Session 34

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Jocelyn: Be on dock map please
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Eäri: k
Jocelyn: Give it a couple more minutes
MarSolla: Who're we missing?
Jocelyn: Our resident kender
Jocelyn: er, kobold
Jocelyn: GM = slightly out of it
MarSolla: Doing alright?
Jocelyn: aka, medication is fun
Jocelyn: We will pick up with the PCs the next morning
Chris: (I am here. Sort of)
MarSolla: (So are we rolling, or no?)
Jocelyn: Activity will begin at the inn early, almost before dawn

  • Flint hs his morning routine sabotaged by the fact that he can not see

Jocelyn: Sitara will bring food for Flint, a couple different local breakfast dishes, as well as a hot chai tea

  • Eäri awakes at dawn to meditate
  • Tanya also is up at dawn to memorize spells.
  • Ashling also is up at dawn to memorize spells.

Ashling: (( whoops ))
Flint: This food is spicy. But it's good!

  • MarSolla rises to say a few prayers of thanks at dusk, her quiet, eerie chanting carrying across the ground outside the sleeping inn. She returns to bed for a while.

Ashling: (( how many days of travel was it supposed to take to get to Devdas's place? ))

  • MarSolla rises early, yawning. She raps on the door to Flint, Sitara, and Jilik's room with the handle of her mace.

Jocelyn: (you are in the right village now)

  • Padmavati smiles at Mar'solla
  • MarSolla smiles back, giving a little wave with her fingers.
  • Padmavati says something in the local tongue
  • Padmavati points at the door

MarSolla: ((Who is this woman? Someone who works at the inn?))

  • Padmavati is dressed in silk and jewels

Jocelyn: Otherwise, you have never seen her before

  • Padmavati raises an eyebrow at Mar'Solla, obviously expecting a reply

MarSolla: Mar'Solla frowns, shaking her head. She tries the halfling common tongue. "Sorry, I'm no' from around here."

  • Padmavati frowns, then sighs, and raps on the door gently herself
  • MarSolla frowns up at the woman.
  • Padmavati looks a bit flustered

Sitara: Flint, someone is at the door. Do you want Jilik to open it?
MarSolla: "Eh, we got a guide what can speak your language… dinnae fret." Mar'Solla bangs on the door again. "Lazy buggers. They'll miss breakfast, this way."
Flint: Sure.

  • Jilik opens the door

Jilik: Hey, Flint, there is a short girl and a tall girl here. Which one do you want to see first?
Flint: "Want to see"? I should dismantle you.

  • MarSolla jumps slightly as Jilik opens the door, eyes going wide as she peers up at Jilik. "Still cannae get used to th' fact that you can *move*, like a human…"

Jilik: One is strange. The other we've never met before

  • Jilik steps out of Mar'solla's way, but keeps an eye on the other woman

Flint: Um, let them both in.

  • Padmavati looks almost relieved to see Jilik

MarSolla: "He jokes, he moves, I daresay you can dance too, when you've a mind?" Mar'Solla steps in.
Jilik: Only if you want your feet flattened

  • Padmavati says something in the local tongue
  • Sitara responds, and the two chat for a few minutes while Mar'solla tends to Flint

MarSolla: "Flint, there's a woman what followed me into the room. I never seen her before…. come to one of the rooms, and I'll take cure of your problem."

  • Flint follows MarSolla's lead
  • MarSolla rests her hands the side on Flint's head. "Now, some folk feel a wee bit o' a burning sensation behind the eyes, but it passes."
  • MarSolla intones a prayer of healing. (Remove Blindness)

Flint: (does it work?)
Jocelyn: (yep)

  • Ashling heads to common room fro some breakfast. Asks Eari to ask for raw meat for the mink.
  • Flint blinks

Flint: Hey, that's it? Wow, that was fast!

  • Eäri nods, will inquire

Flint: I thought it would be this long involved …. thing

  • Brijesh serves the food
  • Padmavati nudges Sitara

Sitara: Flint, this lady wants to know if you are the type of gnome that can repair metal men
Flint: Anyhow, thanks MarSolla

  • MarSolla beams at Flint. "Yup! A relief, t'aint it? My mistress what brought me into the cloth once blinded AND deafened me, for a week. Said it were till I learned to use my ears and eyes instead of just me tongue."

Flint: …oh? yes, I believe I can.. in fact I was going to do some work on Jilik here if time allowed
MarSolla: "Huh. Word travels fast. We've not been here a day yet."
Sitara: He seems to be the only gnome in town. Oh, Mar'solla, she apologizes to you, she thought you were also a gnome, and Flint's wife. I disuaded her from that notion.

  • Flint barely surpresses laughter
  • MarSolla chuckles to herself.
  • Padmavati chatters a bit

Sitara: She says if you can do some repair work, she will pay you well

  • Padmavati holds out what appears to be a sapphire
  • MarSolla stares at the gem, her eyes going wide. "That is well, and all. Maybe I picked the wrong trade, like."

Flint: Please tell her I would be happy to help, if I can. I am not an artificer though, that's more Muken's province. But I can repair stuff just fine.

  • Sitara responds and the two chat a while. Padmavati bows after a moment, smiles at Flint, then leaves

Sitara: We've got an appointment to meet her at her shop after lunch
Flint: Who is she? WHat's she do?
Sitara: She is the wife of a merchant, and they apparently have a golem of some kind

  • Flint raises his eyebrows

Flint: …..ok..
Flint: Well, now I'm REALLY interested
MarSolla: "We'll probably have to pry him away from the damn thing wi' a crowbar."
Sitara: So, time to start asking after what's his face?
Jilik: As long as my name isn't changed to 'spare parts'
Flint: Yeah, think I'll head out to the common room.

  • Flint grabs some tools from the bag of holding
  • Jilik follows Flint

Flint: c'mon Jilik, gotta patch you up.

  • MarSolla snickers. "You're a mite too useful for that. And he can't bring this one with him. Don't worry, you're still his favourite toy."

Flint: you have some melty parts.
Flint: (to Ashling, Eari) Morning!
Eäri: Good morning
Ashling: Morning.

