Session 33

Shadowy Lizard has connected.
Maggi has connected.
Jocelyn has connected.
Symposes has connected.
Jocelyn: Mar'Solla's player contacted me this morning, no Mar'solla this evening unless folks are in need of healing, then I'll run her
Eäri: bummer
Shadowy Lizard: Damn.
Tanya has connected.
Jocelyn: When we last left our heroes, they were about to be eaten by Grue

  • Eäri sighs
  • Symposes picked a hell of a time to quit drinking

Ashling: (( I believe when we stopped last time Ash had just said something to the effect of something's up ahead of us ))
Jocelyn: yep, picking up where we left off

  • Flint peers ahead
  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+11+mod Spot Check => 17 + 11 + 0 = 28
  • Eäri pauses her recitation (unless she finished) and also looks ahead

Jocelyn: Flint spots a couple people hidden in the foliage of the massive trees
Ashling: (softly) In the bushes - armed people.
Jocelyn: (she'd have finished about twenty minutes ago)
Jocelyn: (go ahead and roll initiative)
Ashling: (( er, is this our riding order? with some people not even on the road? ))
Jocelyn: (actually, put yourselves in marching order, then roll initiative
Jocelyn: There is heavy underbrush off the roads, with vines and tangled grasses. You are in a heavily forested area bordering on outright jungle
Jocelyn: ((aka, penalty to move speed if off the road))
Jocelyn: ((PS - When I say in the foliage, I mean up in the trees)
Flint: Initative: 23
Flint: (whoa)

  • Eäri is flying
  • Eäri is near wherever Sev is, I suppose

Eäri: Initiative: 7
Eäri: (( ok, that sucked ))
Ashling: Initiative: 15
Flint: (does Muken have a face now?)
Jocelyn: (yes)
Muken: (always did.)
Flint: (well, to you….)
Eäri: (( yes! ))
Eäri: (( yay! ))
Jocelyn: (Sev, init?)
Jocelyn: (and Chris are you rolling Jilik's init or is it easier for you to just have him go on your turn?)
Flint: (if he can just go on my turn that'd be nice)
Jocelyn: (k)
Muken: (which end is the front of this caravan?)
Muken: (alright)
Muken has received initiative.
Jocelyn: The shadowy figures in the trees seem to have figured out you've spotted them, and are prepping their weaponry
Muken: (im going to hold my action)
Flint has received initiative.
Flint: uh oh, lemme get some backup.
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 7 PP.
Low is bad: 45

  • Flint lets his mind wander into the Astral for a moment, and brings back a chunk of solidified ectoplasm with it…

Psi Power: Astral Construct (PP Varies, Metacreativity (Creation)): Flint creates a temporary astral construct to do his bidding.
Flint: (done)
Jilik has received initiative.

  • Jilik takes a defensive position near Flint.

Jilik: (done)
Jocelyn: Everyone in the gray area takes 20 fire, reflex 19 for half
Flint: (they've got line of sight?)

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+5+mod Reflex Save => 17 + 5 + 0 = 22

Jocelyn: The foliage of the trees is sparse, so yes. You can zap back too.
Flint: Concentration: 26

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+6 Reflex => 9 + 6 = 15

Jocelyn: (big trees = sparse foliage and line of sight, small trees = dense. Didn't have what I needed to draw what I wanted)
Ashling has received initiative.

  • Eäri evades the fire with aplomb

Shadowy Lizard: 23
Flint: Spread out everyone!
Ashling: (will cast Entangle - 40' radius - to get the three behind the tree to our right)
Jocelyn: (save?)
Ashling: (DC 14)
Jocelyn: 6
Jocelyn: 20
Jocelyn: 16
Jocelyn: One is definitely entangled
Jocelyn: Full runs
Ashling: (( can you draw an area for the entangle - I suck at such things ))
Flint: (Flint also dismounted on his action, sorry)
Eäri has received initiative.
Jocelyn: The men are screaming wordless war cries as they run towards you, brandishing nasty looking swords. They seem almost mad

  • Eäri will engage CM5

Eäri: Unarmed Strike 18
Damage 14
Jocelyn: tis a hit

  • Eäri gives him a mighty kick

Eäri: (( done ))

  • Sitara starts to sing

Sitara: (+1 to attacks and all that )
Sev has received initiative.
Shadowy Lizard: Sev leaps off his mount and flies towards the gathered oppenents, before summoning forth a mass of solid shadows at his opponents. (clinging Shadows, Ref Save DC 17)
Shadowy Lizard: (I really need to learn how to use these tools…)
Shadowy Lizard: (… Screw this… Boss, i'm sure you cna figure out a good 20 foot radius… I need a tutorial session with these tools one of these days…)
Flint: (use the radius template)
Flint: (if you draw a bad one, Ctrl+Z undo's))
Flint: (click and drag starting at your desired centerp oint)
Shadowy Lizard: (Cool, thanks)
Jocelyn: Okay…bad guys salvaged
Muken: (do you allow held actions to be used at the end of the round, or do they become something else entirely?)
MarSolla has connected.
Jocelyn: (you can use held actions whenever, or just take your initative next time it comes around)
Muken: (now that i can "see" the targets, id like to use my action next)
Flint: (both readying a standard action, or holding your turn entirely, causes your initiative to change to just before the person that triggers it)
Jocelyn: (you are next in init order anyway )
Muken: (as in, if i was attacked i could go first?)
Jocelyn: (yes)
Muken has received initiative.
Flint: (did bad guys roll a reflex save vs. Sev's effect?0
Jocelyn: They all appear unaffected by it
Muken: (going to activate my crystal shard dojre on cloaked guy 5
Muken: Prepares to activate his wand. 24 (UPD+Artisan Bonus)

  • Muken Fires a crystal shard at his target, dealing 4 damage.

