Taint Score Physical Mental
Mild 5+ con mod 5+ wis mod
Moderate 10+con mod 10+ wis mod
Severe 15+ con mod 15+wis mod
GM takes your character sheet away and uses it to do horrible, terrible things to the party and everyone your PC has ever encountered 20+ con mod 20+wis mod

Initial exposure to a tainted place or tainted object gives a character 1d3 points of taint if the character fails a fortitude save. The taint can by physical or mental depending on the whim of the GM

For every 24 hours spent in a tainted place, or spent carrying a tainted object, a character must make a Fortitude saving throw. The base DC is 10, +5 for every consecutive 24 hours of exposure. Multiple simultaneous exposures (such as carrying a tainted weapon in a tainted place) increase the DC by +5 per source of exposure every 24 hours. If the character fails his saving throw, his taint score increases by 1.

Cures, Treatment, and Prevention


Some items absorb taint. Such an item works for 7 days. Carrying multiple items extends the protection out to a max of 16 days, as the items all start to rot simultaneously. Dispose of items that have absorbed taint wisely or they may come back to bit you. Hard. With big pointy teeth.

A blessing spell can prevent taint for the duration of the spell, as can consecration and hallow.


Taint can be treated with various methods. Removing the last point of taint always takes a magical cure.

If a point of taint remains, taint will re manifest itself at a rate of 1 point a month.

Symptoms begin to manifest themselves at the mild phase.

Once a character gets to the next stage of taint, treatments will only bring them down one level. Thus someone with moderate taint can be treated to return to the mild stage, but not back down to the point in which no symptoms show. That requires rare, difficult treatments or specialized magic.


Greater Restoration
A few very rare herbs and locations

Effects of Taint

Mental Taint


Mild paranoia
Increased aggressiveness
Mild hallucinations


Hears voices of evil spirits
Severe paranoia
Fits of uncontrollable, disturbing laughter
Disregard for hygiene and cultural mores
Multiple Personalities
Fugue states
Severe Phobia
Really Obsessive/Compulsive


Irresistible murderous urges
Reduced to primitive behavior
Eats inedible or still-living things
Multiple violent personalities

Or I may just roll here (or let the tainted PC choose) -

01–15 Anxiety (includes severe phobias)
16–20 Dissociative (amnesia, schizophrenia, multiple personalities)
21–25 Eating (anorexia, bulimia)
26–30 Impulse control (compulsions)
31–35 Mood (manic/depressive)
36–45 Personality (various neuroses)
46–50 Psychosexual (sadism, nymphomania)
51–55 Psychospecies
56–70 Psychotic (delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, catatonia)
71–80 Sleep (night terrors, sleepwalking)
81–85 Somatoform (psychosomatic conditions)
86–95 Substance abuse (alcoholic, drug addict)
96–100 Other (megalomania, quixotism, panzaism)

And have it just get worse with time. Whatever is more fun for the player.

Physical Taint


Pain in joints
Hair goes white
Occasional nausea or vomiting
Phlegmy, wracking cough
Eyelid swells, obscuring vision
Pale, grayish, dead complexion
Sunken eyes, cracked lips
Skin seeps greasy, yellowish “sweat”
Skin thickens, cracks, and turns leathery


Bones begin to warp and thicken
Black, lichenlike growth across skin itches incessantly
Reddened, burnlike sores and scars
Eye clouds or blood vessels break, obscuring vision
Lips shrink back from gums
Gums swell, bleed, and rot
Bleeding from eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or lips
Hair falls out
Uncontrollable seizures that wrack the body with spasms
Eruption of painful sores
Sores ooze blood, pus, foul-smelling ooze, spiders or insects, thick pasty substance, maggots, or acidic green slime


Flesh of nose rots away, leaving skull-like openings
Mutated, deformed fingers, toes, leg, arm, head, ear, eye,
or teeth begin to grow on inappropriate parts of the body,
then shrivel, rot, and eventually fall off
Spine twists, back hunches
Severe warping of skeleton; skull enlarges and deforms
Great swollen growths on the body
Lungs eaten away from inside—wet, labored, and painful breathing
Eye falls out, leaving gaping socket that glows with eerie green light
Skin peels off in papery sloughs at the slightest touch, leaving raw, red flesh beneath
Fingers or toes begin to web and fuse

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