  • Brijesh pours tea

Flint: … uh oh, Sitaram we didn't sepak to that woman's husband first … does that mean I have to duel him?
Flint: Sitara*

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow
  • MarSolla takes a cup of tea and when Brijesh's back is turned she sniffs at it, suspiciously.

Sitara: She spoke through me, so it's okay
Flint: oh, good. *looks relieved*
Sitara: besides, you are a gnome.
Sitara: They expect you to be strange
Sitara: notice more folks are staring at you than at Eari
MarSolla: "Don't we all?"

  • Flint fiegns hurt feelings
  • Flint unceremoniously pulls a panel from Jilik's back and starting making tweaks to his mesh interlace as they speak

Flint: Craft (Engineering): 27
Flint: (for "Healing" Jilik)

  • Jilik seems better

MarSolla: "Sitara, Id like to shop for some supplies and suchlike. I missed the chance back at th' port. But if you're going to be leading this lot around, Ill need a translator. Could you set me up with someone… trustworthy, like?"

  • Eäri turns to Ashling
  • common room patrons watch Flint intently. A few even applaud when he removes a rock from one of Jilik's joints

Ashling: (upon finishing breakfast) I suppose we should ask for directions to the Rajah's place.

  • Sitara starts asking around

Eäri: Does he often perform surgery right in the middle of breakfast?
Sitara: He couldn't exactly do it last night
Ashling: The other patrons do seem to be enjoying the show.

  • Eäri nods, watches calmly

MarSolla: "The rajah? Why are we going straight to the top?"
Ashling: Because that's the person we've come to see.

  • Eäri 's golden eyes flicker briefly to Mar'Solla

MarSolla: "I thought it was just some young feller…" Mar'Solla shrugs.
Ashling: Eari, could you enquire after Rajah Devdas?
Eäri: Certainly

  • Brijesh gives Eari directions, but lets her know the Rajah commonly hunts in the mornings, and they'd have better luck getting an audience in the afternoon
  • Eäri nods and relays the information to Ashling and the group

Ashling: I wonder if we should go over there now to try to arrange an appointment.
Flint: What should we tell them it's regarding?
Eäri: That probably is best

  • Brijesh will point out Basu to Eari, and let her know he works at the Rajah's palace
  • Eäri will move to speak to Basu when the party has decided what they are going to do

Ashling: We could try asking about Cross's wife to begin with.
Flint: A woman came to my room this morning and apparently wanted some help with a golem she owns… I'd like to at least take a look if time allows today
Ashling: Or we could say we were sent by Evaric, or Dima.
Eäri: When is this appointment?
Ashling: If we can't see the Rajah until this afternoon you could spend the morning with the golem.
MarSolla: "Ill sit this one out, if'n you folks are agreeable. Don't do well with royalty. And Im not such a scholar in this… prophecy malarkey as you two are. Only have a faint idea of what you even want with this Devdas, and Im happy that way."

  • Eäri 's eyes harden

Sitara: I can scout around a bit more, if you want, and pick up any supplies you may need
Ashling: So… I'm a little confused. If you aren't interested in what we're doing then why are you here?
Flint: I'm going to need about 10 pounds of steel hammered wire for Jilik, but I won't be surprised if we don't find it out here… ((basically, want some raw crafting materials))
Sitara: I'll see what I can find. Mar'solla can come with me if she'd prefer

  • MarSolla stares back at Eäri. "Don't you give me that look! I didn't volunteer for this little quest of theirs, even if you did. I don't care a whit about Cross's wife. I can't take off because I don't know this country. Probably couldnae even find my way back to the ship."

MarSolla: "Ill stay with you, and help you, and heal you when you get hurt, but this business your meddling with so blithely will be the death of us all, mark my words."
Flint: Oh, stop it, you're scaring Jilik.

  • Eäri cocks her head to one side

Eäri: So standing idly by whilst the apocalypse rains down upon us is preferable?
Jilik: I was looking forward to the girl fight, actually. Phrixus always said girl fights were special. He'd always hog the view though.

  • Eäri shakes her head

MarSolla: "I didnae say that. I just think avertin' apocalypses is more the domain of paladins, and heroes and such, not folk like me."
MarSolla: "If it affects everyone, why's it *me* that has to risk my neck stopping it? Someone else could take care of it."
Ashling: Then when we return to Shieldmeet feel free to return to Lord Bartel.
Flint: Sitara, do you think you could find that woman with the golem-problem and see if we can meet earlier with them? I'd like to attend the meeting with Ashling and Eari later too.

  • Sitara nods to Flint

Eäri: Let us first see when the Rajah might be available, Master Flintwhistle, shall we?
Flint: Alright.
MarSolla: "So we're all headed into town, at any rate."

  • Eäri will approach Basu
  • Basu looks at Eari, a bit surprised at her approach
  • Eäri will greet him, as etiquette dictates (bow or whatever is proper)

Jocelyn: (technically she shouldn't talk to him at all, but half-fiend monks are expected to be 'different')
Basu: Mistress, how may I serve?

  • Basu nods to Eari respectfully

Eäri: I am Eärithrang, servant of Divine Kalki. I am guiding a number of (insert word for travellers of the foreign variety) who have an urgent need to speak with the Rajah. Is he available this day for an audience?
Basu: Mistress, forgive me, the Rajah is hunting this morning with guests. They are in his private woods.
Eäri: I see. Could word be sent that we desire an audience at his earliest convenience? It is a matter of extreme delicacy and urgency.
Basu: Yes, Mistress. I will tell him at once.
Eäri: My thanks.

  • Eäri smiles graciously
  • Basu bows
  • Eäri nods
  • Eäri takes her leave

Eäri: Word will be sent to the Rajah that we would like an audience. He is hunting this morning with guests.
Eäri: (( when she returns to the group ))
Sitara: Shall we go to Padmavati's shop then?
Ashling: I suppose some of us should stay here to receive any possible messages from the Rajah.
Flint: What kind of shop is it exactly?
Sitara: Rare antiques
Eäri: I can speak with the barkeep and ask that word be sent to us should we not be present when the messenger arrives. Unless Master Flintwhistle is all right with going it without escort?
Flint: I think this shop could be potentially interesting for any of us. In any case I'll go and take Jilik
Flint: and Sitara, of course.
Eäri: I thought Sitara was procuring supplies?