Jocelyn: ((hang on one sec)
Muken: (sorry, ranged touch attack, gotta roll)
Flint has received initiative.

  • Astral Construct roars as it is put together

Astral Construct: (at #7)
Astral Construct: Slam: 23
Damage: 15
Slam #2: 32
Damage #2: 14

  • Cloaked Man 7 reels from the blows

Flint: (at #8)
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 7 PP.
Low is bad: 82
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (7 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals 66 damage to target creature, Will DC 19 negates.
Cloaked Man 8: 18
Flint: (die.)

  • Cloaked Man 8 dies

Flint: (done)
Jilik has received initiative.

  • Jilik holds for now,.
  • Smoking Man wiggles his fingers and vanishes from sight

Ashling has received initiative.
Ashling: (on cloaked man #10)

  • Ashling molds arcane energies with a graceful flourish —> Magic Missile (4): 15

Ashling: (done)

  • Cloaked Man 10 growls
  • Creepy Chick shouts something!

Jocelyn: (yes, AoOs are available)
Astral Construct: Slam: 28
Damage: 10
Astral Construct: (on 7)
Chris: and if he survives that …
Jocelyn: (he is still up, foaming at the mouth)
Jilik: Mountain Hammer (+2d6 damage on a hit, overcomes all DR and hardness)
Heavy Mace: 27
Damage: 22
Jilik: (also at 7)
Jocelyn: (at Jilik)

  • Cloaked Man 6 swings a wicked looking greastword 14 9

Jocelyn: (at Flint)

  • Cloaked Man 9 swings a wicked looking greastword 12 11

Eäri: Jilik, protect Flint, they are going after him!
MarSolla: 11
Jilik: Yeah, you think?
Eäri has received initiative.
Jocelyn: (Eari got an AoO too, and so did Sev)
Jocelyn: (vs 9)
Eäri: Unarmed Strike 18
Damage 9
MarSolla: ((That roll was for initiative, 11, dunno where that puts me))

  • Cloaked Man 9 doesn't even acknowledge Eari's blow

Jocelyn: (gonna let you go after Eari)
Eäri: Unarmed Strike 15
Damage 13
Eäri: AP
Eäri: dammit
Jocelyn: (go for it)
Eäri: Action Point! 4
Jocelyn: (bad news….miss)
Eäri: oh, I didn't add in the charge either
Eäri: +2
Eäri: So 21 total, still miss?
Flint: (and singing, +1 to hit)
Flint: 22
Eäri: oh right
Jocelyn: (hit)
Eäri: That's +1 to damage to, with Bard Song?
Eäri: too*
Flint: (no just hit)
Flint: (actually I'm wrong, they must have changed it in 3.5? +1 to dmg too)
Eäri: So, 14 damage, sorry J, need to change my aliases to mod the to hit and damage
Jocelyn: you smack her a good one
Jocelyn: she laughs
Eäri: er, 15
MarSolla has received initiative.
Muken: (does a ranged touch attack use bab and dex? or just bab?)
Eäri: (( bab + dex ))
Flint: (d20+BAB+dex)

  • MarSolla grits her teeth, and then begins to chant and gestures, releasing a focused shower of negative energies. They sink into her targets body, temporarily confusing his nerves and making them tell his muscles to lock up. (Hold Person on 6, DC 16)

Cloaked Man 6: 9

  • Cloaked Man 6 is held

MarSolla: "That 'uns frozen! Bash his rotten skull in before he can move again!"
Shadowy Lizard has disconnected.
Sev has received initiative.
Muken has received initiative.
Jocelyn: Sitara keeps singing
Muken: (alright
Muken: (targeting 9)
Muken: Prepares to activate his wand. 21 (UPD+Artisan Bonus)
Muken: RTA:23
Muken: dmage 5
Muken: no saves or resists
Flint has received initiative.
Flint: (at #9…)

  • Flint gestures at his target, who disappears in a silvery light!

Psi Power: Time Hop (5PP, Psychoportation): Target object or creature is hurled forward in time 6 rounds. Will DC 17 Negates. Subject can attempt to return to the timestream on his action by making a DC 15 Wisdom Check, which is its entire action for the turn.
Jocelyn: 16
Flint: Be seeing you, friend!
Jilik has received initiative.

