Bronze, Bar, per lb (Raw Materials) x10
Iron, Bar, per lb (Raw Materials) x50
Steel, Bar, per lb (Raw Materials) x10

Bit & Bridle (Tack & Harness) x12
Cart Harness (Tack & Harness) x2
Halter (Tack & Harness) x12
Harness and Feeding Bag (Tack & Harness) x2
Harness, Double (Tack & Harness) x1
Hobbles, 1 set (Tack & Harness) x12
Horse Blanket / Hood (Tack & Harness) x12
Saddle Bags, small (Tack & Harness) x4
Saddle Blanket (Tack & Harness) x12
Saddle, Pack (Tack & Harness) x3
Saddle, Riding (Tack & Harness) x6
Saddle, War Horse (Tack & Harness) x2

Anvil, Iron (Tools) x1
Blacksmithing Tools, Masterwork (Tools) x1

Cart, Reinforced steel, limit 4 tons (Transportation) x1
Cart, wood w/ steel axel, limit 250 lbs (Transportation) x2
Coach, Ornamental (Transportation) x1


Inas Basiran Mare - Light horse
Afra Basiran Mare - Light horse
Hanaa Basiran Mare - Light Warhorse
Agripin Sclavini Stallion - Heavy Warhorse
Riona Righnach Mare - Light Warhorse
Noirin Righnach Mare - Light Warhorse
Lioness Falkor Mare - Heavy Horse
Bluesocks Falkor Mare - Heavy Horse

Sacupa Basiran dog (riding dog)
Rudusa Basiran dog (riding dog)

Lyudmyla Sclavini cat

Aho Dwarven goat
Uonlea Dwarven goat
Eji Dwarven goat

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