Session 32

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Captain Elan'tah: So…I got an idea regarding this new ship…
Ashling: (checking our side for injuries)
Ashling: (were any of our sailors hurt?)
Flint: Please say it will involve aerodynamic improvements.
Captain Elan'tah: well, actually it just involves you getting to keep it. Don't know what your business is in Vasant, but if you want, we could dump the pirates on this little island I know of, I could put a couple of my men on it and we could sail together to Vasant, where you could hire your own crew

  • Eari raises an eyebrow at Flint's comment
  • Flint gets that rare evil look in his eye, as he presses his fingers together.

Flint: This ship will be the BEST EVER.
Eari: (murmurs) Such a strange little man…
Flint: of course, Jilik will be lame and not want to ride on THAT, either
Jilik: This is big. Sturdy. Doesn't FLY. I'm fine here.
Ashling: (if no one on our side is injured, Ashling will go see to any injured pirates)

  • Flint is uninjured.

Captain Elan'tah: Ship needs a few repairs, but could be a nice vessel

  • Eäri is uninjured

Flint: So, can a few of your crew drag it back to port? We'll have to look into it when we get back.
GM: (couple remaining pirates are dinged a bit. Two are drowning unless Flint dropped his confuzzle affect, and the rest are dead)
Captain Elan'tah: Only question is which port. I'm willing to send a couple men to shieldmeet, but reluctant.
Flint: (the confuzze act ended almost immediately afteer they jumped off)
Captain Elan'tah: IF they sail alongside us
Eäri: (( Ashling appears to me as a big red question mark ))
Ashling: (patching up pirates…)
Captain Elan'tah: You'll then have your own ship.
Eäri: Can anyone here captain this vessel?
Symposes: (Atleast you guys see a boat. O_o)

  • Eäri looks dubious

Eäri: (( are you on the Water map? ))
Captain Elan'tah: My second in command can
Eäri: Of course, Captain, I meant in the group of… heroes.

  • Captain Elan'tah murmurs to Flint 'you might be able to recruit a pirate or two, depending on if you are willing to trust them. They seem suitabling intimidated by you'

Symposes: (looking at the flagstone pattern from the default nothing map i think)
Eäri: (( click on the globe icon on the right top and scroll to the Water mao ))
Symposes: (there it goes)
Eäri: map*

  • Flint strides over to the captive pirates, looking as menacing as he can

Eäri: (( nm, lol ))

  • Flint paces back and forth. "well, we got good news and bad news"
  • Shadowy Lizard sits back and watches.

Flint: Bad news is, you guys are in trouble. We're turning you in on charges of slavery and pirateering
Pirate 3: We ain't slavers!
Pirate 10: Yeah! We are just buccaneers!
Flint: I'm talking here! Good news is, some of you have a unique opportunity to work off your sentence.

  • Pirate 3 gazes at Flint cautiously

Flint: Just so happens we are looking for some talent in the area of Sailing. Anyone fit that bill?

  • Eäri crosses her arms across her chests and watches, an amused look on her face

Flint: our food beats prison food, I can tell you that right now
Eäri: chest*
Pirate 2: What kind of work?
Flint: You sail my new ship. And you keep your hands off the ladies.
Flint: The one with the tail might just touch you back, and I'd say that's a bad thing
Pirate 2: I want nothing to do with anything with wings

  • Muken hobbles out of the cargo hold holding his back.

Pirate 3: Speak for yourself

  • Pirate 3 glances at Eari
  • Muken lets loose with a rather large yawn.

Pirate 3: So you be the captain then?
Muken: I gotta find a better place to sleep.
Flint: ….yes. I'll be your captain.

  • Eäri seems amused

Pirate 3: Well, ya got demons and dead followin ya. I reckon this'l be the most feared ship on the seas! I'm in
Ashling: (( I want to be on the other ship in that case ))
Shadowy Lizard: The Kobold looks at the Gnome for a moment before looking up at Eari. "Is he qualified to do that?"
GM: The rest of the pirates give general affirmatives
Jilik: He's Flint. It's just what he does.
Flint: Welcome to the crew.
Muken: What wild schemes are you coming up with now Flint?
Flint: What's the name of this ship? (to the pirates)
Flint: Oh, we commandeered a ship, Muken
Jilik: I think he just shanghaied some pirates
Eäri: (( who is Muken? ))
GM: afk 1 sec
Muken: (A traveling merchant. Or so I claims.)
Muken: (if you have a link to the wiki, there is a bio there)
Flint: (I gues we're retconning that he got on the boat with us)
Eäri: (( ok ))
Shadowy Lizard: Alias Sev
Shadowy Lizard: (Sorry…)
Muken: Hmm I would think, if you just took the boat. Youd get to name it.
Muken: Specially if you are going to be winging it later.

