Session 31

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Tanya: had some maptool issues for a moment there…
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Keres: It's down to minimal tokens
Tanya: we are on Aben's 1st floor, yes?
Keres: yes
Chris: I can t ry restarting server and see if it helps, it's been running all day
Keres: yeah, do that.
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Eäri: test
Eäri: ok
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Keres: Can you hear me now?
Chris: yes
Eäri: yes
MarSolla: I can?
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  • Virgil looks at his companion. 'I suppose this must be the place.'

Keres: It is morning, and Lilja has served breakfast

  • Flint is already on his second cup of coffee

Flint: Jilik, you're looking dapper today.
Jilik: Indeed.
Narayan: Lord Flint, Lord Aben. There are….guests…here
Aben: I was not expecting anyone. Show them in?
Flint: I don't like that pause
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'Me leaves and returns, leading an elderly man in peasant clothing and carrying a walking stick. He also leads in…..': Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands.

  • Narayan leaves and returns, leading an elderly man in peasant clothing and carrying a walking stick. He also leads in…..
  • Eäri walks alongside the elderly man, head held high, gaze directed straight ahead. She is a tall, striking woman with golden eyes, and long, dark hair. She is clearly of Vasant descent. That, and a half fiend, as she has a pair of black wings folded on her back and a tail lashing casually behind her legs. She strides purposefully. She dresses in the simple robes of a monk.
  • Aben blinks. Then blinks again
  • Flint spills coffee on his lap.
  • Virgil is wearing a holy symbol of Samad

Flint: YeooOWWWch!

  • Eäri is unaffected

Flint: erm …. welcome!
Aben: Can we er…help you?
Virgil: Is this a haunted house with a closed tavern in which heroes are engaged in battle against ancient evils?

  • Virgil has a surprisingly rich and deep voice considering his apparent fraility
  • Eäri stands calmly at his side, studying the people in the room
  • Aben raises an eyebrow at Flint

Flint: This place is aaunted?
Flint: haunted*
Flint: No one tells me these things!
Aben: well…yes this house does have a ghost. The nanny, Flint.
Flint: ….why would you be looking for such a house, anyhow?
Virgil: To help

  • Virgil sets a bag upon a table

Eäri: (under her breath) Are you sure these are the heroes you seek?
Flint: And you are?
Virgil: (under his breath) I surely hope so
Virgil: I am Virgil, formerly an Archbishop of the Church of Samad.

  • Eäri sighs imperceptibly

Flint: … I see, and your …. associate?
Virgil: Keeper of knowledge you may find invaluable
Eäri: I am Eärithrang Til-Gathiel Vebrilindë, servant of the goddess Kalki. You may call me Eäri.
Eäri: (( it sounds as if it is pronounced "Yari" ))
Eäri: And yes, I possess knowledge you may find helpful in your venture.

  • Eäri looks a bit dubious

Flint: How do you know what wer'e up to, even?
Flint: Sorry, this seems a bit odd. But I tend to be oblivious…
Virgil: I received a vision which lead me here

  • Flint gingerly wipes coffee off his lap
  • Eäri nods

Aben: well…
Aben: I…
Aben: huh.
Flint: This is our fearless patron, Aben
Flint: who is usually a bit more verbally gifted
Aben: And this is our fearless leader, Flint

  • Eäri fixes Aben with her golden-eyed stare
  • Eäri then glances at Flint, assessing him

Flint: Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. A pleasure to meet you.
Eäri: I see

  • Eäri bows
  • Flint offers his hand to Virgil, then Eari, peering up at each
  • Virgil bows respectfully
  • Virgil shakes Flint's hand
  • Aben bows respectfully
  • Eäri also shakes Flint's hand

Flint: The metal one here is Jilik, OH! And here comes Ashling.
Ashling: Is something going on?
Eäri: An honor, Master Flintwhistle
Flint: We have … guests
Eäri: Master Aben
Ashling: So I see.
Flint: I will see if our cook can bring out soom more breakfast.

  • Flint ducks away for a moment

Flint: ((also getting food in real life, fancy that))

  • Eäri will turn her gaze to the newly arrived persons
  • Jilik remains on alert

Ashling: And… who are these guests?
Flint: This is Virgil, and Eari
Flint: Virgil is a …. what was it? FORMER archibishop?
Virgil: yes
Flint: I thought that gig was for life.
Flint: Am I wrong on that?
Virgil: Normally, it is, save being promoted
Flint: I take it you didn't take the promotion route?
Flint: If you are here with us, I mean
Virgil: But as it happens, breaking church law and removing items from the church to bring to followers of other gods is also something that can cause one to have the title removed

  • Flint rubs his chin thoughtfully

Flint: hmmm

  • MarSolla wanders in, rubbing her eyes tiredly. She merely mumbles in acknowledgement at the people she passes.

Flint: This is Marsolla, resident expert of …. well, we'll save that for another time
MarSolla: "Please tell me I've not missed breakfast. T'would break a woman's heart."

  • MarSolla looks over at the two 'guests'.
  • Eäri raises an eyebrow

MarSolla: "Well, now. THERE'S an unlikely pair."

  • Lilja sets more food on the table, along with a pitcher of hot tea and a pot of coffee, then makes herself scarce again.

Eäri: (out of the side of her mouth) you're absolutely sure of this?
Flint: Please. Sit.
Virgil: (quietly) I only wish I was.

  • MarSolla clambers atop a high stool and reaches for a plate of bacon. She yawns.

