Session 30

Tanya has connected.
Chris has connected.
Tanya: what's going on?
Keres: Since Ariadne's player can't make it, you two are the only ones conversing with Lalinlor
Tanya: ok…
Chris: what about Muken/Mar'Solla/Bin?
Keres: Bin is away, Mar'solla and Muken aren't online
Keres: I'm thinking Bin is dropping
Chris: (so, to refresh my memory, did Lalinlor have any leads for us as to where to find his son?)
Keres: Nope. He's had to keep his investigations low-key so appreciates any help you can provide there
Tanya: (he suggested it might be political)
Flint: Well thanks for the chat Lalinlor. I think we should look around a bit on your behalf, and the sooner the better.
Flint: I'm thinking maybe we could ask our sponsor for leads.
Keres: He'd also asked what you all had been up to lately
Flint: Oh, well, to be honest not a whole lot. I've been finishing up my dirigble. Coming along nicely now.
Ashling: Did you notice that strange occurence yesterday?
Lalinlor Loth: There has been some comment by the council members about you and your activities
Lalinlor Loth: Yes, I did. I think everyone did.
Lalinlor Loth: Any conjecture at this point is just conjecture. I have feelers out for it, as do most of the council lords
Flint: You mean my activities specifically or the Consortium's?
Lalinlor Loth: The Consortium.
Flint: and is it good or bad?
Lalinlor Loth: You seem to have a patron that has more influence than I do. I suggest you keep him.
Lalinlor Loth: Things are rarely black or white
Lalinlor Loth: You just have to know what color everyone is.
Lalinlor Loth: The correct answer is gray most of the time
Lalinlor Loth: For example, Lord Adamo allowed me to take over management through the healer's guild of the asylum.
Ashling: So we heard.
Lalinlor Loth: He was willing to do this because he had taken political hits in other areas and it was a poorly kept secret that he was using this area as a detention ground for political prisoners
Flint: Hiss loss is your gain, then
Lalinlor Loth: Adamo, while he has to relocate where he keeps political prisoners, but in the general public's eyes, he seems accomodating and working for the improvement of the city.
Lalinlor Loth: My gain is that I can continue to establish the representation of the neglected within Shieldmeet
Lalinlor Loth: When I was walking through festival, several lords would stop in the poor, less fancy shops, and overpay for goods.
Lalinlor Loth: Just so that they could say 'I helped someone'
Flint: That's very insincere.
Lalinlor Loth: I do not have the influence, so I actually help.
Flint: Or at least ignorant.
Lalinlor Loth: Yes on both counts, and for me as well
Lalinlor Loth: So while I'm being ground to hamburger, I am going to try to help those without a voice
Flint: Things have gone easier for us ingeneral since we have some of the Council's backing, so I suppose I shouldn't trash them TOO much.
Lalinlor Loth: It is all about compromise and what lets you sleep at night
Lalinlor Loth: I have, in the past, since I became council lord, and will in the future, have to make decisions that will not sit well with myself or others

  • Ashling gazes admiringly at Lalinlor.

Lalinlor Loth: Because of my background, in Itotia, my life expectancy in Shieldmeet is rather limited, I never discussed the situation that brought me to Shieldmeet. Suffice it to say, that the politics in my homeland tend towards assassination rather than discussion.
Lalinlor Loth: So at some point, in the near future, I will probably be killed. You can look to my homeland for the hand putting gold into the killer's purse.
Flint: Why would people from your homeland want to kill you?
Lalinlor Loth: My great aunt is the high priestess who is third favorite to the lich.
Flint: Who is this "lich"/
Lalinlor Loth: The lich rules Tawantinsuyu.
Lalinlor Loth: As he has for the past two hundred years or so
Lalinlor Loth: He encourages competition between high priests.
Lalinlor Loth: Please remember that we are considered 'uncivilized'.
Flint: I'm not familiar with the culture.
Lalinlor Loth: Imagine losing a game and being the sacrifice at dinner.
Lalinlor Loth: Imagine being raised as cattle.
Lalinlor Loth: It is very much a might makes right culture, with magic often providing the might

  • Flint puts down his drink.

