Session 37

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Jocelyn: Okay, we left off last week with the evil demon having taken control of Flint
Jocelyn: And Ashling having turned nto a werewolf
Flint: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
Flint: All Hail Shub-Niggurath, the black goat of the woods with a thousand young!!!!
Ashling: Awooooooooo!

  • Ashling leaps on Flint and starts tearing him limb from limb.

Sev: O-O
Flint: Grapple Check: 17
Ashling: (gnomes are tasty…)
Jocelyn: Since he is possessed by ancient evil, he's also poisonous. Make a fort save

  • Sev GTFOs

Jocelyn: Too late. Sev has been eaten by a grue
Ashling: Ack, this gnome has spoiled.
Jocelyn: sorta just waiting for Maggi to get home, should be any minute
Flint: (you get bonus xp for killing me, as per houserule)
Jocelyn: yes. Ashling is now 14th level.
Ashling: sweet, I am last as powerful as some of the rest of you
Ashling: (at* last)
Jocelyn: But you don't actually gain spellcaster levels, cause you had to spend the XP on the werewolf hit dice and LA
Ashling: but that should only be two levels worth or so
Jocelyn: The LA is two levels. Then there is the racial hit dice adjustment
Jocelyn: AKA - The reason lycanthrope templates fucking suck
Ashling: oh well, the werewolf template is pretty cool
Ashling: you get cool stufff tho'
Ashling: I was going to make one for the high level game that never happened
Chris: when arey ou finally getting wild shape?
Chris: that's so useful
Ashling: level 10
Jocelyn: Alrighty, anyone have anything they wanted to do prior to breakfast?
Ashling: just rememorize spells
Flint: ((I have a nifty new power but no immediate use for it yet))
Sev: *Shrugs* Due to my own stupidity, I don't even know what my character has been doing for awhile. (We will need to come up with that between this session and the next one.)
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Eäri: (( Hi everyone, sorry I am late… traffic sucked again ))
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Jocelyn: Alrighty, tis dawn then, and you can hear the sounds of the tavern starting up

  • Flint makes an attempt to get up early

Jocelyn: There is a knocking on Flint's door

  • Valkin raises an eyebrow at Flint

Flint: Enter.

  • Brijesh enters with a tray of food

MarSolla: ((>_))
Brijesh: Your breakfast Sir, as instructed
Flint: I don't recall ordering anything…

  • Brijesh glances at the skeletal tiger but says nothing, setting a tray of food on a small table

Brijesh: Your servant girl ordered it.
Valkin: Last night?
Brijesh: An hour ago.

  • Brijesh appears confused

Flint: Sitara? Are you here?
Sitara: yes
Flint: Did you order the food?
Sitara: no….I just woke up
Valkin: She has not left the room, to my knowledge
Flint: Leave it here Brijesh. Thank you.

  • Brijesh appears very confused now

Brijesh: She came to the kitchen an hour ago and ordered food

  • Ashling heads out for breakfast with her roommates.

Jocelyn: (any of you can move Amaya now)
Eäri: (( does Eäri notice this? ))
Brijesh: (probably)
Brijesh: (she'd have to walk right by it
Ashling: (assuming we are at a table)
Eäri: (in Bharat) What have we here?
Valkin: (in Bharat) someone it seems, has impersonated Sitara. Or she can walk through walls

  • Eäri frowns

Brijesh: If you do not wish this meal, I can remove it.
Flint: No, leave it here. I want to have it examined.

  • Brijesh appears miffed, like he is certain you are poking fun at him
  • Brijesh nods and leaves the food, bowing slightly as he exits the room
  • Eäri will wander in curiously
  • Brijesh goes back to serving in the common room
  • Flint pokes the food with a fork.

Eäri: What's this now?

  • Flint sniffs it

Sitara: I assure you, walking through walls is not one of my talents
Jocelyn: (spot checks)
Flint: So someone wants me to eat this.

  • Maggi rolls to you: 1d20+14 Spot => 14 + 14 = 28
  • MarSolla knocks on Flint and Jilik's door with the handle of her mace.
  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+12+mod Spot Check => 19 + 12 + 0 = 31

Flint: Enter
Jocelyn: Under the teapot, there is a folded piece of parchment
Flint: whoa, found soemthing here.

  • MarSolla wanders in, frowning as she edges her way past Valkin and Eäri. "What's this party all about, then? We all having breakfast in here?"

Flint: Marsolla, please remove your skeletons please

  • MarSolla rubs her eyes as she grumbles, apparently not having slept well.

Flint: So we have some room in here

  • Eäri flutters her wings irritably as the halfling edges by her
  • MarSolla barks an order in Shimmel to her skeletons, and they move back into her sack which she places on the ground.
  • Flint examines the noes.
  • Flint examines the note.

MarSolla: "Another message from your biggest fan in all of Vasant?"
Flint: Sivetlamo, yes
Flint: (the gnome's name)
Flint: Well, he wants us to check out the dig site for some reason. He also seems to think a meeting with us is inevitable, once we leave town
Flint: I'm inclined to believe him

  • Eäri sniffs dubiously

Flint: Still nothing overtly hostile though.
MarSolla: "Well, don't play secrets, eh?" Mar'Solla says, shooting a hostile glance towards Eäri as she says this. "Pass it round, I'd like to read it."
Flint: the note is in gnomish. but have at it.
Eäri: Let us hope that we can have some amount of control over the terms of this meeting
MarSolla: "Eh, never mind, then."
Sitara: I'm a little annoyed that he apparently impersonated me
Flint: He's quite the tricky one. In a way, I'm looking forward to meeting him
Jilik: Perhaps you should be flattered

  • Sitara shrugs and leaves for the common room
  • Flint follows

Flint: Good morning Ashling, Amaya

  • Eäri shrugs and leaves

Ashling: Good morning.

  • Flint relays the new note's contents to Ashling

MarSolla: "Met your friendly god of murder, last night." Mar'Solla remarks to Eäri, walking along behind her.
Eäri: Oh?

  • Eäri frowns

Eäri: And what tidings did he have to bring to you?
Eäri: You look tired.

  • Valkin blinks

MarSolla: "Yes. Charming feller. Had a bit of a chat. Funny thing, really… he agrees with you about them scrolls and who should and shouldnae read them. Isn't that… nice?"

  • MarSolla stares at Eäri with open suspicion.
  • Eäri stares back with a passive, golden eyed stare

Eäri: I am not sure I understand your meaning?
Flint: (afk a li'l bit)
MarSolla: "If you take a rabid dog, and you shave a holy symbol into it's fur, what d'you think you wind up with? Because my coin is on a bloody dog, personally."