  • Astral Construct gallops ahead on all fours

Astral Construct: (at Creepy)
Astral Construct: Slam: 14
Damage: 10
Astral Construct: (and rolls a 1)
Astral Construct: (on both attack and damage, wow)
Jocelyn: 4

  • Jilik attempts a coup de grace

Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'x'
Jilik: (auto hit for max damage + crit confirmed), so 34 damage, and a Fort save?
Jocelyn: (yep)
Jocelyn: 14
Chris: (done)
MarSolla: ((What is guy 10 doing? Sniping from the trees?))
Ashling has received initiative.
Ashling: (on cloaked #10)

  • Ashling molds arcane energies with a graceful flourish —> Magic Missile (4): 10

Ashling: (and asks Una to keep a nose out for anyone sneaking up on us)
Ashling: (done)
Jocelyn: (one sec)
Jocelyn: 11 of magic missile damage hits Flint, coming from somewhere near Sitara
Flint: (hehe, you're mine now.)
Flint: SItara, MOVE! out of the way!
Flint: (on her turn of course )

  • Creepy Chick swings a heavy flail at the astral construct 17 for 19 and 22 for 9

Chris: (has a 23 AC)
Creepy Chick: (should be a +1 to both of those swings)

  • Cloaked Man swings a wicked looking greastword 17 13

Chris: ok one hit. is it a magical wweapon?
Creepy Chick: (yep)

  • Cloaked Man 10 swings a wicked looking greastword 14 13

Eäri has received initiative.
Eäri: On Creepy Chick…

  • Eäri lets loose on a flurry of blows

Eäri: Flurry of Blows 1/2 23
Damage 15
Eäri: Flurry of Blows 2/2 12
Damage 9
Jocelyn: hit, miss
Eäri: +1 from Bard
Eäri: (( done ))
MarSolla has received initiative.

  • MarSolla turns, swearing as spies another attacker rush out from the treeline. She chants and gestures again, once more causing a thin shower of negative energy magic to appear around her target's body and attempt to force his brain to stop his body from moving. (Hold Person on 10, DC 16)

Jocelyn: 18
Jocelyn: Sitara will move as Flint directs on her turn
Muken has received initiative.
Ashling: (( being distracted by my phone - if #10 attacked me one of those did hit ))
Chris: (#9 needs a status effect for "lost in space and time")
Jocelyn: ((he did)
Eäri: (( like in Arkham ))
Muken: (targeting 10)
Muken: Prepares to activate his wand. 33 (UPD+Artisan Bonus)
Muken: rta: 27
Muken: d:6
Muken: (done)
Flint has received initiative.

  • Flint pulls out an odd device from his belt pouch. He lights the wick and tosses it to the spot Sitara was just standing. The devices explodes and a thick white powder covers the area!

Jocelyn: range?
Flint: (typically 20 feet I think, as a range increment)
Flint: (and it's about 20' away)
Jocelyn: (I meant of effect)
Flint: (well, we never quite … hashed that out … fudge it?)
Jocelyn: (10' radius work for you?)
Flint: (If that's what I could make, then that's what I could make)
Jocelyn: (actually, let's go with 15, based on what happened when X threw cup full of flour)
Flint: (ok like that. final answer)
Jocelyn: (it doesn't seem to reveal anything)
Jilik has received initiative.
Astral Construct: (at Creepy)
Astral Construct: Slam: 17
Damage: 15
Slam #2: 34
Damage #2: 12
Astral Construct: (confirm the second hit
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'X'
Astral Construct: 29
Astral Construct: for another 15 if confirmed
Jocelyn: You know, you are pretty sure that blow should have been fatal. Perhaps it's the fact that her head is split open. But she is still up

  • Jilik moves SE, swinging his weapon around, trying to find the attacker

MarSolla: "Now that is nae somethin' you see every day. Fancy!"
Muken: (It is getting late again. Sorry guys. See you all next week.)
Chris: (done)
Muken: (night and take care everyone!)
Eäri: (( night ))

  • MarSolla takes a quick closer look at the creepy chick, gazing at her build, her skin tone, trying to discover anything unusual about her.

Symposes has disconnected.
Jocelyn: 31 to make a touch attack on Flint
Chris: +20? yeah. hits.
Eäri: (( er ))
Jocelyn: (true strike)
Jocelyn: Flint needs to make a fort save now
Jocelyn: as he hears someone whisper in his ear 'should have kept your bodyguard closer'

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+3+mod Fort Save => 8 + 3 + 0 = 11

Flint: Action Point!!!! 1
Jocelyn: Flint, somebody just shut off the lights for you. You can't see a blasted thing
Ashling has received initiative.
Ashling: (on #10 again)

  • Ashling molds arcane energies with a graceful flourish —> Magic Missile (4): 16

Ashling: (done)

  • Creepy Chick runs like hell, taking the AoOs

Eäri: Unarmed Strike 16
Damage 9
Eäri: can you AP on an AoO? lol
Creepy Chick: if you want
Eäri: Action Point! 4
Eäri: poop
Eäri: only 21
Creepy Chick: (did hit)
Eäri: ok, 10 damage
Creepy Chick: (you hit her good, but she ran anyway)
Eäri: does the construct?

  • Cloaked Man 10 swings a wicked looking greastword 18 8

Astral Construct: Slam: 15
Damage: 11
Jocelyn: he missed
Eäri has received initiative.
Ashling: (that's a hit, btw)
MarSolla: "Fiend woman! Dinnae let that one get away! She looks… interestin', like. Ill help out our fearless leader."

  • Eäri glances at the little woman, with a frown

Eäri: (( how far is the creepy chick? ))
Jocelyn: (120 ft)
Jocelyn: (where you see her on the map)

  • Flint is pretty beat up at the moment
  • Eäri will give chase

Eäri: Don't let them take Fline
Eäri: Flint*
Jocelyn: afk
Jocelyn: back
MarSolla has received initiative.