  • Muken rubs his chin thoughtfully

Flint: oh, no, this one won't fly.
Flint: too big.
Muken: Perhaps using convential Alchemaic formulas. or whatever you tinkerers call them.
Shadowy Lizard: What?
Muken: Im fairly certain a dedicated mage could get it in the air.
Jilik: If you give Flint ideas, I may be forced to find a plank for you to walk
Flint: nah, magic's cheating. I can get my smaller dirigble up … with science!
Muken: And you cannot make this one a dirib…diria….sciencey thing why?
Eäri: (( is Mar'Solla actually up to what she said she was up to on the forum? because that should be resolved at some point too… hopefully our little friend makes it ))
Flint: it's too big. like I said. way too heavy with conventional techniques
Muken: Im sure you could scare the pants off someone if you managed to find a way.
GM: (Mar'solla's player isn't here yet…soo…no)
Muken: I happen to know a few tricks with crystals that can be as strong as steel, and lighter too.
Flint: (sorry on the phone with my folks here)

  • Muken starts eyeing the boat, as if contemplating something big.

GM: ('sokay, i'm still slightly distracted)

  • Eäri will move over to the dead pirates and start giving them proper death rites

Ashling: (finishing her ministrations) How should the bodies be dealt with? Overboard burial?
Pirate 5: Overboard is the usual
Muken: If we had a spare dingy, we could pile them i and light it, a kind of pyre at sea burial.
Ashling: Any special ceremony?
Muken: Not unless you get pitch on your hands.

  • Eäri ignores them and continues offering prayers over the dead
  • Flint chit chats with the pirates, gets to know them a bit

Eäri: (when finished) So… burial at sea then?
GM: The pirates all give their names and skills. Most of them are just in piracy for the adventure, it seems
Flint: (perfect!)

  • Jilik helps Eari start throwing bodies overboard

Ashling: (um, I take it the pirates have nothing to say on how this should be done then…)

  • Muken sits back, as his packmate assists in the removal of bodies.

GM: And the ships start moving again. Everyone on their respective vessel
GM: Usual burial for a pirate is to be tossed overboard
Eäri: (( I believe the pirates said overboard ))
Flint: (so we're pulling this ship with us?)

  • Shadowy Lizard eyes the bodies with a strange fascination. his expression turns to horror for a second as he watched Jilik and Eari toss bodies overboard and turns away with a slightly saddened look.

GM: With some minor repairs, it can be sailed
Flint: (like, new sails? )
GM: (lol…in the pirate's hold, there was also supposed to be canvas. The sails can be repaired)
Flint: Captain, may I borrow your second-in-command until I figure out what I'm doing?
Eäri: Do you have this in hand, Master Flintwhistle, or do you require additional assistance?
Flint: I may need you for …. ahem, security, if you'd like to stick around..

  • Eäri bows

Eäri: As you wish.
Tar'na: Aye aye, Captain Flint
Flint: Up anchor! Bring us about!
Flint: I always wanted to say that.
Jilik: Next time you should wait until the anchors are actually dropped
Flint: Shush.
Jilik: And we don't need to swing about, we are already headed in the right direction
Flint: SHUSH!

  • Jilik glances at Tar'na
  • Jilik glances at the pirate
  • Jilik sighs

Flint: Don't bog me down with details.

  • Tar'na just laughs and directs the pirates to the proper routines
  • Eäri is amused

Flint: that's it! I'm naming this ship The Devil's Tail
Tar'na: So…our ship is normally faster than this one, cause ours can travel without wind. This is a good ship though, got a good solid hold and I count…six cannons.
Vespasianus: were eight. two fell overboard
Flint: Six cannons! Sweet!