Flint: It sounds awful, if you don't mind me saying.
Lalinlor Loth: It's home, and I don't mind
Lalinlor Loth: You have to adapt to the circumstances you are given.
Lalinlor Loth: There have been many cults that have arisen in the jungle. I found a few references, one that involved a name that I seem to recall from what Aben found. Zahirah.
Flint: Oh? What did you find?
Lalinlor Loth: Zahirah is a minor goddess in Tawantinsuyu. Represented by stylized jaguar.
Flint: …goddess?
Ashling: What little informationwe have is from roughly 200 years ago. Are there legends that say how she became a goddess?
Lalinlor Loth: Worshiped by those who, for want of a better explanation, wish to improve upon the natural order. One method they use is to magically interbred species. There were many aberrations in that area
Flint: And are those groups still active, do you know?
Lalinlor Loth: She came to the land as a mortal, and rose to godhood by the acclaim of those she created.
Lalinlor Loth: The lich does not care for competition, but yes, there is a small but strong following there that he tolerates. Their temple is older than the rest of the city.
Lalinlor Loth: So, Ashling, Flint, what can you tell me of events after I had to leave you in Sclavini?
Ashling: Kazi and Feliks got married.
Lalinlor Loth: I do not find that information the least bit surprising
Flint: They decided not to stay with us in Shieldmeet, they have other affairs up North now
Lalinlor Loth: I was speaking with Casimar this morning. Apparently, Kazi's parents, among others, were killed by assassins during a peace talk
Ashling: What?
Flint: oh no! are you sure?
Lalinlor Loth: I was speaking with Casimar this morning. Apparently, Kazi's parents, among others, were killed by assassins during a peace talk
Flint: (echo?)
Lalinlor Loth: I do not have details yet.
Flint: That would mean Kazi is in charge now
Flint: and Feliks
Lalinlor Loth: Several Amareth nobles were also killed. Casimar did not know whom
Flint: I wonder who could have pulled that off … I heard each of Kazi's parents were capable in their own right…
Ashling: And no one knows who the assassins were? Or who hired them?
Lalinlor Loth: Not yet. From what Casimar said, the attack was magical in origin.

  • Ashling jumps to her feet.

Ashling: This is terrible… I have to go…
Lalinlor Loth: If you need an escort, please let me know.

  • Ashling looks rather agitated.
  • Flint stands as well.

Lalinlor Loth: Than you for taking the time to visit with me. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  • Lalinlor Loth rises as well

Flint: We'll have to continue this discussion later. Thanks Lalinlor.
Ashling: No, it's all right. I am sorry about Tomas.
Lalinlor Loth: Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Please, let me know if you learn anything
Ashling: Yes, of course.

  • Butler shows you out

Keres: Outside, a surprisingly warm rain has begun to fall.

  • Flint knocks on Jilik's knee-plate to let him know we're don

Ashling: I have to go to the Elven Embassy. (she heads that way)
Flint: wait up!

  • Flint shuffles after her

Keres: You have now reached the Elven embassy

  • Ashling asks to see Sir Leandros.

Sir Leandros: Yes?
Ashling: ((are we really meeting outside or is this indoors?))
Keres: You are shown to a private balcony
Ashling: I don't know if you have already heard, but the assassinations of the Lord and Lady of Andrzej…
Sir Leandros: Yes. We heard.
Sir Leandros: We lost two knights that were accompanying a diplomat

  • Sir Leandros is coldly angry

Ashling: And you do not know who the assassins were either?
Sir Leandros: No.
Ashling: I am worried about Darus…
Sir Leandros: If it sooths your mind though, we do not believe Lord and Lady Andrzej were the targets. They were simply collateral damage. We believe the target was the King of Worden.
Ashling: Oh! Was he also killed?
Sir Leandros: By chance, he was delayed.
Ashling: But then they went ahead with the assassination attempt anyway?
Sir Leandros: It is likely they did not realize he was delayed. The attack occured moments after his herald entered, which normally signifies the presense of the King.
Sir Leandros: He was delayed only slightly, and thus out of range of the spell that killed the others.