Virgil: (quietly) but you notice they have said nothing regarding the second half of my earlier statement

  • Eäri nods

Aben: please, sit.
Aben: eat, drink, and we shall try to puzzle this out
Flint: We've had a lot of people try to either kill us, poison us, or take these grounds by force, all in the last few weeks.
Lev: hey can we…WOW WHAT"S THAT!
Flint: Pardon us if we aren't the most … well, friendly

  • Lev points at Eari

Flint: She is a Keeper of Knowledge!
Flint: Haven't you seen one before?!
Lev: She's got a tail!

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow, turning her golden eyed stare at the boy

Maksim: sorry Flint

  • Maksim grabs Lev by the arm and drags him out of the room

MarSolla: "She's clearer some manner o' demonblood, boy. Tis rude to stare."

  • Aben sighs and mumbles something about running a circus
  • Virgil sits, eats, pours some tea

Flint: Like I was SAYING … It's been hard to trust people lately. We're in an unpopular business.
Virgil: Of course. Ancient evils do tend to bring all sorts from the woodwork

  • Eäri will sit next to Virgil, and politely take some tea and small bit of food, though it seems she's just doing it to be polite

Flint: And what manner of help are you offering?

  • Virgil stands, gets the bag, and offers it to Flint

Virgil: These are the items I was lead to bring to you

  • Flint peers inside.

Virgil: Other than that, I can offer knowledge and guidance as you request.
Eäri: I too have knowledge and guidance that I may offer in these troubled times.
Keres: The bag contains a sparkling rose quartz charm on a silver chain, a glittering red garnet ring marked with the elvish rune for fire, a dark blue linen quilted bedroll, a long dark grey ebony buttoned wool coat, a ruby-studded steel vambrace, a Dragon headed signet ring, a spiral carved metal disk, a pulsating glyph etched moonstone, a star etched bone scroll case, and a luminous crystal wand set with a moonstone

  • Flint rummages briefly, then shrugs

Keres: The bag itself is embroidered with silver thread, and made of thick black leather
Keres: you also notice that the bag seems much larger on the inside than it does outside
Flint: I don't do magic, so I'll have to pass this off. Looks valuable though.

  • Flint offers the bag to Aben.

Flint: And what do you want in return for all this good will?

  • MarSolla leans over, examining the contents. "Quite a haul. Where did you come by such things?"

Virgil: It is my hope that in return for this good will, you will prevent the apocalypse

  • Aben blinks again

Flint: Well, I geuss that is the goal of goals, isn't it
Eäri: Gods save us (mutters under her breath)
Aben: My good sir, madam, yes. You are in the right spot. You have just taken us by surprise
Aben: We are more used to folks working against us than with us

  • Virgil nods
  • Eäri nods
  • Aben sits, eats

Flint: Do either of you speak Vasant?

  • Virgil glances at Eari

Eäri: As a matter of fact, yes.
Virgil: Then you are going to Vasant

  • Virgil nods to himself

Flint: We're planning a mission to Vasant, yes. We'll be leaving by boat in a matter of days.
Eäri: (( her human heritage indicates that she is of Vasant origin ))
Ashling: I'm sorry, did someone send you here?
Virgil: In a manner of speaking

  • Virgil touches his holy symbol

Virgil: A vision brought us here
Ashling: Samad… gave you a vision?
Virgil: Yes
MarSolla: "After they kicked you out for a heretic?"

  • Eäri also touches the tattoo on her forehead, holy symbol of her Goddess

Virgil: They have not kicked me out yet. But since they shall, I thought it best to no longer claim the title

  • MarSolla inspects the tattoo, wondering if the half-fiend also seems to follow Samad, as ridiculous as it seems.

MarSolla: 29
Flint: From where did you come, anyhow?
Virgil: I am from Worden, in Amareth
Flint: And how are things there?
Eäri: Are you asking the question of us both?
Aben: And this knowledge and guidance you say you can offer?
Flint: Yes

  • Eäri seems amused

Flint: Did you trvale together?
Flint: travel*
Virgil: Someone tried to kill the king recently. Other than that, things are well
Virgil: I travelled here. Eari was already here.
Eäri: I serve at the Temple of Kalki
Ashling: And these things you've brought are relgious artifacts?

  • MarSolla cocks her head. "Kalki? Can someone like you even pray to her without bein' consumed in light, and such?"
  • Eäri raises an amused eyebrow

Eäri: It would seem so, yes

  • MarSolla smirks, and goes back to her scrambled eggs.

Virgil: She is a strange angel, but it is she that can guide you
Flint: It's not that big of a town. I could swear I would have heard of a temple attendant of your … stature. You either don't get out much, or can assume a less … imposing form
Eäri: I have no need to be out and about much
Virgil: You are battling the cults of the Primal and the Void. What you may not know is that there are prophecies concerning them.
Flint: It seems every major religion has its own take on it
Virgil: Indeed.
Flint: But how do you know which is right and which is hocus-pocus? It's all so confusing
Eäri: And for good reason.
Virgil: Ask questions. Perhaps we can provide answers
Flint: Ok. Tell us your version of the apocalypse.
Virgil: It starts at the beginning of the world, before the gods
Virgil: The Primal shaped the world, but could not bestow life. That required the sacrifice that lead to the creation of the Void. From this, came gods and daemons, and the spark of life the became the world as we know it.
Virgil: But the Primal and Void are themselves without concious. They created the world, but to them it is a meaningless construct. Each gave a portion of themselves to it, and thus are tied to it. Each would remake it in their image if they could.
Virgil: They cannot, for they exist in opposition to each other. As long as the balance is maintained, we are safe.
Virgil: The balance has been upset. The balance has been tilted to the Primal
Virgil: The balance must be restored
Ashling: How did the Primal become stronger?
Virgil: There are two ways to do this. Find the artifact of the Primal and destroy it. That will tilt towards the Void, after which, the artifact of the Void must also be destroyed before it can tilt to far.
Virgil: Someone must have charged the artifact
Virgil: I can even tell you when
Ashling: Solstice
Flint: I think we all know "when"
Virgil: Yes
Flint: Call me crazy, but couldn't another solution be to charge the Void's artifact? Could people be working on that now?
MarSolla: "How do you know all this? This all came to you straight from yer boss, like?"
Virgil: The other way, well, it is not one I can condone. The artifact of the Void can be charged to bring it to equal strength.

