General World Information

Time Keeping

Though each region has their own calender, the dragon Zyanya created a universal one. Though he created it using the draconic tongue, most translate it into common for ease of pronunciation.

A week is ten days.

1 - ir-kear (first-day)
2 - jiil-kear (second-day)
3 - fogah-kear (third-day)
4 - vrrar-kear (fourth-day)
5 - jlatak-kear (fifth-day)
6 - jiko-kear (sixth-day)
7 - vakil-kear (seventh-day)
8 - supri-kear (eighth-day)
9 - wlekjr-kear (ninth-day)
10 - asildk-kear (tenth-day)

There are 12 months, each containing 3 weeks. In addition, there are the 4 solstices which do not officially fall within any month. The months are based upon which dragon constellation is foremost in the sky.

Winter Solstice
1 - aurix-isk (Moon of the Gold Star)
2 - orn-isk (Moon of the Silver Star)
3 - rach-isk (Moon of the Copper Star)
Spring Solstice
4 - vyth-isk (Moon of the Brass Star)
5 - aujir-isk (Moon of the Bronze Star)
6 - kethend-isk (Moon of the Diamond Star)
Summer Solstice
7 - charir-isk (Moon of the Red Star)
8 - ulhar-isk (Moon of the Blue Star)
9 - achuak-isk (Moon of the Green Star)
Autumn Solstice
10 - vutha-isk (Moon of the Black Star)
11 - aussir-isk (Moon of the White Star)
12 - achiusk-isk (Moon of the Emerald Star)

Zyanya named the year he created the High Council of Shieldmeet to be the first year.

It is now, by his calender, the 214th year of the Dragon

Astronomy and Astrology


The Planes

Celestial Realms

The Celestial Realms, known as heaven, exist above the sky. There are legends of some who have managed to fly high enough to reach those lands, and a few nearly unclimbable mountains that reach those heights.


Below even the Underdark lies the underworld, where the souls of the dead go. Souls that never reach the underworld rise as undead, while souls that manage to escape crawl across the world as aberrations.

Notes on the World

Though occasional lunatics make claims about the world being a variety of shapes, it is generally accepted that the world is flat. The map represents the explored areas of the world. It is known that the world extends beyond the map, but the gnomish cartography guild notes that what little information has been brought back from those areas is insufficient to add to the map.

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