  • MarSolla shrugs. "Might be interesting to see. History isn't my strong point, but antiques are lovely to look at."

Flint: She could do it while we're with the Rajah.
Sitara: It will be in the market district. We can multitaks

  • Flint packs up his tools and buttons Jilik up

Ashling: (( what is the outdoor space near the inn like? ))
Jocelyn: grassy area, a few small merchants with carts
Ashling: (( somewhere quiet to sit for a while? ))
Jocelyn: yes
MarSolla: "I'm sticking close to Sitara. Don't speak the language, and something not right about a country where the men run everything." Mar'Solla murmurs quietly.

  • Eäri gives Mar'Solla a long look, and shrugs

Ashling: I will stay nearby.

  • Ashling goes outside and finds a nice quiet place to sit.

Jocelyn: There is a little garden
Ashling: (( please put me there ))

  • Sitara will lead the way to the shop
  • Eäri will have a brief conversation with Brijesh and head toward the Temple district
  • Padmavati chatters at Sitara
  • Flint approaches the shop but lets Sitara do the introductions..
  • Chanda approaches, leaning heavily on a walking stick and moving very slowly

Sitara: Flint, this is her husband, Chanda. He is the owner of the shop, and speaks common

  • Chanda greets Flint.
  • Chanda is a human man of probably eighty years of age

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  • Flint greets him as respectfully as he can, hoping he gets the etiquette right

Flint: Mister Chanda, I am Flint. How can I serve?

  • Chanda is a human man of probably eighty years of age

Chanda: Flint, honored to meet you
Chanda: We were working in a dig not far from here, and uncovered something interesting. I've been meaning to send for a gnome, but haven't had the chance. Learned one was in town, and figured it could not hurt to ask
Chanda: come inside

  • Chanda gestures for you to follow him as he moves slowly back into the shop
  • MarSolla wanders round the shop, peering at the goods.

Jocelyn: The shop is full of all sorts of wondrous items, books, scrolls, staffs, rare art and sculptures
Flint: Wow, quite a collection!
Flint: Some of it probably magicked, too

  • Chanda gestures to a damaged, rusty warforged

Chanda: much of it is magical, that is my area of interest
MarSolla: "I could believe it. If only we had the coin to spare, eh?"
MarSolla: "You have it all checked over? Identified?"

  • Flint looks over the warforged … (is it inert?)

Jocelyn: yes
Chanda: Yes. Well, most of it. Some I am still researching
Chanda: if you can fix our friend here, perhaps we can come to an arrangement regarding the pay
Flint: ((how old does it look?))
Chanda: As near as I can tell, this being is about 400 years old.

  • MarSolla turns away from the treasure and peers over at the warforged. "Is it broken? Or… dead, or whatever happens to those things?"

Flint: Interesting. Warforged were very rare if your dating methods are accurate.
Flint: This is a very, VERY early model.
Chanda: which is the reason for my interest
Flint: What have you treid so far, if anything?
Chanda: To be honest I'm afraid to try anything. I'm worried I'll damage it further.

  • Jilik is obviously fascinated

Flint: Many early models were bred for a soldier's service. There is some risk to reviving it. It might be aggressive.

  • Sitara will look around with Mar'solla, since Chanda speaks common

Jilik: eh, I can probably take him
Chanda: Yes, but we would like to avoid damage. Is it possible to restore the mental functions while limiting the physical?
Flint: I can try.
Flint: I'd be doing a disservice to my guild to NOT take this opportunity to fix your warforged, sir. I'll get started immediately
MarSolla: "Probably best to move some o' this out of the way. That clay sculpture doesn't look like it'd stand up tae a hammer strike."
Flint: We'll see. *starts getting out his tools*
Chanda: I have a small workshop, but it's mostly to restore smaller items. We've cleared this space. Let me know what you need
MarSolla: ((Is a warforged a humanoid, for the purposes of Hold Person and the like?))
Chanda: (construct, I think)
Flint: (no ,they are constructs, with the living construct subtype)

  • Padmavati will watch in fascination
  • Flint gets to work, trying to restore the basic head/chest operations …

Flint: Craft (Engineering): 34
MarSolla: "Not sure what I could do to help restrain it, without getting my s… well, you know."
Flint: (natural 20)
MarSolla: (Nice)
Flint: (this may represent a while of working though)
Flint: (craft checks take a while)

  • Defunct Warforged sparks slightly and moves, but there is a slight glow to the eyes now. Flint obviously did something right

MarSolla: "Well… if'n you think it'll take a while, Ill come back later."
MarSolla: " 'ere, it twitched! I saw it's eyes glow!"
Flint: So did I!
Flint: (Gnomish) State your designation.

  • Defunct Warforged makes a series of squeaks and rumbles

Flint: hmm, that's not right. I think his vocal motor might be fried.
Jilik: Hey! It responded! Now see if you can get it to talk a language

  • Jilik hands Flint more tools

Flint: yeah, let's see here…
MarSolla: "Eh, is that really a bad thing? You already have one golem what talks too much."
Flint: Well, he's 400 years old, probably knows all kinds of cool stuff!

  • MarSolla winks at Jilik.

Flint: If its memory banks are intact, that is…

  • Jilik grunts at Mar'Solla

Jilik: Go fish. As bait.
Jilik: can ya save it?
Flint: tries to fix the vocal module:
Flint: Craft (Engineering): 22

  • Chanda offers Flint another set of tools

Chanda: Here, use these. They have a minor enchantment on them to aid the user
Flint: really? Interesting.