  • Sitara pours tea for everyone, then sits back, arms crossed, apparently amused
  • Eäri smiles
  • MarSolla shrugs her little shoulders. "It does nae matter. Flint and Ashling say you're friend. Just so long as you realise I'm no' fooled, and nothing you pull is going t' take me by any kind of surprise."
  • Eäri raises an eyebrow, and continues to smile
  • Flint repeats yesterday's routine of fixing up Jilik over breakfast

Jilik: So, what's the plan?
Flint: Craft (Engineering): 22

  • Jilik flexes a joint and comments on the improvement

MarSolla: "I suppose you'll want to meet this gnome lich feller. If we're going to do that, I have a couple of protective charms I'd like to run by you first, if we can spare a quiet ten minutes before we head off."
Flint: I must admit I'm interested in checking out the dig site.
Flint: There could be a hint or two there … or some our "friend" implied…
Flint: or so*
Ashling: And you think he might meet us there?
Flint: Or anywhere outside of town, really. Yes.
Eäri: Delightful.
Flint: He has the means to find us quite easily

  • MarSolla leans over to murmur at Valkin. "I've been wondering at why the gnome hasn't made a more aggressive move against Devdas, t' be honest. I mean, you're a strapping feller an' all, and I'm sure your friends have their skills… but you can't protect him all the time. Seems like he could scry on him and ambush him alone fairly easy, like, especially while he was out hunting. I mean, how often does he go out hunting alone?"

Eäri: That is plainly obvious.
Eäri: (to Flint)

  • Valkin murmurs back 'never, the Rajah is always guarded'

MarSolla: "You go hunting with him?"
Valkin: Since I was a child, yes
Ashling: I would like to see if I can get another scroll of sending before we leave town.

  • Flint grunts in frustration. "Ashling, would you mind using this scroll on Jilik before we head out? My own repairs will take too long if we go today."
  • Flint hands ashling a scroll of repair mod. damage

Ashling: (pause) Alright.
MarSolla: "Must be a nightmare to protect someone in open forest, like that. I mean, I'm no bodyguard, but I wouldnae want to attempt it."
Ashling: (she'll use it after she finishes eating)
Valkin: We have our methods
Flint: Oh, and Ashling, I may be able to save you some money on Sending magic
Flint: I've been experimenting with a way to contact a remote mind… if you don't mind me hearing the message. You can get replies too.
MarSolla: "Somethin' you have to worry about all the time? Or does he only go out once a month and give you folk plenty of notice to sweep the forest, like?"
Valkin: It is…random
MarSolla: "Whenever he feels like, eh? Must be a problem."

  • Ashling looks thoughtful.

Valkin: The Rajah's word is law, and he does not wish it to be a problem

  • Valkin gazes at Mar'solla a bit coldly

Ashling: And I suppose the message would then be from you in stead of me if I had you use this ability on my behalf.
Flint: Yes… and I would have to know the mind I was contacting
MarSolla: "Oh, of course. I just mean, from the point of view of someone charged to protect him… forgive me, I meant no disrespect. Pay me no mind."
Flint: A description isn't enough … I need to have met the person, if it's to work

  • Eäri raises an eyebrow at Mar'Solla

Ashling: I think in this case I would prefer to send the message myself - if I can get a scroll.
Sitara: I can ask around, see if I can find one for you

  • MarSolla grimaces awkwardly. She kicks her legs. "So. Brief bit of shopping in town, then out to a certain ambush and probable death somewhere lonely and secluded, like?"

Flint: I think that's the plan for today, yes
MarSolla: "That Chanda feller might. He had all kinds at his shop."
Flint: So, prep accordingly

  • Eäri sighs heavily

Flint: We should see him before we go. he might have a map
Flint: He's been there before
Valkin: He is the one in charge of the dig site
Flint: Oh? Even better
Flint: We might need his permission

  • Eäri gets the feeling that little details like "permission" have probably never stopped this group before

Flint: And yes, there is a good chance he has a scroll for you
Valkin: You already have the Rajah's permission
MarSolla: "Might be courteous to at least inform the old feller, though, eh?"
Flint: Agreed
Flint: He did me a big favor loaning that warforged to us … that i exploded
Flint: We are NOT to speak of that by the way
MarSolla: "Maybe we shouldnae mention that, eh?"
Flint: Right.
Flint: I'm going to make some …. improvements
Flint: and get it back to him
MarSolla: "Just don't blow up any of his other merchandise while we're there. Or make an effort tae restrain yourself, like."

  • Eäri looks dubious

Ashling: (( is Sev around? ))
Jocelyn: (he's in a corner of the common room)
Sev: (Points at the upper left corner.)
Ashling: (( he's hiding from us - don't blame him ))
MarSolla: ((Man, how much of a slam is THAT… the *winged kobold* is all "I'm totally not with these crazies"))

  • Flint sobs
  • Sitara stands and stretches

Flint: Right, well, let's get going people
MarSolla: "Come back tae one of the rooms and I'll cast this spell, then we can be off. Might be handy, later, and might as well get it done now."
Flint: um … ok
Flint: all of us?

  • Ashling uses the scroll before we go. ((is it 2d8+3 points of repair?))

Flint: (yep)
Eäri: Is that not Iothpetissesvern in the corner there?
Ashling: then for 9

  • Eäri indicates Sev

MarSolla: "Just you and your bodyguards, like. And Miss Amaya, you might as well watch rather then sit out here on your own." Mar'Solla smiles at Amaya.
Valkin: what is the nature of this magic?

  • Sev looks up at the group and shrugs before coming over.

MarSolla: "Not that it's any of your business, but I'm going tae imbue him with a small measure of my own power. Then he can cast a ward against evil that'll stop any attempt at posession and give evil creatures a hard time to hit him."
Valkin: I have been charged with his protection, his safety is my business.
Eäri: I believe as his guard it IS his business
MarSolla: "Obviously I could cast it on him if I'm around, but if I'm around, nothings going tae be trying to move intae his brain anyway. This is so if he gets seperated and his powers are drained, he can still protect hisself."
MarSolla: "Aye, and if this posed any risk to his safety, I would've mentioned it. It doesn't/"
Flint: Alright, thanks MarSolla, let's go and get it done then

  • Eäri mutters in irritation in Bharat
  • MarSolla begins to chant softly in Shimmel, making gestures in the air around Flint, beseeching her god as she fingers her holy symbol, transferring some of her prepared divine spells to Flint. Just over ten minutes later, she smiles, and stretches her arms.

Eäri: Greetings Iothpetissesvern
Flint: Feels tingly.
Eäri: Where have you been of late?
MarSolla: "Wasnae sure that would work. First time I've attempted a ritual like that. Anyway, you have three spells… the first is a healing spell, but a slow one. Makes the body regenerate and heal tiself faster, rather then just a dose of positive energy. Slower, but more effective. Called Lesser Vigor."
MarSolla: "Second is the Protection Against Evil. Use it before you fear something trying to posess you. Lasts for several minutes."

  • Sev Shudders. "Ive been watching people running about the city."