  • Virgil gazes at Flint

Flint: ah HA!
Eäri: I do not think that is a wise course of action
Virgil: The method of charging the artifact of the Void involves condemning innocent lives to horrible deaths. Children are prefered for that ritual.

  • Virgil continues to stare at Flint

Flint: You know, I think some of that has already been going on here.
Flint: it's starting to make more sense…
MarSolla: "Heh. So all this time… the cult of the Void has been tryin' tae save the world? Even if half of 'em don't know it?"
Virgil: They will work in opposition to each other, and thus, in their own way, serve to maintain the balance
Ashling: No, they aren't. I am sure they wish to push the balance their way.
Eäri: I rather doubt they have our best interests at heart.
Flint: Which is why the third option I thought of, 3.) Do Nothing, might not work…
Ashling: Do you know who has the Primal artifact?
Virgil: It is too late for that option

  • Eäri fixes him with a hard stare

Virgil: There are signs. The prophecy as I know it involves the heroes following what is described as 'trails of breadcrumbs'
Virgil: that in itself is not helpful. I believe you must continue as you were.
Virgil: We can merely help make the journey easier, and thus more likely to succeed
Ashling: But we know the Primal is here, or it was two days ago.
Flint: Isn't it … everywhere?
Flint: Being part of the world, and all that?
Ashling: The artifact, I mean
Ashling: And it's host.
Virgil: afk briefly
MarSolla: "Feller might be right there, Flint. I hear Zoriada may even be dead. Can't just sit back an' watch the Cult and whoever's after the Primal just… slug it out an' hope neither gains the upper hand."
Flint: Unfortunately I'd have to agree.
Flint: And I wasn't really considering helping the Void folks out
Flint: if that wasn't obvious

  • Eäri looks dubious

MarSolla: "Eh. They're not much fun at parties, take it from someone what knows, like."
Flint: Hey, do I look like a killer?
Flint: I could gnaw at your ankles lately. Excuse me, hooves.

  • Eäri does not have hooves
  • Eäri just has wings and a tail, if you please

Virgil: You were going to Vasant. That may still be the best decision. Eari will accompany you
Flint: And yourself?
Virgil: I do not think I will last another sea voyage. Take what I have brought you. Eari can guide you well.

  • MarSolla glances up at the towering fiendish woman, smiling. "Heh. Will she, now?"

Ashling: What did you bring us? Are they religious artifacts of some kind?
Flint: Yes, Can you describe what the significance of the items are?

  • Eäri wonders if these people are thick
  • Virgil removes the luminous crystal wand set with a moonstone

Virgil: twice a day, this will allow you to determine if undead are near

  • Virgil removes the glyph etched moonstone
  • Flint eyes Marsolla reflexively
  • Flint smirks

MarSolla: "Just give us a shout afore you think to go using that."
Virgil: this can attach to armor to help you defend against undead

  • Virgil removes the dragon headed signet ring

Virgil: This will defend you against attacks against your mind

  • Virgil removes the wool coat

Virgil: this is full of interesting items that may come in handy

  • Virgil removes the bedroll

Virgil: Sleeping in this will heal you quickly

  • Virgil removes the garnet ring

Flint: that's novel!
Virgil: This will defend you against fire

  • Virgil removes the charm

Virgil: This will protect you from disease

  • Virgil removes the scroll case

Virgil: This…this will enable you to restore someone to life, no matter how long dead, no matter if theri body is lost. It will also enable to see the truth of something, should you need it. And, it can enable you to ask a boon of Samad. I suggest you use this wisely, and only when absolutely necessary.
Virgil: The bag itself will hold much without increasing it's weight

  • Flint gasps and his eyes widen
  • Virgil puts the items back in the bag

Flint: That's powerful mojo…
Virgil: Indeed. Hence why I am a former Archbishop

  • Eäri gives Virgil a very pointed look
  • Virgil gives Eari the same look
  • Eäri clears her throat

Flint: *still taken aback* Well, I do believe we would be glad for this help.
Eäri: Master Virgil, if you wouldn't mind clearing the bag ful of magic and setting it back a pace?
MarSolla: "He's right… you're most generous. You'll be lucky if they just brand you a heretic for lifting all this. 'ere, what about the vambraces, and the disc?"

  • Virgil does as she asks

Eäri: Are there any other stray magical items about?
Virgil: The vambraces improve one's archery and have a few other tricks. The disk attaches to a weapon, and if you strike an invisible enemy with that weapon, it makes them appear for a few seconds
Eäri: perhaps you may want to clear them away?
Flint: Improves archery? I wonder if they work with these… *draws a pistol*

  • Aben clears the table completely
  • MarSolla frowns, stepping backwards away from the fiend. "Why? What're you thinking to do?"
  • Eäri takes a small lead box reverently from somewhere inside her robes
  • Eäri places it carefully upon the table, and removes a key from a chain around her neck
  • Eäri will unlock the box, revealing a set of scrolls

Shadowy Lizard has connected.