  • MarSolla raises her hands, murmuring words of dispelling and weaving some null magic out of the air. (Area Dispel centered on Flint)

Jocelyn: (caster level check)

  • MarSolla stalks forward, raising her little mace. "Any weakling can hit a gnome from behind, like a coward. Won't yer face me? Or are you too yeller?"

MarSolla: 17
Jocelyn: (I believe that fails to dispel his effect)
MarSolla: ((Damnation))
MarSolla: ((AP to retry?))
Jocelyn: (roll the AP)
Flint: (you have to roll AP's before the result is known typically)
Jocelyn: (oh, yeah)
Jocelyn: (you can use an AP to recast the spell next round I believe?)
Jocelyn: Sitara will keep up her bardic music
MarSolla: ((Oh, sorry. Ok, done))
Muken has received initiative.
Flint has received initiative.
Flint: He's right here, to my West!

  • Flint is bloodied and blinded. He steps away, lets off another power, and is—-
  • Flint gestures at his target, who disappears in a silvery light!

Psi Power: Time Hop (5PP, Psychoportation): Target object or creature is hurled forward in time 6 rounds. Will DC 17 Negates. Subject can attempt to return to the timestream on his action by making a DC 15 Wisdom Check, which is its entire action for the turn.
Flint: —-gone.
Jilik has received initiative.
Flint: (targetting himself)

  • Jilik charges!

Jilik: (at the square I think he is)
Jilik: Charging Minotaur (Charging Bull Rush attack, no AoOs)
Bull Rush Attempt: 25 (opponent resists with a Strength check)
Damage: 13 and pushes back 5 feet (and possibly more)
Jocelyn: 57
MarSolla: "NO! What have you done with him, you filth! Bring him back NOW, or Ill make a zombie out of you and have you pluck out your own eyeballs and eat them!" she rages.
Chris: (did Jilik's attack hit?)
Jocelyn: Jilik hits something and pushes it back
Chris: it pushed the thing back 5 feet for every 5 it beat the opopnent's STR check by
Jocelyn: (5')
Chris: (done)
Chris: oh wait, AC
Astral Construct: Slam: 22
Damage: 11
Slam #2: 22
Damage #2: 17
Astral Construct: (on CLoaked Man)
Chris: (and then done)
Jocelyn: 26 lighting bolt hitting Jilik and Mar'solla reflex DC 17
Jocelyn: originating somewhere around here

  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+6 Reflex => 12 + 6 = 18

Ashling has received initiative.
Ashling: (try try again - on #10)

  • Ashling molds arcane energies with a graceful flourish —> Magic Missile (4): 16

Ashling: (done)

  • MarSolla shrieks, ducking and throwing her hands up to shield her face… 10 Reflex
  • Creepy Chick continues fleeing

Eäri: Melee Touch 29
MarSolla: ((Approximately where did the lightning bolt come from?))
Creepy Chick: 26
Creepy Chick: (opposed grapple check?)
Eäri: Grapple: 17
Eäri: crap
Creepy Chick: she manages to pull free

  • Cloaked Man swings a wicked looking greastword 14 10

Eäri has received initiative.

  • Eäri curses the woman and runs back to her companions, full speed

Eäri: (( done ))
MarSolla has received initiative.

  • MarSolla cries out in pain, her small body jolting spasimodically even after the electricity has dispersed. She tastes blood in her mouth, and idly hopes she hasn't bitten off her own tongue.
  • MarSolla retains enough prescence of mind to listen for the sound of the invisible persons footfalls, wondering if Jilik knocked him near her. 7 listen check

Jilik: (DM already said were the bolt came from)
Chris: (somewhere down here I think)

  • MarSolla curses, firing off another area dispel 5 feet or so south of Jilik, and then limps away behind the cover of the pony.

MarSolla: (Using AP to regain spell. Only one AP a round, right?)
Jocelyn: (yes. Concentration check?)
Chris: (right. roll high!)
MarSolla: 15
MarSolla: ((That isn't high : /))
Jocelyn: spell fails to go off
Jocelyn: Sitara keeps singing
Flint has received initiative.
Jilik has received initiative.

  • Jilik attempts to snatch a target to his south
  • MarSolla sobs and curses in frustration, trying and failing to voice the words clearly despite her pain.

Jilik: Touch Attack: 11
Jocelyn: Jilik fails to connect with anything
Jilik: (rolled a 1)
Jilik: (done)
Astral Construct: Slam: 14
Damage: 15
Slam #2: 29
Damage #2: 16
Astral Construct: (on Cloaked Man)
Jocelyn: The cloaked man dies
Ashling has received initiative.
Ashling: (checking spell range real quick)
Ashling: casting Faerie Fire - 5' radius busrt, centered 5' infront of Jilik
Ashling: (done)
Jocelyn: Jilik is pretty, no other effect
Ashling: (curses)
Ashling: (shouldn't hit Jilik, actually)
Jocelyn: The Jilik remains unpretty
Eäri has received initiative.