MarSolla: "Last is Remove Paralysis, and… well, does what it says on the tin. Now, it'll unparalyse one person afflicted by a ghoul's touch, or the like, or you can stretch it to cover two people, but it might not work. It'll just give their bodies another chance to fight it off, but a much better one then they had before."
MarSolla: "Can stretch it to three people, or even four, but then the chance is less."
Flint: That's quite the ritual! I can feel the spells … very odd
Eäri: I am glad to see that you are well and unharmed
MarSolla: "Not much damage you can do with those three, they're for your protection… but I'm responsible for how you use them, so don't get me in trouble with him down stairs, aye?"
Flint: Aye.
Flint: I mean, yes.

  • Sev Shrugs.

Flint: The spell is making me talk like you, a little

  • Valkin mutters something in Bharat

MarSolla: "You'll intuitively know how to cast them, when you need to. It'll come as natural as breathing."
Sev: Being able to fly and cast spells based around shadows work quite well together.
Flint: Ok then, let's get tae … TO … the shop then

  • MarSolla chuckles to herself, and pats Amaya on the leg. "Well, that's everything… are you coming with us or staying here, Miss Amaya?"

Eäri: Indeed
Eäri: Will you be joining us, then?
Eäri: On our continued… adventures?

  • Flint comes out from the guest room with a puffed chest, rubbing his hands together

Flint: Let's DO this!

  • Eäri ignores Flint, continues to chat with Sev
  • Flint pouts at the lackluster response from the crowd
  • Eäri turns her attention to Flint

Eäri: Ah, Master Flintwhistle
MarSolla: "Well, I was impressed. You looked very… tall." Mar'Solla says, kindly.
Eäri: You recall our erstwhile companion Iothpetissesvern, yes?
Flint: Yes! Are you enjoying yourself so far?
Flint: Well, think on it and get back to me, then
Sev: Yes to both of you. I have ahd much fun on this trip so far… But i believe afeter hearing what I ahve, that you could use my services…
Flint: Oh! Excellent. We'd be glad to have you.

  • Eäri chuckles

Flint: A pair of eyes in the sky could be useful. Though I geuss we have two pairs, now
Ashling: Shall we go?
Eäri: Well, if you are sure you want to sign up on this heroes' quest, or fools' errand, or untimely death, or whatever fate has in store for us, let us away before the day grows long
Flint: Yes, let's go
Sev: Sounds like a plan to me.
Ashling: (head for shop?)
Flint: (aye)
Sev: (Works for me.)
Eäri: (( scooby dooby doo ))

  • Flint knocks

Chanda: Enter
Flint: Hello again!
Chanda: Ah, Master Flint, welcome back
Flint: I want to introduce you to more of my friends

  • Flint introduces the party

Chanda: welcome, welcome, the more the merrier, I believe is the phrase.
Flint: We've come for a bit of shopping. But also wanted to ask about the dig site
Chanda: I meant to inquire if you wished to stop by the dig site.
Chanda: There are a few other contraptions that are quite interesting, perhaps you could take a look at them
Flint: The topic keeps getting broached lately, and I must admit I get curiouser by the hour of the place
Flint: So it's okay with you?
Chanda: Certainly
Flint: Do you have a map or anything that could make it easier to get around there?
Chanda: I regret that I cannot accompany you, but just tell Kapila I sent you. He has maps and can provide a guide
Flint: Alright, and Kapila is at the site?
Chanda: Yes. Your companion there (he indicates Valkin) will know how to get to the site
Jocelyn: (Chanda is also happy to let you look through his shop)
Ashling: Do you sell arcane scrolls?
MarSolla: Mar'Solla browses with interest, commenting on the provenance of several items.
Chanda: Indeed, indeed
Flint: I'm also looking for a kind of psionic item, called a power stone, they work like scrolls, but for psionics. do you have any?
MarSolla: (Now that she has ranks in Knowledge: History all of a sudden )

  • Chanda gestures to the scroll shelf

Chanda: I have…three, I think

  • Ashling looks for a scroll of sending.
  • Chanda will direct Flint to the psionic items

Chanda: (he has 1 scroll of sending)
Jocelyn: (hold on one sec, and I'll post the contents of his shop)

  • Ashling takes the scroll of sending to Chanda, "How much for this one?"

Flint: (by the way, I'm ok with switching bags of holding, doesn't make much difference to me, but if the party needs storage space, we may need it back)
Jocelyn: (standard cost)
MarSolla: (Sweet, I'll assume we changed over earlier)

  • Ashling buys the scroll.

Jocelyn: 1125

  • Sev hangs back and waits for his friends to finish.

Eäri: brb
Maggi has disconnected.
Maggi has connected.

  • Flint browses for ab it but elects not to buy anything for now

Flint: Thanks Chanda!
Flint: (to Valkin) I think we're ready to go to the dig site.

  • Valkin leads the way

Flint: Okay, just so we're clear, if we unearth any more ancient Warforged, don't give them any commands that are also my name
Eäri: Noted

  • Sev chuckles.
  • Flint idly checks the action on his musket as they walk
  • Valkin indicates Kaphila

Flint: oh, she's a woman
Jocelyn: (no, he's an elf)
Flint: (really? looks feminine)
Sev: (Don't most elves?)
Jocelyn: (first token I grabbed, hush before I drop a boulder on you)
Flint: …my mistake

  • Kaphila doesn't hide a glare at Valkin

Sev: Most hairless apes look alike to me…

  • Sev shrugs.
  • Flint approaches

Kaphila: What do you want?
Flint: My name is Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle, these are my colleagues …. Chanda sent us

  • Kaphila softens a bit

Kaphila: With one of the Rajah's goons?
MarSolla: "Hey! He resembles that remark."
Flint: I'll make sure he doesn't break anything (with a wink to Valkin)

  • Valkin smiles in an unreassuring manner

Kaphila: So…what parts are you interested in?

  • Eäri flexes her wings and glares coldly

Flint: What are my choices?
Kaphila: Well, there is the weird pulley machine thingy, then there is the thingy with the tanks, then there is the thingy with all the gears, then there is the thingy that glows
Kaphila: And of course, all the other thingies
Flint: 2
Ashling: Could you perhaps tell us a little about the site in general?
Kaphila: The site used to be an academy of some kind
Kaphila: Something studying the volcano
Kaphila: I just organize the diggers. I leave the thinking about stuff to the scholars
Ashling: Ah. Is there something unusual about the volcano?
Kaphila: Massive amounts of lava generating heat and steam that can power all kinds of stuff. Just your average volcano. Just happened to be a rather predicatable one
Kaphila: Well, until it erupted, anyway
MarSolla: "Has anyone else come by here, recently? Or are we the only new visitors?"
Kaphila: The scholars are in and out.
Kaphila: You are the first unfamiliar faces in a while
Ashling: Well, Flint, where to?
Flint: Let's see the thingy with the tanks.
Flint: (as determined by my d4 roll)

  • Kaphila hands you a map

Kaphila: Nobody is working in there today.
Flint: We can still go to it though, right?
Kaphila: Certainly
Kaphila: we have to close the site soon (he glares at Valkin again) so enjoy it while you can
Flint: Well thank you Kaphila, we'll be on our way then.