  • MarSolla lets her curiosity get the better of her. She moves back to the table, peering at the scrolls.
  • Virgil also gazes reverently at the scrolls

Eäri: My task has been to guard these scrolls until such time that they knowledge contained within them was needed in the wide world.
Flint: And that time is now?
Eäri: It would seem that time is now. And you… people… are those that should receive the knowledge contained therein.
Eäri: I hope that you shall put it to good use.
Eäri: I shall do my best to guide you, to the best of my ability, as Guardian and Keeper.

  • Eäri bows respectfully

MarSolla: "Out with it, then."
Flint: Erm, thank you!

  • Flint is afraid to come near the scrolls after that presentation

Flint: What do they say?
Eäri: (( I can upload the file, or cut and paste, what would you like? ))
Keres: ((upload for ease))
Eäri: (( ok ))
Eäri: (( let's assume that Eari recites them to you, she doesn't even need to take them out and read them ))
Eäri: (( though you can read along as she recites it to you ))
Keres: ((let me know when you are ready to continue))
Eäri: (( when you are done inspecting the scrolls, she will lock them up again and hide them again on her person ))
Keres: ((and yes, it is multicolored ink))

  • MarSolla reads the scrolls out loud, for the benefit of anyone not reading them. She seems to enjoy their apocalyptic tenor, deepening her voice dramatically.

Eäri: (( Eari was reciting them to you ))
MarSolla: ((Ah, so she was. Sorry!))
Eäri: (( np, or you could read them, whichever you prefer ))
Keres: ((well…they aren't written in common ))
Eäri: (( well, there you go ))
Flint: This is pretty heavy stuff
Flint: It will take some time to study it
Flint: But I take it that has been your calling, to study it?
Eäri: Indeed
Flint: What is the meaning of the different colored ink?

  • MarSolla studies the scrolls, trying to see if they're in a language she can read.

Eäri: I believe one relates to the Primal, the other to the Void
Ashling: The Green and the Red, as Aletha said…
Ashling: This sounds a little like the text Kazi found and Jerath translated.
Flint: So Ashling, does all this jive with what you've learned so far?
Ashling: 'Jive' with it?
Flint: It's a gnomish term
Flint: do you agree with your earlier interpretations?
Flint: with what we learned just now?
Aben: It does make sense with what I have researched

  • Eäri will take the scrolls and return them to the box, lock it, put the key back around her neck, and return the box to somewhere hidden in her robes

Ashling: Yes, it brings together some pieces
Ashling: But is vague in most places
MarSolla: "What do the two artifacts look like? The Primal and the Void?"
Virgil: I was guardian of an item that was the remains of the phylactery of a lich. Before I left my position, I entrusted those items to a group of honorable men and women and instructed them to take them to the Dragon Knights
Virgil: I believe there is a similar item tied to the primal that may lie in Vasant.
Ashling: What lich?
Virgil: A lich called Dalthato
Virgil: I'm certain by now you've heard of him
Aben: You could say that.

  • Flint perks up

Ashling: Perhaps this other item relates to the gnome, Zahirah's rival.
Ashling: Aben, what did Evaric's papers say about him?
Aben: Not as much as I'd like. He had found some form of immortality.
Aben: And, like Zahirah, could apparently change his form
Ashling: But it gave a name, didn't it?
Aben: ((yes, now hush while I find it))
MarSolla: ((Hahaha))
Ashling: (( it was Mmmdjihsdfiughawueyg ))
Aben: ((that's actually probably pretty close))
Aben: ((damn gnomes))
Flint: ((that's FLint's cousin's name, how did you know))
Flint: ((actually it's fairly common))
Eäri: (( bugger those gnomish names! ))
Aben: ((since I can't find it, he is hereby dubbed 'Izefanezuligah'
Ashling: (( like yours is any easier ))
Aben: Izefanezuligah
Eäri: (( blame the GM ))
Ashling: Did Evaric have any idea where to find him?
Aben: Yes.. Vasant.
Eäri: Is that not where you said you were headed?

  • Eäri is puzzled

Virgil: Perfect then.
Flint: That's where we're going next, yes
Aben: yes
Ashling: It is a large country, though.
Flint: We are going to attempt …. ATTEMPT … to make this a discreet trip. We'll see how far we get before we blow our cover. So any local knoledge would be helpful
Aben: Find Evaric's contact and Cross's wife, and go from there.
Flint: I have someone attempting to fill me in on customs, etc.

  • Virgil glances at Eari

Virgil: You will be taking a native.
Flint: A native with wings … and a tail. No offense. I'm worried we will stick out.
Ashling: Of course we will.
Virgil: Actually, Vasant is one of the places where she may not stick out
Flint: Oh?
Aben: He does have a point. Vasant's history has lead them to have a not inconsiderable population of those with outsider blood
Ashling: I meant the rest of us, actually.
Flint: Well, I hear gnomes are actually somewhat common up there, so I'm going to pose as a foreign merchant
Flint: Jilik here will be my guardian. That's right Jilik!
Aben: Ashling, you can wear a headscarf and veil and be rendered nearly incognito
Jilik: Somebody has to save you from yourself
Flint: That's what my mom used to say…
Eäri: I am returning to my homeland, and I am a servant of Kalki, I am not certain how I would "stick out," master Flintwhistle?
Aben: Tis agreed then
Aben: The ship leaves in two days.
Aben: Pack accordingly.
MarSolla: "Two days? Are you chartering a vessel for us, mister Aben, or are we hitching on some merchant vessel?"
Flint: Ashling's connections got us an Elvish vessel.
Flint: A silk ship, very fast.
Flint: silk TRADING ship, rather. Not a ship made of silk.
Flint: Though that could be viable with a large rotor and …. nevermind