  • Sir Leandros drops his voice even quieter

Sir Leandros: We believe Adamo and his ally, Sorina, may have had a hand in the attack. However, we cannot prove this.
Ashling: I see…
Ashling: But why would they target the King of Worden?
Sir Leandros: Adamo is in line for the throne
Ashling: Oh dear…
Sir Leandros: And the King was preparing to create a treaty between Amareth and Sclavini, which would have free a large portion of the Amareth army to attend other matters.
Ashling: What kind of other matters?
Ashling: Not Righnach, i hope!
Sir Leandros: Pirates, unrest in the colonies in the goblin wilds, the usual bloody noses between Amareth and Falkor, investigating why it seems every dragon in the world has suddenly taken wing, take your pick.
Sir Leandros: And of course, yesterday's oddity
Flint: What was that last bit about the dragons?
Sir Leandros: The dragons are flying East.
Flint: And I suppose no one knows why…
Ashling: When did this start?
Sir Leandros: Dragons tend not to bother explaining themselves to us 'lesser beings'
Sir Leandros: It has been going on for some time, but recently the numbers picked up
Flint: What about our own dragon here in town? If he still exists…
Sir Leandros: If he still exists, he hasn't deigned to show or explain himself
Ashling: Does anyone know where they ahve gone?
Ashling: have*
Sir Leandros: The dragon allies of the knighthood politely told us to 'mind our own business' when we asked.
Sir Leandros: Only that they are all headed east.
Ashling: What is to the east… Tatsuo? Itotia?
Sir Leandros: Both.
Ashling: But then things have been well in Andrzej?
Sir Leandros: Things are chaotic in Andrzej. Their lord and lady were killed only yesterday
Flint: What about clerics? Can they be raised?
Flint: Surely resources could be brought to bear…
Sir Leandros: Require bodies.
Flint: And there were none left?
Ashling: I meant until now - particularly in the area near LonDaer.
Sir Leandros: The entire building was incinerated
Sir Leandros: Until now, yes. All seemed well.

  • Ashling nods slowly.

Ashling: I have other news as well.
Sir Leandros: Oh?
Ashling: Yesterday's event seems to have awakened Zahirah - she was in Sabine in some way.
Sir Leandros: That is….bad. Very bad.
Ashling: yes.
Ashling: Lev brought Dima to us last night, badly wounded with a magical disease Zahirah had caused
Sir Leandros: I will notify the Captain.
Ashling: His wounds were also tainted but the taint seems to be fading.
Sir Leandros: taint doesn't fade.
Ashling: That's what I thought too.
Sir Leandros: Just the opposite, in fact
Sir Leandros: If a limb is tainted, the usual treatment is amputation.
Ashling: It was fading this morning when I was looking for it. That's all I can say.
Sir Leandros: Odd.
Sir Leandros: Something else at work, perhaps/
Ashling: It must be.
Flint: It could have something to do with Dima, or whatelse is in him
Ashling: Evaric?
Flint: Sure.
Sir Leandros: Evaric was a spellcaster, from what little we know
Sir Leandros: We never determined to our satisfaction whether he was priest, magi, or something else.
Ashling: Removal of taint ggenerally requires divine help.
Sir Leandros: yes.
Sir Leandros: What are your plans now?
Ashling: Well, there is also the matter of Lord Lalinlor's missing ward.
Sir Leandros: The boy has vanished with a skill the greatest theives in the land would envy
Ashling: The boy is strange and unnatural. And I think Zahirah was looking for him but someone else beat her to him.
Sir Leandros: I do know Zoriada was seen near Lord Lalinlor's home.
Ashling: When?
Sir Leandros: She eluded us however, and we have not seen her since
Sir Leandros: yesterday eve.
Sir Leandros: Away From Keyboard
Ashling: ((I will go heat up dinner then))
Ashling: ((back))
Sir Leandros: back
Ashling: (( remind me when Tomas disappeared - it was the day before, yes?))
Sir Leandros: It was a surprise to see her, as our intelligence had put her in Tatsuo
Sir Leandros: (yes, yesterday, before the strange events)
Ashling: That's what Dima had told us also.
Sir Leandros: I would like to speak to Dima at some point.
Flint: I wouldn't be surprised if both were true
Flint: she can teleport now most likely
Ashling: He was unconscious when I left him this morning.
Sir Leandros: Yes, she can. Either by her own power, or by scroll
Sir Leandros: Ah, which reminds me.