  • Eäri takes quick stock of the situation…
  • Jilik drinks a potion

Jocelyn: Cast heals
Jilik: 14 repair

  • Eäri is gravely irritated

Eäri: Where is the gnome?
Ashling: (on me)

  • Ashling focuses natural life energy to heal —> Cure Light Wounds: on for 9

Ashling: (then switches to wand - who else looks injured besides me and Mar'Solla?)
Eäri: (( am fine, other than being ticked ))
Ashling: (then on me again) 13

  • MarSolla channels a moderate dose of positive energy into her sensitive, raw flesh, whimpering until she spots Jilik nearby, whereupon she forces herself to stop.

MarSolla: 18
Jocelyn: Cloaked man will reappear and swing at Jilik

  • Cloaked Man 9 swings a wicked looking greastword 14 10

Jilik: (misses)
Ashling: (( back to init? ))
Jocelyn: sure
Jocelyn: Jilik going to swing back?
Eäri: My turn?
Jocelyn: yep
Eäri: Unarmed Strike 26
Damage 9
Jocelyn: eari and Jilik can beat the hell out of the cloaked guy probably easily. I'd imagine Eari would have been told where he'd reappear, and thus can take a full round of attacks
Eäri: oh, ok
MarSolla: ((So jump forward?))
Jocelyn: yes

  • Flint reappears in a flash of light, similar to the missing cloaked man

Flint: owwww….

  • Flint collapses

Ashling: (on Flint) 10
Flint: my eyes ….. they're not working
Flint: caster did something
MarSolla: "Fiend, be careful!" Mar'solla hisses urgently. "There's another spooking around somewhere. Invisible. Blasted us with a lightning bolt… made Flint van- Arrrgh!"

  • Eäri looks at Mar'Solla, and gives her a hard look

Ashling: (and on Flint) 8
Eäri: "Fiend" is not my name, friend

  • Flint wounds look much better now, though he is still gazing straight ahead
  • MarSolla runs to Flint's side, channeling some positive energy into him to speed up his bodies natural regenerative processes. (Lesser vigor on Flint.)

Jocelyn: Each cloaked man had - greatsword, studded leather armor, and a strange talisman. Sitara will spit when she sees the talismans
Ashling: (to Sitara) What are they?
Eäri: These filth are followers of Kottravi
Ashling: Who is that?
Sitara: What she said. They attack at random, to sow terror. They kill for the joy of it.
Eäri: They kill for the sheer pleasure of bringing terror and for bloodlust.
Flint: For the fun of it? What?

  • Eäri shrugs

Sitara: They don't mind dying either. That's what makes them so dangerous. They are mad.
Ashling: (was Sitara injured?)
Sitara: (no)

  • Flint gets back to his feet, leans on Jilik

Flint: (after groping around for him)

  • Jilik sighs, then lifts Flint onto his shoulder

Jilik: just this once, boss

  • Flint accidentally squeezes Ashling's toosh in the process

Flint: sorry…
MarSolla: "Blindness, perhaps. It's a sort of curse that priests use. Blasts what some scholars call the 'Optic Nerve', just with a bit o' negative energy the size of a pinprick. It's… enough, though. But I or Ashling could fix it, if we have some time to prepare the right spell."

  • Ashling ignores it.

Sitara: We should be able to reach a village by nightfall. I'd like to, safer than sleeping out with that kind about
Ashling: It should wear off.
Ashling: But perhaps now is a good time for me to distribute these.
Eäri: Let us away then
Flint: Thank you for the healing

  • Eäri gives Jilik and Flint a hard look
  • Ashling passed out little cloth bags on cords of braided horsehair.

Eäri: In the future, if I give warning, perhaps you should heed it?
Ashling: These will absorb taint for 7 days, should we encounter any - which I hope we do not.

  • Eäri accepts the bag

Eäri: Thank you
MarSolla: "Didn't get the woman? That's two that escaped us. They won't come back, unless they're stupid. But they are. Stupid and savage. We should be careful."
Ashling: (also will give to Muken and Sev)
Jocelyn: just as the sun starts to set, you will see a town spreading out before you. The buildings are of limestone, and rather ornate, and there are gardens laid out through the city. The effect is quite beautiful
Flint: (no I won't )

  • MarSolla accepts the bag gratefully. "Are you sure Flint's eyes will heal? Do you know what did it, exactly?"

Eäri: (( I know you won't, you stubborn cuss ))
Ashling: (please note on your inventory)
MarSolla: ((Wait, wait… want to take some bodies, first))
Eäri: (( I don't think Eäri will approve of such ))
Eäri: (( if you do it right in front of her ))
MarSolla: ((That could be fun, unless you feel like it'd hold us up unecessarily))
Ashling: (( I doubt anyone will just let that pass ))
Jocelyn: (I'm content to let you battle it out
Jocelyn: Sitara will try to help Flint
MarSolla: ((Sweet))

  • MarSolla abruptly starts to drag some bodies into her bag, getting her half-giant skeleton out to help with the lifting. "Can only fit a couple. Flint, can you loan me that bag the Samad priest gave us? Heh, Im sure that's not what he had in mind for that gift, but needs as must."

Eäri: What exactly are you doing?

  • Eäri 's voice is cold as ice
  • Ashling also takes notice.

MarSolla: "Im collecting bodies." she says, raising an eyebrow. "What does it look like? These are mine, anyway. I called 'em. If you're hungry, you can just wait till we get back to the ship. Or maybe go fly out and find a boar or a missing child."
Ashling: Oh no. We're burning them.