  • Eäri gives Virgil another look

Aben: No modifying the nice elves' ships
Eäri: Where shall I meet you, then?
Virgil: That's normal for gnomes, actually
Eäri: In two days' time?
Flint: Why not stay here?
Flint: We have rooms.
Virgil: Here will be fine

  • Eäri nods

Flint: It's safer too. Now that you're associated with us, who knows who will be trying to jump down your throats.
Virgil: probably everyone

  • Eäri shrugs

Flint: I got stabbed by a man from Vasant in this very room, looking for a samurai friend of mine
Eäri: Let them come
Flint: He was very polite about stabbing me, oddly enough

  • Virgil looks tired
  • Eäri looks concerned

Eäri: Are you all right?
Ashling: Is he ill?
Virgil: Just tired.
Virgil: It has been a stressful few days

  • Eäri nods, squeezing his arm sympathetically

Ashling: I can make you something to help you relax - a tea.
Eäri: Get some rest, friend.

  • Aben shows him to a room

Grogorash has connected.
Ashling: (when Aben comes back) Aben, what did Lev say about the others in Dima's group? Should we try to find them, whoever survived?
Keres: The morning you were to get aboard the ship, it is a beautiful day. Sun is shining. Birds are singing. There is a nice warm breeze blowing in from the west. It could easily be a summer day.
Aben: I do not think we should. Ultimately, they are our enemies, as they serve the Primal. We should keep an eye out for them, but not aid or shelter them.
Ashling: They do?
Aben: As near as I can tell, yes.
Ashling: What did Lev say?
Aben: Unfortunately, I don't think Lev really understands anything that is going on

  • Eäri has a quiet conversation with Virgil before departing, and clasps his hand in a strong handshake goodbye

Ashling: Then what makes you think they serve the Primal? Dima, or Evaric, claimed to be against the cult.
Aben: Against the Void
Aben: Evaric always was capable of deluding himself

  • Aben sighs

Aben: Good luck, all of you
Ashling: He sounded rather disturbed about the Primal to me.

  • Flint has loaded up Jilik with a rather large wooden chest of his personal belongings to take onto the ship
  • Virgil gives the bag to Flint to distribute as he sees fit

Aben: I don't suppose Evaric's loyalties matter anymore
Flint: Don't drop that, Jilik, there is DELICATE equipment inside!
Ashling: They do if we are looking for someone he knew
Ashling: And said could help us
Jilik: OOOh, juggling!

  • Flint thanks Virgil for the kingly gifts

Aben: I can expend our resources seeking people who may well not be on our side, or I can fund this voyage. Which is your preference?

  • Virgil wishes you all luck
  • Flint dons the bracers of archery, unless anyone in the party objects

Ashling: I can pay my own way on the trip if that concerns you.
Ashling: In fact, I insist on it.
Aben: Do not worry about it Ashling
Ashling: How much is it for me and Trista?
Aben: Whatever your elvish friends charge you

  • MarSolla bites down on a snicker, rolling her eyes at Ashling. She gives Aben a wide berth as she heads towards Flint. "If we're divvying up the spoils, Ill take that lovely red garnet ring. And I could safeguard the scrolls, too, though Ashling could probably make use of 'em as much as I."
  • Eäri watches this interchange with a unreadable expression on her face, her golden eyes glowing slightly

MarSolla: "Oh! And I could use a new coat. These robes are starting to smell a mite… gravelike."

  • Flint hands Marsolla the coat for now.

Flint: Try it out. See how it suits you. I should hold onto the other items for now until a pressing need comes up

  • Ashling walks out to get her horse.

MarSolla: "Eh. As you like. Just make sure that 'pressing need' is some time before some crazy hits me with a fireball again, eh?"
Flint: You know what, take the ring too.
Flint: Might as well make use of this stuff. The scrolls seem extra special though, they should stay in here
MarSolla: "Fair enough. I wouldn't trust me with such treasure as that, either." Mar'Solla says, winking. "That scroll of true ressurection, alone… why, I never even HEARD of one of those actually being performed. Would be a sight to see."

  • Flint will approach others in the party to see if they have interest in any of Virgil's tiems

Flint: (when we are all on board)

  • MarSolla dons the ring, holding up her hand and admiring how it sparkles in the light.

Captain Elan'tah: Welcome aboard all
Eäri: Captain

  • Eäri bows

Flint: Thank you Captain! I'm looking forward to the trip on such a fine vessel!
Jilik: Did mention I don't swim, didn't I?
Flint: Shush.
Flint: This is our anchor, I mean, my associate, Jilik
Captain Elan'tah: Whenever you all are aboard, we'll be casting off. Fine wind like this could shave a week off our trip
Jilik: And this is my boss, Bait.

  • Captain Elan'tah just nods
  • Ashling is busy getting Trista settled in.
  • Eäri raises an eyebrow
  • Flint is almost igddy as he looks over the ship, pointing out things to Jilik, etc.

Flint: (*giddy*)

  • Captain Elan'tah shouts SET SAIL

Keres: The ship starts moving swiftly away from the docks
Flint: Do you have a cannon on this vessel, perchance?
Captain Elan'tah: Two. Pirates are always a danger
MarSolla: "Tell him 'no'. For the safety of us all, tell him n- aww."