  • Sir Leandros rummages through some papers, then offers you two scrolls

Sir Leandros: in case you need to teleport somewhere.

  • Flint looks eager, but lets Ashling take them

Ashling: Thank you.
Sir Leandros: Also, Mr. Flint, your flying contraption looks most intriguing.
Flint: it'll be ready soon!

  • Sir Leandros smiles

Ashling: Do you know a man called Devdas in Vasant?
Flint: I'll give you aride sometime.
Sir Leandros: Devdas?
Sir Leandros: The name is vaguely familiar….
Ashling: Dima mentioned him.

  • Sir Leandros rummages through his papers.

Ashling: I think Cross's wife is with him.
Ashling: He also said something about a diseased boy we must save.
Sir Leandros: Ah, here…Devdas. Minor Rajah in Ishana.
Sir Leandros: Could he be referring to Tomas?
Ashling: He could be.
Ashling: he was only conscious for a few moments.
Sir Leandros: Or, if Evaric and Dima are seperate minds, could Evaric have been referring to Dima?
Ashling: I don't know. He's a little old be called a boy.
Sir Leandros: That depends on one's perspective, my dear girl

  • Sir Leandros winks

Ashling: True.
Ashling: Is there anymore information on Devdas? Dima said he could help us.
Sir Leandros: His territory is near Vibishana.
Sir Leandros: Unfortunately, that's all I have
Ashling: I suppose we'll have to go and meet him ourselves.
Ashling: I will let you know when Dima awakes.
Sir Leandros: If you need, we have a ship headed to Ishana in three days time. You are welcome aboard it.
Sir Leandros: A silk trading vessel, relatively fast
Ashling: (nods in acknowledgement) Oh, and one other thing. Our seer, Aletha has left us.
Flint: with comfortable blankets, I'd imagine…
Sir Leandros: She has?
Ashling: And she has taken Lord Adamo's son with her.
Sir Leandros: (Not Adamo's son, Hiram's. Hiram works for Adamo)
Sir Leandros: That would explain Hiram's tantrum.
Ashling: (sorry, wrong name)
Sir Leandros: Adamo had ordered Hiram to find the seer, and it is my belief he means her harm. It would not surprise me if Hiram's orders were not capture, but kill.
Ashling: They left not long before he arrived demanding his son.
Ashling: No doubt she forsaw this.
Sir Leandros: Jerath has friends in our lands. If he goes to them, we will know, and tell you.
Ashling: I would greatful for any news of them.
Ashling: be* greatful
Sir Leandros: None of our people on the docks have seen them, but we do not have enough eyes for all ships
Sir Leandros: They would have told me if they had.
Sir Leandros: Was there anything else?
Ashling: Not at the moment.
Ashling: It is enough, is it not?
Sir Leandros: I hope it is.
Sir Leandros: Fare you well.
Ashling: And you.

  • Sir Leandros bows

Jilik: and then Flint starts…

  • Flint bows awkwardly

Jilik: oh, hey boss, all done talking to the elves?

  • Ashling also bows.
  • Elven Guard chuckles

Flint: Ashling did the talking. Let's go, Buckethead.
Jilik: whatever you say, Stubby.
Flint: I'll ignore one height crack. One.
Jilik: Probably over your head anyway
Flint: …
Ashling: Shall we head back?
Flint: Sure.
Ashling: (( we get back without trouble? ))
Keres: spot checks?