  • Kaphila nods

Jocelyn: The guards let you pass
Flint: (set a marching order?)
MarSolla: "If anyone else comes through, can you be a dear and have one of your guards come and give us a shout, before you let him up to join us?"
Jocelyn: The soil at the entrance to the dig site is softer, the stuff they dug through to reach the carved tunnels
Kaphila: Sure
MarSolla: (Mar'Solla hangs back to chat with Kaphila.)

  • Flint marches into the tunnel with barely contained anticipation

Jocelyn: (I can just move you to the proper room, if you want)
Flint: (sure)
Eäri: sure
Sev: (Sure)
MarSolla: "You don't seem fond of the Rajah's men."
MarSolla: (Don't move me, what to chat to Kaphila, I'll catch up later)
Kaphila: Should I be?
Jocelyn: The 'tank thingy' is just around the corner
MarSolla: "Not if you've a bit of sense about you." Mar'Solla chuckles. "That Valkin feller is a right gruff bastard. Can't stand him. We're lumped with him, though."

  • Flint goes to check it out.
  • Sev follows flint.

MarSolla: "I were just curious as to what they've done to tick YOU off, is all."
Kaphila: They take from our site, and are shutting us down
Kaphila: We'd love to reopen this place, but they won't let us
Flint: What in the world…………….?
Kaphila: They stand in the way of progress in favor of ancient superstition and power-mongering
Jocelyn: There are four large tanks of clear, reddish glass
Jocelyn: Another tank seems to hold ice, another fire
Jocelyn: One holds what appears to be a ball of electrical energy
MarSolla: "What? A bounty of history and lost knowledge, like this place? And they just want to… what, lock the doors and forget about it? Why?"
Kaphila: Pretty much
Kaphila: Afraid of what we will find, most likely
Kaphila: Watch, dangle a ruby in front of them, and watch them panic
Kaphila: They've got mines full of the rock here, and none of them will touch them

  • Flint cautiously moves in amongst the tanks, being careful not to step on or touch anything dangerous

MarSolla: "Why's that?"
Jocelyn: There are sigils painted on the ground, they still look as fresh as they day they were made
Ashling: (( anything familiar about these sigils? ))
Jocelyn: (knowledge - arcana, religion, history, planes)
Ashling: (( I was thinking more - have I seen before? as in from the cult murders and what Darus drew for her ))
Jocelyn: (nope)
Jocelyn: (a couple seem similar in pattern, but aren't the same sigils)
Ashling: (ok, try a arcana roll)

  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+9 Knowledge Arcana => 5 + 9 = 14
  • Flint looks around for a control panel or the like … some exposed wiring … something he can understand

Jocelyn: There is some exposed mechanical looking stuff on one of the tanks
Flint: (I will go and examine it)
Jocelyn: Each tank also has a crystal on it that you recognize as similar to those the gnomes use to power things like, oh, warforged
Flint: There's definitely some gnomish technology in here
Ashling: The symbols look related to conjuration.
Flint: Do you think those things in the tanks are elementals?
Valkin: A gnomish scholar wished to take over this dig. The Rajah is considering it, but until Sivetlamo is no longer a threat…he may have been the one to build this device
Ashling: (try a knowledge nature to see if they are elementals)

  • Tanya rolls: 1d20+15 Knowledge Nature => 2 + 15 = 17

Ashling: Hm… They aren't alive like an elemental. It may just be energy.
Flint: There's some mechanical parts on the tank, I'm going to see if I can figure out what they're meant for .. if not just for storage
Valkin: Be careful
Flint: I'm a professional.

  • Flint puts on his goggles

Valkin: I recall you saying something similar before blowing up the warforged
Jilik: He does have a point there

  • Sev flys up close to Eari.
  • Ashling retreats.

Sev: Should I be worried?

  • Eäri nods
  • Flint pauses and watches everyone moving away

Flint: oh COME ON!

  • Sev shrugs.

Flint: they can't appreciate TRUE genius…

  • Flint gets to work

Jilik: The line between genius and madness is almost invisible
Jocelyn: (make a craft engineering check)
Flint: Craft (Engineering): 19
MarSolla: (Flint is so far past the line he can't even see the line. The line is a DOT to him)

  • Ashling wonders if she is far enough away…
  • Jilik sort of sidles back
  • Flint does not explode
  • Valkin glances at the others putting distance between themselves and Flint. Stays put

Flint: It looks like we'll need to reconnect the power, to make any headway here

  • Flint looks for a way to do that

Valkin: you want to…restart it?
Flint: Sure, why not. I can always shut it down if it gets unruly

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+2+mod Search Check => 20 + 2 + 0 = 22

Flint: Okay, I think I found something

  • Flint reaches towards a crystal-looking component

Valkin: are you sure that is wise?
MarSolla: "What'd I miss? Has he blown anything up yet?"

  • MarSolla peers about her at the odd symbols and suchlike. (I make Knowledge checks?)

Jocelyn: (sure)
MarSolla: 12 Knowledge: Arcana check
Flint: 4 int check
MarSolla: 10 Knowledge: History check
Flint: (durrr)
MarSolla: 16 Knowledge: Planes check
MarSolla: (Bad priestress. Study harder.)
Jocelyn: Abruptly the tank in front of Flint hums loudly, and with a great whirring sound, the tanks begin bubbling
Flint: Okay, I did something…
Valkin: define something
MarSolla: "Not as reassuring as it's probably meant tae sound, m'dear."
Jocelyn: The red sigils begin to glow
Jocelyn: Then the yellow
Jocelyn: Then the green

  • MarSolla murmurs and gesticulates, casting Detect Magic as she runs a finger over her eyelids.

Eäri: I am not feeling reassured

  • MarSolla peers about her, studying everything closely.

Jocelyn: Slowly the other tanks, the non pinkish ones, begin to crackle and hum, with the elements inside starting to become active
Flint: NOW wer'e getting somewhere!

  • Flint rubs his hands together

MarSolla: 29 Fort save
MarSolla: "Urgh, Mider's scythe, this place is aglow! You don't get magic auras like this around a bleedin' wizards guild, so you don't."

  • Flint touches the side of the ice-tank
  • Flint points towards a patch of the stone floor

Flint: (with no sigil on it)
MarSolla: "Conjuration, Evocation, Necromancy… every bloody school is in abundance. I don't even KNOW what that energy is, it shimmers and twists…"
Jocelyn: When Flint touches the tank, it abruptly seems as though he is turned to ice, though it doesn't seem to negatively effect him at all. The patch of floor he points to is suddenly frozen so quickly the stone actually cracks
Flint: Oh, that is INCREDIBLE.
Jocelyn: (Flint still appears to be made of ice)
Jilik: Watch where you point that thing boss!