  • Eäri frowns deeply

Sitara: Burning is the custom.
Eäri: These bodies are not yours. I don't know what you mean by "you called them."

  • Sitara will ask Flint if he'd be more comfortable riding double with her

MarSolla: "Whatever for? I can make use of them. And Ive already lost two fine specimens helping you with your foolish endeavours. One o' which was formerly a great friend of mine. Had sentimental value, like. You owe me."
Eäri: I owe you no such thing. And I will be no party to any foul necromancy.

  • Flint agrees to ride with Sitara (though needs some help onto the mount)
  • Jilik will set Flint on the horse
  • Jilik doing his best to ignore what else is going on

MarSolla: "Urgh… mister Flint, talk some sense into these fools. I didnae bring any undead into this battle, after all the looks and muttered remarks I got last time. And look what happened? You nearly died, Jilik and me were greviously wounded, and two escaped! If I could have set my cheetah after that woman…"

  • Eäri will let pass any ridiculous statements about eating children
  • Flint looks like he is getting a headache

MarSolla: "Wouldn't you rather have lost a few broken skeletons, then had Jilik damaged? And your sight taken?"
MarSolla: "You're putting us all at risk. Though sentiment. These men are evil. Criminals."
Eäri: These… men… will be given proper rites and burned.
Flint: Folks, we need to reach a compromise here. So I pose a question for Eari and Ashling…..
Flint: When would it be acceptible, in your mind's eye, for Marsolla to take bodies?
MarSolla: "I am suggesting they can atone for their crimes. They can do much good, even in death. Protect us. Help us protect others."
Ashling: Never.
Ashling: We are fighting against necromancers. Did you forget?
Flint: Ok. A fair answer.
Eäri: Absolutely never.
Flint: Are yo uwilling to accept Marsolla being less effective to assist in defending your life because of this?

  • MarSolla scowls. "Even if the alternative was death or injury to someone you care about? Fine. Ill tell my existing skeletons to ignore any orders they may have head to protect you, or Rayner."

Flint: Chill, Marsolla, you're not helping your case.
Eäri: While these men have done foul things in life, it is fouler still to bring them back to serve in an abominable unlife.

  • Flint looks around ineffectively

Ashling: I agree with Eari.
MarSolla: "Why, exactly?"
Flint: There must be some way, some compromise, we can make that allows Marsolla to pursue her craft, as unsavory as it might be, with the greater good and your morals.
Flint: My morals too, really.
Ashling: It disrupts the natural cycle of life and death. And brings us closer to chaos.
Eäri: There is no serving a greater good in this case, Master Flintwhistle
MarSolla: "I saw you tear this one here apart, with your claws! And now you preach to me about using his bones?"
Eäri: It goes against what is right, pure… it is unnatural and foul.
MarSolla: "So is every spell I cast that uses negative energy! So are YOU! You think those wings of yours are natural? Do you think you are… supposed, to exist?"
Eäri: I am here by the grace of my Goddess
Eäri: So yes, I am.
Flint: I think your decision to effectively ban Marsolla's practice, unsavory as it might be, will hurt us in the long term. That is my professional opinion.

  • MarSolla snorts. "I doubt that." She sighs, heavily, visibly angry. "You are being so small minded! Like children. You've seen what we face! Our enemy pulls no punches, why should we limit ourselves? Providin' we're the ones who are fighting for what's right?"

Flint: I don't like it either.
Flint: But our list of allies grows thin.
Eäri: You cannot make compromises in the fight for what is right.
MarSolla: "This talent I have… it's powerful! It can help us! Save lives! Say we came accoss a village under attack by bandits. We could fight them off, with or without skeletons, Im sure. But if we had some… fearless, untiring, strong and dependable… we could save more people."
Flint: Perhaps we should table the issue for now, and think on it. These bodies will be burned.
Ashling: I'm not saying she can't use the skeletons she already has, or cast her spells. But I simply can't condone her takling bodies to make MORE undead.

  • Eäri nods in agreement

Eäri: I cannot condone this either
Flint: Eari, you do not yet have the clout with me or my kine to take control of this situation

  • Flint looks hard in her general direction
  • Eäri shrugs

Eäri: The mark is on your soul, little man
Flint: I'll live with that.
Eäri: I will still not stand by and idly watch

  • MarSolla scowls. "I dinnae *care* what you choose to condone, demon-blood. You and your high and mighty sensibilities. Would you stop me, if I took these corpses? Would you, Ashling?"
  • Sitara puts an arm around Flint's waist and starts edging her horse in the direction of the village. She murmurs in his ear 'I don't really want to watch either'

Flint: Marsolla. Enough. We will reach a compromise, this I promise you.
Eäri: I would indeed
Ashling: I would try.
Ashling: You are here by the grace of Lord Bartel. Do not forget that.
Eäri: The fact that you practice this craft does not give you any right to those that fall by our hands
Flint: Ashling is right. You walk a fine line Marsolla, and while I have it in my interest for you to have a fair say, you need to watch your tongue.
MarSolla: "I was. And now he's sent us to a foreign land, so any fear I had o' arrest by some superstitious, overzealous militia is all gone. I could just disappear now. But we're doing something important. And I don't want to give up this fight just because the undead… spook you, or summat."