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+15+MOD Spot => 1 + 15 + 0 = 16
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 2 + 11 + 0 = 13

Ashling: and for Una: 11
Keres: On your way back, a halfling woman bumps into Flint, excuses herself, and moves on. You notice you are being followed by guards, which are starting to look familiar. The city seems relatively quiet otherwise. The light rain continues to fall.
Keres: Virote and Phrixus are on the gate. They both say hello as you enter, and report that the house is being watched. They've named the watchers Pinky and Blinky
Keres: And are openly mocking them
Ashling: (watched by guards?)
Keres: yep
Keres: And not subtly

  • Flint waves to those watching them

Keres: They make what you are fairly sure is a rude gesture in the Amareth culture

  • Flint feigns insult
  • Ashling makes a beeline for Dima's room.
  • Flint removes his pack and other strapped-on equipment and goes to wash up a bit

Flint: (probably dripping wet too)
Rayner: He woke enough to take some broth.
Rayner: Seems a bit better

  • Ashling sighs in relief.

Ashling: Did you give him the infusion?
Rayner: yes
Ashling: Oh good.
Rayner: Leonti and Maksim took Lev to the stables to get him out from underfoot

  • Ashling goes to feel Dima's face (see if he's still feverish).
  • Dima is a healthy color mostly, and seems only slightly warm

Ashling: He is doing well.
Jilik: So, boss, we are going travelling then?
Ashling: How about you? Why don't you go try to take a nap/
Flint: It sounds like it. What do you think about that?

  • Jilik gives a shrug

Jilik: I don't get seasick.
Flint: I suppose we won't have to feed you either
Jilik: which is good, cause I don't think I'd like fish.

  • Ashling also checks Dima's wounds/sores.

Jilik: So what's the plan then?

  • Dima is no longer green

Flint: The way I see it there are a few things we could do…
Flint: 1.) Go check out this cult in Lalinlor's homeland 2.) Go check up on this ally of Dima's
Ashling: (resist making Kermit-related joke)
Jilik: Same direction, ain't they?
Flint: I wouldn't know. If so, that'd be nice
Jilik: I think Itotia is just a bit south of Vasant. Both east-ish
Flint: So if you're right, we'll gather up some competent people, grab the next boat out of town… should be fun!
Ashling: Rayner, you can go rest if you'd like. I'll take over watching Dima.
Jilik: Are we hiring a boat crew, or should we learn how to sail?

  • Rayner nods and leaves

Flint: I was considering a third option…
Flint: A loftier option, if you will…
Jilik: That contraption of yours?
Flint: Ohhhhhhh yeah.
Flint: What better way to test it!
Jilik: I hereby volunteer not to be the test pilot
Flint: You dolt! I'll be driving.
Jilik: I volunteer not to be on the test flight, either
Flint: This is delicate machinery. Can't have you mucking it up
Jilik: I volunteer to be in the basement, hiding beneath a bed, when you test it.
Flint: You're such a baby.
Jilik: There is courage, and then there is suicide.
Gervasi: bah, sounds fun!
Gervasi: can I come?
Flint: Anyhow, it may be some time before it's ready. I'll need to check on it.
Flint: Absolutely not.
Flint: When I install a bar belowdecks, I'll have you on, how about that?
Gervasi: not even for the test flight?
Gervasi: I'll tell you where Lilja is hiding the gnomish brandy!
Flint: ok, FINE. But you're getting magicked with some feather fall before we go up, i don't wantto be responsible for killing Aben's barkeep

  • Gervasi whoops excitedly
  • Dima stirs slightly at the sound of the shouting

Ashling: Dima?
Dima: Huh…

  • Dima blinks up at you

Ashling: How do you feel?

  • Dima glances around

Dima: where am I?
Ashling: You at Aben's.
Dima: Aben…
Ashling: Do you remember what happened to you?

  • Dima furrows his brow at you

Dima: who are you?
Ashling: I am Ashling.

  • Dima sits up, groaning as he does so

Dima: oh…:::curses in Sclavini::: what happened?

  • Ashling helps him to sit up.

Ashling: Quite a bit, it seems.
Ashling: What is the last thing you remember?
Dima: Where's my dad?
Ashling: I'm afraid he's dead.
Dima: what?

