Session 36

Chris has connected.
Chris: …where is everyeon?
Jocelyn: Maggi is on her way home
Jocelyn: I was finishing a map before inviting the others
Jocelyn: Just finished, in fact
Jocelyn: Tis a bit of a slow start
Tanya has connected.
MarSolla has connected.
MarSolla: Hey guys
Chris: o hai
Jocelyn: Do we want to pick up still talking to Devdas, or do you want to go back to the inn?
Jocelyn: (Maggi/Eari will be about half an hour)
Chris: fast forward to Flint's body-snatching
Tanya: if I could just ask where one might get arcan scrolls in town first we can go to inn
Jocelyn: Alrighty, make a will save, DC 47.9. You get a bonus of +pi on your roll
Chris: do i get my isosceles bonus from my slide rule?
Devdas: I have a wizard in my employ that has several scrolls, I can instruct him to aid you. Also, there is a man who deals in various sundries. I believe Flint can show you the way to his facility
Jocelyn: Yes, but you must subtract the number of angels dancing on my pen
Flint: He has a pretty good selection
Flint: I was going to head back there myself, later, for some odds and ends
Ashling: I need a scroll of sending, two of them if I can afford it.
Devdas: There is another who deals in magical items of a less…savory nature. Valkin could show you the way

  • Devdas speaks to Sujay a moment, and Sujay disappears into the house. He returns a moment later with a rolled piece of parchment that he offers to Ashling

Devdas: I can provide one
Ashling: For how much?

  • Devdas raises an eyebrow

Devdas: Are we not allies in this war?
Ashling: It would be a valuable gift, if you are offering it as such.
Devdas: I have given it, it is yours.
Flint: (I might take a power next level that is pretty much a Sending btw)
Ashling: Thank you.
Devdas: Was there anything else
Devdas: ?
Ashling: Not at the moment, no.
Flint: I believe that is all for now
Devdas: You may go then.

  • Devdas offers a very slight bow before returning to the house
  • Flint looks up at Valkin

Flint: Hey, was he serious that you die if I die?
Valkin: The Rajah has spoken.
Flint: Well, I'll do my best not to get killed then…
Valkin: It would be appreciated
MarSolla: ((Crap!))
Flint: (( Valkin, a.k.a. Paul Atreides ))
MarSolla: ((What happened, I just saw that all at once in the space of a second.))
Flint: (( must mean you are lagging ))
MarSolla: ((Did we just leave the raja? I had questions))
Jocelyn: (ask then)
MarSolla: ((Heh, all of it, though. I just thought you guys were being untalkative and waiting to start. Sorry about this))
MarSolla: "I'm just burstin' with questions!" Mar'Solla says, her regional accent becoming slightly thicker as she becomes animated. She paces back and forth, and ticks off questions on her fingers as she speaks.
MarSolla: "Firstly. Does he keep his bodies alive? Does he eat, and suchlike? Or are they undead? Either way, will he *show* as undead to spells and the like, in his taken body? Will he be vulnerable to being Turned in his stolen form, by me or any other woman o' faith?"
Devdas: They are not undead. He is…puppetmaster, may be the best term to describe him
Devdas: None of our priests have managed to turn him, or to damage him with magic targetted at the undead
MarSolla: Mar'Solla frowns. "Damnation. That'll make him hard to detect, if the bodies are alive. Then will he be vulnerable to bein' magically held, or poisoned, or… any of the other things that vex us living folk that undead dinnae normally have to worry over? Could we read his mind?"
Devdas: In a body, he is indistinguishable from a normal being to the unenchanted eye
Devdas: We have succeeded in poisoning at least two of his bodies, but were unable to stop him from transferring
MarSolla: "But eyes enchanted with the like o' Deathwatch won't help either. Right. So second. Does he have the powers of the more… um, traditional liches that I've read about? Can he use them in his stolen forms?"
Devdas: As for reading his mind…for a variety of reasons that is something we are extremely reluctant to try
MarSolla: "Oh, aye? Why's that?"
Devdas: He is a talented wizard who makes use of a variety of magical items and has proven himself adept at defense. In addition, he is a gnome, and on many occasions has employed constructs in his defense
MarSolla: "Do you know what happens if whatever form he inhabits is killed, or his conciousness is… kicked out of the body, like? Before he manages to transfer? Does he regrow his old body back wherever his phylactery is squirreled away?"
Devdas: This being has encountered an avatar of the Primal, we known not all the ways it has effected him. We do know that someone who attempted to read Zahirah's mind went…well, insane would be the nice term
Devdas: We believe that if prevented from acquiring a new body within a certain amount of time, he would be undone
Flint: As a waizard, he must have baggage of some kind .. spellbooks, reagents and the like, that he takes with him from body to body…
Flint: Have you tried tracking him that way?
Devdas: There is no way to simply remove his conciousness, if you are thinking of leaving the host unharmed. And I should be blunt here. We have not been able to resurrect any of the hosts, nor even apply magic that would enable us to speak with the dead
Devdas: Yes, we have
Devdas: We've destroyed a few of his lairs
MarSolla: "I wonder about how completely he assumes th' knowledge and personality of those he takes over. Can he pass as th' person he's taken over, to those that knew them? How is he at… keeping in touch with th' relatives of those he takes? Do the folk he take suddenly stop writing home to their parents, or stop a'visiting their dear old gran, or suchlike?"
Devdas: He does not assume their minds, which is why he usually studies his hosts for some time before taking them over.
Devdas: In the past, he has often had a pattern of taking an apprentice, then the apprentice becoming the host when the old body breaks down, and repeating the cycle.
Devdas: This is a harsh land. Folks going missing is not that unusual
MarSolla: "So you said you think him a mage with a fair bit o' clout. Have your people ever seen him teleport? Go invisible, ethereal, or suchlike? Has he any priestly capabilities?"
Devdas: We have seen him fly, teleport, turn invisible, walk through walls, and turn people into writhing balls of agony
Sev has connected.
Devdas: He also seems to have a flair for electrical based spells, but he is by no means limited to them