  • Flint lets go of the ice-tank

MarSolla: "You're… frozen like an ice cube, m'dear. Do you feel alright?"
Jocelyn: Flint still looks like an ice gnome
Flint: Feels great!
Jocelyn: You can actually see through him

  • MarSolla cautiously approaches, poking Flint with her mace.

Sev: Is this kind of thing normal when dealing with Flint?
Eäri: The absurdity, you mean?
MarSolla: "It's normally a mite stranger, actually. And with more explosions an' that."
Flint: (what are my other choices? fire, electricity, …?)
Jocelyn: Mar'solla's mace freezes so quickly that she actually takes 1 cold damage from touching it

  • Flint attemps to breathe an icy blast into mid-air, away from any by-standers

MarSolla: "I can't make head nor tail of any of this. What is this equipment f- GAHH!"

  • Sev chuckles.

Sev: It seems I have gotten myself into something quite a bit more… interesting thant I originally thought.
Eäri: That's one way to put it

  • MarSolla drops her mace and jumps back, shaking her shivering hand, slapping at it.

Jocelyn: (fire, electricity, some sort of eerie black stuff, a tank of smokey green, some sort of yellow pulsing energy, and then there are the four big tanks
MarSolla: "That's no' fair! How come it doesnae effect you?"
Jocelyn: Flint doesn't breath ice, much to his dismay

  • Flint waddles over to the smokey green tank, and touches it.

Jocelyn: Flint now seems to be coated with a green goo
Flint: Ewwww!

  • Flint points at a wall like he did with the ice earlier

Jocelyn: It makes hissing and steaming noises, though doesn't seem to affect him
MarSolla: "What did you do to be able to do this?"
Jocelyn: The area of the wall is now acid etched
Flint: SWEET!
Flint: I turned it on! I found a crystal and, to my surprise, it was psionically resonant
Flint: I channeled by thoughts into it, and it turned on

  • Flint walks up to Jilik in his acid-form

Flint: Boo!
Jilik: Ain't funny boss

  • Flint cackles maniacally

Flint: Wow, these people were incredible
Jocelyn: The goo seems to already be fading from Flint, and he is starting to look normal again

  • Sev stares at Flint with a bemused look on his face.
  • MarSolla looks over each of the tanks, trying to identify the energy within.

MarSolla: "And this crystal, what does it do to make you safe?"

  • MarSolla kicks her mace with a childish scowl in it's direction.

Jocelyn: (the mace is already thawed)

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+9 => 16 + 9 = 25

Valkin: The runes are now a concern.
Jocelyn: (spot checks)

  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+16+MOD Spot => 10 + 16 + 0 = 26

MarSolla: 22

  • Maggi rolls to you: 1d20+14 Spot => 13 + 14 = 27
  • Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+3 Sense Motive => 7 + 3 = 10
  • Flint makes his way over to where he started the machine
  • Flint looks for a way to deactivate it, possibly by replacing the crystal, etc.

Jocelyn: (craft engineering)
Flint: Craft (Engineering): 36

  • Maggi rolls to you: 1d20+12 Sense Motive => 5 + 12 = 17

MarSolla: "I wonder if he still uses this place…"
MarSolla: "Wouldnae take much to get past those guards out front. Or charm them to make them forget or summat."
Eäri: Action Point! 6
Flint: int check 6
Flint: (durr, again)
Flint: Okay, got it.
Valkin: This…this is quite the weapon
Flint: It's not meant to be a weapon.
Flint: It's a teleportation device

  • Valkin blinks

Sev: What?
Flint: The icy thing was just a side effect
MarSolla: "What? How do you figure that?"
Flint: And how do I know all this?
Valkin: that was my next question
Flint: Our gnomish friend just told me

  • Valkin draws his weapon and starts looking around
  • MarSolla peers about her, noting any new magic auras, keen to keep an eye out for invisible intruders.

MarSolla: "What? What is it?"
Flint: our "friend" apparently built this machine
Valkin: It should be destroyed, immediately
MarSolla: "He's here? In the room, or just here?"
Flint: no, he contacted me remotely. I think we are safe

  • Sev sighs and reaches for his sword.

MarSolla: "How did he know you were fiddling with this machine in particular?"
Flint: he seemed … genuinely interested in helping me learn how to use the device. he even warned about the dangerous portions of it (motions toward the green sigil circle)
Flint: I … don't know
Eäri: I do not believe that we should trust Master Flintwhistle to the care of this so-called friend

  • Eäri sounds angry

Sev: Hmm…
MarSolla: "Too bloody right."
Flint: "Let's see what else is here.
Flint: I managed to shut it down anyway
MarSolla: "I can't see any new magic auras in the room… of course, in this bleedin' room, that's like saying you can't see a firefly flitting about in front of the rising sun."
Ashling: How about you refrain from turning anything else on?

  • Flint pouts.

Eäri: We can restrain you, if necessary
Flint: He can see us in here.
Valkin: She has a point.
Valkin: how?
Flint: I don't know. He might just be bluffing.

  • MarSolla peers about, singling out Divination magic.
  • MarSolla waits until Flint isn't looking, then raises her fingers in a crude gesture.

MarSolla: "Divination magic about, but again, too much to see. Could be a scrying sensor anywhere."
Jocelyn: afk

  • Flint holds his hands to his head, eyes losing focus for a moment

Flint: okay … another message. he wants to meet us..

  • Sev looks at Flint and nods.

Flint: just … be on your guard. we're going to TALK. *eyes Valkin* no charging in for the kill
Jocelyn: back
MarSolla: "This will all end in tears." Mar'Solla sighs.
Sev: Does he want to talk to all of us, or just you?

  • Valkin does not put his axe away

Flint: I think it's all of us.
MarSolla: "Where does he want to meet us?"

  • Eäri is not doing all that well to suppress her fury

Valkin: This…thing…is a cold blooded killer
Flint: …that has information we might need for the greater good

  • Eäri snarls

MarSolla: "Hey, watch the racial terms, if'n you don't mind." Mar'Solla quips lamely, glancing over at Sev.

  • Valkin rolls his eyes

Valkin: It has been killing people of my land for centuries
MarSolla: "Well, let's talk somewhere it doesnae have a scrying sensor, aye?"
Jocelyn: The green sigil starts pulsing again
Eäri: Is there anywhere that he doesn't have one?
Flint: Fine, let's go

  • Sev flys over to Flint adn grabs his arm.

Flint: huh?
Eäri: Can you do that little trick of yours, Mar'Solla?

  • Valkin moves to the sigil, axe drawn

Eäri: on Master Flintwhistle?
Eäri: How long would it last?
MarSolla: "I have lots of tricks, like. What one do you mean?"
Eäri: The protection
Flint: Valkin, hold your axe, or you might get us all killed!

