Jilik tries not to bump anything

Gemcutting Guildmember: We do have a few enchanted items too, if that is your preference
Ariadne: I don't wear diamons well. Do you have anything in blue?

  • Gemcutting Guildmember shows you a display containing sapphires and another containing blue topaz

Ariadne: *Ariadne feigns interest*

  • Gemcutting Guildmember offers Ariadne a pale blue jade choker, priced at 125 gold
  • Flint discreetly looks around for anything unusual. poking his head into side rooms, etc.

Jocelyn: You see craftsmen at work, most gnomish. A human man in a heavy traveler's cloak is talking to a craftsman, asking about progress on an item
Flint: (I attempt to eavesdrop on this)
Flint: (good gnomish ears)
Jocelyn: (roll it)
Ariadne: A choker, no I don't think so, it'd interfere with my singing. What about a hairpin?

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+13+mod Listen Check => 13 + 13 + 0 = 26
  • Gemcutting Guildmember offers a silver comb with small sapphires and an oceanic theme and a pair of topaz imbedded silver earrings

Ariadne: Oooh, very nice.
Cloaked Man: ..ready three days ago…what is the hold up?
Craftsman: You wanted a specific color opal, it took longer than usual to get one. Stop bothering me or I'm raising the damn price
Gemcutting Guildmember: A mere 200 gold for the hairpin, and 400 for the earrings
Cloaked Man: Look, if it's not ready by tomorrow, there is going to be some trouble, you understand me?
Craftsman: yeah yeah yeah, my head on a pike, entrails for fishbait, blah blah blah
Cloaked Man: Little man, if…hey, who the hell are you?

  • Cloaked Man notices Flint

Ariadne: I like the comb, but that's too steep on the earrings since they're not matching.
Flint: (erk!)

  • Gemcutting Guildmember offers a pair of exotic sapphire earrings

Ariadne: (Well, so much for the diversion)
Flint: I'm a customer, like yourself.

  • Gemcutting Guildmember doesn't seem to have overheard the commotion

Cloaked Man: Sure ya are.

  • Cloaked Man walks over and slams the door in Flint's face
  • Flint turns away from the door with a smirk on his face.

Gemcutting Guildmember: these earrings are a mere 800 gold, exotic sapphires all the way from the Frozen North
Gemcutting Guildmember: The highest quality, I assure you
Flint: I'll be outside ladies, when you're ready.

  • Flint heads for the exit.
  • Jilik follows Flint

Flint: (to Jilik) something's up with the cloaked guy in there. we might need to "chat" with him
Ashling: I didn't know there were mines in the frozen north.
Jilik: I can arrange taht
Flint: and by "chat", I mean "throw him into a wall or two"
Gemcutting Guildmember: Ah yes, the kobolds mine up there, and there are dwarves
Jilik: I knew I liked you
Ashling: In Falkor?

  • Cloaked Man comes around the building, obviously annoyed

Gemcutting Guildmember: Just north of Falkor, outside the boundaries any of the Northmen claim

  • Flint coughs loudly to his companions inside

Ariadne: I didn't either, I'll have to ask my friend Flint. Excuse me good sir.
Ashling: How interesting.

  • Jilik 'accidently' bumps into the cloaked man

Jilik: Scuse me

  • Flint approaches behind Jilik

Cloaked Man: You are excused. Get the hell out of my way.
Flint: Let's go for a walk, chief.
Cloaked Man: you and what army, short stuff?

  • Flint puts a hand on his pistol for emphasis
  • Jilik looms threateningly

Flint: I just want to talk
Cloaked Man: And I don't.
Flint: and my metal friend here doesn't like No for an answer.

  • Jilik stays in the man's way, preventing him from leaving

Cloaked Man: Your metal friend is about to get dented.
Flint: It's your call.
Gemcutting Guildmember: Would you care to look at anything else?
Cloaked Man: Let me guess… someone picked your pocket and hurt your poor little feelings.
Cloaked Man: to damn bad, not my problem.
Ashling: No thank you. We are sorry for taking up your time.

  • Ashling smiles and heads out the door.

Gemcutting Guildmember: Quite alright. You lovely ladies take care and come back anytime
Flint: like I said, I have some simple questions, and then I'll be out of your way. if you would please …. *motions to a discreet place*
Ariadne: I think I've seen what I want, thank you, and I'm sure my friend will be happy to help me with them, excuse me while I go ask. *Ariadne smiles and leaves*
Cloaked Man: What the hell do you want?

  • Cloaked Man shows no signs of wanting to follow you into a back alley

Ashling: Flint, why don't you just arrest him?
Flint: Fine. We're looking for a boy who went missing. He chased someone matching your description. What do you know?
Jilik: (in gnomish) want me to drag him?