  • Flint gives the new tools a whirl

Flint: Craft (Engineering): 27
Defunct Warforged: 323A
Flint: 323A, What is your objective?
Flint: (to Chanda) I think this is one of the first 300 or so ever released!
Defunct Warforged: guar… …. …. for…. … .. …. … two… … .. … agon…
Flint: hmm, still not quite right
Flint: I'm going to add power to the rest of him. Jilik, keep an eye out, you too Marsolla

  • Flint will attempt to restore all functions
  • Jilik moves to keep his hands holding onto the defunct warforged

MarSolla: "Maybe we should tie him down first?"
Flint: Sure.

  • Flint juryrigs a metal clamp to keep him pinned to the table
  • MarSolla fishes around in her pack for some rope.

Flint: yeah, tie his legs together.
Flint: don't want him running amok just yet
MarSolla: "Don't be angry, mister… 323A, this is just for safety, like."
Defunct Warforged: …fend…

  • MarSolla ties the defunct warforged down. "Bones are much easier then all this…" she mumbles. (Taking 20 on check)

Flint: From what I remember, warforged this old don't have all the … um, facilities of the new models …. very basic intelligence
Jilik: The old ones are a lot more like halflings. Not too bright.
MarSolla: "Oh. So it's not a… a person? I mean it's not, anyway, but not… like what Jilik is?" Mar'Solla asks, struggling to wrap her mind around the concept and the verbs.
Flint: it is, but it isn't… it's complicated
MarSolla: "Not too late to use you as spare parts, golem!"
Flint: Chanda, do you have a potion or scroll to repair damage? or a mending spell? it may help a bit
Flint: it could supplement what I'm doing, here

  • Chanda speaks to Padmavati who hands Flint a roll of scrolls

Flint: Erm …. I can't use them, though …. MarSolla, want to try?

  • Chanda moves to where Flint is and starts rummaging through the scrolls

Chanda: hmm… this one
MarSolla: "Of course. I could do it."
Chanda: this should repair moderate damage, and now that things are in the right places, the healing should take good effect
Flint: By all means. MarSolla, give it a try?

  • Chanda offers the scroll to Mar'solla
  • MarSolla takes it, and examines it. If it's what Chandra says it is, she will move towards the warforged, and start reading from it, frowning in concentration as she makes the appropriate gestures.

Chanda: (it is)
MarSolla: ((6th level divine caster, 3rd level arcane))

  • Defunct Warforged suddenly tries to get up

Defunct Warforged: tell the dragon tell the dragon tell the dragon tell the dragon
MarSolla: "There. That sh- hey! Whoah! What're you about? Lie down!"
Flint: Hey it worked!!
Flint: Slow down. Say again, what is your objective?
Defunct Warforged: guard the dwarf's forge, remain for two years or until you hear from the dragon
Flint: hmm, … and did you hear from a dragon?
Defunct Warforged: must tell the dragon
MarSolla: "What must you tell the dragon?"
Defunct Warforged: only the dragon
MarSolla: "Hmm… where were you to find this dragon?"
Defunct Warforged: Shieldmeet

  • Flint gasps

Defunct Warforged: The new city
MarSolla: "Oh, hells. It's talking about Zyanya!"
Flint: Most likely.
MarSolla: "Uhmm… look, it's been a couple hunnerd years since you were last… alive? Walking about? Active."
Defunct Warforged: must warn the dragon
Flint: It doesn't understand that part Marsolla
MarSolla: "It probably doesn't understand it's on a different continent and cannae just walk to Shieldmeet, either."
MarSolla: "Where'd you find this thing, anyway, Chandra?"
Flint: (to Chandra) Your warforged is working again sir. But I'm afraid it 's quite adamant about delivering a message to Shieldmeet. This could have some impact on my own investigation..
Jilik: Well, he could. But it would take a while
MarSolla: "It could walk across the sea? Wouldn't it rust?"
Flint: Underneath it.
Flint: And no, they were made for that.
Chanda: hmm….
Flint: We have some options
Flint: I could try to reprogram him, to stop him from completing those orders, but it's very tricky, and not quite my field
Chanda: So, on one hand, we have a priceless artifact. On the other hand, it wants to go to Shieldmeet
Flint: I can turn him off for now. Put him back in an alert state
Flint: …right
Flint: inert state*
Flint: or the third option, sell it to me, and I'll pursue it personally
Chanda: well, as I pointed out, priceless artifact.
MarSolla: "If it's got some warning for Zyanya, we shouldn't impede it, by rights. I'll not meddle in the affairs of dragons. But it's been broken for who knows how long? Whatever warning it had to give is long irrelevent by now."
Chanda: The dragon hasn't been seen in centuries. Perhaps this warning is far too late
Flint: it is possible that this warforged belongs to a very old dragon
Flint: yes

  • Chanda sighs

Flint: but maybe not.
Chanda: Damn my curiousity.
MarSolla: "Where'd you get this thing from, Chandra?"
Flint: the "right" thing to do is to let it complete its mission in my mind, but I understand you have a business to run
Chanda: You may take it with you on the condition that you tell me what it's mission was and what the result is
Chanda: And that if you find the dragon, you tell it about me and ask it to pay me a visit
Flint: Certainly. And if possible, afetr its mission is complete, I'll return it to you

  • MarSolla leans over the warforged. "Do you know where you are? Do you know how to get to Shieldmeet, and the dragon?"

Defunct Warforged: Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon! Warn the dragon!

  • Flint performs a mechanical nonlethal coup de grace

Jilik: Call it a hunch, but I think it wants to warn a dragon
Flint: (pulls a plug)
Defunct Warforged: beeeeeyoooop…

  • Defunct Warforged turns off

Flint: Ok, that's quite enough of THAT
Flint: Chandra, thank you. I'll be sure you know the results of this. And I'll get this priceless artifact back to you if possible
MarSolla: "Tchh… never a dull moment."
Chanda: Damn my curiousity. Good luck.

