Book Item Effect Cost
M133 Shiftweave Mimics five specific outfits 500
M215 Ephod of authority Turn undead as if 1 level higher (vestments of divinity) 800
M94 Dispelling cord 5/day +2 on dispel checks until end of turn 1,000
M147 Vest of resistance +1 +1 on saving throws 1,000
M133 Sepulchral vest 3/day +5 on saves against effects generated by undead 2,000
M146 Vest of defense 3/day +2 to AC fighting defensively, or using total defense or Combat Expertise 2,000
M144 Tunic of steady spellcasting +5 on Concentration 2,500
M83 Burnoose of 1,001 thorns Various desert- and thorn-themed effects 3,000
M100 Formless vest 1/day take half critical hit or sneak attack damage 3,200
M119 Rags of restraint Expend Stunning Fist or ki power to heal damage equal to monk or ninja level 3,200
M109 Hair shirt of suffering +1 to natural armor; 1/day cure serious wounds on another 3,400
M139 Surcoat of valor +1 to save DC of knight's challenge 4,000
M213 Veil of storms Deal 4d6 electricity damage to target already damaged by your electricity spell (seven veils) 4,000
M147 Vest of resistance +2 +2 on saving throws 4,000
M75 Bolt shirt 1/day teleport 60 ft. 5,000
M99 Fiery tunic Resistance to fire 5; 1/day fire shield and all weapons are flaming 5,000
M147 Vestments of ebonsilk Lolth: +2 on all saving throws plus relic powers 5,000
D268 Vest of escape +4 on Open Lock, +6 on Escape Artist 5,200
MHO Tabard of the great crusade St. Cuthbert: +1 on all saves for you and allies within 20 ft. plus relic powers 5,500
M216 Shirt of wraith stalking Hide from undead (wraith's woe) 6,000
MHO Tabard of the disembodied Nerull: 1/day become ethereal for 1 round plus relic powers 6,000
M114 Lightning tunic 3 charges/day, deal electricity damage to attackers for 3 rounds 8,000
M135 Shirt of the leech Automatically recognize healing spells, 3/day divert healing spells to you 8,000
M134 Shirt of bone Damage reduction 3/bludgeoning 9,000
M134 Shirt of chains Damage reduction 3/piercing 9,000
M136 Shirt of the treant Damage reduction 3/slashing 9,000
M147 Vest of resistance +3 +3 on saving throws 9,000
D268 Druid's vestment Grants one additional use of wild shape per day 10,000
M146 Vest of the master evoker Various evocation-enhancing and metamagic effects 10,000
M135 Shirt of resilience Damage reduction 3/magic 12,000
M198 Vest of free movement 3/day freedom of movement effect for 3 rounds (fleet warrior's array) 12,000
M195 Winged vest 5/day fly speed of 60 ft. for 5 rounds (array of the manticore) 12,000
M112 Incarnum focus (vestments) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying heart chakra 15,000
M134 Shirt of angels Damage reduction 3/evil 15,000
M134 Shirt of demonskin Damage reduction 3/good 15,000
M135 Shirt of ironskin Damage reduction 3/adamantine 15,000
M135 Shirt of slaadskin Damage reduction 3/lawful 15,000
M134 Shirt of the fey Damage reduction 3/cold iron 15,000
M134 Shirt of the inevitable Damage reduction 3/chaotic 15,000
M135 Shirt of the moon Damage reduction 3/silver 15,000
M147 Vest of resistance +4 +4 on all saving throws 16,000
M130 Rogue's vest Various rogue-themed bonuses and effects 18,000
M147 Vest of resistance +5 +5 on all saving throws 25,000
M112 Impervious vestment +5 armor bonus to AC; 1/day blade barrier that lasts for up to 18 min. 34,000
M145 Vest of the archmagi Various powerful defensive, healing, and spellcasting effects 200,000
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