  • Flint looks overjoyed.

Flint: If you require maintenance on said cannons, please look no further.

  • Eäri walks over to the rails on the starboard side of the ship and looks out over the water contemplatively

Captain Elan'tah: nah, got them overhauled when we stopped in at Talin
Keres: On the third day of your journey, make spot checks.

  • Maggi rolls to you: 1d20+14 Spot => 18 + 14 = 32
  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+15+MOD Spot => 12 + 15 + 0 = 27

MarSolla: 10

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 8 + 11 + 0 = 19

Keres: You all can spot the pirate ship pulling up to you!

  • Eäri frowns

Flint: Shall we fire a warning shot across their nose?
Captain Elan'tah: I vote we just run for it
MarSolla: "Pirates! Me mam used to tell me stories about them. Ive never seen them, though! How do they normally board a vessel?"
Flint: Their boat is huge!
Flint: Tink we can outrun it?
Keres: Cannon fire strikes the bow of your ship
MarSolla: "It'd have to be. Umm… captain. What's yer stance on undead creatures when your back is to a w- earrrggh! Were we hit?"

  • Flint looks to the Captain

Captain Elan'tah: Damn…taking on water. TO ARMS!

  • Flint draws his musket.

Flint: You heard the man!!!!!
Keres: Initiative is good!
Flint: Initative: 5
MarSolla: 20
Ashling: Initiative: 12
Eäri: Initiative: 16

  • MarSolla starts reaching into her bag, coming out with a skeletal arm grasping hers. She does this several times, emptying out a motley assortment of skeletons onto the deck.

MarSolla has received initiative.
Eari has received initiative.
MarSolla: "Alright, you three… protect all those previously identified as my party, plus the warforged over there, and the half-fiend. Kill any what comes accross from that vessel."

  • Captain Elan'tah looks at the undead. Decides not to say anything at the moment

MarSolla: "Im going to find where that leak is and fix it. Ill be back up soon."

  • Eäri takes to the air, holds until she has a definitive target to unleash her fury

Ashling has received initiative.
Eäri: (( upon which ))
Keres: ((sorry, clicked wrong button))
Eäri: (( I am waiting ))
Keres: There is a big pirate ship with about 12 pirates. Hard to tell who might be the captain
Eäri: (( she moves there, and is 10' up in the air ))
Keres: Ashling, you are up

  • Ashling starts to cast a spell (takes a round: Summon Natrure's Ally II)

Jilik has received initiative.

  • Jilik steps forward, waiting to take on any stupid enough to board.

Jilik: ((holding))

  • Pirate 8 swings over
  • Pirate 7 fires a shortbow 23 for 5
  • Pirate 6 fires a shortbow 19 for 5
  • Pirate 10 fires a shortbow 11 for 4
  • Pirate 10 fires a shortbow 18 for 2
  • Pirate 5 fires a shortbow 18 for 2

Keres: 7 and 6 at the boar
Keres: 5 and 10 at Eari
Keres: 11 at crewman
Flint has received initiative.

  • Flint lets a shot ring out from his musket (at #7)
  • Flint fires his musket! (Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot)

Attack Roll: 29
Damage: 5

  • Pirate 7 is hit

Flint: (done)
Captain Elan'tah: Crew, repair the ship!

  • Captain Elan'tah fires a cannon at the pirate ship
  • Crewman leave you to defend the ship and start repairs

MarSolla has received initiative.

  • MarSolla races around to find the source of the leak, yelling at a nearby crewmen to lead her to it.
  • Skeletal Bear opens it's mouth wide as if roaring silently, and then proceeds to savage it's opponent with it's teeth and claws. (Claw 1: 9 to hit, 10 damage if hit) (Claw 2: 21 to hit, 9 damage if hit) (Bite: 5 to hit, 9 if hit)
  • Skeletal Boar races towards it's opponent, snapping it's hefty jaws with a series of loud, slapping clicks, and then tries to gore it's opponent on it's tusks. 8 to hit, 8 to damage.
  • Aldous stomps forward towards his opponent, waving his axe in their general direction. 19 to hit, 17 damage
  • Pirate dies

Keres: done?
MarSolla: ((Yep))
Eari has received initiative.

  • Eäri swoops down and enters the fray

Eäri: on 9
Eäri: Unarmed Strike 18
Damage 9
Eäri: (( done ))
Ashling has received initiative.
Ashling: (( so, is there somewhere within 40' where I could have a little fire elemental appear and start burning the pirate's sails? ))
Keres: yep
Ashling: then one appears and gets to work burning
Jilik has received initiative.
Ashling: and Ash casts MM on #9

  • Ashling molds arcane energies with a graceful flourish —> Magic Missile (4): 14

Ashling: now done
Flint has received initiative.
Flint: (not my turn?)
Keres: Jilik's turn
Jilik: at #8
Jilik: Mountain Hammer (+2d6 damage on a hit, overcomes all DR and hardness)
Heavy Mace: 29
Damage: 18

  • Pirate 8 is flattened
  • Jilik makes a flourish with his weapon

Jilik: (done)
Keres: Pirates go next

  • Pirate 9 swings back to his ship

Pirate 9: (yes, AoO is possible)

  • Pirate 1 fires a shortbow 7 for 2 at Eari

Eäri: that's me?