  • Cloaked Man gazes at Flint suspiciously

Cloaked Man: You mean the Lordship's kid?
Flint: Yeah. How do you know it's the Lordship's kid?
Cloaked Man: Cause everyone in this area is askin bout him.
Flint: You didn't answer my question though. Seen him anywhere?

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+8+mod Sense Motive => 1 + 8 + 0 = 9

You whisper to Jocelyn: bah
Cloaked Man: I ain't seen him. And if I had, I'da taken him to the Lordship myself. The Lordship is a good man and don't deserve ta have nobody make off with his kid.
Flint: I agree with you.

  • Cloaked Man relaxes a bit

Cloaked Man: If'n ya find him, take care o him. His Lordship helped me da out.
Flint: How do you mean?
Cloaked Man: Me da is a leatherworker. His Lordship is good to the poor folk, gave him gold.
Flint: So what's a leatherworker's son doing having some fancy jewelry made? Got a special someone?
Cloaked Man: That ain't your business.
Cloaked Man: We done now?

  • Cloaked Man starts to move on
  • Jilik looks over at Flint
  • Flint lets him go.
  • Jilik nods to Flint

Ariadne: Is everything all right Flint?

  • Flint is grumbling to himself

Flint: I thought I had a lead, but maybe it wasn't…
Flint: That man was yelling at some gnomes inside, was having some fancy custom jewelry made. Something about a strnage color opal
Flint: Could have been nothing, but he was voerly confrontational about it
Flint: overly*
Jilik: He seems like he's overly confrontational a lot
Ariadne: I'm afraid I don't have much of a head for gemstones, though the gemcutter seemed to think otherwise.
Jilik: Where too now?

  • Flint puts his hands in his pockets and looks at his feet.

Flint: hmm
Ariadne: Did he say anything about the boy at all?
Ashling: Fancy gems?
Ashling: Did he say for who?
Flint: Yeah, a strange color opal. No he didn't.
Flint: They're still making it though. The piece is still in that building, being made.
Flint: Again, it could be nothing…
Ariadne: Why would the boy just run after him like that though? Very strange.
Flint: The boy has …. some special talents
Jocelyn has disconnected.
Ashling: The other boy seemed to think Tomas mistook him for someone else.
Jocelyn has connected.
Ariadne: (welcome back)
Jocelyn: (I hates my ISP)
Flint: Should we talk to Lalinlor?
Ashling: Worth a try, I suppose.
Jocelyn: You will have to take a ferry to get from the gnome district to the council/dragon district
Ariadne: That seems like the next step. We can always come back here later to check on the opal matter.
Ashling: I need to run another errand in the coulcil district anyway.
Jocelyn: (you can get to the council district without incident, and poof, the healer's guild is now Lalinlor's house
Ashling: ((that's where the elven embassy is, yes?
Flint: Ashling is it possible the sparrow you spoke to was reacting to the boy's presence?
Flint: Given his … unique talent?
Ashling: Yes, most liekly.
Ashling: And the inn in the Sclavini district was proabably where Dima and his friends were staying.
Jocelyn: Lalinlor's house is the smallest of the council lord accomodations
Jocelyn: The Elven embassy is not far from where the council lords reside
Flint: (explaining to Ariadne) Lalinlor is a previous travelling companion of ours, before he became a Lord. he can be a bit … odd
Ariadne: Ah. Well, you would know him best then.
Flint: you would think. some in our number don't trust him at all.
Ashling: He gets along well with undead.
Ariadne: Oh.
Ariadne: I don't think I would trust him either then.
Flint: ther'es something you should know about the boy too
Ariadne: You said he has a unique talent?
Flint: he was the son of a mad healer before Lalinlor took guardianship
Flint: he has some kind of control over the undead as well
Ashling: I don't think he is entirely human anymore.
Flint: he merely speaks a word and can control them. some kind of strange language,
Flint: like a true speech or something
Ariadne: Hmm.
Ashling: Kazi said it was a forbidden language, a dark language.
Flint: Right.
Ariadne: (Can I roll Bardic knowledge on that, or is that not enough to go on?)
Ashling: The man who called himself his father experimented with undead, and Tomas as well, no doubt.
Jocelyn: (you can)

  • Scylfing rolls: d20 +6 => 8 + 6 = 14

Ariadne: (oh well)
Ariadne: That's ghastly.
Flint: and unfortunate. but it's most certainly behind his disappearance somehow
Flint: there are those who would use his talents, if they knew about it
Flint: which is why this is an important issue
Ariadne: Like this sorceress woman.
Flint: probably.
Flint: and at least one other party, apparentl;y
Ariadne: Right. Even so, I would think this Lalinlor would want to get to the bottom of this.
Jocelyn: Anyone going to knock on the door after that plot exposition ?