  • Flint mumbles to Sitara "I think both sides hate me now"
  • Sitara murmurs back 'a good compromise leaves everyone angry'

MarSolla: "Why not? We take their gold, we take their weapons… what is sacred about their bodies, that we shouldn't use them in the fight against those who murder us in our beds?"
Ashling: Gold and weapons have no soul.
MarSolla: "Ive lost two skeletons already, helping your lot. No doubt Ill lose more."
Sitara: It's somewhat debatable if worshipers of Kottravi have souls
MarSolla: "Well, maybe this can be their souls penance, for being mindless, bloodthirsty cretins."
Eäri: It does not mean that they should be used as fodder for abominations
Jocelyn: just as the sun starts to set, you will see a town spreading out before you. The buildings are of limestone, and rather ornate, and there are gardens laid out through the city. The effect is quite beautiful. You can see a few guards patrolling
MarSolla: "Why not? If we'd dragged them to a large town to stand trial, they'd doubtless be interred as prison labour."
Eäri: And your point is?
MarSolla: "My point is this is no worse. Their souls will be bound, they won't go on to face their reward or punishment, until they are destroyed fighting for truth and justice an' that."
MarSolla: "If you like, Ill even promise to destroy them myself after a month or so."
Eäri: I am not compromising with you on this matter. I will not condone the taking of bodies for this purpose, no matter how you justify it. Use that which you have, but I will not stand by and allow this blasphemy to occur.
Ashling: And I am with Eari on this.
MarSolla: "That's a small sacrifice, compared tae what we're risking to save these ungrateful peasants and savages."
Eäri: That is your opinion
Flint: What if she were to take control of existing undead. Bent to her will? That would not seem as heinous
Ashling: You mean like Lalinlor did?
Flint: Yes. You tolerated his presence, from what I remember.
Ashling: Let me tell you something about our old friend Lalinlor.
Ashling: HE is the one who activated the PRimal artifact.
Flint: What evidence do you have of this?
Ashling: And he probably sacrifced Tomas to dop it.
Ashling: Recall how I said the animals felt an anger in the council district.
Ashling: Recall how he suddenly left us when we were in Sclavini.
Ashling: And doesn't he seem extra charming now?
Ashling: Do you recall what Rayner read to you from Nabidon's journal?
Ashling: Zahirah had the same kind of charm that affected animals as well as people.
Ashling: She got it from Nysa, lilkely the one-time Primal artifact host.

  • Flint suddenly looks angry

Flint: And you waited till we were out HERE to tell us?!
Ashling: I didn't put it all together myself until recently.
Ashling: His charm affected me too.

  • Flint shakes his head sullenly

Flint: We need to get back to Shieldmeet soon, then

  • Eäri touches the tattoo on her head, and mutters something in Amita

MarSolla: ((Any chance of dropping a body into the bag while everyone's distracted? What's that, Sleight of Hand?))
Jocelyn: (yes)
Flint: (I auto-fail my Spot check)
MarSolla: (Hahaha)
MarSolla: 7
Jocelyn:, you were spotted.
Jocelyn: Just a bit
Jocelyn: next time, don't add the softshoe
MarSolla: (No hard feelings, anyway, you're fully within character to get on my case about this)
Eäri: Melee Touch 15
Jocelyn: and turn off the spotlight first
MarSolla: ((Touch AC is 13))
Eäri: Grapple: 17
Eäri: (( god, I am rolling shit on that ))
Ashling: Mar'Solla, are you trying to prove to us that we can't trust you?
Flint: what happened?
MarSolla: (Not taking AoO, assuming I even get one)
Eäri: She tried to sneak a body into her bag while you were all discussing
Eäri: (( you do not ))

  • Flint sighs

Flint: You're making it incrreasingly difficult for me to plead your case, ma'am

  • MarSolla shrieks, writhing around in Eäri's grasp "Get off me! Get your filthy claws off me!"

Ashling: Why are you pleading her case, Flint? (with a suspicious look)
Flint: I'm trying to reach a compromise that is best for our team. Isn't that obvious?

  • Eäri just holds her up by her collar

Flint: That's what leaders do.
Ashling: It looks like you are just trying to avoid taking a stand on this issue.

  • Eäri snorts at the leader comment

Flint: I do have a personal objection against the practice.
Eäri: If you stop sneaking about, I'll let you go.

  • Jilik bristles a bit
  • MarSolla writhes around, trying to break free.

Flint: But my point is, I'm not letting personal judgements get in the way of our mission.
Maggi has disconnected.
Flint: Liek some peope.
Ashling: So you think we should fight foul with foul.
Maggi has connected.
Flint: Even if it means all is lost? You have to admit things aren't going well right now.
Maggi: (( crap, sorry, crash ))
Flint: This is an uncomfortable situation for all of us.

  • MarSolla continues to wriggle ineffectually, shouting and swearing.

Eäri: My mission is to guide and protect the heroes of the prophecy
Flint: We should burn these bodies per the custom and be on our way. We've lingered too long.
Eäri: Whether I have the clout to affect any decisions you might make, Master Flintwhistle, I will not stand by and watch while something of this nature occurs. Whether you be the leader of this group or not. I answer to someone Higher.
Ashling: No new undead. That is what Eari and I are insisting upon.
Flint: Okay, understood.

  • Eäri drops Mar'Solla

Flint: We will talk on this later. Move out.