  • Captain Elan'tah smiles at Ashling

Captain Elan'tah: Didn't want to brave the Captain Flinty?
Muken: Hmm. 6 cannons. I guess youre going to science them up as well?

  • Muken smirks

Ashling: No, and Trista is on your ship.
Jilik has received initiative.
Flint: Maybe!
GM: The next day brings some light rain, and both sailors and pirates will point out the good fishing. You'll dine well that eve

  • Flint sticks close to Tar'na, trying to learn the lingo, and general operations of the ship, etc.

Ashling: (( afk, heating up dinner… ))

  • Tar'na seems glad to teach, and knows his stuff
  • Eäri just generally wanders about the deck, looking casually menacing
  • Jilik greets the kobold

Jilik: so…hi

  • Flint promotes Eari to be the security officer of The Devil's Tail

Flint: (whether she likes it or not)

  • Eäri shrugs and nods

Shadowy Lizard: Hello. I do not believe I have had the chance to meet you?
Jilik: I'm Jilik. I keep people from hurting Flint when he sticks his nose right smack in the middle of trouble
Jilik: You aren't really a demon, are you?
Jilik: Not that I have anything against demons

  • Jilik glances at Eari

Ashling: (( back ))
Eäri: I am not a demon either (laughs)

  • Eäri goes about her business of being casually menacing

Shadowy Lizard: Call me Sev… And No, I am just a Kobold. Though you are far from the first to mistake me for one…
Jilik: A kobold, eh? Mountain type, or one of them swamp ones?
Jilik: Are you part dragon? Is that where you got the wings?

  • Flint has Jilik bring his belongings over to the new ship when he's not busy
  • Jilik makes a show of nearly dropping all Flint's stuff overboard

Shadowy Lizard: I'm from the Mountains. As for my wings… Well… I am a decendent of Dragons… I have enough of their blood in my veins to be strange… but still a Kobold.
GM: A few days after you encounter the pirates, make a spot check

  • Eäri observes this spectacle and shakes her head, laughing to herself

Shadowy Lizard: I am curious though… just what are you?
Jilik: I'm a warforged

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 17 + 11 + 0 = 28

GM: And that gets all the GOOD roles for the evening out of the way
Shadowy Lizard: A Warforged? I hate to admit it, but I have never heard of your kind.
Eäri: (( let's hope that's not the case! ))
Ashling: haha, same here
Ashling: (( oopsie, ignore that… ))
Flint: ((I was gonna say, Ashling laughing? ))
GM: And speaking of dragons…Flint, Ashling, and Eari all catch the sight of a dragon through the clouds, winging it's way east. It looks bronze.
Jilik: Most warforged stay on the gnomish isle

  • Flint points it out

Jilik: wow
Flint: Going east, just like that elf said they would…

  • Shadowy Lizard promptly dives belowdeck.

Eäri: Well, friend Iothpetissesvern, seems one of your…
Eäri: Where did he go?

  • Eäri peers around for the winged kobold

Jilik: Are kobolds a delicacy to dragons?
Flint: I thought it was more of a servile relationship…
GM: The dragon travels faster than the ship, and is soon out of sight
Muken: I wouldn't know Jilik. But I figure anything that fits in their mouth may be edible.
Flint: Um, …. Sev? It's gone now!

  • Eäri 's brow furrows

Eäri: Such a strange lot

  • Eäri shakes her head

Sea Elf: 'ello up there!

  • Shadowy Lizard slowly peeks out from underneath the entramce to the lower deck and slowly flys up onto the deck.

Shadowy Lizard: Is it go- Who saud that?
Captain Elan'tah: 'ello!
Captain Elan'tah: Welcome friend, how's the water?

  • Eäri peers over the rail

Sea Elf: Well enough. Any troubles?
Captain Elan'tah: Nothing we couldn't handle

  • Sea Elf swings aboard Elan'tah's ship

Sea Elf: Two ships? Are you Admiral Elan'tah now?
Flint: Bring us alongside, if you will, so I can hear.
Eäri: (( your little ears not perky enough, dear ))

  • Tar'na does so

Captain Elan'tah: Nope, that ship belongs to Captain Flint. Flint, this is Sáriand. Sáriand, Flint. He'd like permission to cross your waters.
Sea Elf: Granted and welcome

  • Flint waves to the newcomer.
  • Sáriand swings over to the other ship
  • Sáriand greets Flint

Flint: Welcome aboard. This is the recently-liberated Devil's Tail. I'm Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle and this is the crew.