  • Flint has Jilik load the construct into the bag of holding

Flint: Careful now.
Flint: So, let's talk business. How much for those tools you let me borrow there?
MarSolla: "I think you did the right thing, Mister Chandra. Much as Id like Flint tae just wipe it and trade it for some of your goods, it wouldn't pay, in the long run."
Chanda: The tools? 500 gold is what they were valued at
Flint: got any more of those repair scrolls as well?
Chanda: 3
Chanda: A few other odds and ends as well. Have you anything of interest to trade, or are we dealing in gold?
Flint: (I believe Padmavati was offering a gem for this service?)
Flint: (or does that no longer apply)
Jocelyn: (you got the warforged and still want the sapphire?)
Flint: (I know I know)
Jocelyn: (greedy little pirate)
Flint: (ok nvm)
MarSolla: (The fact we're taking it away probably invalidates that… haha, mercenaries through and through)
MarSolla: "You never said where you found that warforged?"
Flint: In a dig near here
Chanda: A dig site. About forty miles west

  • MarSolla glances out the window at the sun, wondering if she has any time left for shopping before the meeting.

Flint: (I'm not about to offer party loot for these so I'll pay with my own coin… what's the total?)
Jocelyn: (you've got about an hour until noon)
Flint: (I offer to sell him a hobgoblin good luck charm I picked up some time back, grants a +1 to one save if broken …. also will offer him the feat leech dorje — a psionic wand)
Jocelyn: He'll be interested in the good luck charm for curiousity value, offer you 100 gold for it. He'll pay the usual for the dorje
MarSolla: "Sitara, Id like a translator to go shopping for provisions with, but I dinnae want to drag you all over like some styupid tourist."
Sitara: Tis okay. Flint may be dickering here a while anyway
Flint: I won't be too much longer. *will buy the scrolls and tools in excahnge for his own coin, charm, dorje*
Chanda: I hope you will return and visit again. Are you going to be in town long?
MarSolla: "Aye, but if you've got your own things t' get, and with us only having a short time, it's probably better if you just find me another guide… eh, I suppose I could just wander the marketplace until some dragoman comes up speakin' Common at me and asking me for coin."

  • MarSolla prepares to follow Sitara to the market.
  • Sitara will chatter with Padmavati and be able to find a young man who speaks passable common to guide Mar'solla about

Flint: I don't know yet, sir. We have other business in town with the Rajah. Is he a good man?
Chanda: He is a fair man.
Flint: Anything I should know?
Chanda: Whether you consider him good depends more on your point of view

  • MarSolla thanks Sitara and heads off with her guide as soon as she finds one.

Chanda: He does not tolerate violence against his subjects
Flint: He likes his hunting, from what I hear
Chanda: That he does. He hunts dangerous prey.
Flint: He must be very accomplished then
Chanda: he is indeed.
Flint: (the dorje at half book price for its charges and the charm, come out almost exactly evenly in value for the 3 scrolls and magic tools)
Maggi has disconnected.
Flint: I should be on my way. I look forward to speaking again soon.
Chanda: good luck
Maggi has connected.
Eäri: (( sorry, crashola ))
Flint: (my shop encounter is done, sorry if that seemed like hogging game time)
Jocelyn: (sokay, stuff was being done in IMs too)

  • Flint will return to the rendezvous point and continue fixing up Jilik while he waits for word

Jocelyn: It is nearly noon

  • Basu approaches Flint
  • Eäri returns from the Temple District, frowning slightly
  • Eäri seems distracted and slightly concerned
  • Basu is waiting patiently

Flint: Yes?
Basu: (doesn't speak common)

  • Eäri notices Basu, strides purposefully over, shaking her mood

Eäri: (in Bharat) You have word?
Basu: Mistress, the Rajah awaits your presence at his palace
Eäri: Very well, thank you. Please let him know that we will be along forthwith.
Eäri: (to the group) The Rajah awaits. I suggest we not keep him waiting.
Basu: He wished to convey his urgency that the meeting take place
Basu: And that I was to escort you

  • Eäri will ask Brijesh to fetch Ashling, as she doesn't see her in the common room

Eäri: Of course, let us gather ourselves, and we shall accompany you shortly.

  • Brijesh doesn't know where Ashling is

Eäri: (to the group) It is not good to keep the Rajah waiting
Sitara: They kill people for less

  • Flint packs his things up quickly
  • MarSolla wanders in. "This is such a strange place! Have you seen their markets? So full of hustle and bustle… nothing like home!"
  • Basu announces your presence

Devdas: (in common) Enter!
Jocelyn: You are in a private garden hung with exotic flowers.
Jocelyn: A Tatsuo woman is sitting there as well
Devdas: Not exactly who I expected. Which of you is Kazi?
Devdas: I assume you are Flint?
Flint: *clears throat* My lord, I am Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. Kazi is not with us and has not been for some time

  • Devdas looks at Flint

Flint: Yes, sir

  • Devdas nods

Devdas: Are all these…with you?

  • Devdas raises an eyebrow at Flint
  • Eäri clears her throat

Flint: Yes, sir. This is Sitara, she is my guide, and this is Eari …. (introduces all)

  • Eäri fixes him with a cold glare

Ashling: (( er, any chance of seeing you all come out of the inn on your way off here? ))
Flint: (yeah we walked by you I think)

  • MarSolla moves back and tries to hide behind Sitara's legs without being too obvious about it.

Devdas: they all know what is about then?
Flint: Yes, they can be trusted.
Eäri: I am Eärithrang Til-Gathiel Vebrilindë, Rajah.
Ashling: (( so, any chance of coming along here or what? we never set any sort of meeting time ))
Flint: Kazi has business in her home province. We've come in friendship

  • Eäri obviously speaks for herself

Flint: ….ah, and this is Ashling. (if she can come in now)
Devdas: I see. Evaric did not contact me as expected.
Jocelyn: (she can enter whenever she wants)
Flint: Ashling may be best to explain why he did not contact you…

  • Eäri flicks her wings in irritation

Flint: (I'm just going to explain in Flint's subpar fashion if she doesn't come in)
Flint: (or if there is IMs going on, I'll hold)
Ashling: Evaric is gone, I'm afraid.

  • Eäri stares coldly at the Rajah

Devdas: I see
Devdas: How?
Ashling: Well… I think he used his power to heal the body he had taken use of.
Devdas: I see…
Devdas: And why was that necessary?
Ashling: It was diseased.