  • Pirate 12 fires a shortbow 10 for 2 at Crewman

Pirate 12: (yes)
Eäri: Unarmed Strike 28
Damage 11

  • Pirate 11 fires a shortbow 17 for 1
  • Pirate 10 fires a shortbow 26 for 3

Pirate 9: (also at Eari)
Keres: At Aldous

  • Pirate 5 fires a shortbow 19 for 2
  • Pirate 6 fires a shortbow 17 for 6

Pirate 7: at Jilik

  • Pirate 7 fires a shortbow 19 for 2
  • Jilik bats the arrow away with his shield

Keres: Now Flint
Flint: (sec)
Flint: (targetting #5 #6 #7)
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 7 PP.
Low is bad: 26

  • Eäri shrugs off the damage from the arrows

Flint: Psi Power: Id Insinuation (7 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): confuses as the spell, up to 4 targets within 15 feet of each other, Will DC 19 negates.
Keres: which folks?
Flint: as above. #5 #6 #7
Keres: a lot of will saves are failed

  • Captain Elan'tah reloads the cannon

Flint: (done)

  • Crewman 1 start repairing the dings to the ship

MarSolla has received initiative.

  • MarSolla murmurs an ancient, yet simple prayer, urging the wood of the ship to reform itself into it's intended shape, plugging the leak. Then she turns, and races back up to the deck. (Mending on hole)
  • Aldous raises his huge axe high above his head and brings it crashing down in a wide arc. 13 to hit, 20 damage

Keres: Miss

  • Skeletal Boar races towards it's opponent, snapping it's hefty jaws with a series of loud, slapping clicks, and then tries to gore it's opponent on it's tusks. 23 to hit, 10 to damage.
  • Skeletal Bear bounds towards it's opponent, hefty bone paws smacking the ground beneath it. It swipes out with a claw, mouth open wide. 16 to hit, 11 damage if hit)
  • Pirate 1 dead

MarSolla: ((Er, wrong button. +2 to hit, -2 to damage on Mister Bear. Don't suppose it matters.))
Eari has received initiative.
Eäri: Flurry on "pirate"
Eäri: Flurry of Blows 1/2 21
Damage 8
Eäri: Flurry of Blows 2/2 21
Damage 10
Keres: (pirate is dead)
Eäri: (( done ))
Keres: (I meant pirate was already dead )
Keres: (now is deader)
Eäri: oooh
Eäri: um
Eäri: which are alive?
Eäri: can you mark the dead ones?
Flint: (the ones without skulls on their profiles)
Eäri: oh, dammit
Keres: (what Flint said)
MarSolla: ((12 Is the last one still on our ship. Zoom in, you can see GM has put little skulls nearby the dead ones))
Eäri: Unarmed Strike 30
Damage 12
Eäri: on the living one

  • Pirate 12 joins the dead

Ashling has received initiative.
Eäri: oh darn
Eäri: that be a crit
Eäri: (possible)
Keres: (it was a one hit kill, and you are mad you don't get to roll the critical?)
Ashling: it was Pirate4 that said to surrender, yes?
Keres: yes
Keres: The pirate sail is now on fire
Keres: and there appears to be some hubbub below decks as well
Eäri: (( I am just sayin' ))
Ashling: then on Pirate4

  • Ashling molds arcane energies with a graceful flourish —> Magic Missile (4): 13

Keres: ((well, he's actually only in the negs, you could roll to see if you put your fist through his skull?))

  • Pirate 4 also dies

Ashling: (done)
Jilik has received initiative.

  • Jilik waits for now.

Keres: Pirates 5,6,7 are confused and start fighting each other
Chris: (want me to roll confusion?)
Keres: The rest of the pirates start scrambling to put out their fire
Keres: (sure)
Flint: 5:
Flint: Confusion Roll is a 36.

Confusion Effects:
1-10: Attack manifester (Flint) with melee or ranged weapons, of move toward him if an attack is not possible.
11-20: Act normally.
21-50: Do nothing but babble incoherently.
51-70: Flee from manifester (Flint) at max speed.
71-100: Attack nearest creature, be it friend or foe.
Flint: 6:
Flint: Confusion Roll is a 59.

Confusion Effects:
1-10: Attack manifester (Flint) with melee or ranged weapons, of move toward him if an attack is not possible.
11-20: Act normally.
21-50: Do nothing but babble incoherently.
51-70: Flee from manifester (Flint) at max speed.
71-100: Attack nearest creature, be it friend or foe.
Flint: 7:
Flint: Confusion Roll is a 58.

Confusion Effects:
1-10: Attack manifester (Flint) with melee or ranged weapons, of move toward him if an attack is not possible.
11-20: Act normally.
21-50: Do nothing but babble incoherently.
51-70: Flee from manifester (Flint) at max speed.
71-100: Attack nearest creature, be it friend or foe.
Keres: 6 and 7 run across their boat, jump in the water, and start swimming away
Flint has received initiative.
Flint: Intimidate: 25

  • Keres rolls to you: 10 => Invalid expression: 10
  • You roll to the GM: 10 => Invalid expression: 10

Pirate 3: we surrender!
MarSolla: "Surrender? Ha, did you hear that? How quaint!"
Captain Elan'tah: well, that's different
Flint: Preapare to be boarded!
Crewman 3: Captain, the ship is repaired

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow
  • Captain Elan'tah gestures to a plank that can be used as a bridge between ships

Keres: There appears to still be some scuffling going on at the pirate ship
Flint: Jilik, please be so kind as to show these gentleman to one side of the ship.
Pirate 3: SHIT! IT'S LOOSE!

  • MarSolla ushers all her undead creatures back into her bag, clucking over them as she does so, like a proud mother.