  • MarSolla sighs. "Fantastic. He'll be a bugger to corner. I see why he's caused you so much bother."

MarSolla: "What… what *specific* discoveries or inventions do the newly posessed suddenly tend tae make… as in, along what field, precisely? Is there any kind o' pattern?"
Devdas: He has been at his tricks since before the elf civil war.
Devdas: He likes golems
Devdas: I hate to say it, given present company, but it is our belief he was directly responsible for the creation of the warforged
Flint: Which were created for the defense of the gnomish people. Not such a bad cause.
Devdas: He is a gnome.
Devdas: He does have some pride in that
Devdas: I believe there is someone at the gate. Friend of yours?

  • Devdas gestures to the gate where the form of a kobold can be made out

Flint: Oh, that is Sev, he is with us.
Flint: We found him enslaved on a pirate vessel
Devdas: Ah, yes. The Devil's Tail
Sev: Hello everyone.
Flint: Well, NOW it's The Devil's Tail, but yes, that former ship

  • Sev the Kobold says making his way inside.

Flint: Hello Sev. I think we were actually just finishing up here, unless MarSolla had more questions
MarSolla: "It's a wonder he feels he has to keep this secret, like… seems like he could take the bodies of slaves or criminals with th' blessing of the law, in exchange for his inventions. Perhaps we could reason with him to give us the link to the Primal artifact? Or is it important to his survival that the artifact be left alone?"
Devdas: Gnomes like their neutrality. To take that option, he would be beholden to some lord or another
Sev has disconnected.
Sev has disconnected.
Devdas: And the gnomes themselves would never allow his brand of magic, the taking of souls.
Sev has connected.
MarSolla: "So we'd have to have him over a barrel to parley with him. And if we had him over a barrel, we might as well do him in. Alright… suppose we'll need to buy some powerful magic just t' stop him fleeing. Scrolls o' Dimensional Anchor and the like… last question, if ye please."

  • Devdas nods

MarSolla: "One last thing, seein' as we're working towards the same goal, and all. Will you be paying us for ridding you of a problem what's caused your own agents no end of grief? And do ye have a seal of authority, or summat? Somethin' you could give us, that we can flash at folk tae permit us tae make arrests in the bounds of your city, in a pinch, or to get your guard to leave off of us, if we're doing somethin' important that they dinnae like?"
MarSolla: "Not that'd we'd abuse the privilege, but t'would be a shame to watch this gnome take away another of your most talented subjects and make good his escape, just because o' beauracracy and the chain o' command, like."

  • Devdas looks at Mar'solla

Devdas: I am the Rajah
Devdas: My word is law.
Devdas: You will have my nephew with you as well

  • Devdas gestures to Valkin

Devdas: As for pay, is there something you require?

