Book Item Effect Cost
M110 Healing belt +2 on Heal; 3 charges, heal damage with a touch 750
M74 Belt of one mighty blow 1/day extra damage on next melee attack before end of turn 1,500
M74 Belt of theft-healing 3/day heal damage equal to level of one spell you steal 2,000
M212 Caustic veil Deal 2d6 acid damage to target damaged by your acid spell (seven veils) 2,000
M95 Dragon spirit cincture Breath weapon damage increased by 1 die, can increase breath weapon save DC 2,000
M136 Silkslick belt Various bonuses on Escape Artist checks 2,000
M73 Belt of growth 1/day affected as enlarge person for up to 10 minutes 3,000
M215 Cord of favor +5 on Sense Motive, 3/day divine favor (vestments of divinity) 3,000
M75 Belt of ultimate athleticism Take 10 on various skill checks, 1/day take 20 on one such skill check 3,600
M73 Belt of the champion Kord: Functions as belt of giant strength +2 plus relic powers 4,500
M74 Belt of hidden pouches Holds items in 30 pockets, which function as small bags of holding 5,000
M74 Belt of priestly might +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor, +2 enhancement bonus to Strength 6,000
M204 Belt of the wide earth Carrying capacity doubled, 2/day teleport (raiment of the four) 8,000
M73 Belt of battle +2 on initiative; 3 charges/day, perform extra actions 12,000
M131 Ruby cincture of immutability 1/day counter shapechanging and body-altering effects 12,000
M137 Spare hand Holds items, animates further when powered with infusions 12,000
D248 Monk's belt AC and unarmed damage as monk of five levels higher, extra uses of stunning attack 13,000
D248 Belt of dwarvenkind Bonuses and penalties on some Cha checks, gain some dwarf racial bonuses 14,900
M93 Desperation chain 1/day cast one arcane spell of 3rd level or lower when you are helpless 15,000
M112 Incarnum focus (belt) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying waist chakra 15,000
D248 Belt of giant strength +4 +4 enhancement bonus to Str 16,000
M109 Gwaeron's belt 1/day weapon is flaming for 12 rounds, 1/day wind walk 21,000
D248 Belt of giant strength +6 +6 enhancement bonus to Str 36,000
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