  • Devdas raises an eyebrow at Ashling

Ashling: Did you know of Sabine?
Devdas: We were seeking her
Ashling: Did you not know she was with Evaric?
Devdas: Who are you?
Ashling: I am Ashling Mac Raith. A druid.

  • Eäri growls

Devdas: I see.
Ashling: I met Evaric's group on Shieldmeet.

  • MarSolla stares at Eäri.

Devdas: Now, would you please tell me what happened to Evaric instead of dancing around the question.
Ashling: He possessed a boy and went off on his own. The boy's body was damaged and Evaric used his power to heal it.
Ashling: It was Zahirah who damaged the boy's body.
Ashling: And Zahirah was using Sabine.
Devdas: See, that is useful information.
Devdas: Now, I assume you are all here to gather Amanya. Is there any other reason, or is our business thusly concluded?
Ashling: Evaric said you could help us.
Devdas: Did he now? Did he happen to mention how I could help you?
Ashling: I wish he had.
Devdas: So you have absolutely no clue what is going on? I'm starting to wonder if Amanya would be safe with you.
Ashling: He knew we are fighting the cult of the void and the cult of the primal.
Ashling: Perhaps he thought you could help us with that.
Devdas: Ah, now we are getting to the meat of the manner
Devdas: Now, how would you like me to help you?

  • Eäri 's tail swishes in irritation

Flint: If I might interject, could you tell us about activities of said cults in this area?
Ashling: You know what Evaric was up to when he was spying on Dathatlo?
Devdas: Dalthalto has been dead for well over 2000 years.
Devdas: Assume I know. Now, how would you like me to help you?
Eäri: (in Bharat) Rajah, are you aware the signs are upon us again?
Devdas: (in Bharat) yes. I am aware. I am fully aware and it starting to seem as though I know considerably more about it than you do.
Eäri: (continues) These assorted lot are supposed to, under my guidance, be doing something about this. Can you offer them aid, or must we seek it elsewhere?
Devdas: (in Bharat) That depends entirely upon the aid you are requesting.
Eäri: (continues, acidly) No doubt, Rajah, they seem somewhat ill-suited to the task, but it seems our hope lies with them.
Devdas: (in Bharat) then perhaps you could guide them in the art of the straight-forward answer
Eäri: (in Bharat) I am not sure what it is they seek, but information, at the very least.

  • Eäri chuckles

Ashling: (if they seem done Ash will speak again)
Eäri: (in Bharat) I shall try, Rajah
Devdas: (in Bharat) there are libraries upon countless libraries of information. It would help if they would let me know what information it is they want

  • Eäri nods
  • Devdas will turn back to Ashling

Eäri: You need to speak plainly, and quickly
Ashling: Do you know how to destroy either primal or void artifacts?
Ashling: Or where to find the gnome Evaric was persuing?
Devdas: Silver and Cold Iron
Devdas: He's in Vasant, somehwere
Devdas: We had nearly caught up with him when he switched bodies again. Now he is laying low.
Flint: How does he switch bodies?
Devdas: It is a magical process, he appears to be a sort of lich. He has a focal device that we believe was crafted from part of the Primal's artifact
Devdas: He tends toward specific standards for his bodies, though in a pinch it seems he'll use whatever sentient being is handy

  • Devdas turns to Flint

MarSolla: "Focal device? You mean, for th' possession, or a phylactery? Where does he keep it?" Mar'Solla says, suddenly interested.
Devdas: I was suspicious of you at first, but Sujay examined you
Devdas: Phylactery may be the best term to describe it.
Devdas: And if we knew it's location, we'd have destroyed it.
Devdas: He wears a necklace tied to it
MarSolla: "Ah. Well, that's handy."
Devdas: Get the necklace, and you may be able to trace it

  • Flint replies directly to Devdas via a psionic missive "My power's from a different source, sir."
  • Devdas responds to Flint

Devdas: Exactly why he would be interested in you. A gnome craftsman with power
Devdas: You, my short friend, would make an ideal victim for him
Flint: …..damn…

  • Eäri sighs

Devdas: He himself is a crafter, and chooses forms where he can continue his work
Flint: How can I defend myself from that kind of possession?

  • MarSolla grimaces. "Tough luck there, dear."

Devdas: Find a young crafter with a bright idea that suddenly seems to come out of nowhere, and 'hunches' that resemble eons of training, and you may find the gnome
Devdas: Don't be where he can hold you still for an hour
Devdas: That seems to be the length of time it takes
Eäri: Perhaps listening to the advice of those sent to protect you would be good, too.
Ashling: Excuse me, but, how is it that you know Evaric?
Devdas: If he must take a victim on the fly, it seems it is easier for the victim to resist. If he has time to do his full preparations, such as build one of his infernal machines, there is no way to save the victim once the process has begun
Devdas: He took control of our organization and demonstrated himself the stronger of we two.
Devdas: Thus, I follow him
Devdas: Now that he is gone, I lead.
Flint: Do you have one of his machines? Something I can look at?
Ashling: And your organization is fighting the cults?
Devdas: we are fighting the cult of the void
MarSolla: "How far spread out are you folk? Do you know what the cult in Shieldmeet are up to? I've heard a couple o' nasty rumours Id like confirmation on."
Devdas: Oh, there is good news from Shieldmeet, and bad.
Devdas: Zoriada is dead
Devdas: Her body was found on Lord Adamo's estates
Devdas: Well, most of it. They haven't located her head yet
Flint: …what?
MarSolla: "She is? Id heard that she might have bought it, but I couldnae hardly believe it"
Devdas: There were also several assassinations of Lord Adamo's top men
Devdas: (afk briefly)

  • Flint looks to Ashling

Flint: Lalinlor.
MarSolla: "Her head… urgh. It isn't her they're trying to bring back to question, is it?"
Ashling: Yes. Lalinlor.
Devdas: (back)
Devdas: Lalinlor
Devdas: Thank you, that was helpful
Flint: How so?
Devdas: I think you are operating under a small misconception