  • MarSolla is taken aback by the open ended offer. She glances at Flint, as if searching for an idea.
  • Flint discourages that train of thought

MarSolla: "What don't we need… we're fighting cults bent on ruinin' the world, and we get attacked by pirates and undead and mad wizards and even folk what just want a shot at offing Master Flint here just tae prove what fighters they are."

  • Devdas nods

MarSolla: "Any material aid you can offer us would make our lives easier."

  • Devdas gestures again to Sujay

Sev has disconnected.

  • Sujay offers Mar'solla a small bag

Jocelyn: (bag contains some gold and gems)

  • MarSolla narrowly resists the urge to count it all out in front of the Raja. "Thank you kindly."
  • Devdas snaps his fingers
  • Sujay hands a pendant to Ashling

Devdas: That should help
Ashling: What does it do?
Devdas: Allows you some additional magical power regarding illusions
Ashling: You are most generous. Thank you again.

  • Devdas nods
  • Devdas dismisses you
  • MarSolla bows, or imitates whatever gesture Sitara makes.

Flint: (after we leave) We forgot Amaya… I assume we'll pick her up before we leave town?
Maggi has connected.
Jocelyn: (she'll follow)
Flint: Ah, here she comes (sees Amaya)

  • Amaya speaks for the first time

Amaya: I expected to see my husband among you. Is he okay?
Flint: Cross is well. We'll be bringing him to you when we're done here.
Ashling: He was well when we last saw him.
Flint: you to him, rather

  • Amaya nods

Flint: Were you treated well at the Rajah's?
Amaya: I stayed with Radha mostly, she was most gracious
Amaya: Today was only the third time I have been in the presense of the Rajah
Flint: He seems like a busy person
Amaya: He is as an Emperor here
MarSolla: "He weren't bad, for a royal. Seemed t' be on the same side as us, at any rate.

  • MarSolla glances guiltily at Valkin briefly.

Ashling: If you like, Amaya, you can stay with Eari and me while we are still in town.

  • Amaya nods

Flint: Eari, Ashling, there is something I need to show you in the other room

  • Flint becons you to follow

Flint: beckon*

  • Valkin will raise an eyebrow at Flint

Flint: Valkin you can come too

  • Ashling follows.

Flint: (and MarSolla )

  • Eäri shrugs and follows
  • Flint has Jilik assist him in pulling an intact, inert Warforged body out of the bag of holding

Flint: Look at this.

  • MarSolla blinks, and looks offended for a moment before figuring out what it is. "Oh, the golem."

Flint: THIS is what that magic shop owner wanted to talk to me about , earlier
Ashling: Another warforged?
Flint: It's from one of the first production lines of Warforged … an "A" series one of the first ever built! They found it in a dig site nearby. The interesting thing is, when I revived it, it wanted to talk to a dragon with an important message … in Shieldmeet!
Ashling: Zyanya, I assume.
Flint: Probably.
MarSolla: "Were most insistant, like. And wouldnae tell us what it had to say, only that it were some kind of warning. Got very fussed, it did."
Flint: Anyway, it was going berserk, so I had to shut it down for now. The early models have … primitive intellect
Valkin: Sir, Flint, if I may
Flint: Yes?
Valkin: The dig site this was found at was once a location the gnome frequented. It was a school of magic
Flint: What happened to it?
MarSolla: "That's a mite ominous."
Valkin: Three hundred years ago it was destroyed when a machine exploded
Flint: This thing ws going to walk on the ocean bottom to get to Shieldmeet. I decided to deactivate it, take it their ourselves, and turn int on in Shieldmeet, and see if it can still deliver its message. I'd also be curious as to what that message might be…
Flint: …but I couldn't get it out of him
MarSolla: "This gnome could even have been that dwarf it were swore to guard. Aye, I would give a copper or two to hear that message without lugging it all the way to Shieldmeet."
Ashling: Zyanya is not there, most likely.
Flint: It might be worth looking at the site ourselves. Or should we expand our search for this gnome? Did we get his name, by the way?
Ashling: Maybe an illusion of a dragon would suffice.
Flint: Can you make an illusion like that?
MarSolla: "We'd have a hard time getting her to reappear just to hear what some old box of loose screws had t'say. Flint, what kind of sensory organs… uhh, parts? Do old warforged have? I know Jilik can see and hear a bit like I can… yes, that's what I was going to say."