  • Eäri bows

Sáriand: Liberated, eh? Thought this one looked familiar.
Flint: Former pirate vessel.
Sáriand: I'll spread the word so the guard doesn't sink her. You are in our waters now, and we don't take kindly to pirates.

  • Sáriand smiles warmly

Flint: Is there anything we should know to make our passage eaiser with your folk? Flying certain colors, paying tributes, etc?
Sáriand: Well, if you want to pay tribute, we won't turn it down.
Sáriand: Don't dump your bilge, don't attack the dolphins, and the only islands you are allowed on fly the yellow flag.
Muken: (I apologize, but it is time for me to leave. Thanks for having me again.)
GM: Hope to see you next week
Muken: (me too)
Symposes has disconnected.
Flint: Yellow flag… got it.
Sáriand: And if you want to trade, just fly your own yellow flag and someone will pop up.
Flint: That's handy.
Flint: We have some wares but I'm afriad we haven't accounted for it all yet, in the liberation of this vessel. I'll have to get back to you.
Sáriand: Speaking of which… Hey, Elan'tah, did you remember to bring my steelwood this time?
Captain Elan'tah: Did you remember my pearls?

  • Sáriand grins

Sáriand: well, let me know. To business then

  • Sáriand swings back to Elan'tah's ship

Flint: ((speaking of which does anyone want any magic loot from the pirate loot?))
Flint: ((I'll take this to OOC chat))

  • Sáriand does some brisk trading with Elan'tah before giving you a farewll and diving back into the water

Flint: Flint allows Sariand to look over some of the precious non-magical items in case he would like to buy some
Flint: (sorry was a bit late)
Flint: (showing him stuff from the hoard)
Sáriand: He will look them over then
Sáriand: He's a pearl dealer, and will trade pearls for the furs
Sáriand: 10 pearls, valued at 150gp each, for all the furs.
Flint: deal!
Sáriand: Pleasure doing business with you.

  • Sáriand takes the furs and puts them into a woven sack.
  • Sáriand dives overboard

GM: Another week will go by before Vasant is sighted

  • Eäri gets a strange look in her eye when her homeland is sighted

Shadowy Lizard: Are you alright?
Anand: umm…captain? Are we going ashore with ya?
Jaumet: I get land sick
Osvald: Are we there yet?

  • Eäri smiles

Eäri: I am well… it has been some time since I have been to my homeland
Captain Elan'tah: Flint! Have your coin purse ready. Ten gold to dock!
Shadowy Lizard: Homesick?
Eäri: In a manner of speaking.

  • Flint checks his pockets. Find only lint.
  • Flint takes a 10gp-equivalent gem out to pay the docking fee

Flint: (from the hoard)
Shadowy Lizard: As in you have missed it… Or as in you are worried about returning?
Eäri: Perhaps a bit of both.
Eäri: Strange things are afoot in the world.

  • Shadowy Lizard nods.
  • Flint will take some time to transfer loot to his bag of holding from the cargo hold … so that they can be more believable merchants

Shadowy Lizard: That there is… Which brings me to make this small request… Would it bother all of you if I stayed with you after we make landfall?

  • Eäri smiles

Flint: Sounds good to me!
Eäri: As I am but a guide in this venture, it is not for me to decide, friend…
Eäri: Ah, but it seems the fearless leader has spoken!

  • Eäri chuckles

Flint: Well, it's not up to me really…
Flint: But I wouldn't mind.
Shadowy Lizard: Then I should ask the group at large then?
Eäri: I am sure it is not by chance that you have crossed our path
Shadowy Lizard: I need to agree with you on that regard… Meeble and I probably would have just sat in that hold till we died if you hadn't appeared and given me a chance to break out…
Eäri: Is that the name of your familiar creature?
Ashling: (where are we, on the ships? on the docks?)
Eäri: I am glad that we were able to render aid
Shadowy Lizard: Yes, this is Meeble. He is a rather unusual Pseudodragon… But he has been my only true companion for a long, long time. The two of us owe you all.
Flint: How's the new armor fitting you? Did you have to cut holes for your wings?
Deckmaster: (in Bharat) State your name, port of origin, and stay.
GM: The docks you pull up to are magnificent structures of stone. Further down the shore you see wooden docks, but these seem to be the prefered locations, well lit, secure, and guarded
Flint: (speaks with Sitara interpreting, I hope) Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle, Shieldmeet, merchant vessel. Unknown stay, but several days at least.