  • Dima struggles to stand up

Ashling: I'm sorry. He was killed by cultists.
Dima: My brother…where is my brother?
Ashling: Slow down a bit. (tries to make him sit)
Dima: Kev? Where's Kev?
Ashling: Lev is here. I'll have someone fetch him.

  • Dima shoves you away
  • Dima using the wall for support, heads for the door

Flint: whoa whoa WHOA, there kid.
Jilik: Hey now, hold it
Ashling: Someone get Lev.
Ashling: And Aben.
Flint: it's ok Jilik.

  • Dima tries to get away from Jilik


  • Jilik flies through the air and lands on the floor

Flint: WHOA.

  • Dima stares in shock
  • Flint looks back at Jilik

Jilik: um…oof?
Gervasi: yeah…I'll go get Lev
Ashling: Dima, please sit down.
Flint: what the hell?

  • Dima sits

Jilik: Yeah, that's what I was wondering

  • Jilik stands
  • Ashling sits next to him.
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+8+mod Sense Motive => 20 + 8 + 0 = 28

Ashling: Evaric seems to be gone, at least for now.
Lev: You're okay!
Dima: Lev, what the hell is going on?
Lev: The crazy woman started blasting us all with spells and then you blasted her with a spell, and then she focused on you, and then the building caught fire, so I brung ya here.
Dima: Crazy lady?
Ashling: Gervasi, could you fetch Aben?

  • Dima glances at Ashling

Lev: No, the other crazy lady
Ashling: Lev, he doesn't remember any of that.
Ashling: The one who was possessing him is gone.
Lev: Sure he does. It's kinda hard to forget
Lev: Sabine turned out to be some sort of demon thing
Dima: Who is Sabine?
Aben: What is going on?
Ashling: Lev, did you not know about Evaric?
Lev: Yeah, folks keep calling Dima that.
Dima: Why?
Lev: I dunno.
Ashling: Evaric was a spirit who had possessed Dima. For months.
Dima: What?
Dima: No.
Ashling: Aben, Evaric is gone.
Dima: Maksim, what is going on?
Ashling: And Dima remembers nothing.
Aben: I see.
Aben: Lev, Maksim, take Dima to his room.
Flint: He's also got one hell of a throwing arm now…

  • Maksim nods

Aben: Gervasi, go with them.
Gervasi: He threw the warforged across the room….
Gervasi: He bounced
Jilik: Did not.

  • Flint checks Jilik for damage.

Aben: Alright. Just…go keep an eye on the girls then.
Aben: That is both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate in that Dima can be himself again, and unfortunate that we've lost the knowledge Evaric could provide.
Aben: And what is this about Jilik being thrown across the room?

  • Ashling nods.

