The City of Shieldmeet

Shieldmeet is both the name of a city and the name of the island upon which the city stands. Surrounding the city are various small farming communities and estates. Shieldmeet is the trading center of the world, and thus is under a strong truce.

The Gray Dragon Zyanya is the official ruler of Shieldmeet, and dwells in the mountain rising from the island's center. He leaves the day-to-day running of the city to the high council.

People of Interest

Aben's House

Cost of Living

Coin From Exchange Rate Picture
Copper Shieldmeet 0.01
Silver Shieldmeet 0.1
Electrum Shieldmeet 0.5 OLD-MEXICAN-COIN.jpg
Gold Shieldmeet 1
Platinum Shieldmeet 10

Amareth District
Basira District
Dwarven District
Elven District
Falkor District
Gnomish District
Halfling District
Itotia District
Khepri District
Makarios District
Orisha District
Onatah District
Righnach District
Sclavini District
Tatsuo District
Vasant District
Seafolk District
Goblin District

Non-districted Areas

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