  • Eäri 's tail lashes in irritation

Ashling: Perhaps. I did see a dragon once before.
Flint: It's worth a try.
MarSolla: "Depending on how dumb it is, it might not need tae be that convincing. And maybe it won't realise we're trying to fool it if we introduce it to illusory dragons over and over."
Flint: We'd need to be a safe distance out so we don't freak people out
Flint: I'm up for trying it now, if you are.

  • MarSolla smirks. "It wouldn't have be a good laugh. But best to do it secret, like."

MarSolla: ((*half))
Eäri: (mutters in Bharat) Not that this group lacks in subtlety.
MarSolla: "Whassat?" Mar'Solla asks Eäri.

  • Eäri stares at Mar'Solla with an unblinking golden-eyed gaze
  • MarSolla stares back cooly, meeting her gaze. After a few second, she quails, taking a step back and disguising it beneath a hostile scowl.

Valkin: Core Creature Stats Generated
Flint: *clears throat* … well, other than the mystery of the old warforged here, we do have a gnome to catch…
Flint: …though it sounds like he won't be an easy mark
MarSolla: "They might be related. I think it's a good plan. If Ashling can make an illusion like that, we should give it a go."
MarSolla: "We shouldnae have left Cross's wife out there on her own, by rights. Should keep an eye on her."
Flint: Sitara is out there, it's ok.
Valkin: MNo harm will befall her in this city. She is under the Rajah's protection

  • Flint puts the warforged back in the bag.

MarSolla: "Seems like the gnome might use her to get at us."
Flint: Just wanted to show you what I was up to earlier
Flint: He's probably not interested in us at all. He just wants to live forever.
MarSolla: "I have to fetch some sundries from my room. Ill meet you out front in a minute or so. Then we can head a little ways out of the city, and try this Illusion."
Flint: If Ashling has a spell ready for it, sure

  • Flint returns to the common area
  • Eäri will return to the common room, and speak with Sitara

Ashling: I do now.

  • Ashling also returns to common room.

Flint: Okay. Want to go find a quiet place somewhere and try this?
Ashling: But it won't be able to speak.
Flint: Oh. Hmm.
Ashling: You'll have to try just telling the warforged that it's Zyanya.
Flint: Yeah, might work.
Flint: Zyanya is a .. gray dragon, right?
Ashling: I believe so.
Ashling: I have seen silver dragons before so I will just make an illusion of that and try to change the color.
Flint: Let's go find somewhere to do it then.
Ashling: All right.

  • Eäri hands the box of stuff the Rajah imparted to her over to Ashling

MarSolla: "So have you the spell?"
Flint: Yeah, we're going now
Eäri: Here is the means to detect the gnome. I cannot carry it on my person. Perhaps you should look after it.
Flint: Dumb question, but did we get this gnome's name?
Ashling: Dima gave it to us.
MarSolla: ((Zurishiclaida.))
Eäri: (( bless you ))
MarSolla: ((Heheheh. Xarichailidon.))
Valkin: ((drops rocks o your head))

  • Flint looks for a spot out of the way of prying eyes, perhaps a short ride out of town
  • Valkin can take you to the Rajah's hunting grounds

MarSolla: "Might want to have the dragon give it more orders after it's done with it's message. Otherwise, it might go to sleep, with no more orders."
Flint: That works, Valkin
MarSolla: "And we'd lose an opportunity to question it."
Flint: Marsolla, the dragon won't be able to talk
Flint: So we're gonna go on some faith here
MarSolla: "Oh? Her illusions cannae talk? Damn. Could we not fetch a scroll o' ghost sound before we leave?"
Flint: I know a trick to give it some ghost sounds, but that's it
Flint: So I can handle some nondescript grumbling
MarSolla: "That'd do it. Let's hope your warforged really is dumber then your Jilik."
Flint: (yay for gnome spell-like abilities)

  • Jilik pantomimes drop-kicking Mar'solla
  • Flint produces the inert body of 323A and prepares to activate it

MarSolla: "What? What'd I say? You're tetchy, for a golem."
Flint: WHen you're ready Ashling. jilik be ready to restrain him if necessary
Ashling: (actually, Ashling would suggest we don't take horses as the illusion might spook them)
MarSolla: ((Can lead them a little away, right?))
Jocelyn: Sitara will
MarSolla: "What does your master hunt here, Valkin?"
Flint: (humans)
Valkin: Deer. Tigers. Whatever suits him
Ashling: All right, I will make the illusion then it will be up to you to deal with the warforged.
Flint: Ok.
Flint: Jilik, if he gets uppity, restrain him

  • Ashling casts Minor Image to make a dragon as large as the area of the spell will allow.