  • Flint eyes the glowing sigil
  • Jilik grabs Valkin's arm

Ashling: You mean protection from evil? I can cast that.
MarSolla: "I could. Seven minutes, give or talk."
Sivetlamo: Then you probably should
Eäri: Perhaps that should be done then
MarSolla: "Ashling c- AHH!"

  • Valkin blinks, looks at the sigil, then to the man standing behind Ashling
  • MarSolla reaches into her bag and pulls out some skeletons.
  • Valkin tries to move forward, but is restrained by Jilik
  • Ashling will cast protection from evil on Flint if she can.

Jocelyn: She can

  • MarSolla mumbles to her skeletons in Shimmel, ordering them to spread out.
  • Sivetlamo currently appears to be a human man, with half his hair gone stark white. He is dressed in Vasant style clothing, but appears unarmed.
  • Eäri will move protectively in front of Ashling and Flint

Sivetlamo: So dramatic.

  • MarSolla peers at him, trying to ascertain if he's under the effects of Illusions or any other school of magic.

Sivetlamo: (abjuration magic, quite strong, but no illusions)
Sivetlamo: Greetings. I, as you may have guessed, am Sivetlamo

  • Sev ignores the insanity of his allies and flys in front of the skeletons before touching down on the ground.

MarSolla: (Readied Action: Dimensional Anchor on him if he casts.)
Sev: Greeting.
Flint: We finally meet.
Sivetlamo: Though currently I am going by the name Madhu
Sivetlamo: We've actually meet before. I bought a rather nice pistol at Novitempur's shop…about three years ago I think it was.
Flint: Oh, I don't remember
Sivetlamo: I was a dwarf then
Flint: … that would be why.
Sivetlamo: but anyway…you are the ones looking for the artifact then?
Flint: We're trying to make things right again
Sivetlamo: You sadly picked an…interesting…way to go about it.
Flint: How so?

  • Sivetlamo grins at Valkin a tad viciously

Sivetlamo: You came to Vasant and met with the current de facto leader of the cult of the Primal.
Flint: what? we did? (looks at Ashling)
Ashling: Who does not have the artifact.
Sivetlamo: Oh, did Devdas happen not to mention that fact?
Sivetlamo: yes. But you told him who does, and he went to Shieldmeet last night.
Valkin: Lies

  • Ashling sighs.
  • Sev turns to Valkin.

Flint: Why should we trust you?
MarSolla: "Have you any proof of this?"
Sev: So far we have two sides calling the other a liar…
Sivetlamo: That Devdas controls the cult of the primal? Cast a circle of truth, and ask his nephew there.

  • Chris rolls to you: 1d20+9+mod Sense Motive => 16 + 9 + 0 = 25

Sev: I never said I did not believe you.
Flint: (on Valkin)
MarSolla: "I'll do that, but only if you agree to answer my questions, too. Sound fair?"
Sivetlamo: Certainly.

  • Flint eyes Valkin

Flint: he is right. Valkin, that seems an important piece of info you've omitted

  • Jilik is still restraining Valkin, and doesn't seem inclined to stop

MarSolla: "What about that protection you have around you? For this to be fair, you'd have to drop it."
Valkin: It is a lie
Flint: I can see it on your face. You know it's not a lit.
Flint: lie*
Sivetlamo: I'll make you a deal. I'll drop my defense, if she

  • Sivetlamo points to Eari

Sivetlamo: Swears by her goddess no harm will come to me unless I try to attack you.
MarSolla: "Sounds fair. What say you, half-fiend?"

  • Eäri growls, looks to Mar'Solla
  • Valkin tries again to pull himself free of Jilik

Sivetlamo: The proper term for her is 'protectress'
Jilik: If you keep doing that, I'm going to have to hurt you
MarSolla: "And the proper term for you is body-thieving murderer, you slimy bastard."
Flint: Is it true you have murdered people?

  • Sivetlamo raises an eyebrow at Mar'solla, glances at the skeletons, then looks back at Mar'solla

Sivetlamo: Are you asking the boy or me?
Eäri: You have my oath, Sivetlamo

  • Sivetlamo bows courteously to Eari

Flint: I'm asking you. Is it true you murder people and steal their bodies?
Sivetlamo: Yes.
Flint: Why?
Sivetlamo: To survive.
MarSolla: "Right. I'm casting the spell. Valkin, if you don't answer anything I ask you, then I'll take it as a sign of your guilt."
Flint: Are you a lich?

  • MarSolla casts Discern Lies.
  • MarSolla concentrates on Sivetlamo.

Sivetlamo: more like a ghost, I suppose.
Flint: Care to explain?
Sivetlamo: It's complicated by there being no others like me
MarSolla: (And Valkin)
Sivetlamo: My spirit is immortal
Sivetlamo: my body, not so much.
Flint: a result of having touched a piece of the artifact?
Sivetlamo: and performed a few complicated works of magic and crafted a rather intricate device.
MarSolla: "Valkin. Is your master in league with the Primal, in any fashion? Lich. Why are you doing this for us? What is your agenda?"

  • Valkin doesn't answer

Sivetlamo: I want to live. That won't happen if the world is obliterated
Sivetlamo: I have work still to do
Sev: He raises a good point.
MarSolla: "Valkin. Is your master human?"

  • Valkin remains silent

MarSolla: "Lich. What are your designs on Flint?"
MarSolla: "Jilik, hit him, please."
Sivetlamo: Flint? He's an excellent crafter. And he was handy to turn the machine on.
Flint: He's not a lich…
Jilik: um, boss?
Jilik: should I hit him?
Flint: No, we're not starting that. Yet.

  • Valkin resumes his struggling

MarSolla: "Why did you want him to do that?"
Sivetlamo: To recharge the teleportation circles
Flint: Valkin if you want to live you'll stay still.
Flint: Intimidate: 17
Sivetlamo: By the way, Jilik, careful near the green one. And unless you really want to kill Valkin, don't let him touch it either.

  • Valkin goes still

MarSolla: "Are you going to let us leave here unmolested? Do you have a peice of the primal artifact about you? Will you lend it to us?"
Sivetlamo: Yes. Yes. No.
Flint: If you won't let us take possession, how can we use it to help our mutual cause, then?
Sivetlamo: You do not need it.
Flint: Explain?
Sivetlamo: The artifact is in Shieldmeet
Eäri: I don't think any of you can be trusted with it anyhow!
Sivetlamo: and the Protectress has a point
Flint: Ok, fair enough.
Flint: So, what are you offering us, exactly, then?
Sivetlamo: Really, you accepted gifts from Devdas. If I didn't have wards up, he'd be listening to this conversation right now.
Flint: You've gone through all this trouble to contact us

  • Valkin frowns
  • Sev loks slightly suprised at that remark.