  • Eäri twitches her wings

Devdas: Anyway, we have not yet determined who took out Adamo's people
Ashling: Oh? Is Lalinlor part of your group?
Devdas: No
Devdas: Nor why they seem to have spared Adamo himself
Ashling: Is Sorina still alive?
Devdas: To the best of my knowledge, yes.
Devdas: Though running scared at the moment
Ashling: What do you know of Lalinlor?
Devdas: He is a Lord of Shieldmeet, recently risen to power through someone odd circumstances. I'm told the Healer's Guild favors him
Devdas: What do you know of him?
Ashling: He was once part of our group.
Devdas: That I know. He abandoned you in Sclavini
Ashling: I heard that Zoriada was seen near his home on the solstice.
MarSolla: "How did you know that?"
Devdas: Well, for starters, Kazi told Evaric.
Devdas: But we also happen to have a spy or two in Sclavini
Devdas: Yes. She was also found dead the day after the solstice
Devdas: Any other questions?

  • Flint looks deep in thought, but does not speak
  • Devdas turns to Eari

MarSolla: "Do you know what dead person th' cult are making a fuss over trying to question? Is it Zoriada, or someone else?"
Devdas: And how do you figure into this? Forgive my curiousity, but you are rather unusual
Devdas: The dead person? I believe they were trying to summon or raise a vampire.
Devdas: I'm told it did not go as they expected
Eäri: I am appointed by the Goddess to guide and protect the heroes of prophecy, Rajah
MarSolla: Well, that's good… what manner 'o unexpected?
Devdas: Actually, I'm told that the cleric they had was strangled with his own entrails and then the vampire apparently got creative.
Devdas: Prophecy?
Devdas: Which prophecy? There are several
Eäri: Nysa's, Rajah
Devdas: Ah
Ashling: This summoning took place in Shieldmeet?
Devdas: Twas actually done by a group of drow cultists, in the Goblin Wilds. Using the drow appears to have been their first mistake

  • Devdas turns to Eari

MarSolla: "This vampire… what was his name?"
Devdas: Are you speaking of the prophecy of the serpant and the bear, or the Itotian prophecy?
Devdas: I do not know his name. Something Sclavini.

  • Ashling look worried.

Devdas: They are trying to recapture him, but thus far have failed
Devdas: They apparently thought the task would be easy.

  • Devdas appears amused

Ashling: So he is in the Goblin Wilds somewhere?

  • Eäri frowns

Eäri: Serpant, yes…. bear?
Devdas: He is elusive. I have information that puts him in the goblin wilds, in Falkor, in Tatsuo, even a sailor who swears there was a vampire on a ship that just docked in Khepri
Devdas: A jaguar perhaps? Or do you have a different prophecy?
Devdas: I'm told you had a seer with you for a time
MarSolla: "Why not just let him read the scrolls? We can trust him."
Ashling: We did, though her predictions were erratic.

  • Eäri glances at Mar'Solla

Devdas: Scrolls?

  • Eäri 's eyes harden
  • Eäri shrugs
  • MarSolla rolls her eyes. "You let us… me, read them, just because you had some hairbrained idea that we're th' heroes of prophecy, and such. This one is clearly an ally to us, so why play question games when he could just know what we know?"

Eäri: Because I am the judge of such things, not you.
MarSolla: "You just don't want to go to the trouble of opening that silly box."
Devdas: I am sharing information with you. It would behoove us best if the information flowed both ways
Devdas: Is there anything else you would like to know?

  • Eäri fixes Mar'Solla with a baleful gaze

Flint: What was the gnomes relationship with the cult if any? Does he work on his own? Does he have allies?
Ashling: You mentioned an Itotian prophecy.
Devdas: The gnome followed Nysa and was taught by her. Unlike Zahirah, he did not follow her all the way, but learned some and then decided he could improve upon what he'd been taught
Devdas: And I'm sorry to say, he did.

  • Maggi rolls to you: 1d20+12 Sense Motive => 17 + 12 = 29

Devdas: He has allies, but doesn't value them. He can switch identities in a moment, thus he rarely needs to bother. His allies are little more than cannon fodder
Ashling: He was more of a rival to Zahirah, as I understand it.
Devdas: The Itotians speak of the coming of a green comet, the Dire Mother, whose form is a grotesque serpant. They speak also of a red moon, when death claims the world. The mother holds back the moon
MarSolla: "What's his agenda? Does he still want what the Primal wants?"
Devdas: The gnome wants to live forever
Devdas: it appears to genuinely be that simple
Devdas: Forgive me, Flint, but gnomes have always been people of simple pleasures. Give them something to build and time to build it, and they are happy
Ashling: I am wondering if there is a way to restore balance without destroying the artifacts. Do you know of anything about that possibility?
Flint: So you're saying, if we're pursuing the cults, he might be a dead end?
Devdas: You could always activate them both
Ashling: Could they be combined?
Devdas: He has a piece of one of the artifacts. Through that, he could be traced
Devdas: or rather, it could be traced
Flint: Ah, I see now.
Devdas: I do not know what would happen if they were combined when both were at equal levels of power, but the Itotian prophecy states that if one ever grows stronger, the other will be consumed if they come together
MarSolla: "If he were that close to Zahirah, he might have some information. Not sure how we could get at it, like. Seems like a slippery eel to catch, and it's no' like we can just kill him and have me speak wi' the corpse, because it's not HIS corpse."
Devdas: Thus, bringing the artifact of the primal into the presence of an empowered artifact of the void would pretty much doom the entire world.

  • Ashling nods.