Jilik: ya boss

  • Flint switches the Warforged back on
  • Eäri will stand nearby to assist

Ashling: (she can include breathing sounds but that's about it)

  • Flint will add some non-vocal sounds to it with Ghost Sound

Flint: Unit 323A. We've brought you to the dragon in Shieldmeet!

  • Flint gestures to the illusion

Flint: Bluff: 11
Flint: ouch.
Flint: AP 5
Jocelyn: (I has lost the warforged token somewhere)
MarSolla: (It is still there in the shop on this map)
Flint: (I put one up… if you want it)

  • Warforged makes a whrrring sound

Warforged: Command word
Flint: Hmm…
Flint: "Zyanya."
Warforged: whrrrrrrrr……click
Warforged: Command word

  • Flint rubs his chin

Flint: Int Check: 22
Flint: (OMG)

  • Maggi rolls: 1d20+2 INT => 15 + 2 = 17

MarSolla: Int check 10
MarSolla: (Nice!)
Flint: Say, what is Zyanya's REAL name? Do we know?
MarSolla: ((Can I make a knowledge history check to get that?))
MarSolla: "Hmm…"
Flint: Oh! I remember it now!
Jocelyn: yes
Flint: "Legadriethien".
MarSolla: 19
Warforged: Report - LordZyanya, you are in danger. A way below has been found. The demons may be released to aid the cults. I am going to destroy the portal here, but they may find another way.
Warforged: The prophecy was clear. The waypoint will be your city.
Warforged: Lord Zyanya, the dragons MUST fly.
Warforged: whirrr….click
Flint: Well then.
Flint: Thoughts?

  • Ashling ends the illusion.

MarSolla: "Does it have another directive now? Maybe we can ask it more questions about the time before."
Ashling: The dragons seem to have gotten the message one way or another.
Warforged: whirrr….click
Flint: 323A, what are you orders now?
Warforged: (speaks in a different voice, as though a recording)
Warforged: You are already too late, dragon.
Flint: ack!

  • Eäri frowns

Warforged: I have won here.

  • MarSolla backs away, reaching into her bag with an expression of alarm.

Warforged: Vasant is already mine. Keep your precious city for now. When I want it, I'll come get it.
Warforged: Oh, and to those who will be second to hear this message:
Warforged: The gods will fail you. Your magic will end, and you will be playthings in the world to come. This battle was lost before you were born. Walk away, and your deaths will be painless.
Warforged: Your scrolls are lies.
Warforged: whirrr….click

  • Eäri smiles grimly

Flint: Ok, who gave the elder evil the recording device…

  • MarSolla scowls. "Heresy and threats from some bloody demon. Forgive me if I don't melt down my cranes."

Flint: Who do you think that was anyway?

  • MarSolla thinks back on what the voice sounded like, exactly.

Warforged: (female)
Flint: Zahirah?
Eäri: The battle is not lost unless we turn aside in fear.
MarSolla: "323A. Who left the first message, and the second?"
Warforged: whirrr….click
Flint: Sigh, don't think it will be much use MarSolla
Warforged: awaiting command word
MarSolla: "Legadriethien?"
Flint: (would I know from gnomish knowledge how to give new commands?)
Ashling: How long ago was this one made? (gesturing to the old warforged)
Flint: It is about 300 years old.
Flint: From my best reckoning
Warforged: LordZyanya, you are in danger. A way below has been found. The demons may be released to aid the cults. I am going to destroy the portal here, but they may find another way.
Warforged: The prophecy was clear. The waypoint will be your city.
Warforged: Lord Zyanya, the dragons MUST fly.
Warforged: whirrr….click
Warforged: You are already too late, dragon.
Warforged: I have won here.
Warforged: Vasant is already mine. Keep your precious city for now. When I want it, I'll come get it.
MarSolla: ((What does the first voice sound like? Old dwarven male?))
Warforged: Oh, and to those who will be second to hear this message:
Warforged: The gods will fail you. Your magic will end, and you will be playthings in the world to come. This battle was lost before you were born. Walk away, and your deaths will be painless
Warforged: Your scrolls are lies.
Warforged: whirrr…click
Warforged: awaiting command word
Ashling: Try the gnome's name.
Flint: "Zurishiclaida"
MarSolla: ((Hahaha, I was just playing, that's not actually the second name people settled on))
Warforged: You failed me
Flint: (ok, well, Flint says the other gnome's name)
Warforged: And you succeeded beyond my expectations
Warforged: We will meet again
Warforged: whirr…click
Warforged: (female voice)
MarSolla: ((Same female voice?))
Warforged: (yes)
MarSolla: "323A, how many messages and recordings are you carrying? Ones that required command words and not?"
Warforged: 7 programs
MarSolla: "How many are restricted? Can you list them off?"