Flint: We think that Evaric may have had a hand in healing Dima…
Jilik: Wasn't thrown…I think it was magic
Flint: but it may have been detrimental to himself
Flint: yeah, and Dima threw Jilik. super-strong. or magic…
Aben: Something Aletha said….Evaric would heal and fade
Flint: she did?
Aben: Didn't make any sense when she said it.
Ashling: Like most things she said…
Aben: Indeed
Flint: maybe his sprirt is finally at rest then
Flint: or it just moved on
Aben: I will hope it is at rest.
Flint: it left Dima with something though, that's for sue
Flint: sure*
Aben: Yes. Best Dima stay here, where we can keep an eye on him
Aben: I do not think it would be good for Zahirah or Zoriada to get their hands on him.
Flint: Aben, I was thinking of planning a new expedition.
Aben: You too then?
Flint: Ashling and I have learned of a cult in Lalinlor's land that may be related to Zahirah
Flint: oh? where're you headed?
Aben: Anything we can learn of Zahirah would be good
Aben: I must go back to Basira and take care of some family matters.
Flint: Who's going to be in charge here though?
Aben: I was intending for it to be you
Flint: Well, can do, but if we're leaving as well, might be an issue…
Aben: If you must go, Byrun will serve well enough, with Ariadne's aid
Flint: We still have the matter of the boy here in town though.
Aben: Jinan and Lilja manage the house well enough without our input.
Aben: we may have to divide our forces
Aben: Unfortunately, without Aletha, I do not know what we can do regarding the boy.
Flint: I was starting to think the same thing. There are no leads.
Ashling: She left some sort of message for Rayner. I don't know what it was about, though.
Aben: Do what you think is best Flint.
Flint: Alright then. When are you leaving? And please say you're taking some protection with you.
Ashling: He said he needed to go north.
Aben: I'm leaving in three days.
Aben: What is north
Aben: Did he say?
Ashling: No.
Ashling: I doubt Aletha's instructions were that specific anyway.
Flint: We've got a boat out of here in three days as well, if we want it.
Aben: I supposed we'd best pack
Ashling: I don'th think Itotia is a good idea.
Flint: Why not?
Flint: Other than everything Lalinlor said…
Flint: Which i admit is creepy
Ashling: I don't think we'd learn much and it is very dangerous.
Flint: Probably is dangerous. But the boss just said anything we could learn is very valuable
Flint: So we should probably go.
Ashling: Vasant would be better.
Flint: To pick up Cross's wife? How is that important right now?
Ashling: Or Aletha's instructions.
Aben: By boat, you could travel to one, then the other
Flint: No offense to Cross, but…
Ashling: The man Devdas.
Ashling: We no longer have Evaric, but Devdas may know things that can help us.

  • Aben gazes at the tapestry revealing a map of the world

Aben: What part of Vasant are you travelling to/
Ashling: Ishana, near Vibishana, I think.
Flint: Well, Vasant and Itotia are in the same direction, so I'm fine with heading in that direction
Aben: Southern Ishana then.
Ashling: I already told Rayner I would go with him.
Aben: Have you determined when he intends to go?
Ashling: He said in a week.
Aben: You have time to convince him to go with you first then. Or time for him to convince you all to go with him
Ashling: I'll speak to him, but I think his sister's last messsage will be the most important to him.

  • Aben nods.

Flint: I'd like to hear what Rayner has to say
Ashling: He should be resting now - didn't sleep at all last night.
Aben: I will make prepartions for the journey. Flint, let me know what you'll need.
Flint: We may need some cash to smooth things along, but other than that I'll let you know.
Aben: And no….I'm not paying for a crew for your airship
Ashling: There are also the scrolls of Teleport.

  • Aben smiles, but it doesn't quite meet his eyes.

Flint: That's fine. We're not taking it this time anyway. Too many variables

  • Aben nods

Ashling: Though I can't use them myself.
Flint: Ok Jilik. We need a team for this.
Jilik: And you'll need to leave guards
Jilik: I'm going with the guy who can fix my dents.
Flint: Right you are.
Flint: (we need more PC's!)
Jilik: Any of you speak Vasant?
Flint: Not. A. Word.
Flint: What about Sunan?
Jilik: Well…I don't know about Sunan, but I do know where we can pick up someone who can translate. Problem is, if we take her, we have to leave Phrixus. Which is probably good, he'd pick a fight.
Flint: Ok. Can you get in touch with this person for me?
Jilik: Sure. I'll be back in a couple hours
Flint: Bye.
Flint: Yeah, abotu those scrolls …. I can't use them either
Flint: Without knowing the location you're going, I'm told, they're risky anyway. We should probably use the boat, and then the Teleport for the return trip
Ashling: I could try, but the spell is a powerful one.

  • Flint wanders off
  • Flint knocks on Rayner's door

Rayner: It's open
Ashling: I told you - he's resting.

  • Ashling sighs.
  • Flint glances at Ashling

Ashling: Or was.

  • Flint enters
  • Rayner is laying on his bed, reading a piece of paper.

Rayner: Not who I was expecting. Hello Flint
Flint: Heya.
Flint: Ashling, may I have a moment?

  • Flint shuts the door.
  • Flint leaves Rayner's room, and goes to pack up some things
  • Rayner goes back to moping
  • Ashling wanders the grounds.
  • Rayner finally decides to get some sleep

Lilja: Everything okay dear?
Leonti: Can I come to Vasant with you, Flint?
Flint: Do you speak any Vasant by any chance?
Leonti: Nope

  • Ashling struggles to figure out how to answer that.