Flint: What is?!
Ashling: (listen checks?)
Keres: roll them

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+13+mod Listen Check => 6 + 13 + 0 = 19
  • Maggi rolls: 1d20+14 Listen => 7 + 14 = 21
  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+15+MOD Listen => 1 + 15 + 0 = 16

MarSolla: 14
Keres: you hear what sounds like some combat and a high pitched voice making what almost sounds like a yipping sound
Keres: and then the door from below deck bursts open, revealing…..
Shadowy Lizard: "It's payback time you stupid apes!" A completely nude Kobold with a small Pseudodragon screechs bursting into the air above the ship with a pair of large scaly wings.

  • Flint raises his freshly loaded musket in its direction

Flint: What in the world?
Keres: The pirates start scrambling out of the way
MarSolla: ((Wait, the kobold has the leathery wings, or the pseudodragon?))
Shadowy Lizard: ((Kobold.))
Captain Elan'tah: well….uh….
MarSolla: ((Pseudodragons are itty bitty, arn't they? Ah, ok))
Eäri: Curious.

  • Captain Elan'tah glances at Eari

Captain Elan'tah: um…. friend of yours?
Eäri: Not in this lifetime.
Shadowy Lizard: (Yeah, it;s on his shoulder.)
MarSolla: "Ye're not allowed to eat it, unless it's rude." Mar'Solla chides Eäri.

  • Eäri fixes MarSolla with a withering gaze

Captain Elan'tah: 'Ello there!
Shadowy Lizard: The Kobold takes a quick look around and quickly realizes that things are not quite how he thought. "Oh… I see my capters lost this one… Thank you for the rescue."
Flint: Our pleasure, I think…
Captain Elan'tah: you are welcome, I think. Who are you?

  • MarSolla steps over the plank, removing her skeletons once she's across.

Shadowy Lizard: I am Iothpetissesvern. It is a pleasure to meet you."
MarSolla: "YOU! SCUM! Weapons and armor OFF, and I want you laying flat on the middle of the deck! Last one tae comply gets turned into a zombie!"
Flint: So you were held against your will here? In any case, you're free now.

  • MarSolla rounds up the living pirates.

Keres: The pirates obviously find the kobold unnerving

  • Eäri touches the tattoo on her forehead briefly, closing her eyes, as if she is praying for reassurance
  • Eäri looks to Ashling

MarSolla: "Aldous. Gather up the weapons and arms."
Eäri: Do you plan to board the pirate vessel?
Keres: Is the fire elemental still burning?
Ashling: (it was there for 7 rounds)
Keres: Battle was over in 4
Ashling: (and to Eari) No reason to.
Iothpetissesvern: Yes, they captured me months ago… they sold my stuff and beat my little pal here…

  • Eäri nods
  • Flint offers his hand to the Kobold.
  • Eäri observes from the port bow of the ship

Flint: I'm Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle, and these are friends of mine (introduces each)
Flint: Call me Flint.
MarSolla: "Right. Which of you was in charge of this 'ere mob? First one to answer with th' truth lives. Or maybe just dies less slowly then the others. Havn't thought it over yet."
Iothpetissesvern: The Kobold looks at the gnome slightly shaken, before extending his clawed hand to the Gnome. "It is a pleasure Flint. Please call me Sev."
Keres: The pirates are murmuring to each other in awe of this gnome, who is apparently captain of a ship with crew of demons and dead, and greets demons as friends.
Keres: Sounds like a couple of them want to be Flint when they grow up
MarSolla: ((Hahaha! Flint, you're going to be scourge of the high seas and a legend ))
Flint: (I am accepting apps for followers - Leadership feat )

  • Eäri takes wing and alights on the deck

Flint: I've never seen a kobold with wings before.
MarSolla: "Who was the captain? Speak!"
Flint: But I have seen others with wings …. this is Eari.
Keres: the remaining pirates point at the corpse of pirate 4
Eäri: Greetings
Iothpetissesvern: The kobold gives a small bow to the woman. "It is a pleasure to meet you miss Eari."
Iothpetissesvern: "As for my wings… I am a rare breed of Kobold… One which rarely ventures forth form our caverns."
Flint: You seem to have scared the pirates here
Iothpetissesvern: Wouldn't you be scared if a magic user you kept locked up and starving in t]your lower decks for months got free?
Eäri: Depends on how powerful said magic user was.
Flint: I'm not in the habit of locking people up

  • MarSolla kneels beside one of the pirates. "The winged kobold. Where did you find such a creature, and why keep him prisoner?" she murmurs.

Iothpetissesvern: "I think the speed of their running should tell you much." the Kobold says with a Toothy smile.
Flint: You're welcome to get clothes and food aboard our ship … if the Captain approves, of course.
Ashling: (calls across to the other ship) Well, what do you propose to do with this ship we've captured?
Eäri: Mmmhmmm
Captain Elan'tah: What is one more oddity this trip?
Captain Elan'tah: I can have a couple of my crew take it back to Shieldmeet
Flint: That sounds good Captain.
Flint: If you can spare the crew.
Flint: I'll chip in on duties if it helps.
MarSolla: "The entire ship is his share of the booty, now?"
Captain Elan'tah: aye. I can sail this ship with 3 if needed
Flint: But first Captain! Let's see what they've plundered.
Iothpetissesvern: Thank you captain. I would pay you if I still had any of my property left.
Captain Elan'tah: aye
Flint: I'd imaine they have a decnet haul to liberate.
Keres: gonna have to call it here, sorry
Flint: k
MarSolla: "Seems like he's making a profit out of this run, to be sure… not to be mercenary, Flint, but we should demand a share of the sale, like."

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