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow

Warforged: input command word
MarSolla: "Damnation."
Warforged: yes
MarSolla: "Well… list programs, then."
Flint: I'm gonna try this…
Flint: 323A, new command: command word Flintwhistle. report to Chanda's shop where you will protect him and his family
Warforged: Flintwhistle is in use.
Flint: …what?!
Flint: fine, run command "Flintwhistle"
Warforged: hehehehehe

  • Maggi rolls to you: 1d20+10 Reflex => 5 + 10 = 15
  • Warforged explodes

Flint: ….

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+5+mod Reflex Save => 20 + 5 + 0 = 25

Jocelyn: 19
MarSolla: 10

  • Jocelyn rolls to you: 1d20+6 Reflex => 13 + 6 = 19
  • You roll to the GM: 1d20+6 Reflex => 13 + 6 = 19

Flint: Ow! What the HELL? Everyone ok?

  • Jilik avoids half the damage

Jilik: ah..boss…you broke him!
Valkin: Reflex Save: 22 0

  • MarSolla shrieks, trying to dive behind a tree. She picks herself up from the ground, crying, trying to pull bits of shrapnel out of her body. "Argh… bloody mad golems! That was a terrible idea, Flint."

Flint: How was I supposed to know that was gonna happen?!

  • Eäri soaks up most of the damage

Valkin: How did it know your name?
Flint: Yeah, that's what I wanna know
Flint: I'm much younger than 300 years old
MarSolla: "You might've waited a moment before blindly activating a command, probably left by some horrible woman what wants to hurt you."
Flint: It could be someone else in my family.
Flint: Flintwhistle's my surname after all

  • Eäri fixes Flint with a baleful stare
  • MarSolla casts Lesser Vigor on herself.

Eäri: Eäri begins with 38 hit points, and takes 9 points of damage!
Now Eäri only has 29 hit point out of 38 max!
MarSolla: "Urgh… takes so bloody long… I hurt NOW! Who else got caught in that? Miss Amaya, are you all right?"
Flint: Sorry everybody. It's a shame… we lost a valuable artifact.
MarSolla: "Any peices left?"

  • Flint tries to recover some chunks of Warforged to return to Chanda.

MarSolla: "Amaya. Are you alright? Did it get you?"
Jocelyn: Amaya was supposed to be by Sitara
MarSolla: ((Oh, never mind.))
Flint: So either our feminine foe has some time travel ability, or I should check the family tree when I go back to Talin
MarSolla: "We only ran four… well, three programs."
Flint: Let's head back.
Ashling: Or you heard the voice of one of the old bodies of the gnome.
MarSolla: "I think two messages were in one."
Jilik: Think you could save the head?
Flint: I'll see what I can do with the chunks we've gathered, though I'm skeptical. In any case, I can't fix anything out here.

  • MarSolla leans over Flint and channels a burst of positive energy into the worst areas of wounding. 11

Flint: Thank you!
Sitara: Everything okay?
MarSolla: "Don't mention it, dear. Just try not to blow up any more golems."
Flint: (that heals him fully btw)
MarSolla: ((Oh, you made the save? Damn, shoulda done Ashling))
Flint: Valkin, show us back if you please
Flint: I'm going to see what I can do with the parts… might take me a while
MarSolla: "Id rather talk in one of our rooms, rather then the common area."
Ashling: (( what time of day is it now? ))
Jocelyn: They are serving dinner
Jocelyn: Sun is in the process of setting
Jocelyn: There are a few more folks in the inn tonight

  • Ashling will use a wand to heal Eari: 6

MarSolla: "So. Bring the food into one of the rooms and hash out a plan for tomorrow there?"
Eäri: My thanks
Flint: (looking over Jilik) Bah, you're worse off than when I started fixing you this morning…
Eäri: Eäri begins with 29 hit points, and takes 6 points of healing!
Now Eäri has 35 hit point out of 38 max!
MarSolla: "Sorry I'm not doing it. I didn't have many healing spells planned to day. Didn't think we'd be fighting."
Jocelyn: The bartender can lead you all to a private dining room
Eäri: Do not worry about it, it was not something any of us planned for, I am sure.