  • Flint knocks
  • Butler opens the door

Butler: Greetings, how may I help you?
Flint: is the Lord in?
Butler: He is. Do you have an appointment?
Flint: No, but I assure you it's urgent. Please tell him Aben's friends have arrived.
Butler: Of course. One moment
Butler: He would be happy to speak with you. Follow me please
Jocelyn: Una starts chittering

  • Flint glances at Ashling

Butler: Through here

  • Bodyguard doesn't seem to be a very imposing bodyguard
  • Butler raises an eyebrow at Ashling
  • Ashling soothes Una.
  • Flint goes to where he is guided

Lalinlor Loth: You are looking well. Nice to see you
Lalinlor Loth: Please come in and make yourselves comfortable
Flint: And you as well. *bows*
Flint: I have to call you Lord now. I'll have to get used to that!
Lalinlor Loth: Not when the door is closed. We can be as we were
Ariadne: *Ariadne bows as she enters the room*
Lalinlor Loth: Flint, Ashling, I do not believe I know your companions. I am Lalinlor

  • Flint introduces Ariadne

Flint: (and Jilik)

  • Bodyguard closes the door

Lalinlor Loth: I do not suppose this is a social call
Flint: We heard about your son. We are sorry to hear about it and are here to help
Lalinlor Loth: He was due to meet me here after school at the healer's guild. He never showed up. His bodyguard was unable to locate him
Flint: He learned that he got out on his own, chasing a cloaked man down the street.
Flint: Why would he be chasing people, Lalinlor?
Lalinlor Loth: The healer's guild on my behalf is looking quite rigidly into him
Flint: We learned that*
Lalinlor Loth: I have to make quieter inquiries because the council would like to manipulate me from several angles, and taking my foster son would be a good hammer for them to use. So I cannot appear to care too much
Lalinlor Loth: I did not hear about the cloaked man
Ariadne: The child seemed to think he knew the man.
Lalinlor Loth: Can you give me a more complete description of the cloaked man?

  • Flint gives a description of the man he and Jilik apprehended
  • Flint also tells him abotu the jewelry he was having made at the gemcutter's

Ashling: But Tomas may have mistook him for someone else. One of your retainers, perhaps.
Lalinlor Loth: I know I shouldn't be upset at Tomas, but part of me blames him for not following protocol. He should have known to wait for his bodyguard
Ariadne: So that man doesn't sound familiar?
Lalinlor Loth: He has run off without his bodyguard before, but I always considered that boys will be boys
Lalinlor Loth: A cloaked man, average height, average weight, human, not much different from any other? I will make some discreet inquiries.
Lalinlor Loth: Please tell me what else you are working on. I must apologize for leaving so abruptly.
Flint: If he were on his own, is there anywhere else he might vae gone, besides here?
Lalinlor Loth: We went to several local parks.
Lalinlor Loth: He enjoyed the outdoors.
Lalinlor Loth: Probably from having spent so much time in the sewers
Ariadne: *Ariadne grimaces*
Ashling: nd besides your political rivals,is there anyone else who might be interested in him?
Lalinlor Loth: Flint has not told you the story of how we rescued him?
Ashling: (And*)
Lalinlor Loth: Only as a tool to manipulate me.
Ashling: I was there, don't you rememeber?
Lalinlor Loth: Ariadne was not
Ashling: ((oh, was he talking to Airiadne? ))
Ariadne: I'm only just hearing about these matters now, lord.
Flint: (responding to her grimace I think)
Ashling: ((so hard to tell sometimes))
Flint: Well, drop us a message if you feel we can help with anything or you get another lead.
Ashling: We'll be glad to help you look for him.
Ariadne: Indeed.
Lalinlor Loth: Thank you for that. Are you able to stay and visit? I miss the opportunity to talk to people who are not trying to use me.

  • Flint looks quickly to Ashling "Sure, I think we could manage."

Ashling: Yes, of course. But I thought you said you were leaving.
Lalinlor Loth: I would be happy to alter my plans to spend some time with friends
Jocelyn: :::insert awkward silence here:::
Ariadne: ((sorry, fading a bit))

  • Flint makes himself comfortable, sits in a chair to chat for a while

Jocelyn: We can call it here, pick up same place next week?
Flint: that's cool
Jocelyn: can you save the message log and post it for me? The stupid crashes ate it
Flint: I'll mail it to you, so you can edit as necessary
Jocelyn: awesome
Flint: so everyone can see my 1 roll on a Sense Motive
Flint: bah
Jocelyn: anything else needs to be done tonight?
Jocelyn: lol
Ashling: just burning my character sheet
Jocelyn: I told you when you rolled, Ashling was trying to kill you, but you didn't react

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