Flint: I'm afraid not this time. Keep up with your training though. With less people to watch the grounds you're going to be given some extra responsibility.
Sitara: I mean really hate him too
Jilik: human mating rituals have always confused me
Jilik: Hey boss

  • Flint stands.

Flint: Back already?
Jilik: Didn't take as much convincing as I thought.
Ashling: (fianlly gives up and just shrugs)
Sitara: He says you can pay, and I don't have to be nice to Phrixus.
Jilik: I had to put the last part in writing.
Flint: Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. *offers a hand to Sitara*

  • Sitara shakes it. She is a human woman of somewhere between 25 and 30, looks Vasant but dresses in fairly nondescript clothing that could be from anywhere. She does wear a small brass circlet, and have a tattoo on her face.

Sitara: You need a guide and translator?
Flint: Yes, we do. I'm not going to lie, this trip could be very unpleasant and/or dangerous. We need some with a bit of intestinal fortitude.
Sitara: I was engaged to Phrixus once. Hard to get more unpleasant than that.
Sitara: I speak Bharat, Amita, Divya, and Laxmi.
Flint: What's your specialty dear?
Flint: Other than your impressive language skills.
Sitara: I sing.
Sitara: dance sometimes.
Flint: Hmm. Can you defend yourself if things get rough?
Sitara: I can run fairly quick, and I know which end of a dagger goes in the other person.
Flint: Good enough for me. I'm not one for lengthy interviews. Welcome to the team. We leave in three days.
Jilik: She juggles knives when she dances.
Sitara: Suits me. Are you looking to blend in?

  • Flint looks down at himself, then cackles maniacally.

Sitara: Cause if so, I can help you get some proper clothes and all. Gnomes aren't that rare in many areas of Vasant
Flint: … oh, really? what about him? (points at Jilik)
Sitara: Paint runes on him
Sitara: Call him your bodyguard and play like you are a wealthy merchant. No one will bother you
Flint: I'm into blending in. But I don't speak the language.
Sitara: That's why you hired me.
Flint: Right.
Sitara: Going by boat?
Flint: Yes. Elvish trade vessel.
Sitara: I'll have time to teach you a few local customs then. It will be fun.
Flint: Sounds good!
Sitara: Just remember, whatever you do, don't offer your left hand for a handshake. Mortal insult.
Flint: Jilik, pay attention.
Flint: oh, I usually don't anyway
Sitara: As in, duel to the death, don't even wait for dawn.

  • Sitara smiles

Flint: do they eat with chopsticks there?
Flint: I heard soemthing abotu that
Sitara: some provinces. The ones that trade with Tatsuo a lot
Flint: oh, crap, I suppose I'm going to have to learn those too.

  • Sitara will chat about various customs and geography
  • Flint will bone up on Vasant culture, language, etc., and get all of his gear together for the trip
  • Sitara will offer some advice on what to bring to pass off as a rich merchant as well

Keres: Everyone can get a good night's sleep and wake refreshed to a beautiful morning that feels very much like spring.
Ashling: (if it's that warm Ashling just stays outside all night)
Keres: Come morning, Dima will appear fully healed

  • Ashling will check him with detect taint and detect magic, just to be sure.

Keres: magic, yes. Taint, no
Ashling: (very strong magic?)
Keres: The magic however, seems to be coming from the fact that he is currently making a small ball of light float around his hand, somewhat surprised that he can
Ashling: (she also wants to send a message to Sir Leandros explaining about Dima - do you want exact wording?)
Keres: sure
Ashling: 'Sir Leandros, the boy has awakened, but the spirit is gone as are all traces of taint. He remembers nothing, but has retained some magical abilities he did not have before. -Ashling'
Ashling: (if Rayner is up she'll see if she can talk to him)
Keres: He is
Ashling: (and I should be heading home)
Keres: I should be going to bed
Ashling: 'night
Keres: night all

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