  • Ashling will try another wand for: 5
  • MarSolla channels a small scrap of divine energy into the nastiest of the grazes that Ashling incurred. 1 hp healed.

Eäri: Eäri begins with 35 hit points, and takes 5 points of healing!
Now Eäri has 38 hit point out of 38 max!

  • Valkin drinks a potion

Ashling: (not injured, far as I know)
MarSolla: ((You weren't in the explosion?))

  • Valkin guards the door
  • Flint tinkers with some of the salvaged parts, and smoking his pipe, as he sits

MarSolla: "So. Plan of action, then. How long would it take you tae get another worthwhile out of those scraps? Are those messages recoverable?"
Flint: I don't know yet, sheesh!
Jocelyn: food is served
Jocelyn: and when the barmaid delivers the food, she also hands a folded piece of parchment to Flint
Flint: Eh?

  • MarSolla waits till the servers are gone. "Wait. Don't read that."
  • barmaid chatters to Sitara

Sitara: That was left for you while you were out
Eäri: (( I prepared explosive runes today ))
MarSolla: ((Hahaha, 3 OOTs))

  • Valkin questions the barmaid a bit
  • MarSolla casts Detect Magic, chanting to herself as she runs a fingertip over her eyelids.

MarSolla: She stares fixedly at the note.
Flint: YOu're paranoid. Who would POSSIBLY want to blow me up twice in one day…
Maggi has disconnected.
Valkin: A human woman bought the note. She was described as a woman of Amareth
Maggi has connected.
Flint: So, MarSolla, is it hot?
MarSolla: "Yes, but not with what I thought. Divination magic."
Valkin: Someone wishes to know if you read the note

  • Flint shrugs, and opens it
  • MarSolla tries to think of the type of spells you'd attach to a letter that'd leave that signature. 21

MarSolla: "Wait! It could be disguised! Have one of the maids do it!"
Flint: You have to take risks when you're a brave hero like me.

  • Eäri sighs heavily and rolls her eyes

MarSolla: "Well, I'm not a brave hero, and I'm sitting at the same bloody table, you louse!"
Flint: (that was said with a bit of sarcasm)
Flint: Hey, it's in gnomish!
Flint: Ok. I think our gnomish friend is dressed as an Amareth woman

  • Valkin goes to full alert

Flint: probably the one that dropped the letter off.
MarSolla: "Read it out?"
Flint: Yeah, hold on.
Flint: but before I do, Valkin, take this with a grain of salt
Flint: "You cannot trust Devdas. I'll be honest, you cannot trust me either, but nontheless I feel we should talk. There is more to this than you know, and I would prefer that your ignorance not inconvenience me. - Zurishiclaida "
MarSolla: "When'd she drop it off? Maybe we should go looking for her before he changes bodies."
Valkin: I would not expect him to sing the praises of the Rajah
Valkin: The letter was dropped two hours ago
MarSolla: "Wait, he actually wants to meet?"
Flint: Yeah.
Valkin: Does he say where?
Flint: I'm sure he'll find us.
Valkin: That is my concern
Flint: Doesn't sound like he's itching for a fight though. At least at the moment
Valkin: You will not be permitted to be alone
Flint: Fair enough
MarSolla: "Well, he wouldnae send you a letter saying 'Be on your guard, I'm coming tae kill you and have away with your body.' "
Jilik: What he said boss, only phrased politely

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow

Flint: If he was gonna do that, he probably wouldn't have sent a letter at all. He just would have DONE IT
Jilik: Honesty does seem to be underrated these days
Flint: Why would he want me to know this if he was just gonna kill us?
MarSolla: "Maybe just tae throw you off. Meeting you could be a trap. Unless we can use it to trap him."

  • Eäri heaves an irritated sigh

Flint: Eari, copper for your thoughts?
Valkin: You may have information he wants
Eäri: I think it risky
Flint: Well, undoubtedly
Eäri: I think you would be quite a prize for him, given your powers
Flint: Oh, and I thought I was useless?