Devdas: Does your prophecy say anything regarding what would happen if the artifacts were brought back to equal?
Ashling: It seems to describe the signs of one or the other becoming dominant.
Devdas: ah.
Ashling: Do you know to deactivate the artifacts?
Devdas: The events of the solstice…I believe they point to the Primal becoming dominant. Does your prophecy support that?
Eäri: Yes
Ashling: (know how* to)
Devdas: It is my belief, and this I cannot prove, I offer mere supposition, that the only way to depower the artifacts is to equalize them and then put them together. Of course, I could be very wrong and that may in fact tear a hole in the fabric of reality and drop us all into the abyss. But it is what I believe based on what information I've been able to glean
Eäri: I believe this probably is true as well
MarSolla: "Why not just destroy them with cold iron, like you said?"
Devdas: Most of the prophecies either state how to power the artifacts, or why they shouldn't be powered. Not much on what happens when they are powered, other than 'run, run for your lives'
Eäri: Indeed
Devdas: That's the issue. Once the artifacts reach a certain level of power, it may not be possible to destroy the artifact
Eäri: Destroying them also seems to have drastic consequences
Flint: To do we would need these two artifacts to rub together. And we don't have them anyhow.
Devdas: At that point, you may in essense find yourself trying to destroy something more powerful than the gods.
Devdas: I believe they brought the vampire to tell them where the artifact of the void was. It may behoove you to find that vampire.
Maggi has disconnected.
Ashling: I agree.

  • Flint psi-speaks to Ashling: "Oh! The vampire is Darus, isn't it??"

Devdas: If we find him, we will let you know.
Ashling: (if she can respond she will in the affirmative)
Flint: (you can just nod)
Devdas: But…honestly…those of my people who have seen his handiwork aren't eager to tangle with him
Maggi has connected.
Flint: So finding this vampire, and this gnome, should be our next targets, it appears.
Flint: maybe not in that order.
Devdas: I would very much like to see those scrolls you were referring to. We both have gaps in our knowledge, and anything we can do to bridge those gaps is in our best interest. I've yet to find a prophecy that spoke of specific heroes. They were all in such vague terms
MarSolla: "Well, if the balance has shifted towards the Primal, and if the cult of the void is hurting anyhow, maybe we should focus on this gnome."
Eäri: (( dammit ))

  • Devdas gestures to one of his men, who goes into the house.

Devdas: I have something that may assist you, if you seek the gnome
MarSolla: "I've not met a lich before, and Id love the chance to study a phylactery, rather then just read about them… even if it were destroyed."
Devdas: well, two somethings, but for our safety I wish to keep the other

  • Sujay returns, carrying a box
  • Devdas takes the box
  • Devdas opens it with a key from around his neck, and removes a gem

Devdas: This item is helpful, but has a very definite downside
Devdas: The downside being, it works only for about 1 minute each week
Devdas: To activate it, one need only to will it to work and gaze through it. It will then show the truth appearance of whatever you are looking at.

  • Devdas also removes a scroll from the box

Devdas: If you look at someone through it, and see this gnome

  • Devdas gestures to the picture on the parchment

Devdas: You have found your quarry
Devdas: It's also handy when assassins try to replace your guard with a doppleganger or when the lovely lass you are courting is actually a weretiger
Devdas: Not that I speak from personal experience

  • Devdas puts both items back in the box

Flint: That will be most helpful, I think. Thank you.
Ashling: So long as that doesn't happen too often.
MarSolla: "Of course not… generous of you to lend it to us."

  • Devdas offers the box to Eari

Devdas: a gesture of goodwill
Eäri: Thank you, Rajah
Eäri: Might we speak later, on these prophecies?
Devdas: if there is information you have of use, I would like to hear it. I have people dying in this hidden war.

  • Eäri 's eyes are cold again

Eäri: Of course

  • Devdas nods

MarSolla: "And this gnome… he keeps only to other gnomes? Or has he been known to take craftsmen of other races?"
Devdas: Most recently he took a young woman. We've found her corpse, thus do not know what body he inhabits now
Devdas: He prefers gnomes though
Flint: Will be hard to say. I think our best clues is to keep our ears to the ground about suddenly popular/gifted craftsmen.
Devdas: He is limited to humanoids
Flint: And you think he is still in your country?
Devdas: I do not know if certain races resist him better or if he just can't stomach the thought of being a goblin, but his preferences are gnomes, elves, and humans, in that order
Devdas: It wouldn't surprise me to learn he is still in this very city.

  • Flint gasps
  • Eäri raises an eyebrow at Flint

Devdas: Which is why, though it may give offense, I cannot offer you the hospitality of my house. I trust those here in this garden, but I am aware of spies among my servants
MarSolla: "What about amoung your retinue, here? Does this blasted gnome know we seek him already?"
Devdas: He knows I seek him
Flint: I think I've made myself presentable bait
Devdas: I've forced him to go through 6 bodies in the past month, before losing him
Flint: If he's around, I bet it won't be long
Devdas: We will keep an eye on you, Flint.
MarSolla: "So you have another gem, just like the one you gave us?"
Devdas: In fact…I would like to have Valkin accompany you, if you permit
Devdas: Yes. Sujay carries it

  • Devdas gestures to Valkin
  • Flint sighs … "I'm going to be bait, then. Perfect…"

Devdas: Will you accept one of my guards?
Flint: Yes.
Devdas: Valkin, protect the gnome. Obey him unless that conflicts with the order to protect him. Your life ends when his does.
Valkin: Yes my lord.

  • Valkin moves to stand next to Flint

MarSolla: (Hahaha, no messing. I like this guy)
Jocelyn: (gonna call it here. )
Eäri: k… Eäri will have some words for/with Mar'Solla next session
MarSolla: Heheheh
Flint: does that make sense guys? go after gnome guy while we're here?
Jocelyn: (we can have you guys go back to the inn, or pick up right here next week if you think of more questions for Devdas)
Flint: or did I miss something?
MarSolla: You! Random hobo! Wanna read something cool? Don't worry if you rip them, they're not valuable or anything
Evil Drow Hiding In the Shadows: GIMME!
MarSolla: O_o

  • Eäri dropkicks the Halfling

Jocelyn: just kidding
Eäri: lol
Jocelyn: They already swept the place for drow
Jocelyn: Standard procedure with super secret meetings
Jocelyn: with crazy folks that everyone is going to notice a mile away
MarSolla: I was going to suggest they use the other gem on Flint immediately
Jocelyn: Subtle not being your middle names

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