  • Eäri can interpet

Flint: (ok)

  • Flint pays the deckmaster

Deckmaster: (switches to common as soon as it becomes clear Flint is the captain) ten gold to dock, five gold per day you stay docked
Flint: do you need it all in advance?
Deckmaster: If you have it, it would be easier than coming every day. If you stay less than planned, just show your chit and you'll get the balance.
Flint: take payment in gems?

  • Deckmaster hands Flint a chit with notations in the local tongue

Deckmaster: I'll need to see the gems
Flint: (sec)
Shadowy Lizard: It fits quite well. Muken helped me with the placings for my wings. It is strange though… my kind does not normally wear clothing… Though I myself had been wearing it for quite some time before my captivity… I myself had grown to miss it strangely.

  • Flint hands him a deep green spinel, worth 110 gold
  • Deckmaster examines it carefully.

Deckmaster: 20 days in port then? Make sure your men follow the law or stay on deck.
Deckmaster: The taverns on the docks they are welcome at, in others, well, cultural misunderstandings are not uncommon
Flint: I'm sure we'll enjoy our visit.

  • Eäri smiles graciously
  • Sitara whispers to Flint 'what he means by that is, being a foreigner won't protect them from amputation or execution if they steal or hurt someone'
  • Flint consults the party quickly
  • Eäri doesn't even bare her fangs

Flint: Ashling, how long do you think we'll be here? Think 2 days is enough?
Flint: 20*

  • Deckmaster doesn't even bat an eye at the oddities in the party

Flint: (if she is on the dock somewhere that is)
Sitara: You can pay a balance later. Just have it in full or they'll hold your ship.
Flint: Understood.
Ashling: (she is probabaly unloading her horse, but I can't place the token cause it won't work if I do it)
Sitara: If your ship goes unclaimed a month, they'll confiscate it and it can be very difficult to get it back
Sitara: Unless you have a Rajah's protection, of course
Sitara: Then you can literally get away with murder
Flint: I'm glad you came along, Sitara, this is a strange place
Flint: and Eari too, you said you were from here?
Eäri: I am
Flint: Please make sure to poke me if I do something offensive. I've tried to read up on the customs.

  • Eäri smiles

Flint: No shaking with the left hand. I know that one.
Flint: So, what can you tell me about this city?
Sitara: Nice as the local cities go. The local Rajah isn't one of the bad ones.
Flint: Do you know where this man is that we're meeting? Or should we hire a guide?
Sitara: Customs everyone should know - if you offer your left hand in greeting, it's an insult discharged by mortal combat
Sitara: Speaking to a man's wife without an introduction, insult discharged by mortal combat. Same with daughters and sisters.
Sitara: Murder is against the law. So if you must kill someone, challenge them to a duel first. That's legal
Flint: Can you turn down a duel?

  • Shadowy Lizard listens intently.

Sitara: No…not really.
Flint: Is magic allowed in duels?
Sitara: Anything is allowed in duels
Sitara: If you are challenged and don't want to fight, you must surrender whatever the duel is being challenged over.
Sitara: For instance, if I challenge Ashling to a duel over her horse, and she doesn't want to fight, the law says the horse is mine
Shadowy Lizard: Interesting…
Sitara: that said…if you challenge to a duel and it's revealed to have no cause, then it can be murder.
Ashling: (pretend there is a horse following her…)
Sitara: So if I did challenge Ashling, I'd have to have some sort of valid reason to claim the horse as mine
Eäri: (( I can see you! ))
Ashling: (( odd… ))
Sitara: It's…complicated
Ashling: Do you have everything you want off the ship?
Sitara: Just don't make eye contact, and you are probably fine
Flint: I took some of the trade goods with us for sale later.
Flint: if it comes up.

  • Ashling is wearing a set of Vasant-style clotes with a headscarf and veil.
  • Flint has also changed into an outfit Sitara picked out for him

Ashling: Then lets see if we can get directions to Rajah Devdas's home.

