Aben's storeroom

Bitter Ale (Alcohol - Beer) x4
Dwarfhead Stout (Alcohol - Beer) x1
Fire Beer (Alcohol - Beer) x1
Highland Mist (Alcohol - Beer) x2
Silverforge Dark (Alcohol - Beer) x1
Silverforge Rare Stout (Alcohol - Beer) x1
Colinth Amber (Alcohol - Mead) x1
Mild Rose (Alcohol - Mead) x3
Almond Brandy (Alcohol - Spirits) x1
Brandy (Alcohol - Spirits) x1
Whiskey (Alcohol - Spirits) x2
Elysium Red (Alcohol - Wine) x3
Garnet (Alcohol - Wine) x1
Raspberry Fizz (Alcohol - Wine) x1
Satyr's Rose (Alcohol - Wine) x1
Whimsy Wine (Alcohol - Wine) x1
Wine, Blackberry (Alcohol - Wine) x3
Wine, Spiced (Alcohol - Wine) x6

Apples, per lb (Food) x10
Beef, per lb, smoked (Food) x10
Brandied Fruits, per Pint, Mixed Fruits (Food) x6
Bread - loaf (Food) x5
Butternuts, per lb (Food) x5
Butters, per pint, Pear (Food) x3
Candied Fruits and Herbs, per oz, Honeyed ginger (Food) x2
Cheese, Cheddar, Wheel, 1 lb (Food) x2
Cheese, Pepper, Wheel, 1 lb (Food) x2
Chestnuts, per lb (Food) x6
Cod, per lb, salted (Food) x5
Corn, per Sack (Food) x20
Crystallized, per oz, Grapes (Food) x2
Dates, per oz (Food) x20
Flour, 10lbs sack, Barley (Food) x10
Flour, 10lbs sack, Corn (Food) x10
Flour, 10lbs sack, Rye (Food) x10
Flour, 10lbs sack, Wheat (Food) x10
Grain, 50 lbs barrel (Food) x3
Honey, per pint, Rose Petal (Food) x4
Jam, per pint, gooseberry (Food) x2
Jam, per pint, rose petal (Food) x1
Oil, per gallon, Olive (Food) x2
Pecans, per lb (Food) x2
Pickled fish, (small Barrel) 5 gallons (Food) x2
Pickles, per qt, Eggs (Food) x4
Pickles, per qt, Mushrooms (Food) x1
Pickles, per qt, Spiced Pears (Food) x1
Pickles, per qt, Sweet Onions (Food) x1
Pickles, per qt, Walnuts (Food) x1
Potatoes, per lb (Food) x20
Smoked Meat, per lbs, Venison (Food) x2
Sugar, per lb, Raw (Food) x6
Vinegar, per qt, Cider (Food) x1
Waybread (Elvin), per day (Food) x10
Spice, Exotic (Food - Spice) x2
Spice, Rare (Food - Spice) x6
Spice, Uncommon (Food - Spice) x10

Blanket, single, Wool (Cloth) x6
Keg, Wooden, large, holds 25 gallons (Containers) x6
Keg, Wooden, small, hold 5 gallons (Containers) x12

Mattress, Double, feather (Furnishings) x1
Mattress, Double, Rag (Furnishings) x3
Mattress, Single, feather (Furnishings) x1
Mattress, Single, Rag (Furnishings) x6
Pillow, linen, Feather (Furnishings) x2
Pillow, linen, Rag (Furnishings) x12
Wardrobe, Plain (Furnishings) x3
Wardrobe, w/ Mirror (Furnishings) x2

Cage - Small (Gear) x1
Chest (empty) (Gear) x2
Manacles - Masterwork (Gear) x2
Pavilion, Camping, small, 15' x 15',holds10 (Gear) x1
Rope - silk - 50 ft (Gear) x6
Soap - 1lb (Gear) x10

Lock, Good, w/ 2 keys (Miscellaneous) x2
Tobacco, per lbs (Miscellaneous) x3

Gold, Bar, 1lb (Raw Materials) x2
Silver, Bar, per 1 lb (Raw Materials) x2

Stonemasonry Tools, Masterwork (Tools) x1

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