  • Flint smirks

Eäri: You are not useless, you are foolhardy. There is a difference.
Valkin: None of you should be alone. He may prefer gnomes, but a winged one would likely not be turned down
MarSolla: "Yes, but he'd be the one calling the shots. I'm sure he'd be a lot more effective with your skills then you would."
Flint: I'm sure any of us could make a decent target, in our own ways.
Flint: (any clue on the letter that would indicate how to contact him?)
Amaya: Well, I'll sleep well tonight, knowing all this
MarSolla: "Welcome to our lives, m'dear." Mar'Solla mutters. "I have a lot of praying to do tonight."

  • Flint eats his dinner mannerlessly while he thinks
  • MarSolla casts purify food and drink on her plate before she tucks in herself.

MarSolla: "…Awww, bloody hell."
MarSolla: "Just realised where I saw that effect before. Me mistress used summat like it to spy on the commander of the mercenary company we were with. Clairaudience."
Eäri: On the note, Mar'Solla?
MarSolla: "Yes. Gone now, but still. Clever, clever bastard."

  • Eäri frowns

MarSolla: "Three steps ahead of us. Hell of a chess player, he must be."
Flint: clair-what, now?
Eäri: How long do you suppose the effect lasted?
MarSolla: "That entire soddin' conversation. Five minutes after you opened th' letter."
Flint: So he heard us…. big deal. He seems to have had an ear on us already
MarSolla: "Clairaudience. Hearin' things from afar."
MarSolla: "Doesn't speak well of our chances o' catching him though, do it?"
Flint: I think we should get some rest tonight

  • Eäri growls low in her throat

MarSolla: "What?! What are you snarling at now? Spooky bloody half demon."
Flint: Maybe he really does want to give his side of the story.
Eäri: I had a visitation earlier today
MarSolla: "Of our friend the gnome? Or who?"
Eäri: When I sought guidance at the Temple earlier today, a strange child came to see me. It turned out that it was the god Nirriti in human form.

  • Eäri frowns

Ashling: Who is Nirriti?
MarSolla: 16 Knowledge: Religion
Eäri: He is a deity given to evil and chaos that rules over the dead
MarSolla: "Vasant demigod. A right bastard, like she said."
Ashling: (eyes widening)
Eäri: He expressed grave concern over that which is going on in the world as it happens.

  • Eäri shakes her head, clearly troubled

MarSolla: "How'd you know it was him? I'm almost jealous. In the prescence of a deity, even one so terrible? What'd he say?"
Eäri: I knew it was him because he told me when I asked.
MarSolla: "There's mad beggers aplenty who claim to be gods."
Eäri: He said a time of darkness was coming, and hard choices would need to be made.

  • Eäri smiles grimly

Ashling: I think I spoke with the same child-god.
Ashling: Though he would not give me his name, he told me something similar.

  • MarSolla looks impressed by both of you.

MarSolla: "Not much that ruffles the pair of you, is there?"
Eäri: Ill omens, strange tidings
Eäri: I think we must be cautious
Jocelyn: The dinner hour is over, and the tavern is starting to empty
Flint: I'm going to see what I can do with these warforged pieces before I retire
Flint: I'll be in my room
Flint: excuse me, ladies
MarSolla: "Want some extra guards to support Jilik?"
Jilik: We got that guy
Flint: if you wish

  • Jilik points to Valkin

MarSolla: "I know they don't look friendly, but they're not likely to fall asleep on you. Seems like the more the safer. This feller is a powerdul mage."
Jilik: um…you are talking about boney folk, right?

  • Ashling heads for her room.
  • Eäri frowns

MarSolla: "Aye. I don't keep live guards in my little bag. Wouldn't be kind, like."
Ashling: (will show Amaya the way)
Eäri: You may want to keep them under wraps
Eäri: In the rooms at least
MarSolla: "You don't need to tell me that. They won't leave the rooms."
Eäri: As to not frighten the people in the inn

  • Eäri nods

Flint: Craft (Engineering): 38
MarSolla: "Well. Good night, then."
Flint: (ok, 3rd 20 in a row. i swear i am not cheating)

  • Eäri will go the room shared w/Ashling

Jocelyn: Anyone have anything else to do tonight? We'll pick up next week in the morning

  • MarSolla places a couple of skeletons in the room with orders to obey all commands given by Flint and Jilik, and to kill anyone that enters the room uinvited.

Ashling: I am going to use my scroll of sending
Ashling: and I have to make a caster check as it is one caster level above me (assuming it is 9th caster level)
Jocelyn: k
Jocelyn: yep
Ashling: Caster Level Check: 14
Ashling: yay
Eäri: are we done… orrrrrrr?
Jocelyn: done
Jocelyn: some stuff in IMs

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