Sivetlamo: You seem to have a prophecy stating you are the 'chosen ones'. I'm contacting you to prevent you from getting yourselves killed before you can fulfill your destiny
Flint: (ugh, what did we get from Devdas again?)
Eäri: They seem hell-bent on doing so despite everyone's best efforts otherwise
MarSolla: ((Money, the true seeing gem, the necklace))
Flint: (if I have any such items, I produce them and put them on the ground)
Sev: Interesting… So he listening in on them?
Sivetlamo: He cannot get through my wards. But he may well be on his way here if he tried and found the way blocked.
Eäri: (( Ash has them ))
Sivetlamo: Though it is likely he gave at least once such item to the holder of the artifact, as a way to ingratiate himself with his new master.
Flint: Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?
Eäri: No, why don't you share
Flint: We have a Rajah to depose

  • Valkin immediately resumes struggling again

Ashling: Are you kidding me?
Sivetlamo: You lack the resources

  • Sev gets a toothy grin.

Eäri: Well, perhaps if you had not blindly walked in and spilled the entire story to a person whose loyalties you were not sure of in the first place…
Flint: But he's running a cult, at least second in command, and is also in charge of a kingdom?
Flint: Pretty dangerous if you ask me
Flint: But yes, maybe out of our league
MarSolla: "You didn't do naught but growl at the time, Eäri."
Flint: True.
Flint: Your hindsight is most accurate
Eäri: Would you have liked me to have knocked you unconscious on the spot, as was my first inclination?
MarSolla: "You cannae sit back as a silent participant and then sigh about what eejits we are. You have to take the reins and risk doing something styupid."
Flint: So Devdas is out of reach then …. what can we do to help next …. think, people…
Sivetlamo: If you are interested in my advice, I suggest you go to Itotia and get there before the little expedition Devdas sent
Sivetlamo: you really don't want him playing with Zahirah's toys
MarSolla: "It would be a lot easier if you've give us your peice of the artifact."
Flint: I was thinking of the Itotian trip as well, though I remember Ashling not liking the idea
Flint: i forget why, though
MarSolla: "I don't care much about you, apart from a bit o' a foul taste in my mouth… but I doubt these folk will just let a murderer like you walk away."
Sivetlamo: Please…you would only need my piece if you were ignorant of the location of the other. It's in Shieldmeet
Ashling: If we believe what Sivetlamo says there is a better reason to go now.
Sivetlamo: The lady Protectress gave her word. Thus, walking calmly away is exactly what I intend to do.
MarSolla: "And leave him here, to pray on others? He's not even doing it slow! He's been in three different bodies since we've known him!"
MarSolla: *prey
Flint: As a group, we screwed up. He need to right the wrong, and do what we can to make up for the ground we've lost. If what you say is true, we should head to Itotia then.
Sivetlamo: If people would quit breaking the bodies I'm in, I wouldn't have to use up so many
Ashling: Some confirmation would be nice.
MarSolla: "…You don't even give a good goddamn, do ye?"
MarSolla: "I've got to admire ye. I wish I had it in me to be that cold."
Flint: No, you really don't
MarSolla: "We might not even find the fragment in Shieldmeet. Even if we do let this man walk away."

  • Sivetlamo suddenly blinks
  • MarSolla barks a command to her skeletons and raises a hand, chanting.

Sivetlamo: You'll have to make up your minds soon. Devdas's men are entering the canyon. You've likely got less than ten minutes until they are here.

  • Sivetlamo points at the yellow sigils

Sivetlamo: That one will take you to Itotia.
Flint: Are you serious? ….
Sivetlamo: yes.
Eäri: Oh this is perfect
MarSolla: ((Casting Dimensional Anchor on Sivetlamo, skeletons rushing en masse. Initiative, or is this a surprise round?))
Sivetlamo: (initiative, he's on guard)
Flint: (he's just tlaking)
Flint: (what arey oudoing, sheesh)
MarSolla: 9
Eäri: (( what the HELL? you are breaking a LG monk's word? ))
Jocelyn: (well, she didn't give her word)
Flint: (blinked his eyes, not blinks, like the blink sepll, if that's what you are thinking)
MarSolla: ((Seriously? You're giving me stick for this? He's totally a bad guy, he has what we need, and Mar'Solla doesn't like him. Plus, it's not breaking your word if I attack him of my own initiative))
Jocelyn: (it is a valid IC decision)
Flint: (ok, I won't stop you)
Jocelyn: (possibly a fatal one, but a valid one )
Flint: (I just thought you were doing it b/c you thought he was casting, which he is not)
MarSolla: (I kinda did, I wanted to get him before he left, but I've been planning on doing this for a couple of minutes.)
Jocelyn: 16
MarSolla: (Moot point anyway, he's out of here, the bastard : /)
Jocelyn: I'll let the dimensional anchor go, cause it was readed.
Jocelyn: Ditto with the other readied action mentioned
Jocelyn: Does he get a save
Eäri: (( I am not arguing the validity of the IC judgment, I am saying, it's not gonna be happy times! ))
Flint: (( um, the dubious yellow teleport circle is looking pretty good to me right now)
MarSolla: (Fair enough. No, but it's a ranged touch attack. Using Action Point)
Flint: (I'm just saying)
Jocelyn: go for it

  • Sev Flys into the air and beings to cast a spell. (Mar, make a Will Save, DC 15.)

MarSolla: 24
MarSolla: 2
MarSolla: (26)
MarSolla: 15 Will save
Sev: (-1 to Attacks, Saves, Etc… But not Dazed…)
MarSolla: ((What was it?))
Flint: (shadow magic!)

  • Sivetlamo is anchored

Jocelyn: (anyone else want to roll init?)
MarSolla: (Aright, tell me when skellies can go)
Flint: Initative: 11
Sev: (A Shadowcaster Spell-Like Ability: Mezermizing Daze. the DC was actually 16… Like I told the GM before I posted it. You are dazed.)
Eäri: Initiative: 10
Sev: Initiative:3

  • Sivetlamo casts darkness

Jilik has received initiative.

  • Jilik hangs on to Valkin

Flint has received initiative.