  • Eäri is in her monk's robe, her tattoo marks her as one of Kalki's devotees

GM: Directly off the docks is a bustling marketplace, where it seems like everything and her sister is for sale

  • Shadowy Lizard is in just his armor for now… With Meeble still hanging around his neck.

GM: The concept of 'black market' doesn't seem to have caught on, and things like poison, slaves, drugs, and the like are being sold openly
Flint: Perfect! I've been meaning to pick up some goblin slaves!
Flint: I mean….

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow
  • Flint 's eyes shift from side to side

Flint: Hey, SOMEBODY'S got to be on my dirigible test flight…

  • Shadowy Lizard slowly backs away orm the Gnome.

Flint: No one has a sense of humor anymore…
GM: If Flint said that outloud, a slave dealer would immediately come up and start taking the hard-sell line on a family of goblins
Flint: (lol)

  • Flint politely declines

Ashling: Eari, where should we go to get directions?
GM: the dealer talks about how if he doesn't sell these slaves, both his family and the goblins will all starve and won't Flint please think of the children?

  • Sitara is talking with another merchant, and seems to be procuring a map
  • Flint keeps walking, nodding, smiling, but declines
  • Eäri is clearly amused at the trouble Flint has started

Eäri: I believe the lady bard is procuring directions

  • Shadowy Lizard shudders as he overhears the slaver speaking to flint.
  • Shadowy Lizard turns to Eari.

Shadowy Lizard: How common is this kind of thing here?
Eäri: What sort of thing, friend?
Shadowy Lizard: Just… Everything…
Shadowy Lizard: forget it.

  • Eäri looks around

Eäri: I believe this is a place where all manner of things can be procured. I do not typically frequent such establishments. My needs are few. My Goddess provides all that I require.

  • Eäri wrinkles her nose

Eäri: It is rather… unsavory.
Flint: We might want to consider selling some wares here to fund the trip, but I don't want to hold us all up to do it
Sitara: It will take us about two days to get to Vibishana. We need to get to the north gate, and that's through the shanty, so…keep coinpurses tight
Eäri: The plight of the poor in this city is rather…

  • Eäri shakes her head

Eäri: Shall we continue?

  • Flint lets Sitara lead the way

GM: Spot checks as you move through the town.

  • Ashling will ride (assuming that is allowed inside the city).

GM: it is allowed

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 16 + 11 + 0 = 27

GM: Flint and Ashling both notice folks trying to pick their pockets
Shadowy Lizard: 18
GM: In fact, all of you catch the potential pickpockets who immediately scamper away
Shadowy Lizard: (Not like I had any money…)
Ashling: Flint, shouldn't you get a mount?
Ashling: Unless you're planning on riding Jilik.
Flint: hahah, I thought of that!
GM: There are horses for sale. One stall actually has two hippogriffs for sale

  • Eäri smiles

Flint: he might get ornery though.
Jilik: I bite
Flint: Yes, I suppose a pony would be good.,
Flint: (how much?)
Ashling: And Sitara?
GM: 30 gp for a pony
Flint: (and a horse for Sitara?)
GM: 75 gp for a standard light horse

  • Flint buys a pony & horse with funds from the pirate ship

GM: 150gp for a riding dog
GM: 200 gp for a dire weasel
GM: 15 gp for a cart
Flint: anyone else for mounts?
Flint: sorry Jilik, you're too heavy.
GM: 250 gp for a fancy smacy wagon

  • Ashling inspects the animals to be sure they are sound.

Shadowy Lizard: If possible would someone be willing to purchase me a Dire Weasel? I would be willing to pay you back once I obtain some currency.

  • Ashling blinks.

Flint: What do you do with a … dire weasel, exactly?
GM: The saddle for the dire weasel is an additional 5 gold
Ashling: Did you not give him some of the pirate loot?
Shadowy Lizard: They are the classic mounts of my species.
Flint: We haven't divvied it, but I have it here for anyone that needs spending money.
Shadowy Lizard: And they move much faster than I cna fly.

  • Flint shrugs, buys a dire weasel for Sev too.
  • Eäri will fly

Ashling: Then we should do that before we leave the city so that the lizard man can be on his way.
Flint: oh … about that.
Flint: Sev would like to come along with us for the time being.
Ashling: You've invited him along, haven't you.
Flint: Well, he asked!