  • MarSolla has twisted her face into a mask of implacable rage and embarassment. She reaches for her bag as if she's about to turn it out and release all her undead at once, but stops just short, her hand trembling.

MarSolla: "Fine. You and your small vision and smaller minds can win this one. A moral victory, I suppose. Savour it. Whoever you come up against in the future won't allow you the luxury. And if Im not going to be permitted to make more deaders to protect myself, then Im not going to squander them on protecting your sorry hides any more. And you, half-breed… half your blood came from a place where MY deity holds sway. We'll see who's philosophy and deity is greater one day. Mark me."

  • MarSolla collects her mount and stalks off, a good distance ahead of the party, in something of a huff.

Sitara: that went well

  • Flint grumbles to himself

Jocelyn: alrighty, now you are in the village
Ashling: Having someone like her in this group is going to be a serious problem sooner or later.

  • Eäri says rites over the men before they are burned

Jocelyn: Sitara will be able to find you an inn that has five rooms available. A gold piece a night. She admits that's overcharging, but since you are foreigners, well, that's kind of the way it's done

  • Eäri doesn't sleep, she can stay watchful
  • Flint sticks close to Sitara, almost like a child would

Ashling: Eari, can I ask you something?
Eäri: of course
Ashling: (at some point, preferably not in the common room)
Ashling: What do you know of Nysa? Did she write the scrolls you carry?
Eäri: No
Ashling: How then is she related to them?
Jocelyn: (Ps - this village is Vibishana)
MarSolla: ((Is it a village or a town?))
Jocelyn: Town
Eäri: It is told that once there was a visitor to the Temple… a strange woman. She was given food and shelter by an Oracle, and left the next day. The Oracle then had the visions that led to the Prophecy that are documented upon the scrolls.
Jocelyn: There are large rooms, medium rooms, small rooms, and suites for rent

  • Flint shares a room with Jilik, who doesn't sleep

Jocelyn: And stables of course
Ashling: How long ago was this?

  • Sitara will arrange a suite for herself, Flint, and Jilik

Ashling: If it is know, that is.
Ashling: known*
Flint: Sitara, in the morning, if I am still blind, can you see if there is someone who can cure blindness in town?
Flint: If that is possible
Eäri: About 2,500 years, I believe

  • Sitara will actually go do that tonight

Eäri: Before the Elvish civil war
Ashling: (Ash will say she cannot cast the needed spell)
MarSolla: "No need for that. I can cure that."
Flint: oh?
MarSolla: "I just need to rest and ask Mider for the spell."
Flint: okay. I will wait then. Sitara, thank you, but nevermind
Ashling: And that is all you know of Nysa?

  • Eäri nods
  • Flint retires for the night after taking some food

MarSolla: "It'd be a pleasure. Im grateful to ye. For what you tried to do back there."
MarSolla: "Glad to see our leader see's a mite further then th' footmen, if you get what I mean."
Ashling: That is interesting. It seems this prophecy must have been made before the cult leader Dathatlo came across her.

  • Eäri shrugs

Flint: I am trying to get the most out of this party, because it very well be the world's last hope,
MarSolla: "Im not a bad person. Ehh… well… there are worse. And if we don't use these powers, we know… we KNOW that others will."
Ashling: I think she was once the host of the Primal Artifact.
MarSolla: "If we're not prepared to do everything it takes, then we're losing before we've even begun."
Flint: I am willing to put personal complaints aside. But the girls are …. religiously motivated. To them, it's all that matters.
Eäri: This Nysa woman?
Ashling: Yes.
Flint: Honestly? I think there is much you bring to the table other than your skeletons. I've seen it.
Ashling: About 2000 years ago there was a powerful cult that sought to control the artifacts.
Flint: Don't think for a minute that limits your usefulness
Ashling: It was led by a dark elf called Dathatlo.
Eäri: This is not a name I recognize
MarSolla: "So am I. My religion is better. More open minded, more centered around the search for important lost knowledge then some useless philsophical idea o' 'purity' or 'natural balance'…" Mar'Solla seems surprised. "I do?"
Ashling: We have been trying to trace the history of the fall of this cult to learn more about the artifacts and how to defeat the new incarnations of the cult or cults.
Eäri: I see
Flint: I guess what I'm saying is … the skeletons are helpful, but with a good plan, we can get away with not using them, for now. Until then, let me think about how we might work it out
MarSolla: "But… Ive put so much work into researching undead… learning how to control them, animate them better… I don't… I mean, when I were a mercenary before, I just hung back and ordered them about. Not much else."
Ashling: It seems Dathatlo once had Nysa and tried to study her.
Ashling: She gave his daughter Zahirah strange and dangerous powers.
Ashling: Zahriah used them to experiment on people, twisting them into horrible abominations.

  • Ashling shudders.

Ashling: But after that I don't know what happened to her.
Ashling: I suppose there may be a new host now.
Eäri: Ah. And you seek this knowledge now.
Ashling: Well, we need to know how to destroy the artifact.
Ashling: And then we have to try to get to it so we can do so.
Jocelyn: Once you are all in bed, the rest of the night will pass uneventfully
Eäri: I believe the scrolls are supposed to guide you in this task
Jocelyn: (call it here?)
Eäri: sure
Ashling: sure, but Ash will ask if the scrolls can be copied into another language so she can study them more easily

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