  • Flint gestures to Sitara, Amaya

Flint: ok folks, it's time to get out of here, and quick
Ashling: Initiative: 22
Sitara: portal or cave?
Flint: No time. Portal.
Ashling: I am not taking the portal.
Flint: You want to fight your way out of here?
Sitara: Listen to the druid, the druid is wise!
Ashling: Fight who?
Eäri has received initiative.
Flint: Alright. I guess we;'ll find out.
MarSolla: (Davdas and his men are on their way)
Eäri: Can we trust that it will actually LEAD to where that villainous body thief claims?
Eäri: (( initiate grapple ))
Ashling: If Devdas is unaware of what has been said here, as Sivetlamo claims, then why not simply talk our out?
Ashling: our way*

  • Amaya points to Valkin

Sev: Because of his son over there.
MarSolla: ((Gotta roll to hit, I'm not helpless while I'm dazed))

  • Flint looks skeptical

Eäri: Melee Touch 25
MarSolla: (Yeah, that'll do it)
Flint: Ashling, if you want to talk your way out, you need to kill Valkin and hide his body in the next 10 minutes
Ashling: There's a portal, isn't there?
Sitara: Could toss him in the green portal
Flint: Still is gonna be fishy. Valkin's sworn to protect me

  • Valkin struggles, but doesn't seem to be a match for Jilik's strength

Flint: if he's not here, he'll know,
Sev: Then blame the cannibal oyu stupidly brought with you.
Eäri: Can you command him, Priestess?
Ashling: The other option is to simply own up to all Sivetlamo told us and claim not to believe it.

  • Eäri gives Mar'Solla a shake

MarSolla: ((My initiative?))
Ashling: I for one, do not believe much of it.
MarSolla has received initiative.
Flint: I for one, do.
Sev: Claim I sided with the "Killer" killed the son and escaped thorogh the protal with the body to feed on it. I am a Kobold, so it is not TAHT far-fetched.

  • MarSolla whiles around in a daze, swiping at creatures that arn't there, until Eäri scoops her up like a hawk catching a mouse. Her skeletons pound forward into the cloud of darkness, searching for their target.

Flint: If we stay here, I'm pretty sure we're dead.
Amaya: Devdas would have you dipped in molten gold and placed as a statue and warning to others who opposed him
MarSolla: ((So how will this roll? Skeletons move inside, you tell me if their movements come accross Sivetlamo?))
Sitara: well, he probably wouldn't use gold….
Eäri: We need to make a decision and NOW
Jocelyn: yep. And they don't.
Sitara: And if the portal is safe for Sev, it's safe for all of us.
MarSolla: (Boo!)
Ashling: If you trust that portal so much, why don't you go through and send us a message if it goes where it's said to go, Flint?
Sev: (Are we even using turns?)
Skeletal Leopard has received initiative.
Skeletal Boar has received initiative.
Skeletal Cheetah has received initiative.
Skeletal Tiger has received initiative.
Aldous has received initiative.
Sev has received initiative.
Jocelyn: (for actions, not worrying about it for dialogue)
Ashling: If it really goes to itotia, we'll follow.
Sitara: I'll go through the dam portal if you want, better that than the fates Rajah's visit upon their enemies!
Sev: Sev flys towards the portal. "Trhough the body in after me.
Flint: Do it, Jilik.
Jocelyn: Sev vanishes
Jilik: wait, kill him, or just toss him in?

  • Valkin adjusts position to be hanging onto Jilik
  • Flint take him with you. I'm going too.

Flint: take him with you. I'm going too.

  • Flint jumps in on his turn

Ashling has received initiative.
Flint: See you in 10. (to Ashling)

  • Ashling heads to entrance to fetch horses.

Jocelyn: (will take you about 2 minutes)
Ashling: (back in 4 then)
Ashling: (assuming Flint really does use his new sending ability to contact me)
Jocelyn: (it takes a while to cast
Flint: (10 minute manifestation time)
Ashling: (more than 4 minutes?)
Flint: (just like sending)
Flint: can I use an AP to hurry it?
Flint: I would do that
Jocelyn: Sure
Jocelyn: Sitara and Amaya will go through the portal

  • Eäri briefly considers strangling Mar'Solla, instead sets her down lightly

Flint: (ok … in a few minutes you get soemthing "Ashling! It works as advertised. I'm in the jungle."

  • MarSolla writhes futilely, cursing Eäri in every language she knows.

Flint: (and you can tell it is from Flint)
Eäri: Call back your creatures, Priestess, I believe we are to go on a journey
Ashling: (will reply: be there shortly)

  • MarSolla staggers away, casting Blindsight on herself.
  • MarSolla runs around the room and down the corridor, looking for any sign of Sivetlamo.

Jocelyn: move your token
MarSolla: ((Then to the other side of the darkness cloud, then Run down the corridor for a bit))
Eäri: Are we ready then?

  • Eäri ssems impatient

Ashling: (is Mar'Solla running around for four minutes?)
Eäri: seems, even
Ashling: (if so, I return with horses)
MarSolla: ((Heh, pretty much))
Ashling: Flint says he is in the jungle.
Eäri: All right then

  • Eäri sighs

Eäri: Mar'Solla, shall we, then?
Ashling: So at least it is relatively safe to use the portal.
Ashling: Mar'Solla, we are going!

  • Eäri goes and looks at something on the wall
  • MarSolla ignores Eäri as she runs around looking for the gnome, cursing her slowness.

MarSolla: me eventually moves towards the exit and stands there, looking for horses on the horizon.

  • Ashling leads the horses through.

Jocelyn: you see them. Devdas's men are coming

  • MarSolla hastily retreats towards the portal, nervously having her skeletons make a cordon around her as she moves through the tunnels.

Eäri: Mar'Solla… ready?
MarSolla: "He wasn't lying. They're coming."

  • MarSolla sighs. "Let's get out of here."
  • Eäri will wait for Mar'Solla to go through the portal before stepping through herself

Jocelyn: and you'll all be happily in Itotia.
Jocelyn: Where the jungle is alive and crawling with things that like the way you taste.

  • Flint is deep in a trance, sitting down

Jocelyn: You'll have with you a very angry and heavily armed young man who belongs to a cult that wants to take over the world
Jocelyn: and no clue how to get home
Jocelyn: tune in next week. Same bat time, same bat channel, and oh dear god how did it get to be so late?
Flint: I'm not going to be here next week unfortunately
Sev: (Heh)
MarSolla: That was sweet
MarSolla: That gnome is, bad guy or not, cool in my opinion
Flint: (I am unfortunately out of town next week, just when things are getting good too! bah)
Sev: What… What? WAHT?
Sev has received initiative.
Aldous has received initiative.
Eäri: The monk and priestess are gonna have to have a long chat, lol
Skeletal Boar has received initiative.
MarSolla: Hahaha
MarSolla: Overdue, I suspect
Jocelyn: Next week will probably be devoted to some bookkeeping and general shit-shooting, so I'll see if I can get the server to run on this machine
Eäri: kewl
Sev: Things are only going to get more intersting from here on out.
Eäri: was fun times everyone!
Jocelyn: Flint's pirate ship is in a city controlled by a different Rajah…so…if Flint can get back in time, it will be safe
Chris: I'm going to send a message to the peopole on that ship
Sev: … Wait… Do we have the Weasel with us?
Chris: but I'll do it later
Jocelyn: and I'm thinking pretty much everbody but Sev and Eari should be levelling this session, if they didn't level last one.
Ashling: if it was with the horses, then yes
Jocelyn: yes, mounts are with you, you road them to the dig site

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