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow

Shadowy Lizard: Yes, yes I would.
Ashling: (turning to Sev) I don't advise it.
Shadowy Lizard: Why not? Anyhting you may face would be much safer than wandering around on my own in a strange country…
Ashling: (turning back to Flint) And you didn't tell him what we are doing either, i see.
Eäri: I do not think it advisable to leave our friend alone in a strange land
Eäri: This city is fraught with danger
Ashling: Why not stay with the ship then?
Shadowy Lizard: … I just spent months chained up sitting in the cargo bay of that ship…

  • Eäri gives Ashling a hard look

Ashling: I'm sure the elves would take you with them.
Shadowy Lizard: I can fly, not breathe underwater.
Jilik: ah, don't be so hard on the little fellow. Someone needs to come along so Flint can feel tall

  • Shadowy Lizard shrugs.

Shadowy Lizard: Looks like you are stuck with me.
Ashling: I'm trying to save his life.
Eäri: The prophecy speaks of strange angels

  • Flint sells the remainder of the loot and divvies coin/gems as discussed in OOC

Eäri: Who is to say whom amongst us it speaks
Shadowy Lizard: I am sure you can explain this all to me later… for now we should probably get to somewhere were we do not ahve to worry about evasedroppers.
GM: you can get out of the gate without furthur incident
Eäri: (( I meant strange HEROES ))
Eäri: (( sorry, GM and scroll keeper can't remember the wording ))
GM: On the road, you can quickly get away from possible listeners
Sitara: no, nevermind, I don't want to know.
Sitara: I've heard enough stories to know that knowing means trouble
Shadowy Lizard: … Well… i would like to hear this Prophecy.

  • Eäri smiles serenely
  • Sitara sticks her fingers in her ears and distracts herself

GM: The road quickly enters jungle

  • Shadowy Lizard just sits there in his saddle, taking in what he has heard.

GM: and is a bit on the treacherous side. It's obvious that the Rajah's don't maintain anything outside their cities
Flint: (ok, that info got you then, good)
Flint: (got to you*)
Ashling: (huh?)
Flint: (someone told Sev about the prophecy I take it?)
Eäri: (( huh? ))
Flint: (my mistake, I guess)
GM: Is Sev being told about the prophecy or not?
Shadowy Lizard: (Erh… The GM sent it to me… Someone still needs to tell it to me IC.)
Shadowy Lizard: (I misunderstood at the time.)
Eäri: (( Eäri senses a certain reluctance to just out and out tell him, otherwise, she is happy to tell him ))
Ashling: (Eari has to recite it, I believe, as we can't read it ourselves)
Eäri: (( Yes, she will recite to him the prophecy, no skin off her nose, she just senses Ashling's discomfort, so she is keeping quiet ))
Ashling: (if she does Ash will say something)

  • Flint is still a little weary of the giant weasel.

Flint: (wary*)
GM: (Everyone should have control of their respective mounts)
GM: Eari do you start reciting?
GM: Ashling, since she does, what do you say?

  • Eäri begins reciting

Shadowy Lizard: What is wrong Flint? Worried about me haveing a Weasel, and you not having a Badger?
Ashling: Well then, why don't we jus recite to everyone we pass as well.

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow

Flint: What do they … eat? Sorry, I'm city folk. Don't see many of those…
Eäri: I am sorry, is it your Duty to protect the writings, shall I pass then, the scrolls to you?
Ashling: I can't read them. What good would that do?
Eäri: Indeed
Flint: Ladies. Ladies.

  • Eäri continues reciting to Sev the scrolls

GM: Spot checks?

  • Flint doesn't pay much attention to the verses the second time hearing them. He pulls ahead with Jilik to give Eari some space

Shadowy Lizard: 13

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 8 + 11 + 0 = 19
  • Eäri is being quiet about it

GM: You've finished at this point
GM: crap, I'm going to have to call it here guys, I'm sorry
Ashling: We have company ahead… (quietly)
Shadowy Lizard: Thank you for telling me about this…
Shadowy Lizard: (OK)
GM: Sorry.
Shadowy Lizard: No Problem.
Eäri: np
Chris: np. thanks. need a transcript?

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